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STL Bulletin May 2013



Judicial developments
Ayyash et al. case

in the

This case relates to the attack of 14

February 2005 in Beirut.
Trial Preparation:
The disclosure of material related to the trial
continued this month.
Between 8 April 2013 and 20 May 2013, the
Prosecution disclosed 4,677 files, amounting
to about 120,621 pages, including 816
translations/transcriptions, and 62 media
files. It disclosed 1,639 exhibits since its
previous report on 8 April, 69 statements of
20 witnesses, among other material and
The Prosecution completed the handover of
the details of expert witnesses that it
intends to call for trial.
Defence counsel filed a notice in which they
indicated which expert witnesses it intends
to cross-examine and whether it challenges
the qualifications of certain expert
The Office of the Prosecutor is required to
complete the disclosure of exculpatory
evidence, which is evidence that contradicts
its case, to the Defence by 17 June.

Amended Indictment:
A public redacted version of the latest
amended indictment was published on the
Tribunals website on 28 May. The
amendments do not include additional
names or charges.
The Prosecutor had submitted an amended
indictment on 6 February 2013, and that
indictment was confirmed by the Pre-Trial
Judge on 12 April.
The Prosecutor also asked the Pre-Trial
Judge to issue new international arrest
warrants for the four accused (Salim Jamil
Ayyash; Mustafa Amine Badreddine;
Hussein Hassan Oneissi; Assad Hassan
Sabra). These new arrest warrants are also
available on the Tribunals website.
Challenges to the Form of the Indictment:
Defence lawyers for Mr Assad Sabra filed a
preliminary motion challenging the form of
the amended indictment, which was
confirmed by the Pre-Trial Judge on 12 April.
Preliminary motions are dealt with before
the start of trial, and include issues such as
the legality of the establishment of the STL.
The counsel argued that the indictment was
insufficiently detailed in relation to
material facts relevant to the case against
Mr. Sabra, adding that unless this is
remedied, it will hamper the Defence's

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ability to prepare and confront the

Prosecution case, and might result in
significant unfairness to the Defence.

The Prosecution called on the Trial Chamber

to dismiss the motions.

Please refer to http://www.stl-tsl.org/en/the-cases/stl-11-01/main, to access all filings in

relation to the Ayyash et al. case.

News and visits

Head of Defence Office and Acting Registrar visit Beirut
Head of Defence Office Francois Roux and Acting Registrar Daryl Mundis visited Lebanon
separately in May, and met with a number of Lebanese officials, nongovernmental
organisations and academics.
Working Visit of Deans and Professors at the STL
On 8 May 2013, the STL hosted 11 deans and professors of Lebanese universities
participating in the Inter-University Course on International Criminal Law and Procedure in
Leidschendam. Senior STL officers briefed the audience on international criminal law as well
as the STL's special features and major judicial decisions. Speakers included Appeals
Chamber Judge Afif Chamseddine, STL Prosecutor Norman Farrell, STL Acting Registrar Daryl
Mundis and Hleyn Unac, Acting Deputy Head of the Defence Office.
Video Q&As with Tribunal officials
The STL has continued to release a series of video questions and answers addressing
relevant issues about the Tribunal. Judge Ralph Riachi, the Tribunals Vice-President,
addressed the questions of how the STL will contribute to the legal culture in Lebanon. Head
of Defence Office Francois Roux addressed the differences between defence counsel and
the Defence Office.
All videos are available on the STL YouTube channel in Arabic, English and French.
In May, the STL welcomed groups of visitors from Tilburg University, the Geneva Academy of
Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, and a group of Russian and Chinese professors and
Visits to the Tribunal can be arranged for groups to provide an insight into the work of the
STL. Please fill in our online booking form to request a group visit.
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