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Pulitzer Prize-winning Police identify suspect EFN Lounge to host
gay playwright brings charged in shooting 'Black Cherry' event
‘Beauty of the Father’ death of gay man for Nat'l Black HIV/AIDS
to D.C.’s Gala Theatre. in Southeast. Awareness Day.
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Pentagon leaders back ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal serving in the armed forces.
But new Defense Dept. “Speaking for myself, and myself
study could delay policy only, it is my personal belief that
allowing gays and lesbians to serve
change by a year openly is the right thing to do,” Mullen
said. “No matter how I look at this
By CHRIS JOHNSON issue, I cannot escape … the fact that we have in place a policy that
forces young men and women to lie
Top Pentagon leaders announced about who they are in order to defend
Tuesday their support for allowing their fellow citizens.”
gays, lesbians and bisexuals to serve Gates similarly expressed support
openly in the U.S. military while for ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” noting
unveiling new plans for a working President Obama last week restated
group that will examine the impact of his commitment to repealing the law in
such a change in the armed forces. his State of the Union address.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates “I fully support the president’s
and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of decision,” he said. “The question
Staff Adm. Michael Mullen made the before us is not whether the military
remarks in the first Senate hearing in decides to makes this change, but
17 years dedicated to the issue of how we best prepare for it. We have
gays in the military. received our orders from the com- DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
Mullen told the Senate Armed mander-in-chief and we are moving
Services Committee that he favors out accordingly.” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen said ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ should be overturned because ‘allowing gays
allowing gays to serve openly as a and lesbians to serve openly is the right thing to do.’
matter of fairness for those who are Continues on page 12

Prop 8 trial spotlights

clash of cultures
districtagenda ‘Are we modern or might consider a strange sight. After the
passage of Proposition 8 in California,
Rev. Anthony Evans stuns audience with homophobic are we medieval?’ the loss of same-sex marriage in Maine,
New York and New Jersey and the gloat-
outburst at hearing. Page 6 By KAREN OCAMB ing by ProtectMarriage affiliates such as
Special to DC Agenda the National Organization for Marriage,
the anti-gay forces looked weak. In fact,
Everyone packed into U.S. District throughout the trial, they portrayed them-
Court Judge Vaughn Walker’s court- selves as David fighting Goliath.
room in San Francisco on Jan. 11 knew Retired philosophy professor
they were watching history. Linda Hirshman, reporting for The
On one side of the court sat lawyers Daily Beast web site, pronounced the
Ted Olson and David Boies, partisan matchup a modern day Scopes trial.
foes in Bush v. Gore. Now the straight “In the confrontation between an
pair pledged to prove that same-sex irrefutable religious standard and a
Photo by Diana Walker; courtesy of
couples deserved the fundamental worldly empirical survey, the chal- American Foundation for Equal Rights
right to marry. For them, the meaning of lenge to California’s prohibition on
socialagenda the U.S. Constitution is at stake. gay marriage reveals a fissure that Ted Olson (left) and David Boies argued
From Tom Goss to a Madonna dance party, there's something On the other side sat Republican runs throughout American history: forcefully that same-sex couples are enti-
attorney Charles Cooper and a handful tled to a fundamental right to marry.
for all musical tastes this weekend. Page 16 of supporting lawyers. It was what some Continues on page 10
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Catania files for re-election as Ray,
Gay murder victim knew juvenile Mendelson compete for funds
arrested in his slaying Yard, which is about five miles from
Gay D.C. Council member David Catania (I-At Large) has filed papers
with the city’s Office of Campaign Finance announcing his candidacy for
re-election, ending speculation that he was thinking about leaving poli-
tics to practice law.
Police silent on role the area where he was killed. With the exception of
sexual orientation A law enforcement source said an
area near where Rivers was shot has
Council Chair Vincent Gray
(D-At Large), who is consid-
played in case been known as a clandestine cruising ering running for mayor
spot for men seeking other men for sex. rather seeking re-election to
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. The affidavit says the off-duty officer the Council, Catania became heard gunshots and observed “muzzle the last incumbent Council
flash” from within a black Cadillac parked member to file for re-election.
A 17-year-old D.C. male charged on the 2600 block of Naylor Road. It says He filed his papers Jan. 21.
with the Jan. 10 shooting death of gay the officer saw a youth, later identified as According to records
Maryland resident Gordon Rivers told Wren, leave the car via the front pas- released Monday by the
police he knew the man and invited senger door while carrying a handgun. Office of Campaign Finance,
him to the location where Rivers was The youth then fled the scene. he raised $33,750 between
shot during an alleged botched rob- “The officer observed a male sub- Jan. 20 and Jan. 31, the end
bery, according to a police affidavit. ject, who was later identified as 47-year- of the most recent campaign
Photo courtesy of Metro D.C. Police
William X. Wren was ordered held old Gordon Rivers, exit the driver’s side finance reporting period.
without bond during a Jan. 29 arraign- door and walk to the rear of the vehicle Murder charges were filed last week Under the city’s campaign
ment in D.C. Superior Court on charges where he collapsed,” says the affidavit. in the shooting death of Gordon finance law, unannounced
DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
of first- and second-degree murder and Police said Rivers was taken by Rivers, who was gay. candidates can’t begin rais-
assault with intent to kill while armed, all ambulance to Washington Hospital ing money more than five D.C. City Council member David Catania,
in connection with Rivers’ death. Center, where he was pronounced entered Rivers’ car unarmed with the days before they formally who’s gay, ended speculation that he might
Rivers, 47, a resident of Brandywine, dead less than an hour later. intent that his accomplice would enter register their campaigns with leave politics when he filed for re-election.
Md., was found in the street suffering According to the affidavit, Wren the car a short time later with a gun, the campaign finance office.
multiple gunshot wounds in front of voluntarily appeared at the police and the two would carry out the rob- Campaign finance records
2641 Naylor Road, S.E., at about 5:30 homicide office Jan. 28 and agreed bery. But according to Wren, Rivers for Catania’s only known opponent for the at-large seat reserved for non-
p.m. on Jan. 10 by an off-duty police offi- to be interviewed about the case. pulled out his own gun when Wren Democrats, Rev. Anthony Motley, could not immediately be obtained.
cer, says the affidavit. It says his appearance followed an told him “not to move,” and the two Gay Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1), who filed his re-elec-
It says police arrested Wren after earlier interview by homicide detec- men got into a struggle over the gun. tion papers with the finance office Sept. 28, reported raising $171,391
he voluntarily appeared at the police tives of a witness who told detectives “William Wren said that he took the between Oct. 1 and Jan. 27, records show. Graham’s campaign spent
homicide squad office for an interview he knew Wren. The witness told decedent’s gun,” says the affidavit. “Then, $8,611, leaving him with $162,780 in cash on hand as of Jan. 31.
Jan. 28. It says Wren told detectives detectives he overheard Wren and he and the decedent fought over the gun. Gay Democrat Clark Ray, who is challenging incumbent Council
he knew Rivers and contacted him by another man, whom police identify During the struggle, the gun went off and member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) in the Democratic primary, report-
phone to invite him for a visit near only as an “accomplice,” talk about the decedent was shot multiple times. ed raising $65,383 between Aug. 1 and Jan. 31, records show. He
where Wren lived in Southeast D.C. robbing someone, says the affidavit. William Wren said that he exited the vehi- obtained a loan of $15,000, bringing his total campaign receipts so far to
According to the affidavit, Wren It says the witness told police he cle while still in possession of the dece- $80,382. Ray filed papers declaring his candidacy on Aug. 27.
allegedly shot Rivers inside Rivers’ saw the accomplice hand Wren a dent’s gun and fled on foot.” Mendelson reported raising $60,250 for the same six-month period,
car during a robbery shortly after pistol moments before Wren entered During the arraignment, defense records show. Mendelson raised $70,606 in a prior reporting period,
Rivers drove to the area in his black Rivers’ car. According to the affidavit, attorney Ronald Horton challenged bringing his total money raised to $130,856. He filed papers July 9
Cadillac on Jan. 10. the witness said he heard the sound the credibility of the witness who told declaring his candidacy.
The U.S. Attorney’s office charged of multiple gunshots coming from police Wren was in possession of a Records show that Mendelson spent just $816, leaving him with
Wren as an adult, resulting in the inside the car a short time later. It gun as he entered Rivers’ car. Horton $130,040 in cash on hand as of Jan. 31. By the same date, Ray had
release of the three-page arrest affi- says the witness then saw Wren exit asked Judge-Magistrate Karen Howze spent $38,314, leaving him with $42,068 in cash on hand.
davit that details the case against Rivers’ Cadillac and flee the scene. to approve a motion to dismiss the Peter Rosenstein, a Ray campaign adviser, said the campaign used
him. But the affidavit does not dis- The affidavit says that in the days fol- case due to lack of sufficient evidence. the $38,314 to buy yard signs, posters and to pay for his web site, among
close whether Rivers’ sexual orienta- lowing the murder, the witness reported Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean other things.
tion was a factor in his murder or the hearing Wren say he shot Rivers “during Tonolli, the prosecutor in the case, dis- LOU CHIBBARO JR.
nature of his relationship with Wren. the botched robbery attempt.” puted Horton’s assessment. He said
Benjamin Friedman, a spokesper- The affidavit says Wren told detec- the evidence was strong and over-
son for the U.S. Attorney’s office, said
the investigation into the murder is
tives during his Jan. 28 police inter-
view that he lives with the mother of
whelming and the witness was reliable
— and that Wren’s claim that the gun GLOV elects new co-chairs
continuing and neither his office nor his children on the 2400 block of S St., belonged to Rivers lacked credibility. Members of Gays & Lesbians Opposing Violence, also known GLOV,
the police could provide additional S.E., which is close to where he Howze denied the defense motion, voted at their monthly meeting Jan. 29 to elect D.C. residents Kelly
details, such as how Rivers and arranged to meet Rivers on the day of ordering that Wren be held without Pickard and Joe Montoni as the group’s new co-chairs.
Wren met each other. the shooting. He arranged to meet bond. She set a preliminary hearing for The two succeed outgoing co-chairs Chris Farris and Tod Metrokin,
People who knew Rivers told DC Rivers “for the purpose of robbing him Feb. 10, where Judge Herbert Dixon who are credited with reactivating GLOV a little more than a year ago
Agenda he was a regular customer of money and marijuana,” the affidavit would take over the case and deter- after it had been dormant for nearly 10 years. The group serves as the
of the D.C. gay bar Bachelor’s Mill, says he told the detectives. mine whether Wren was eligible for local LGBT community’s advocate on crime and law enforcement issues.
located near the Washington Navy It says Wren told detectives he release while awaiting trial. It also monitors and tracks anti-LGBT hate crimes.
“Tod Metrokin and I couldn’t be happier with the group’s choice,”
Gay clubs vow support at Dupont Circle crime summit Farris said of the election. “We’ve accomplished a lot in the past year and
I look forward to continuing our work under the new leadership.”
Representatives of gay bars Fireplace, around P Street, between 20th and noise, excessive traffic congestion and In the time since Farris and Metrokin took on leadership of GLOV, the
Omega and Apex told participants of a 22nd streets, all within a few weeks of rowdiness associated with some of the group has operated as a project of the D.C. Center, which recently
Dupont Circle crime summit that they each other. Police have said they aren’t bars and nightclubs in the area. moved to 1810 14th St., N.W.
would join efforts to curtail crime and sure if the incidents are linked to near- Silverstein and Jacobson said no Pickard and Montoni take the helm of GLOV at a time when the group
excessive noise in the neighborhood. by clubs, but many P Street residents one has linked the violent incidents in has had strained relations with D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. The group
The Dupont Circle Advisory pointed to frequent fights, including a December to any of the three gay has criticized Lanier’s efforts to restructure and decentralize the depart-
Neighborhood Commission and the stabbing, that have been linked to the clubs in the area: Fireplace, Omega ment’s Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit, saying she had nearly dismantled the
Dupont Circle Citizens Association Pasha Lounge, a straight nightclub on and Apex, all of which are operated unit before putting in place GLLU affiliate officers in each of the seven
called the Jan. 26 summit in response the 2100 block of P St., N.W. by the same owner. police districts.
to what some of their members called No one was known to have been hit Perry Morehouse, an official with Capt. Edward Delgado, who oversees the GLLU and three other spe-
an alarming spike in violent crime in or injured in the shooting incident, and Omega and Apex, told the summit he cial liaison units, announced two weeks ago that an expanded GLLU
that area during the month of no suspects have been identified. and the staff of the two clubs have now includes 24 affiliate officers and at least six officers and supervisors
December. The summit was held at “That sort of thing is unprecedented worked closely with the ANC to curtail associated with the unit’s headquarters in Dupont Circle.
the Hotel Palomar on P Street. in our neighborhood and simply can’t be noise and other problems in the area “We know there remains a tremendous amount of work ahead of us,
ANC Chair Mike Silverstein and for- tolerated,” Silverstein told DC Agenda. and they would continue to do so. He and we’ll continue to work to build confidence within the LGBT commu-
mer DCCA President Rob Halligan, Halligan said the three incidents in noted that Omega, Apex and other nity that the issue of hate crimes is being handled with the seriousness
who served as moderator at the sum- December that prompted neighbor- nearby clubs have jointly paid for off- it deserves,” Pickard said in a statement.
mit, pointed to police reports of a car- hood activists to call the summit came duty police officers. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
jacking, rape and shooting on and on the heels of ongoing concern about LOU CHIBBARO JR.
6 • february 5, 2010


Minister alleges conflict of interest at election board hearing The bill is undergoing its required mately 700 new jobs,” Flowers said in
‘Are any of your family congressional review following its his testimony before the election board.
members or friends approval by the Council in December
and Mayor Adrian Fenty’s decision to
Flowers and Levine pointed to a
2004 decision by the D.C. Court of
homosexuals?’ sign it. It’s expected to become law Appeals barring an initiative seeking
in early March, with nearly all politi- to ban smoking in restaurants and
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. cal observers predicting Congress bars and an appeals court ruling in won’t overturn it. 1994 rejecting an initiative to prevent
U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) the city from booting cars that are
A local minister calling for a voter has introduced a motion to overturn illegally parked. In those cases, the
referendum to ban same-sex mar- the same-sex marriage bill, but the court ruled that advocates for a
riage in the nation’s capital startled a Democratic-controlled Congress is smoking ban and an anti-booting pol-
D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics expected to block his resolution. icy could not seek to enact those
hearing when he asked the board’s Two attorneys opposed to the ref- polices through a ballot measure
two members if they have “homosex- erendum joined same-sex marriage because the policies would reduce
ual” family members or friends. advocate Bob Summersgill in raising city revenue by curtailing taxes gen-
Rev. Anthony Evans, associate pas- last week what some called a new erated by restaurants and bars or
tor of D.C.’s Mount Zion Baptist Church and novel argument against ballot fines generated by booting cars.
and a same-sex marriage opponent, measures seeking to ban gay mar- Some legal observers believe the
questioned the board’s objectivity Jan. DC Agenda photo by Michael Key riage in the city. “revenue” argument may be stronger
27 in its role to decide whether a refer- Rev. Anthony Evans, who opposes same-sex marriage, called on D.C. Board The three said the proposed ref- than the human rights act argument
endum seeking to ban gay marriage is of Election & Ethics members who have gay family or friends to acknowledge erendum, if approved, would violate because the revenue-related restric-
an appropriate subject for the ballot. their conflict of interest and leave it to others to consider a proposed voter referendum the D.C. City Charter by preventing tion against ballot measures is written
“Deep down in your heart, are you on the issue. the city from obtaining projected tax in the City Charter. The human rights
for same-sex marriage?” Evans asked revenue generated from same-sex law restriction is part of a regular city
during his testimony. “Are any of your by the board during the past seven “They already lost twice and they’re weddings. The revenue could total law passed in 1978 to implement the
family members or friends homosexu- months to decide whether a ballot certainly going to lose again on this one,” more than $1 million annually. City Charter’s creation of the initiative
als? Do you have any hatred in your measure seeking to ban same-sex Rosendall said. “They’re beginning to Brian Flowers, general counsel for and referendum process.
heart towards the church … or marriage could be held. The board sound increasingly shrill and desperate.” the City Council, and Mark Levine, an Cleta Mitchell, an attorney repre-
towards clergy?” ruled against two earlier requests — Several witnesses, including D.C. attorney representing the Gertrude senting supporters of the ballot
Evans, who was applauded by one for a referendum and the other for residents Odessia Tolliver and Corinthia Stein Democratic Club, noted that a measure to ban same-sex marriage,
some of the hearing’s spectators, called an initiative seeking to ban marriage. Boone, cited biblical passages. They provision in the City Charter strictly testified at the election board hearing
on the two board members to withdraw D.C. Superior Court judges upheld said the excerpts showed that same- prohibits initiatives and referenda that that the human rights law argument
from the proceedings if they “answered both board rulings, saying members sex marriage is immoral and would hurt would appropriate funds, cut taxes or used by marriage equality advocates
yes to any of these questions.” were correct in determining that a bal- society and “traditional” culture. negatively impact the city’s budget. is flawed. Mitchell and others calling
Board members Errol Arthur, who lot measure seeking to ban same-sex “I teach history,” Boone said. To invoke the provision, they cited on the board to allow a marriage ref-
serves as chair, and Charles Lowery marriage in the city would violate the “Every great empire where they a report issued in December by the erendum have argued that the
did not respond to Evans’ questions. city’s Human Rights Act. The act, dared to redefine marriage as [some- city’s chief financial officer projecting human rights law restriction could
The two thanked him for his testimo- among other things, prohibits discrimi- thing other than being exclusively] that same-sex weddings would gen- only be used if they were embedded
ny and called the next witness. nation based on sexual orientation. between a man and a woman erate millions of dollars a year in rev- in the City Charter.
Evans was one of about 50 wit- Rick Rosendall, vice president of declined and no longer exists.” enue for D.C. businesses that spe- Two Superior Court judges have
nesses who urged the board to allow the Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance Among those testifying against the cialize in services related to wed- rejected that argument, however, and
a marriage referendum to be placed and one of the witnesses to testify proposed referendum were D.C. dings. That revenue, in turn, would marriage equality activists said they
on the ballot. Eighteen witnesses, against the proposed referendum, Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At result in additional tax revenue for were hopeful that the election board
including LGBT activists, testified called Evans’ questions to the election Large), who worked with Council the city, according to the report. and yet another court ruling would sup-
against holding a referendum, saying board “outrageous” and said they rep- member David Catania (I-At Large) to “Another study predicts that more port their view that the ballot measures
such a ballot measure would violate resented an escalating anger and shepherd the Religious Freedom & than $50 million over three years would must be rejected if they would result in
the city’s human rights law. vehemence among same-sex mar- Civil Marriage Equality Amendment be generated in local tax and fee rev- discrimination against minorities pro-
The hearing was the third one held riage opponents. Act of 2009 through the Council. enues, potentially creating approxi- tected by the Human Rights Act.

Md. lawmaker says gay marriage ban ‘not discriminatory’

committee members grew testy as that he believes Gansler has a politi- marriage definition in recognition that here — we’re treated as a married cou-
Burns claims same-sex they quoted NAACP Chair Julian Bond cal agenda and would act only after “only a man and a woman are capa- ple. In Pasadena, Md. — less than 30
nuptials cannot be likened and U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) as
saying the LGBT and black civil rights
the current session had ended.
Gansler’s spokesperson denied the
ble of bringing children, our society’s
next generation, into the world” and
minutes from here — we’re not. In
Cambridge, Mass., our marriage would
to interracial weddings struggles were shared. Burns dis- claim this week, saying the attorney that voters have repeatedly agreed, protect us were life to deal us a bad
missed the comments, saying he didn’t general was still investigating the issue. even in liberal states. hand. In Cambridge, Md., we’re two unre-
By HARLEY DENNETT recognize their leadership. Mary Ellen Russell, executive direc- Committee Chair Joseph Vallario Jr. lated women with some very expensive
Special to DC Agenda Burns said the state faces a crisis tor of the Maryland Catholic Conference, (D-Calvert and Prince George’s coun- legal documents and a lot of uncertainty.”
with the neighboring District of testified in support of Burns’ bill during ties) asked if gay Marylanders could Mizeur said Maryland’s current
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland state Columbia poised to begin issuing the hearing, saying the recognition of meet, go to D.C., conduct a “drive legal recognition of same-sex couples
Del. Emmett Burns Jr. (D-Baltimore same-sex marriage licenses, a devel- out-of-state same-sex marriages would through” wedding, return to Maryland grants her 12 statutory rights of the 425
County) railed against comparisons opment that could put Maryland’s undermine the right of the General and expect that marriage to be recog- rights bestowed upon married couples.
between LGBT and black civil rights last same-sex marriage ban at risk. Assembly and the people of Maryland to nized “without even leaving their car.” Mizeur said she didn’t know how
week during a hearing for his bill that Maryland Attorney General Douglas decide the issue. Lawyers for Lambda Legal and the Gansler would decide the issue, but
would block recognition of same-sex Gansler has given no timeframe for “The legalization of same-sex mar- American Civil Liberties Union testified said that Maryland has a long tradi-
marriage licenses issued out of state. when he will release a long-expected riage in a small number of other states, that Maryland’s 1973 law defining tion of upholding the full faith and
Burns claimed that he doesn’t opinion on the issue of recognizing and the prospect of its legalization in marriage as one man and one woman credit clause and Maryland would
support discrimination, but was tired same-sex marriage licenses issued in our neighboring jurisdiction, the District would not be undermined if the attor- eventually change its law, anyway.
of same-sex marriage supporters D.C. and elsewhere, but some sources of Columbia, provides no legitimate ney general upheld the full faith and “But either way, this bill is wrong,”
raising the Loving v. Virginia ruling speculated that he will wait until the leg- legal cause for granting recognition in credit clause of the U.S. Constitution, she said. “It’s a step backwards for a
that struck down interracial marriage islative session ends in April to take that Maryland to those marriages,” Russell which mandates recognition of other state that presses forward.”
bans. He said the current ban on step. Burns said he feared Gansler’s said. “House Bill 90 provides an added states’ marriage licenses. The hearing drew a standing-room-
same-sex marriage is not the same. opinion could legislate same-sex mar- measure of assurance to the people of Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery only crowd of mostly same-sex mar-
“It is not discriminatory,” he said dur- riage “through the back door.” Maryland that the decisions of out-of- County) testified against the bill, citing riage supporters, including high school
ing the House Judiciary Committee “Our back door is wide open,” Burns state courts or legislatures cannot, and her own California-issued marriage cer- students, who frequently reacted to
hearing Jan. 31 in Annapolis. “I cannot said. “Our law does not speak to mar- should not, provide grounds for usurp- tificate to her spouse Deborah. Burns’ colorful explanations of why
hide my color. I don’t want to. I’m proud riages performed in other jurisdictions.” ing the legitimate democratic process “This bill is about me, and it’s about LGBT bans were not discrimination.
to be who I am. But those who are of a Committee member Michael in our state for deciding this issue.” my family, and it’s about thousands of Burns’ bill is not believed to have
different sexual orientation could.” Smigiel Sr. (R-Caroline, Cecil, Kent She added that the Catholic families across the state,” Mizeur said. “In the necessary votes to make it out of
His exchange with fellow Democratic and Queen Anne’s counties) added Church supports the state’s current Pasadena, Calif. — 3,000 miles from the House Judiciary Committee.
february 5, 2010 • 7

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8 • february 5, 2010

DC Agenda photo by Michael Key

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who’s gay, is sponsoring a bill that would bar discrimination against LGBT
students in schools across the country.

Rep. Polis introduces bill

to protect LGBT students
White House backs Student ing gay Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and
Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.).
Non-Discrimination Act Civil rights and education organizations also are
supporting the bill, including the Human Rights
By CHRIS JOHNSON Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union, National Association of School Psychologists and National
Association of Secondary School Principals.
The sponsor of a bill that would bar discrimi- Also supporting the legislation is the Gay,
nation against LGBT students in schools across Lesbian & Straight Education Network. Shawn
#1 Volume Ford Dealership the country envisions passage of the legislation Gaylord, director of public policy, said his
as part of an upcoming education budget bill. organization has been working closely with
in the Washington Region. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), a gay lawmaker, Polis’ office in developing the legislation and
told DC Agenda last week he’s planning to push trying to push it through Congress.
for inclusion of his legislation as a component of “Now that it’s been introduced, we plan to
the Elementary & Secondary Education Act work alongside the office to help attract addi-
11165 Fairfax Blvd. Fairfax, VA 22030 • authorization bill this year or early next year. tional co-sponsors,” he said. “We have a lobby-
“I think that we will look to get it included in ing day coming up later in the spring. It’s pos-
the ESEA reauthorization, which is the main sible that we’ll be lobbying on this bill along
education bill,” he said. “I’m optimistic that we’ll with other legislation that we’re interested in.”
be able to include some protections for gay Gaylord said the legislation is necessary
and lesbian students in the bill.” because discrimination against LGBT students
A member of the House Education & Labor in schools “is pervasive.”
Committee, Polis said the panel could take up The National Climate School Survey that
discussion on his legislation this year when GLSEN releases every two years, Gaylord
hearings begin on the ESEA reauthorization. said, shows that nearly nine out of 10 LGBT
Polis introduced last week standalone legis- students say they’ve experienced harassment
lation known as the Student Non-Discrimination at school because of their sexual orientation.
over 500 new Fords, over 250 pre-owned, service Act, or H.R. 4530. The bill would bar discrimina- “And we know that almost a third of students
New 2010 Wheego all electric vehicle loaner for life. Friendly, professional service. Best prices. tion against LGBT students in elementary and missed a day of school in the past month because
secondary schools. Additionally, the legislation they felt unsafe, which is more than five times
would bar discrimination against students for higher than a national sample of all students feel-
associating with an LGBT person. ings of not feeling safe at school,” he said.
The new measure is based on Title IX of the Gaylord said he’s “optimistic” about the passage
Education Amendments of 1972, which pro- of the Student Non-Discrimination Act because the
hibits discrimination on the basis of gender in bill already enjoys support among lawmakers.
education programs or activities receiving fed- “We know from our discussion on the Hill
eral funds. that this is an issue that legislators care about,
Polis said the legislation would give schools and so we’re going to be optimistic that we can
ALL NEW 2010 TAURUS NEW 2010 FORD FUSION HYBRID across the country tools to fight against dis- continue to build support for it, and I think it can
41 mpg
crimination that includes “everything from make it all the way through,” he said.
for the best price call me! Home of the Service Loaner for Life exclusion from prom, to banning clubs, to lack The White House also expressed support
of actions addressing bullying situations.” for the legislation in response to a query from
Eric Suter “Gays and lesbians across the country face
discrimination and frequently institutionalized
DC Agenda.
“The president believes that every child
Ted Britt Ford Fairfax discrimination in many school districts, and should learn in a safe and secure school envi-
Sales Consultant giving them a federal remedy, just as girls do ronment,” said Shin Inouye, a White House
Direct (703) 218-4650 • Cell (757) 636-1293 and minorities, will help address this,” he said. spokesperson.
Fax (703) 218-4612 • Even though the bill was recently intro- Drew Hammill, spokesperson for U.S.
duced, it has support among lawmakers. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said the speak-
TAX CREDITS STILL AVAILABLE ON FORD HYBRIDS legislation had 60 original co-sponsors, includ- er’s office is “reviewing the legislation.”
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10 • february 5, 2010

directoryservices Prop 8 case seen by some

as modern day Scopes trial
Cognitive-Behavioral Continued from page 1
Therapy Are we modern or are we medieval?”
Results-Oriented ▼ Affordable Hirshman wrote. “Do Americans live together
Larry Cohen, LICSW in a social contract for our material well-being,
22 years serving the glbt community
or are we following ancient traditions of how to
live, because tradition is a better teacher than
reason? This issue does not surface often in
the United States, but it did most powerfully
See website for NPR story on my work
almost 90 years ago in Scopes vs. the State of
Tennessee, the ‘monkey trial.’ And it did so
again this week.”
Becky Carroll, Ph.D. Sidney W. Binks III, Ph.D. The Scopes trial pitted the teaching of sec-
Licensed Psychologist Licensed Clinical Psychologist ular science and intellectual freedom against
Interactive Counseling, traditional Bible-based Christian fundamental-
Psychotherapy and Individual & Couples Therapy ism. It’s a clash as old as St. Thomas Aquinas’
for the LGBT Community “Summa Theologiae” and as fresh as the 2005
Somatic Experiencing 18 years experience!! debate over whether creationism should be taught alongside the theory of evolution in the
202.332.8477 Kansas public school system. 202.255.5187 For Prop 8 supporters, the trial is now posit- Photo by Diana Walker; courtesy of American 3000 Conn. Ave. ed as if freedom of religion itself is at stake. In
3000 Connecticut Ave., NW Foundation for Equal Rights
a Jan. 26 column, “Putting Religion on Trial?”,
NOM president Maggie Gallagher wrote that Chad Griffin of American Foundation for Equal
Individuals u Couples u Sex
be happy be yourself be proud Olson and Boies are trying to invalidate the Rights said he was thrilled the Prop 8 trial put
religious beliefs of millions of voters who hold ‘those who attempt to provide justification for
Helping People that homosexuality is a sin and marriage is a discrimination’ under oath for the first time.
Grow Stronger sacrament between one man and one woman.
in Rough Times “The stakes are high. And the argument been a reason not to allow a marriage. In fact,
they will be asking the Supreme Court to it’s a surprise to many people to learn that
Michael Radkowsky, Psy.D. endorse is this: Only bigotry, hatred and unrea- George Washington, who is often called the
Licensed Psychologist u 15 years experience
son explains why anyone cares about the idea father of our country, was sterile.”
Near Woodley & Cleveland Park metro that to make a marriage you need a husband ProtectMarriage only called two of their five
( 202) 234-3278 and a wife — religious views of marriage are witnesses to the stand. So Olson and Boies
Robyn S. Zeiger, Ph.D. just anti-gay bigotry,” Gallagher wrote.
Anti-bigotry is one of the central elements to
introduced the depositions of the dropped wit-
nesses into evidence, which appeared to bol-
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor proving the case that lesbians and gays have ster the plaintiffs’ case.
Joel C. Ang, M.D. TFSWJOHUIF-(#5DPNNVOJUZGPS ZFBST historically been subjected to discrimination and New Yorker contributor Margaret Talbot
Family Medicine, HIV Diagnosis & Treatment deserve equal protection and due process wrote that Boies’ cross-examination technique
202-667-5041 301.445.7333 under the U.S. Constitution. Walker, the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals and perhaps the U.S.
“was a little like watching your cat play with his
food before he eats it.” Supreme Court will decide if the plaintiffs proved Indeed, Boies seemed to make mincemeat
Adult Primary Care
that gays are a “discrete” minority, possess an of official Prop 8 proponent Hak-Shing William
1759 Q Street NW, Washington, DC
Red Line Metro • Dupont Circle “immutable” characteristic and are powerless to Tam, who was called as a hostile witness. Tam
free Wi-Fi • Limited Parking *OEJWJEVBMTDPVQMFTHSPVQTt4BUVSEBZIPVSTt*."(0DFSUJmFE protect themselves in the political process. stood by claims that gays were 12 times more “We said on the first day of [the] trial we likely to molest children, “based on the different
Same Day Appointments would prove three things,” Boies said at a news literature that I have read.”
Insurance Accepted conference after the evidentiary trial testimony ProtectMarriage called California’s Claremont
Copies of records at each visit ended Jan. 26. “Marriage is a fundamental McKenna College political science professor
Instant HIV/Syphilis/Herpes Testing right; that depriving gays and lesbians the right Kenneth Miller, whose credibility as an expert on
CLIA Certified Laboratory to marry hurts them and hurts their children; gay political power was mightily challenged by
and there was no reason, no societal benefit, Boies on cross examination. Boies also read from
in not allowing them to get married.” a book Miller co-authored that ballot initiatives or
Sylvia R. Medley, M.D., M.P.H. Evan Wolfson, founder of Freedom to “direct democracy can actually be less democrat-
Internal Medicine, HIV, Women’s Health Marry, said the arguments were compelling. ic than representative democracy.”
Weight Management “Our side powerfully showed that ProtectMarriage’s second witness, David
202-667-5041 California’s selective stripping away of the fun- Blankenhorn, was so combative, the judge repri-
damental freedom to marry from a vulnerable manded his demeanor. Boies had Blankenhorn,
minority lacked any legitimate reason, and author of “The Future of Marriage,” go down a list
harms families while helping no one,” he said. of “possible positive consequences” of same-sex
DAVE LLOYD & ASSOCIATES “Fourteen years and tens of millions of dollars marriage and mark the statements with which he
Top 1% Nationwide
NVAR Life Member Top Producer after our Hawaii case, the anti-gay opponents personally agreed.
had literally nothing new to put forward to Among the many positive statements with
703-593-3204 defend the discriminatory denial of marriage.” which Blankenhorn agreed were, “gay mar-
WWW.DAVELLOYD.NET Olson and Boies entered reams of docu- riage would extend a wide range of the natural
ENTHUSIASTICALLY ments into evidence and put 17 witnesses on and practical benefits of marriage to many les-
SERVING DC & VIRGINIA the stand. The plaintiffs spoke movingly about bian and gay couples and their children,” and
their loved ones and a slew of expert witness- “same-sex marriage would likely contribute to
es contributed a wealth of knowledge to the more stability and to longer-lasting relation-
evidentiary record. ships for committed same-sex couples.”
In some cases, the testimony was almost Chad Griffin, chair of the board of the
ironic. For instance, in his opening statement, American Foundation for Equal Rights, said he
Michael Deninger PhD
Want a subscription to Cooper said “the purpose of the institution of was thrilled that the trial put “those who
marriage, the central purpose, is to promote attempt to provide justification for discrimina-
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certifed in Hypnotherapy and NLP
dcagenda? procreation and to channel narrowly procre-
ative sexual activity between men and women
into stable enduring unions. … [Marriage] is a
tion” under oath for the first time.
“I think they found in a court of law, it’s quite
different from on a political campaign where
• Relationships • Habits
ASL Used Here

pro-child societal institution.” you can say anything and get away with it,”
• Coming Out
• Phobias
• Depression
• Spirituality Contact But Harvard University professor Nancy
Cott noted that, “There has never been a
Griffin said. “In a court of law, you’re under oath
and you actually have to tell the truth — and
• Traumas • Family Issues
• Anxiety • Intimacy Robbie Barnett at requirement that a couple produce children in
order to have a valid marriage. … And known
you have to answer to those truths under oath.
And I think that proved difficult for the defen-
(703)212-8406 • sterility or barrenness in a woman has never dant-interveners in this case.”
february 5, 2010 • 11

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12 • february 5, 2010


Recalling 1993, activists prepare for ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal

Advocates say they’ve in the U.S. military provided they did-
n’t disclose their sexual orientation.
come up later in Clinton’s term as
opposed to soon after he took office.
states with lawmakers who would be
key to overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t
learned from past mistakes Many activists have said Clinton “In retrospect, I think if the commu- Tell.” Smith estimated the campaign
was unable to fulfill his promise to end nity would have waited a year or two to would cost more than $2 million.
By CHRIS JOHNSON the ban because the LGBT communi- better understand military resistance “It’s very targeted, but again it’s still ty didn’t provide him with sufficient and understand congressional resist- unclear exactly how this is going to
political cover to accomplish his goal. ance, and mapped out a plan, unfold and it could go in any number of
Activists are ramping up efforts to Clinton also holds this view. After Congress wouldn’t have been so quick directions,” Smith said. “We need to be
push for repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t gay activist Lane Hudson questioned to impose a law, and there might have ready to deal with whatever direction it
Tell” later this year, while remember- him on the matter last year during the been a different path,” Smith said. does go in to make sure the ultimate
ing that similar optimism in 1993 on Netroots Nation conference, Clinton Nathaniel Frank, author of “Unfriendly outcome is what we all expect.”
lifting the ban on gays serving open- told an audience of bloggers that Fire” and research fellow at the Palm Smith declined to comment on which
ly led to the law’s creation. advocates in 1993 “couldn’t deliver” Center, a think-tank on gays in the states HRC would target in its campaign.
Last week, President Obama support in Congress needed to military at the University of California, Alex Nicholson, executive director of
affirmed his commitment during the administratively end the ban. Santa Barbara, was similarly reluctant Servicemembers United, said his organ-
State of the Union address to repeal David Smith, vice president of pro- to ascribe the failure of lifting the ban ization also is ramping up its efforts.
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” noting that grams for the Human Rights in 1993 solely to shortcomings from “We always hoped it would happen
he’d work this year with Congress Campaign, in 1993 was communica- the LGBT community. sooner rather than later, but I think it’s
and military leaders to end the law. tions director for the Campaign for “Yes, the gay community could definitely been a surprise that the pres-
His announcement brought new life Military Service, a group that worked to have done more if it was bigger, more ident has decided to include this issue
to the issue in the mainstream media help guide Clinton’s efforts to repeal organized, better funded,” Frank said. in the State of the Union and to move
and among activist groups. the ban. While acknowledging LGBT “Political leaders need the pressure of forward on this quickly,” Nicholson said.
But amid this activity, the shadow activists made some missteps at the constituents to help them get done “So we’re obviously trying to rapidly
of what took place in 1993, when time, Smith told DC Agenda that a what they need to get done, but I think expand our capacity, roll out a number
Photo courtesy of Clinton Global Initiative
LGBT advocates had similar optimism number of obstacles contributed to the that President Clinton there was really of campaigns and initiatives that we
about lifting the ban, is influencing the LGBT rights activists had high hopes creation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” evading responsibility.” wanted to get underway.”
work that’s happening today. for former President Bill Clinton, who “You had a very exuberant, political- Whatever responsibility LGBT sup- Nicholson said Servicemembers
When former President Bill Clinton pledged to allow gay service mem- ly naïve community combined with a porters had in creating “Don’t Ask, Don’t United has been getting numerous
took office 17 years ago, advocates bers to serve openly 17 years ago. politically naïve new president, a Tell,” activists this year say they are learn- media calls and has been identifying
expected him to fulfill his campaign Democratic-controlled Congress that ing from mistakes made at that time. LGBT service members and veterans
pledge to end the ban. Since there such as then-Chair of the Joint Chiefs wasn’t all that enthusiastic about lifting Smith said one of the lessons from to respond to those requests. He also
was no federal law on the issue at the of Staff Gen. Colin Powell thwarted the ban, and you had a Republican 1993 is to make tactical decisions after noted that his organization is trying to
time, the only step required to end the Clinton’s efforts to end the ban. minority in Congress that was dying to thoughtful planning. He noted that his identify high-ranking retired military
ban was administrative action. The result was the 1993 law that regain the majority and inflict political organization has been “quietly press- members who are straight and sup-
But resistance from Congress — came to be known as “Don’t Ask, harm on the new president and the ing for action” for months on this issue port allowing gays to serve openly.
particularly from then-Senate Armed Don’t Tell,” which at the time was Democratic Congress,” Smith said. in Congress and in the administration.
Services Committee Chair Sam Nunn billed as a compromise because it Smith said the LGBT community A more public campaign, Smith Story continues at
— and opposition from military leaders would ostensibly allow gays to serve might have fared better if the issue had said, will launch soon and target

DOD working group to consider implications of ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal

Continued from page 1 influence defense flag,” Sessions said. Ham, commander of U.S. Army members under current law. instead wait until the working group
But Senate Armed Services Europe, have been chosen to lead Gates said it’s possible to change completes its review.
Mullen and Gates’ support for allow- Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D- this working group, Gates said. implementation of current law by Levin suggested he may include
ing gays to serve in the U.S. military Mich.) came to Mullen’s defense, The working group, Gates said, raising the rank of officers who are language that would change “Don’t
stands in stark contrast to how military saying the admiral was showing would be charged with reaching out to authorized to either initiate or con- Ask, Don’t Tell” in the upcoming
leaders in 1993 opposed open service leadership and acting as required by the force to understand their views about duct inquiries under “Don’t Ask, Don’t defense authorization bill.
and favored “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” a Senate-confirmed nominee by repeal, examining changes in regula- Tell.” He also said officials can “raise After Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-
The Senate panel received expressing his personal opinion. tions and policy that need to be made the bar” on what is considered credi- Conn.) made a comment that senators
Mullen and Gates’ endorsement of “It was clear to me and, I think, clear and looking at the potential impact of a ble information or who is considered need to find 60 votes to pass repeal leg-
allowing gays to serve openly with to most of us that you think this is a view change in law on military readiness. a credible source to start an inquiry islation, Levin replied, “Unless there’s a
mixed reactions — with those oppos- that you hold in your conscience and To supplement the efforts of this on a service member. provision in the defense authorization bill
ing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” applauding not given to us because you were working group, Gates said the “Overall, we can reduce the that goes to the floor, which would then
him and those supporting the policy directed to by anybody, including the Pentagon will ask the RAND Corp. to instances in which the service mem- require an amendment to strike it from
expressing their discontent. commander-in-chief,” Levin said. update its 1993 study on the impact ber who is trying to serve the country the bill, in which case, the 60-vote rule
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), rank- Gates and Mullen expressed sup- of allowing gays to serve in the mili- honorably is outed by a third-person would be turning the other way.”
ing Republican on the committee and port for a change in policy while at tary, which at the time found that with the motive to harm the service Following the hearing, Levin told
strong proponent of “Don’t Ask, Don’t the same time highlighting the impor- open service wouldn’t be detrimental member,” Gates said. reporters that it’s possible to include
Tell,” said he was “deeply disappoint- tance of a new Pentagon working to the U.S. military. Many LGBT activists praised in the defense authorization bill a
ed” with Gates’ testimony and said it group that would examine the issue. In addition to the working group, Gates and Mullen for coming out in moratorium on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
showed his bias on the issue. Mullen said he didn’t know fully Gates said he’s directed the Pentagon favor of allowing gays to serve open- that would be in place until the
“It would be far more appropriate, what impact ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t to review the regulations used to ly and working to adjust the rules for Pentagon completes its study.
I say with great respect, to determine Tell” would have throughout the armed implement “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and, discharges. Still, activists maintain “If we throw a moratorium on it, then
whether repeal of this law is appro- forces — especially in a time of two within 45 days, present recommenda- that full repeal is still necessary. what I consider to be a slow pace then
priate and what the effects it would wars — and said further investigation tions that could be applied under exist- Lt. Dan Choi, a gay U.S. Army would be more practical,” he said.
have on the readiness and the effec- would bring to light those implications. ing law to “enforce this policy in a more infantry soldier who’s facing discharge Asked whether he’s ruled out actu-
tiveness of the military before decid- “That there will be legal, social humane and fair manner.” after publicly coming out last year, told al repeal in the defense authorization
ing on whether we should repeal the and perhaps even infrastructure “You may recall that I asked the DC Agenda after the hearing that bill in favor of a moratorium, Levin
law or not,” he said. changes to be made certainly seems Department’s general counsel to con- “there will be some impact” by the replied, “I haven’t ruled anything out.”
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) noted plausible,” Mullen said. “We would all duct a preliminary review of this mat- interim changes proposed by Gates, Also foreseeing the possibility of
Mullen only came out in favor of like to have a better handle on these ter last year,” Gates said. “Based on but said it’s “missing the point.” repeal this year is Sen. Kirsten
allowing open service after Obama types of concerns.” that preliminary review, we believe “When you still have people that Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), one of the most
announced his intent to repeal “Don’t Gates unveiled plans for a working that we have a degree of latitude with- are lying about who they are, you vocal proponents in Congress of
Ask, Don’t Tell,” suggesting Mullen group that he said would examine the in the existing law to change our inter- haven’t solved the root of the problem,” overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
was taking that position to fall in line implications of ending “Don’t Ask, nal procedures in a manner that is Choi said. “‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is the After the hearing, she told reporters
with his superior. Don’t Tell.” By the end of this year, the more appropriate and fair to our men establishment of a closeted policy, and she doesn’t think the time Gates is ask-
Sessions said Mullen’s position group is charged with producing rec- and women in uniform.” I don’t think that anybody has to be ing for review “will affect legislative
would interfere with his subordinates’ ommendations in the form of an imple- While the recommendations closeted in our military.” progress” and that “we can actually
ability to evaluate “Don’t Ask, Don’t mentation plan in the event Congress aren’t yet complete, Gates said the Gates’ announcement on the for- write the bill and pass the bill now.”
Tell” and the implication of its repeal. moves to repeal the statute. Pentagon is considering a number of mation of a new working group raises
“I guess, if it was a trial, we would Defense Department General options that could allow for greater questions about whether Congress Story continues at
perhaps raise the undue command Counsel Jeh Jonson and Gen. Carter latitude on discharging gay service will act this year to repeal the law or
february 5, 2010 • 13

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14 • february 5, 2010

Vol. 2, Issue 6
Address: 1612 U St., N.W.,

D.C. should elect its attorney general the case of marriage equality. But we I am not suggesting that Nickles AG is that they will make decisions
Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-747-2077
Publisher: Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
Move would avert had little idea of where the AG would would do that. But we have no guar- based on looking at a future run for PUBLISHER
inevitable conflicts come down on this issue and what
his personal views on marriage
antee that some future AG wouldn’t.
There are often cases where the AG’s
mayor. Well, that is part of our elec-
toral process and it will be up to the
LYNNE J. BROWN ext. 8075
of interest equality were. We assumed that the office has to investigate impropriety in people whether they would succeed. EDITORIAL
mayor wouldn’t appoint someone another agency and they have to We have so few elected positions in KEVIN NAFF
By PETER ROSENSTEIN who disagrees with him on such a defend decisions of city agencies in the District that one more would be ext. 8088
basic issue, but stranger things have court. The current battle with the welcome. Decisions now made by the News & Multimedia Editor
The District needs an independ- happened. That is just one reason courts over putting mayoral agencies appointed AG are every bit as politi- ext. 8086
ent attorney general responsible to why we in the LGBT community into receivership is one example. cal, but rather than being independ- Features
the people and not answerable to should care about this office. There Another possible conflict has to do ent and representing the people, they JOEY DiGUGLIELMO
the mayor. I have been privy to pre- are others. Issues of concern include with recent contracts that were are made by a person appointed by ext. 8081
Sr. News Reporter
vious administrations’ discussions contracts that the city has with entered into by the city without proper the mayor who owes his job to him. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
when they tried to recruit and vet a Catholic Charities or other religious consultation with the Council. The AG Yes, AGs have become governors ext. 8079
person for the position that used to organizations that may come into suggested that this was an illegal and even cabinet members, like Janet News Reporter
be called the Corporation Counsel. question after marriage equality action by the mayor’s office, but then Napolitano. Or Andrew Cuomo, who ext. 8083
We have since changed the name of becomes law. began to defend the contracts done began in the cabinet, now is an AG and Staff Photographer
that position to attorney General but There are issues surrounding the that way. Again the contracting was wants to run for governor in New York. MICHAEL KEY
now is the time to make that an contracting related to HIV/AIDS that done by the mayor’s office and is being But then in D.C. we have had elected
elected position. the recent articles in the Washington reviewed by the mayor’s office itself. If officials become mayor, for example Creative Director
It is time to make that office inde- Post revealed. There is the apparent this were done by an independently Marion Barry and Adrian Fenty, so ROB BOEGER
pendent. Currently, even with the waste of scarce AIDS funding that elected AG, the people would have what is the difference? The scenario of ext. 8074
DCATV Exec. Producer
name change, the person occupying could end up in the courts. In this more confidence in the outcome of the moving to higher office from the AG’s ARAM VARTIAN
that office is still part of the mayor’s case, the contracts were awarded by investigation. In this case, the AG is position isn’t really a problem. ext. 8095
cabinet and answers directly to the one mayoral agency — and the attor- actually negotiating with the Council The bigger problem for the people SALES & ADMINISTRATION
mayor. It would be a first step to giv- ney general’s office, another mayoral on behalf of the mayor. of D.C. is to ensure that we have Sr. Acct. Executive
ing that office the right to control agency, will be investigating them. A major benefit of the direct elec- another independent voice repre- BRIAN PITTS ext. 8089
criminal trials in D.C., as well. The mayor’s office will be investigat- tion of an attorney general is that we senting our interests. An independ- Sr. Acct. Executive
This is not a criticism of the work ing itself. This could lead to white- will have the same ability to question ent AG elected by the people whose ANDREW HARTSFIELD
of Peter Nickles, who currently holds washing the issue because there is them on their views on the issues as views on the issues of the day are ext. 8078
Acct. Executive
the position. In fact the LGBT com- no way we can be assured that the we do our other elected officials. We known could be that person. JERYL PARADE
munity appreciates his strong stand final report is totally independent and will be able to judge for ourselves ext. 8072
in defending the Board of Elections & that the result of the AG’s investiga- their backgrounds and abilities. Peter Rosenstein is a D.C.- Advertising Manager
Ethics decision to declare a referen- tion won’t be slanted in order to make One of the fears I hear from those based LGBT rights and Democratic ext. 8092
dum or an initiative inappropriate in the mayor look good. opposed to electing an independent Party activist. Distribution Coordinator
Accounting services provided
by Martin & Wall, P.C. C.P.A.

feedback Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC

All material in the DC Agenda is protected by
federal copyright law and may not be repro-
duced without the written consent of the
The following comments were post- was $1 billion, we’d raise the money. DC Agenda. The sexual orientation of advertis-
ers, photographers, writers and cartoonists
ed to our web site. Visit So, it’s not money — it’s ideas. We published herein is neither inferred nor implied.
to join the discussion. are still stuck on the same old ideas The appearance of names or pictorial repre-
and tactics. We can do better and we sentation does not necessarily indicate the
sexual orientation of that person or persons.
Re: “Looking ahead with opti- must do better. Although the DC Agenda is supported by many
mism” (editorial by Kevin Naff) How and when can we win our fine advertisers, we cannot accept responsibility
If you really want to make a differ- equality? — Andrew W. for claims made by advertisers.
ence, try figuring out what exactly Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the
our LGBT equality strategy is. We Re: “Pentagon to unveil new DC Agenda, but the paper cannot take respon-
don’t have one. policy for gays in the military” sibility for its return. The editors reserve the right
to accept, reject or edit any submission.
For 50 years we have stuck with (news story by Chris Johnson) Guidelines for freelance contributors are
incrementalism and the false idea Defense Secretary Robert Gates available upon request.
that there is a “political solution.” says that the military should harass,
A single copy of the DC Agenda is available
We’ve spent millions. We have little to intimidate, disgrace and discriminate from authorized distribution points, to any
show for it. against gay and lesbian soldiers and Photo courtesy of Brown
individual within a 50-mile radius of Washington,
Early last year, in a series of e- patriots in a “more humane” way??? D.C. Multiple copies are available from the DC
Agenda office only. Call for rates. If you are
mails, I asked HRC if they had a I think it is time to discharge anyone Scott Brown, the new U.S. senator from Massachusetts, opposes repealing ‘Don’t unable to get to a convenient free distribution
“strategy to win.” They danced in the military who says “god bless Ask, Don’t Tell.’ point, you may receive a 52-week mailed
around the question and suggested you,” or who wears a cross around subscription for $175.00 per year. Checks or
credit card orders can be sent to Robbie
“everyone needs to do whatever they their neck or on their lapel, how elected the conservative gay-bashing currently being lost (booted out) after Barnett at
can” and we would succeed “one of about that? I feel like discriminating clown? For whatever reason, it seems an expensive training and experi-
these days.” Nothing inspirational too. — Peter the Saint like the people in Massachusetts go ence investment in the discharged Postmaster: Send address changes to the DC
Agenda, PO BOX 73647 Washington, DC 20056
there. Nothing practical there. crazy every few years and put a right- persons. Third, increased productivi- The DC Agenda is published weekly, on Friday,
It seems to me we need to rede- How do you make taxpaying citi- wing Republican in there like Mitt ty without the threat of investigations, by Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. Individual
fine our movement and put the focus zens second class without harm? Romney. This guy will also probably prosecutions, counseling and in Subscriptions are $175 per year for 52 issues
(only $3.37 per issue mailed to you USPS).
on actually WINNING. All of the There is no “more humane” way to oppose us on ENDA and the Domestic some cases medical and psychiatric Rates for businesses/institutions are $350 per
LGBT advocacy groups seem to be have this policy. — Jerry Partnership Benefits & Obligations Act treatment for service persons facing year. Periodical postage paid at Washington,
preoccupied with raising money and too, in addition to opposing same-sex outing threats. — Pete D.C., and additional mailing offices.
surviving — not finishing the job, not My partner was in the Air Force marriage and a repeal of “Don’t Ask Editorial positions of the DC Agenda are
winning. Perhaps your effort could and says that the people most dis- Don’t Tell.” How many years until he’s Re: “Obama, Dems must regain expressed in editorials and in editors’
notes as determined by the paper’s editors.
include a call to action and a search ruptive to military cohesiveness were up for re-election? — Tim their footing” (blog post by Kevin Naff) Other opinions are those of the writers and
for answers. WE NEED A COHE- the Holy Joes. Therefore, if the mili- That’s a lot of wishful thinking. If do not necessarily represent the opinion of
SIVE STRATEGY. tary cohesiveness argument applies Re: “OMB director sees no ‘fund- Obama wouldn’t move on equal the DC Agenda or its staff.
The biggest thing lacking for our to LGBT people, it applies to people ing implication’ for ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal” rights for gays when he had a veto- To submit a letter or commentary: Letters
dysfunctional movement is the idea of faith, too. — Doctor Whom (news story by Chris Johnson) proof majority, why would he now? should be fewer than 400 words; commen-
that we can WIN. Until we can see Shouldn’t there be positive budg- His popularity is dropping because taries should be fewer than 750 words.
Submissions may be edited for content and
that (even if imagined) we will just Re: “Brown: military operations et impact to removing DADT? First, he promises, with soaring rhetoric, length, and must include a name, address and
keep wishing and hoping and those a priority over ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal” the costs of the investigations and but cannot deliver. The Republicans phone number for verification. Send submis-
are not strategies. (news story by Chris Johnson) prosecutions will be eliminated. are usually our enemies, but the sions by e-mail to
I’m certain that if our equality was What the hell were the people of Secondly, thousands of service friendship of most Democrats is little ©
2010 Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
being held hostage and the ransom Massachusetts thinking when they members will be retained, who are better. — Jared
february 5, 2010 • 15


Adopt! Donate! Volunteer! Foster!

Adoption events every

weekend. Same day adoptions.
All pets spayed and neutered
prior to adoption.

Fridays, 7-9 p.m., Fair Lakes PetSmart

Saturdays, 12-3 p.m., Falls Church PetSmart
Saturdays, 1-4 p.m., Fair Lakes PetSmart
Sundays, 12-3 p.m., Reston PetSmart 703-295-DOGS (3647)
16 • february 5, 2010

friday, feb. 5 the first time this weekend. It features D.C. METRO LGBT IT PROFESSIONALS
Gay organist CHARLES MILLER plays a workshops, services, opportunities for meets today from 10 to 11 a.m. at
recital today at 12:15 p.m. at his church, networking, yoga and meditation, kosher SteamCafe at 17th and R streets, N.W.
National City Christian Church in food and more with several high profile Gay singer/songwriters TOM GOSS and
Thomas Circle. He’ll perform works by Jewish LGBT speakers. Admission MATT ALBER play two shows tonight at
J.S. Bach, Louis Vierne, Pietro Mascagni ranges from $80 to $140. For more infor- the DeLaski Theater, located at 1700
and David N. Johnson as part of a week- mation, visit Kalorama Road, N.W., in Adams Morgan.
ly concert organ series dubbed “Magical, The “SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A DRAG Shows are at 5 and 8 p.m. Tickets are
Mystical, Musical Machine,” which QUEEN” monthly contest is tonight at Town, $20. Visit for
resumes today and runs every Friday at at 2009 8th St., N.W. Doors open at 10 p.m. tickets. Goss is based in Washington and
this time through May. It’s free. Gay organ- Visit for more information. is touring on his latest album “Back to
ists David Christopher and Stephen Love.” Alber, who lives in Los Angeles,
Harouff play on the 12th and the 19th saturday, feb. 6 became an online sensation last year for
respectively. Miller plays again on the “DIVAS OF POP,” a dance party span- his poignant video “End of the World.”
26th. The recitals are a half hour each. ning four decades of pop’s most iconic
Lesbian rock/dance party HOTTBOXX female singers, is tonight at 9 at State, sunday, feb. 7
returns to Phase 1 tonight from 10 p.m. to located at 220 N. Washington St. in Falls Local drag queen SHI-QUEETA LEE
2 a.m. and will happen the first Friday of Church, Va. Doors open at 7. Visit thes- hosts drag brunch every Sunday at
every month. Doors open at 9. Phase is for more information. Nellie’s Sports Bar, located at 900 U
located at 525 8th St., S.E. Cover is $5. A singles-only event is today at Hillwood St., N.W. Brunch buffet is $20. Miss Lee
A dance party featuring the music of Museum & Gardens from 11 a.m. to 3 performs at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Visit nel- Photo courtesy of
Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson is p.m. A meet-and-greet, tour and lunch will for more information.
tonight at 9:30 club, located at 815 V St., be held. Tickets are $15. It’s hosted by A dance party featuring the music of MADONNA, Michael Jackson and Prince
N.W. Visit for more information. Zoom Lesbian Excursions. Visit zoomex- monday, feb. 8 will be held Feb. 5 at the 9:30 club.
QUEER SHABBATON, an urban retreat for more information. EQUALITY MARYLAND LOBBY DAY
for LGBT Jews and allies, is this week- D.C. FRONT RUNNERS, a local gay run- is today in Annapolis. LGBT Marylanders Group but has expanded its age range for
end, beginning today at 5 p.m. and con- ning group, starts a run today at 23rd and are encouraged to help the group have a wednesday, feb. 10 gay, bi, trans and questioning men from
tinuing through Sunday at the D.C. P streets (at the Shevchenko Monument) strong presence in the state capitol. A rally RAINBOW RESPONSE has its monthly 18 to 35. The group meets for weekly dis-
Jewish Community Center located at at 10 a.m. The group also runs Tuesdays is scheduled for 5 p.m., meetings with law- meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at National cussion from 8:30 to 9:30 every Friday at
16th and Q streets. The event, which has and Thursdays at 7 p.m., though some- makers will occur from 6 to 8 p.m. and a City Christian Church, located at 5 St. Margaret’s Church located at 1830
been held successfully three times in times at other locations. Visit dcfrontrun- special “Annapolis edition” of Guerilla Thomas Circle, N.W. The group is a Connecticut Ave. Those interested can
New York, is coming to Washington for for more information. Gay Bar Baltimore will be from 8 to 10 meeting of individuals and agencies col- visit the group on Facebook under the
p.m. at Ram’s Head Tavern. Register to laborating to discuss intimate partner vio- name “GD: Gay District.”
attend at lence in the local LGBT community. The A new Friday night drag show at
Or contact Mike at 410-685-6567 or meeting is typically held on the second Ziegfeld’s has started with a new host- Wednesday of each month. Visit rain- ess. THE LADIES OF ILLUSION host-
A week of musical theater cabaret for more information. ed by Kristina Kelly has performances
dubbed “BROADWAY TODAY AND THE GERTRUDE STEIN CLUB, a local every Friday at 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.
TOMORROW” is being held tonight and group of gay Democrats, is having a Ziegfeld’s is celebrating its one-year
all week at the Kennedy Center at 6 speed dating event tonight at the D.C. anniversary this weekend.
p.m. on the Millennium Stage. Tonight’s Center at 6 p.m. Refreshments will be
performers are Matt Cavanaugh, Peter served. Attendees will go on three-minute saturday, feb. 13
Mills and Kate Baldwin. Many other dates, fill out evaluation forms and be Metropolitan Community Church of
Broadway up-and-comers perform each informed of matches upon which contact Washington, the District’s largest mostly
night through Friday. Free. For more information will be shared. Cost is $10 in gay church, has its annual VALENTINE’S
information, visit advance or $15 at the door. The Center is DANCE tonight at 7 p.m. at the church.
Metropolitan Community Church of located at 1804 14th St., N.W. Visit stein- Refreshments will be served. A $7 dona-
Washington, the District’s largest for more information. tion is suggested. Contact 202-638-7373
mostly gay church, has an HIV-POSI- LADIES FIRST NIGHT is tonight and or for more
TIVE SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEO- every Wednesday at Fab Lounge, located information. The church is located at 474
PLE OF FAITH every Monday at the at 1805 Connecticut Ave., N.W. For more Ridge St., N.W.
church. For more information, contact information, visit “LOVE,” a concert by the Gay Men’s
Matt Senger at 202-546-2159 or e-mail Chorus of Washington, is today with
him at MCC- thursday, feb. 11 shows at 5 and 8 p.m. at Church of the
DC is located at 474 Ridge St., N.W. D.C. LAMBDA SQUARES, a local gay Epiphany located at 1317 G St. N.W.
Visit for more information square dancing group, meets every Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at
about the church. Thursday for square dancing. For more, by phone at 202-
information about the group or to find 293-1548 or at the HRC shop at 1633
tuesday, feb. 9 out when beginner classes are avail- Connecticut Ave., N.W. The concert will
Cobalt has “FLASHBACK,” a retro able, visit feature a chorus transcription of Brahm’s
Photo courtesy of Goss night, every Tuesday at 10 p.m. Rail “Liebeslieder Waltzes” by chorus mem-
vodka drinks are free from 10 to 11 p.m. friday, feb. 12 ber Robert T. Boaz and a performance by
Gay singer TOM GOSS joins Matt Alber for shows at DeLaski Theater on Sunday. Cobalt, a gay bar and dance club, is at GAY DISTRICT meets tonight. The group the Rock Creek Singers, a chamber
the corner of 17th and R streets, N.W. was formerly known as the Twenties ensemble of Chorus members.
february 5, 2010 • 17


improbable ‘beauty’ gests “the crazy-quilt melodramas of

Latino playwright explores early Almodóvar,” but the gay play- Beauty of the Father
inter-generational romantic wright doesn’t entirely agree.
Speaking via telephone from his
Through Feb. 28
Gala Hispanic Theatre
quagmire in ’04 play home in New York City, Cruz explains, 3333 14th Street, N.W.
“It’s no more improbable than the love $20 to $36
By PATRICK FOLLIARD triangle in ‘The Graduate,’ and audi- 202-234-7174
ences didn’t find that plot so hard to
In “Beauty of the Father” — Pulitzer grasp. Besides, the essence of ‘Beauty
Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz’s of the Father’ comes from real life. I piece is a Moroccan immigrant. And
exploration of familial bonds — a wrote the play after spending some perhaps most importantly, he threw a
young American woman travels to time in Naples, Italy, with friends — two father/daughter rivalry into the mix; Photo courtesy of Gala Hispanic Theatre
southern Spain to meet her estranged men and a woman — who were living but otherwise all the same emotions
artist father. Things go OK until she a similar experience.” are there, and ultimately, Cruz says, NILO CRUZ says it’s important for playwrights to capture the essence of ideas in
falls in love (and in bed) with dad’s Cruz took some license with the “it’s about what comprises a family dialogue.
much younger boyfriend, and that’s story: He swapped the Naples locale and the sacrifices involved in that.”
where it gets a little tense. A Manhattan for Andalusia and rather than “Beauty of the Father” played off- “But I think it’s good for a writer to doing — everywhere it seemed. And
critic said the 2004 drama’s plot sug- Tunisian, the younger man in his Broadway in early 2006, and is cur- struggle,” he says. “To get to the to be the first Latino to win the
rently making its Abel Lopez-directed essence of a thought and for the dia- Pulitzer for drama made the prize
D.C.-area premiere at Gala Hispanic logue not to be entirely mundane, it especially meaningful to me. I felt
Theatre through the end of the month. takes work. Otherwise you might as that I was opening the door for other
Typically, Gala produces classic and well just go to the grocery store and Latino writers in this country.”
contemporary Spanish language listen to people talk.” The Pulitzer judges approved of
works by Latin playwrights performed Prior to writing “Beauty of the Cruz’s Latin sensibility, as well as his
in Spanish with English surtitles, but Father,” Cruz won the Pulitzer Prize “magical realism that reads like a
they make exceptions and, in part, for drama in 2003 for his gorgeously dream — with realism, which has its
Cruz’s play is one of these. written “Anna in the Tropics,” the feet on the ground.”
While Cruz is Cuban-born (his fam- story of a “lector” who is hired to read His work is refulgent with ethnic
ily left Cuba for Miami in 1970 when he aloud to workers to in a Cuban- and sexual diversity too. In addition
was 10), he writes primarily in English. American cigar factory circa 1929, to a same-sex couple, “Beauty of the
For this production (titled “La belleza and what happens when the novel he Father” also includes the ghost of
del padre” in Spanish), he also sup- selects (Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”) gay poet/playwright/martyr Federico
plied the Spanish translation. Though begins to change their lives. The Garcia Lorca, who haunts the title
Photo by Daniel Troconis; courtesy of Gala Hispanic Theatre
fully bilingual, Cruz, who received an Pulitzer changed Cruz’s life, too. character’s home and studio.
Norman Aronovic and Lucas Beck in ‘BEAUTY OF THE FATHER,’ Nilo Cruz’s MFA from Brown University and has “It was euphoric,” he says. “After “But it’s true; I do like to put gay
English language play being performed now at Gala Hispanic Theatre. taught there as well, confesses to all, you write the play to share it with characters in my work. I'm gay myself,
struggling in both languages. an audience and that’s what I was so it shouldn't come as a big surprise.”

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&/24)#+%43 #!,,/26)3)4'-#7/2'


18 • february 5, 2010

dcagenda lgbt nightlife guide
washington, dc The popular Levi/leather bar’s origins date
to the 1960s. Features billiards, regular
1836 18th St., NW
30 DEGREES tournaments and other special events. Washington, DC 20009
1639 R St., NW Located near the convention center, two 202-483-1483
Washington, DC 20009 blocks north of Gallery Place Metro. Dupont Circle area bar and restaurant
202-462-6569 popular with both men and women. DELTA ELITE
In Dupont Circle area; popular with men 3734 10th St. NE MIXTAPE
but check schedule for other events. Washington, DC 20017 Different locations
1409 14th St., NW Longtime bar popular with African- Alternative dance party for queer men and
Washington, DC 20005 American men in Brookland neighbor- women featuring electro, alt-pop, indie
202-265-3055 hood; hosts regular ladies night. Check rock, house, disco and New Wave. Check
Logan Circle area restaurant and bar web site for special events. web site for 2010 schedule of events.
(Dupont Circle Metro) popular with the
theater crowd and featuring open-mike DIK BAR MOVA
nights, karaoke and other special events. 1637 17th St., NW 1435 P St., NW
Washington, DC 20009 Washington, DC 20005
In Dupont Circle area, above Dupont
Trendy Logan Circle bar and lounge
APEX DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
Longtime organizers of drag events in the Italian Kitchen. popular with men features regular happy
city; most events held at Ziegfeld’s. See hour and other specials. Formerly known The awesome CHANEL DEVEREUX, left, a Saturday staple
web site for full list of upcoming events. DUPLEX DINER as Halo, MOVA re-launched in early for APEX, donned her ‘Snow Queen’ dudes for the special
2004 18th St., NW 2010 as a environmentally friendly bar
‘Let There be Snow’ event Jan. 29. ‘We want to keep you stim-
ANNIE’S Washington, DC 20009 with an emphasis on community service.
1609 17th St., NW 202-265-9599 ulated,’ said 13-year APEX general manager Joey Oldaker, ‘to
Washington, DC 20009 NELLIE’S SPORTS BAR keep you in dancing bliss.’ Story and more photos at
202-232-0395 Popular restaurant and bar in the Adams 900 U St., NW — David J. Hoffman
In Dupont Circle area; popular longtime Morgan area; happy hour specials and Washington, DC 20001
restaurant and steakhouse with recently many other special events. See web site 202-332-6355
renovated Upstairs Lounge. for updated schedule. crowd, though welcoming to women


Sports bar featuring poker events, drag
bingo, trivia contests and other specials.
baltimore and straight patrons.

1415 22nd St., NW 1318 9th St., NW Popular bar with massive outdoor deck 1722 LEON’S/
Washington, DC 20037 Washington, DC 20001 and plenty of TVs for watching sports. 1722 N. Charles St. TYSON PLACE
202-296-0505 202-341-8281 Baltimore, MD 21201 870 Park Ave. OMEGA Multi-level after-hours dance club attracts Baltimore, MD 21201
In Dupont Circle area; popular with men, but 2122 P St., NW a mixed crowd but remains gay-friendly. 410-539-4993
check schedule regularly for other events. Funky, edgy neighborhood lounge in Washington, DC 20036
Logan Circle with special events galore. 202-223-4917 BALTIMORE EAGLE In business for more than 50 years,
BACHELOR’S MILL Popular with men and women; features 2002 N. Charles St. Leon’s is the oldest gay bar in Baltimore
1104 8th St., SE dancing, videos. Check web site for Dupont Circle area bar and club popular Baltimore, MD 21218 and among the oldest in the country.
Washington, DC 20003 event schedule. with men featuring dancing, drag and 410-82-EAGLE Friendly bar with jukebox gets especial-
202-544-1931 other special events. Longtime Levi/leather bar not far from ly busy on Sunday nights. Tyson Place
Longtime bar popular with African- FAB LOUNGE Mount Vernon offers friendly bar, bil- is a restaurant bar located behind
American men in Capitol Hill area. 1805 Connecticut Ave., NW PHASE 1 liards, outdoor patio, videos and a full Leon’s with a separate entrance.
Washington, DC 20009 525 8th St., SE store for your leather needs. Mostly
BANANA CAFÉ 202-797-1122 Washington, DC 20003 men, but welcoming to women. PORT IN A STORM
500 8th St., SE 4330 E. Lombard St.
Washington, DC 20003 In Dupont Circle area; popular with men CLUB PHOENIX Baltimore, MD 21224
202-543-5906 but hosts regular women’s events. The Phase opened in 1970 and remains 1 W. Biddle St. 410-534-0014 a popular lesbian bar and club. Features Baltimore, MD 21201 Friendly neighborhood lesbian bar gets
Popular Capitol Hill area restaurant and FIREPLACE regular special events, including Jell-O 410-837-3906 especially popular when the Ravens
bar (Eastern Market Metro) for both men 2161 P St., NW wrestling, 80s theme nights and more. Mount Vernon-area downstairs bar play. Features billiards, music and more.
and women. Features Cuban, Mexican Washington, DC 20037 Check web site for details. attracts men and women; friendly service.
and Puerto Rican cuisine. 202-293-1293 QUEST
In Dupont Circle area; neighborhood bar REMINGTONS DRINKERY 3607 Fleet St.
BLOWOFF popular with men. 639 Pennsylvania Ave., SE 205 W. Read St. Baltimore, MD 21224
815 V St., NW Washington, DC 20003 Baltimore, MD 21201 410-563-2617
Washington, DC 20001 GREEN LANTERN 202-543-3113 410-225-3100 Neighborhood bar in Highlandtown 1335 Green Court, NW Another of Baltimore’s friendly neighbor- area is popular with men and women
Created by musicians Bob Mould and Washington, DC 20005 hood bars in Mount Vernon featuring bil- and offers billiards.
Richard Morel, Blowoff is an occasional Popular country/Western nightclub in Capitol liards, jukebox and welcoming service.
dance event popular with men. Events are Hill neighborhood with more than 6,000 SAPPHOS
held in clubs around the country; D.C.’s Friendly bar for men hosts regular happy square feet of space for dancing and billiards. GALLERY 1001 N. Charles St.
Blowoff parties are held at the 9:30 club in hours and special events, including One half block west of Eastern Market Metro. 1735 Maryland Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201
the popular U Street corridor. karaoke and shirtless drink special Baltimore, MD 21201 410-752-7133
nights. Check web site for details. TOWN DANCEBOUTIQUE 410-539-6965
B.O.I. PRODUCTIONS McPherson Square Metro. 2009 8th St., NW Longtime bar and restaurant popular Part of the Grand Central complex, Washington, DC 20001 with African-American clientele. Sappho’s attracts a lesbian crowd and
Organizes regular women’s events around JACK’S 202-234-TOWN offers comfy couches, outdoor patio
town. Check web site for updated information. 1527 17th St., NW GRAND CENTRAL and more in its second floor location.
Washington, DC 20036 Dance club and bar popular with men 1001 N. Charles St.
1639 R St., NW
Washington, DC 20009
Dupont Circle area restaurant popular
and women, features regular drag per-
formances. U Street Metro.
Baltimore, MD 21201
northern va
202-462-6569 with men and women. ULTRABAR Large entertainment complex featuring FREDDIE’S BEACH BAR 911 F St., NW friendly pub, lesbian bar Sappho’s upstairs 555 23rd St. South
In Dupont Circle area; part of complex JR.’S Washington, DC 20004 and a dance club on the first floor. Arlington, VA 22202
of LGBT businesses at this address, 1519 17th St., NW 703-685-0555
including Level One restaurant on street Washington, DC 20036 HIPPO Freddie Lutz’s Virginia establishment
level and 30 Degrees bar. 202-328-0090 Large dance club with gay-friendly 1 W. Eager St. includes a restaurant and friendly bar, events and vibe located downtown near Baltimore, MD 21201 regular specials and is popular with
CREW CLUB Longtime friendly Dupont Circle area Metro Center. 410-547-0069 men and women. Crystal City Metro.
1321 14th St., NW bar popular with men; videos, regular
Washington, DC 20005
special events.

1824 Half St., SW
Washington, DC 20024
Large club popular with men and
women featuring billiards, top
DJs/dancing, karaoke, videos and
laurel, md
Men’s 24-hour gym in Logan Circle area, 2214 Rhode Island Ave., NE 202-863-0670 more. Opened in 1972, Hippo’s motto PW’S
featuring steam rooms, lounges, private Washington, DC 20018 is “where everyone is welcome.” 9855 N. Washington Blvd.
dressing rooms and more. 202-832-3888 Featuring all-nude male dancers Laurel, MD 20723 Wednesdays-Sundays, drag performanc- JAY’S ON READ 301-498-8202
DC EAGLE Every night is ladies night at Lace; fea- es, large dance floor and many regular 225 W. Read St.
639 New York Ave., NW tures regular special events for women special events, contests and more. Large Baltimore, MD 21201 Restaurant and bar is popular with gay
Washington, DC 20001 in Brookland neighborhood. Check web parking lot available; located in 410-225-0188 and lesbian sports fans and is known
202-347-6025 site for details on happy hour specials. Buzzard’s Point warehouse district. Piano bar attracts a mostly male for its superb burgers.
february 5, 2010 • 19
20 • february 5, 2010


‘black cherry’ planned at efn lounge

On Feb. 7, the Cherry Fund, an
Nat'l Black HIV/AIDS all-volunteer 501(c)3 foundation
Awareness Day event whose purpose is to raise funds for
HIV/AIDS service organizations,
set for Feb. 7 in D.C. brings its fundraising efforts to EFN
Lounge for “Black Cherry.”
By TYRONE FORD The Cherry Fund, along with DC’s
Special to DC Agenda Most Fabulous Magazine, has lined up
an evening of performances marking
Feb. 7 marks National Black National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and sever- that is not to be missed. The emcee of
al local groups are stepping up to the evening will be Howard Cromwell
take part in the annual initiative. Jr., publisher of DC’s Most Fabulous
This national commemoration is fund- Magazine. The evening will feature a
ed by the Centers for Disease Control & fashion showcase from Renee France
Prevention and was founded by five Designs, and performances by NISHA,
national organizations: Concerned Black Dynez Dennis, Lady Tony and V-Day:
Men, Inc. of Philadelphia; Health Watch Vagina Monologues.
Information and Promotion Services, “Black Cherry” at EFN Lounge,
Inc.; Jackson State University - located at 1318 Ninth St., N.W., will be
Mississippi Urban Research Center; held from 6:30-9:30 p.m., admission is
National Black Alcoholism and $10 with a portion being donated to
Addictions Council; and National Black Us Helping Us. Participants who are
Leadership Commission on AIDS. tested between Feb. 1-6 at Us Helping
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Us, located at 3636 Georgia Ave.,
Day is focused on educating the African- N.W., or at the event will be provided
American community on HIV/AIDS, free admission. In addition, those test-
encouraging regular HIV testing, mobi- ed will be entered in a special raffle for
Image courtesy of D.C. Dept. of Health
lizing the community to increase involve- event tickets to White Attire Affair and
ment in local leadership, and connecting Capital Queer Prom. HOWARD CROMWELL JR. will host ‘Black Cherry’ at EFN Lounge on Feb. 7 in connection with National Black HIV/AIDS
those living with HIV to treatment and Speakers include: Rahim Briggs, Awareness Day.
care services. Statistics from 2007 Al Sura; Brandon Macsata, AAA+;
showed that African Americans account- Christopher Chauncey Watson, proj- Cheeks, Us Helping Us, People Into politan Washington area.” The head- transgender persons who are living
ed for 51 percent of the 42,655 new ect director, George Washington Living, Inc., has become the “premier quarters and service facility provides with HIV; and group meetings for
HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 34 states and 48 University School of Public Health & AIDS services agency specializing in such programs as condom distribu- African-American gay men, which are
percent of the 551,932 persons living Health Services. HIV prevention and support services tion, clinical care services for African- confidential and held in a safe, affirm-
with HIV/AIDS in 34 states. Founded in 1985 by Rainey for African Americans in the metro- American gay/bisexual men and ing environment.


Twice voted Maryland’s Best Gay Bar Top Ten List Area’s Best Burgers
(Baltimore Outland News, Maryland R-Group) (WTOP Listeners Poll)

PW’s Big Screen

No Cover, Free Buffet, $1.00 off
all bottles and Pints. Game
on all the Big Screens
We Offer a Full Menu

A short drive from

DC, Baltimore
and Annapolis.
Come see what
you’ve been missing!


9855 Washington Blvd. N • Laurel, MD 20723
301-498-4840 •
february 5, 2010 • 21

BEN 202.277.7097

Want to change
your life-style?
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22 • february 5, 2010

award-winning play is a tour de force
“But perhaps there is a key,”
Signature’s ‘I Am My Churchill also added. And the key to I Am My Own Wife
Own Wife’ deserves Charlotte is her need to survive with
her identity intact. For the sake of sur-
Through March 7
Signature Theatre’s ARK Stage
a large audience vival, all is permitted. For the sake of 4200 Campbell Ave.
survival, people may lie to themselves, Arlington, Va.
By DAVID J. HOFFMAN about themselves and also to others. $41 to $71
Special to DC Agenda This same psychic tactic is sometimes
a ruse meant to effect self-cure,
“I Am My Own Wife” is a play through the freer expression of those Wright in three weeks of workshops
about transvestism and the lead drives that would otherwise fester in at the Sundance Theatre Lab in 2000
character is indeed a notable real-life repression and neurosis — or worse. to help the playwright find his way
German eccentric, born biologically And lies can be as important as through to putting all the questions
male and named Lothar Berfelde the truth, a point of view explored about Charlotte onto the stage
who in early adolescence began at length by the distinguished ethi- inhabited by a total of 35 characters.
dressing as a female and adopted cist Sissela Bok in her books “Lying At the Signature Theatre, the
the name Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. and Secrets: On the Ethics of actor Andrew Long turned to 25-
Photo courtesy of Signature Theatre
That he did so openly under the Concealment and Revelation.” year-old director Alan Paul to helm
viselike grip of homophobic Nazi rule We live our lives, this play the production in which Long plays Actor Andrew Long portrays all 35 roles in ‘I AM MY OWN WIFE.’
and the later German Communist declares, as the creator of narra- all 35 roles, from Charlotte herself to
regime is utterly mysterious and yet tives. We tell “stories” about our- her brutal and abusive Nazi father to expecting to see something kinky and opened her doors to prostitutes and
how he did it is a layered tale of selves. Our reliability as narrators is the playwright Doug Wright and myr- slinky in sequins and boas or that Long others of the demi-monde seeking a
ambiguity and ambivalence. always contingent, a fact that trou- iad other characters in her life. will play Charlotte as a finger-popping trysting place.
Tenacious in his gender switch bled Wright greatly as he construct- Signature’s artistic director Eric RuPaul. Instead, Long plays Charlotte Who could have guessed that so
until his death in 2002 at age 74, ed this play from a series of inter- Schaeffer has said that doing “I Am almost nun-like as a conventional off-center a concept for a play would
Charlotte presents herself as a hero- views he initially carried out with My Own Wife” is for an actor a little Berlin hausfrau, wearing a simple attract a mainstream audience? But
ine in this play, which won the Tony Charlotte, during which encounters like climbing Mount Everest, so he black dress and a string of pearls with it has! In a one-man play, Long is a
Awards for best play and actor and he fell in some senses in love with allowed Long to select his own sensible shoes, not high heels. tour de force, gliding from role to role,
Pulitzer Prize for best drama. The her distinctive persona. director as a guide on this perilous She is an elegantly mannered from accent to accent, changing
playwright Doug Wright (who is also As for Charlotte herself, we are ascent. And Paul in turn threw out throwback, a relic of the past in expressions and postures, grada-
a character on stage) nevertheless led to believe that she had convinced all stage directions and approached every sense, someone whose home tions and colorations, in a stunning
casts a darker shadow across her herself at least that what she claimed the play, which opened on in Berlin became her private muse- portrayal of all the many characters
role playing. to be true was true. But for Wright, it Broadway in 2003 with Kaufman um housing Kaiser Wilhelm II-era in Charlotte’s life.
Charlotte is finally what Winston took the director Moises Kaufman, directing and was also performed in antiques, objets d’art, and especially It is an extraordinary work and
Churchill once famously called the who also brought the murder of D.C. in 2005, as a clean slate. gramophones and clocks. But she deserves a large audience. Her life
nation of Russia — “a riddle wrapped Matthew Shepard to the stage in The result is a darker take on the not only collected objects, she drew was real. Her story is an indomitable
in a mystery inside an enigma.” “The Laramie Project,” to work with play. No one should see this play people to her and she even quietly riddle. And attention must be paid.

1 7 T H & R H O D E I S L A N D AV E . , N W
202 872 1126 W W W. B B G W D C . C O M

Date Nights & Weekends


Valentine’s Weekend Long Dinner Celebration







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24 • february 5, 2010

dcagendaclassifieds TOO NEAT GUYS INC. Residential & commercial
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Circle. Visa, MC. Therapeutic. Glebe Rd/395. $70/hr; $90/1.5 hrs. ice to your home or office. Excellent refs, satis- Country Kitchen!
David (202) 213-9646 Lic#MT410 (202) 425-5105. faction guaranteed. Licensed, bonded & insured.
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THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE relieve your body (703) 892-8648. 301.983.0601
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Individuals, couples, families, adolescents. Over 15 PAINTING
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ITALIAN JOCK Give full body massage. planning, real estate, immigration, employment. (301) Call Claudia 703.898.8835 Jacuzzi Tub, near So.Towers & Express bus to Pentagon.
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Tall dark and handsome English/Indian masseur
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adult february 5, 2010 • 25

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dcagenda classifieds?
Private Studio (Shower, Metro 2.5 blks, Prkg). Call endowment. Scott (202) 667-6997 studio, private home. $70/hr. Days/evenings, Contact Phil Rockstroh
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26 • february 5, 2010

EVERS & CO. Real Estate, Inc.
703.629.8455 (c) 202.464.8400 (o)

Just Say: I Need A Plumber!©

Buying? Selling? Dial A Plumber, LLC®
We know what we're doing! Full Service
• Bathroom Sinks, Tubs, Vanities
• Kitchen Sinks, Disposals
Gale Storm Team • Boilers & Furnaces
• Hot Water Heaters
571.236.9329 Kim • Drain Service
Insured Kenny

DC Plumbers License # 707
Visa, Mastercard & American Express accepted

Sheet Metal Certified Applications
Roofing of General Tire &
Slate Tile Firestone Products

Call us to buy or Gutters

Cedar Shake
sell your home Shingles
Chimney Restoration
Built In Gutter
Roof Inspections
Ranked #1 Agents
in Weichert McLean P.J. McTavish & Co., Inc.
Old Dominion Office in Combined Licensed • Bonded • Insured
Revenue Units for VA, DC & MD 301-476-8551
Serving the community for over 20 years!
BBB · Washington Checkbook · Angie’s List
Licensed in DC, MD & VA NRCA · NSA · Energy Star Rated System
february 5, 2010 • 27

The $8,000 Federal Tax Credit has been extended

and expanded…..BUT it expires in just three months!
Owned and Operated
by NRT Incorporated
Call 202-387-6180 today for more information or
stop in to talk to your local real estate experts.
1831 Biltmore WEST END
Street, NW #23 2007 O Street,
$340,000 NW #504
END-UNIT TOWN- Bright and full of
HOUSE CONDO IN light corner top
SWEEEEEET floor unit in amaz-
LOCATION! PER- ing historic build-
FECT FOR FIRST ing. Exposed brick
OR PIED-A-TERRE Open living room, U Street
2001 12th Street, NW #208 DUPONT
FOR BUSY EXEC. corner windows
$405,000 1701 16th Street, NW #436
I N C R E D I B LY and huge sky light.
Beautiful, light, spacious corner unit 1BR+DEN/1.5BA Now Offered @ $459,900
SUNNY WITH 3 11 ft ceilings, reno-
w/view into quiet courtyard. Open floor plan/hdwd **$20K Price Reduction** Gorgeous, Fully
EXPOSURES! vated kitchen,
flrs/commodious closets/approx 900sf/dining room/ Renovated Home. Open Kitchen w/Granite &
FRENCH DOORS w/granite counters,
w&d in unit/GARAGE PARKING/extra storage avail- Stainless Steel Appliances. Hardwood Floors
OPEN TO LARGE stainless appli-
able/perfect condition. Bldg is FHA APPROVED W/ Throughout, In-Unit Washer/Dryer, Limestone
PATIO! WOODBURNING FIREPLACE! OPEN ances and modern updated bath. Large Roof top
roof deck, exercise & party rooms, front desk and Bathroom Floors & Shower/Tub Surround, Recessed
KITCHEN! GORGEOUS HARDWOOD FLOORS! deck with panoramic city views. Located in the mid-
PETS OK. Prime LOCATION steps Lights. Fantastic Dupont Location. SELLER HAS
BRAND NEW WINDOWS! WALKABILI- dle of Dupont/West End. Two blocks
to METRO, shops, nightlife and PARKING AVAILABLE FOR SALE
TY SCORE OF 99 OUT OF 100! to Dupont Circle and Metro.

202-387-6180 202-387-6180 202-387-6180 202-387-6180

Dupont Circle U STREET
LOGAN DUPONT 1619 R Street, NW #501 • The Roydon 2311 15th Street, NW #1
24 Logan Circle # 3 1607 S St NW $544,900 $550,000
$369,000 $1,595,000 Terrific Two Bedroom/Two Bath corner condo at the **Lower level unit, w/separate entrance potential
Pet Friendly 600+ square-foot 1 bedroom condo Grand Victorian Townhome with modern ameni- popular "Roydon". Perfect Dupont location! Lovely home office! Great kitchen. w/stainless steel and
built in 1880 with 10' ceilings, huge bay windows ties. This beautiful home features 4 bedrooms, 2 views. Bright! Great floor plan! Beautiful renovation granite counters, living area is open Lofts Space !Two
overlooking gorgeous Logan Circle, new pass- bathrooms in the master unit as well as a 1 bed- features wood floors, granite counters, custom light- MBR each w/own FB. Large Private terrace sur-
through kitchen and new bathroom, hardwood room, 1 bathroom in the separate suite below. ing, new wood blinds. Fresh paint. In-unit WD. Extra rounded by stone retaining wall perfect for grilling.2
floors and huge walk-in closet. Includes 2 car parking space in storage unit. Bike storage available. car covered parking! Across from
Very low condo fees. the heart of Dupont Circle. Pets welcome, one dog under 40 lbs. Park & Steps to U Street.

DAVID BEDIZ 202-352-8456 DAVID BEDIZ 202-352-8456
910 M Street,
NW #602
1 Bed/1Ba
You'll love living
at the sophisticat-
ed "Whitman"
with its rooftop
pool, 24/7 lobby
DUPONT/KALORAMA attendant, fit-
1640 21ST Street, NW #1 DUPONT CIRCLE 1210 R Street, NW #309 party room. Unit
$724,900 1830 18th Street, NW #C $1,050,000
Elegant 2 level condo in historic DC town home w/ is cheerful and
$738,000 100K REDUCTION - PRICED TO SELL! Breathtaking
approx 1,300 sqft. Luxurious kitchen w/ high-in SS bright. Oak
Amazing space at stunning new boutique condo penthouse corner unit. 3 BR/3BA condo with $200K+
appliances, open living & dining room features 12-ft floors, wash-
building with perfect Dupont location! Luxury multi- spent on custom upgrades. Lots of light, hardwood
ceilings, gas frpl & gorgeous built-ins, uniquely divid- er/dryer. Kit features cherry cabs, stainless
level residence offers maple H/W floors, private bal- floors, gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appli-
ed bathroom allowing private use for 2 w/glass- appliances, granite counters. Luxury bath with
cony. Soaring living room ceiling surrounded by loft. ances, & stunning master suite. Second BR complete
enclosed stone-tiled shower. 2 spacious bedrooms Kitchen has marble counters, SS appliances, huge with balcony. Sprawling terrace off master bedroom soaking tub. Pet-friendly bldg. 1
w/ a master featuring a gas frpl w/pri- pantry & dining area. Close to Metro, overlooking DC. Washer/dryer in unit, car garage parking!
vate patio & storage. Pets welcome & shops, etc! parking $35,000/spot. 2 car parking + separate storage unit.
low condo fee!

202-387-6180 202-387-6180 202-387-6180 WWW.DCGOTOGUYS.COM

“The most tools, the most technology, the most leads, the best working environment. Sound interesting?
Call me to discuss the advantages of Coldwell Banker. We offer more so our agents can do more for our clients.”
Kevin McDuffie, GRI, Managing Broker • 202.439.2435 (c) • 1606 17th Street NW cbmove com

Truly. Madly. Safely.

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