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Yoga, Ayurveda and Exercise are the Basis of

Good Health

A diseased body is the biggest enemy of good health. A healthy body

looks beautiful, attractive and remains active. Yogasanas and
pranayama have a lot of significance in our life. Let us find out as to
how can we cure different diseases through nature therapy and Yoga.

Yogic Treatment for Asthma:

Practice jala neti, sutra neti and vastra neti daily followed by surya
namaskar, tadasana, katichakrasana, sarvangasana, bhujangasana,
vajrasana, ushtrasana, gomukhasana, and shavasana, etc.

Practice kapalbhati, bhastrika and suryabhedi pranayama.

Uddiyan bandh and agnisar kriya are also beneficial in cases of asthma.

Eat roasted grams and drink hot milk at bedtime. It cleans the windpipe
and helps overcome asthma.
Take 250 grams of myrobalan marmalade; 50 grams of pipal churna and
125 ml of honey to cure serious cases of asthma.

Yogic Treatment for Tonsil Problems:

Practice ardhamatysendrasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, sinhasana,
makarasana, halasana, sarvangasana, and matsyasana for problems of
the tonsils.
Ujjayi and brahmari pranayama should also be practiced twice daily.
Food containing iodine and vitamin E is beneficial in this case. Wheat
and sprouts are good sources of this vitamin. Banana, grapes, raisins,
dry dates, tomato and carrot are also good sources of this vitamin.

Mix Jalkumbhi bhasma in rapeseed oil and apply the paste on the
throat to reduce swelling caused due to chronic tonsil problems.

Boil dry figs in water and crush them nicely. Apply the paste on the
throat to reduce swelling. Barley, Moong, Sespedula and other dry and
bitter foods are beneficial in cases of this disease.

Yogic Treatment for Jaundice:

Do not do yogasanas in case of fever or jaundice and instead practice
only pranayama. Regular practice of shitali, brahmari, nadi shodhan and
agnisar kriya are beneficial. Begin the practice of chakrasana,
janushirasana, yogmudrasana, ardhamatysendrasana, vajrasana,
ushtrasana, and makarasana after regaining strength. Practice
halasana, paschimottasana and sarvangasana after recovering
completely. Do shavasana for five minutes after yoga asanas.

Take one-gram of pipal bark ash and drink two glasses of diluted curd
(yoghurt). This removes paleness from the body. Sugarcane is the best
remedy for jaundice. Sucking on sugarcane or drinking its juice cures
jaundice. Roasted green barley or gram or its powder along with
sugarcane juice is beneficial for curing jaundice. Drink orange juice
twice daily.

Take sweet lime, grapes, radish, cucumber, tomato, carrot, papaya, and
bitter gourd to cure this problem.

Yogic Treatment for Diabetes:

Practice surya namaskar, katichakrasana, paschimottasana,
yogmudrasana, vajrasana, pavanmuktasana, ardhamatysendrasana,
and hastapodottanasana two times a day. Begin the practice of
ushtrasana, suptavajrasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana, makarasana,
halasana, and sarvangasana after three weeks. Practice at slow pace to
prevent pain. Do shavasana for five to ten minutes after yoga asanas.
Kapalbhati pranayama, nadi shodhan, bhastrika and uddiyan bandha
along with agnisar kriya should be done to control diabetes.

The above mentioned yogic kriyas can be divided into two sections and
practiced in the morning and evening. Practice yoga nidra for 10 to 15
minutes in the evening. Increase the intake of vegetables, salad, bitter
gourd juice, fenugreek, bathua, cholai juice, lemon juice, myrobalan,
whole wheat, pulses, orange, sweet lime, pineapple, black plum, guava

Take bitter gourd juice, vegetable, gourd juice, coconut water, carrot,
ginger and cucumber juice in the morning. Take sweet lime, orange,
pineapple juice or vegetable soup in the evening.

Chew five to seven neem leaves on an empty stomach, or wood apple

leaves (bilva/bael), ever green leaves during summer season and drink

Add salt, cumin seeds, and black pepper in curd (yoghurt) and eat
chapattis with vegetable for breakfast during summers. Take porridge
in winters. Eat sprouted Moong or gram, steam cooked and add
tomato, onion, cucumber and ginger. Take vegetable soup or one
chapatti, salad, vegetable and dal for dinner.

Mix two parts of wheat and one part gram or barley or soybean and
make a flour. Eat two chapattis in the morning and two in the evening
made with this flour. Take salad, vegetable and little bit of curd

Yogic Treatment for Cough:

Practice Kunjal kriya on an empty stomach in the morning followed by
vastra dhouti and jalneti, which remove kapha accumulated in the
respiratory pipes. Surya namaskar, tadasana, katichakrasana,
bhujangasana, dhanurasana, ushtrasana, gomukhasana, matsyasana
are also beneficial in this case.

Bhastrika, kapalbhati pranayama and ujjayi pranayama should be

practiced to overcome cough generated due to kapha and shitali and

sitkari pranayama in case of dry cough. Dhritaneti should be practiced

for complete benefit. Avoid consumption of heavy foods and also food
items that increase kapha, for example, milk, milk products, sweets,
etc. Take simple and light food that is easily digestible. Drink lukewarm
water. Add a little bit of honey in ginger juice and lick for relief of

Yogic Treatment for Obesity:

Practice kunjal and shankh prakshalan for the first three months. Begin
the practice of tadasana, katichakrasana, padhastasana, sarvangasana,
halasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, matsyasana,
ardhamatysendrasana, and ushtrasana along with surya namaskar for
better results.

Suryabhedi and bhastrika pranayama and agnisar kriya are also

beneficial to reduce weight. Avoid heavy food and sweets like halva,
jalebi, puri, pakoras, samosas, ice-cream, coca cola, etc. Increase the
consumption of salad, vegetables to reduce calorie count. Take
lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and honey in the morning. This
is the best way to cut fat and shed extra kilos.

Yogic Treatment for High Blood Pressure:

Practice relaxation asanas to control high blood pressure. Instead of
deep breathing and kumbhak, practice rechak and poorak. Do
shavasana in between to relax. Practice inhaling and exhaling from left
nostril, like vam bhastrika or chandrabhedi pranayama to reduce high
blood pressure. Sit in sukhasana, close the eyes and try to feel the air
going in and coming out while breathing. This is very beneficial for high
blood pressure.

Do tadasana, bhujangasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana, yoga mudra,

pavanmuktasana, gomukhasana, ushtrasana, ardhamatysendrasana,
and shavasana when blood pressure is normal. This gives positive
results within a few days. Begin the practice of kumbhak after six
months of practice of rechak and poorak. Remember that bahya
kumbhak reduces high blood pressure.

Purification of the body is necessary to control bloodpressure, practice

neti, kunjal and enema. Take food that helps in proper bowel
movement. Follow a fruit diet for some days.

Reduce the intake of salt. Practice yog nidra for 20 minutes to control
high blood pressure. Consult your physician and yoga teacher before
beginning kunjal kriya.

Yogic Treatment for Gastric Problems:

Practice kunjal kriya on empty stomach in the morning. Then practice
uttanapadasana, dhanurasana, chakrasana and matsyasana followed by
katichakrasana, padhastasana, suptavajrasana, bhujangasana,
vajrasana, mandookasana, kurmasana, mayurasana and

Bhastrika and suryabhedi pranayama are very beneficial in curing

gastric problems. Besides this, agnisar and naouli kriya are sure shot
ways to cure this disease.

Change in eating habits is the best way to overcome wind disorders.

Mix two grams of ajowan and half a gram of salt in diluted curd
(yoghurt) and drink it after meals to overcome windy complaints. Chew
your food properly, do not swallow it in a hurry. Follow regular timings
for meals. Do not talk while eating and do not drink water except in
case of necessity. Avoid very spicy, hot and heavy foods and also very
hot or very cold food. Try to keep the mind calm.

Yogic Treatment for Insomnia:

Practice kunjal and jalneti on an empty stomach in the morning.
Practice surya namaskar, tadasana, katichakrasana,
suptapavanamuktasana, sarvangasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana,
vajrasana, mandookasana, matsyasana, paschimottasana and
shavasana. Practice dhritaneti before going to bed and massage the

head and soles with clarified butter (ghee). Nadi shodhan pranayama,
kapalbhati and suryabhedi pranayama are beneficial in winters and
shitali and chandrabhedi pranayama are beneficial in summers.

Walk bare foot on grass wet with dew drops. Stop taking tea, coffee
and alcoholic drinks for getting quick results. Take a fruit diet for a few
days. Drink lukewarm milk at bedtime and do not overeat.

Yogic Treatment for Piles:

Practice kunjal and jalneti on empty stomach and then do vajrasana,
siddhasana, guptasana, gomukhasana, padangushtasana,
paschimottasana, sarvangasana and halasana followed by utkatasana.
Ashvini mudra, moolbandh, nadi shodhan and shitali pranayama are
also beneficial in this case. Ganesh kriya is very effective in overcoming
constipation and activates the intestines.

The stomach should be cleared with mild purgatives or cold-water

enema. Try to stand in between instead of sitting continuously for
hours. It is beneficial to walk after sitting for long time. Piles patients
should take lemon, water and honey for a few days and take a fruit diet
for two or three days. Take cold water enema during fasting times. It
strengthens the intestines and makes them active. Take papaya and
cheekoo (sapotha), etc. Chapatti made with whole wheat flour and
green vegetables are beneficial. Avoid sweets and hot spicy food.

Yogic Treatment for Acidity:

Practice kunjal kriya with salted water in the first week and without salt
in the second week. This removes acidity to a great extent.

Take enema and clean the stomach or take one tablespoon triphala
churna with water at night and drink hot milk. This is also a good way to
clean the stomach. Rub the body nicely while taking bath. Use
lukewarm water during winters and wipe the body with a thick dry
towel. Take rest for 15 minutes afterwards.

Practice surya namaskar, katichakrasana, paschimottasana,

yogmudrasana, ardhamatysendrasana, vajrasana, suptavajrasana,
dhanurasana, pavanmuktasana and sarvangasana everyday. Bhastrika,
ujjayi and agnisar kriya are beneficial in this case. Take citrus fruits like
orange, sweet lime, lemon, etc., because these fruits help in
overcoming acidity as sour fruits increase salinity in the body. The
patient suffering from acidity should take only lemon, hot water with
honey or fruit juice. Vegetable soup can be added in the afternoons and
fruits once or twice a day. Drink lukewarm water instead of drinking
cold water.

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