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O LORD, COMPASSIONATEandmerciful, longsuffering andplenteous inmercy,give
ear unto our prayer and attend to the voiceof our supplication work in us a signunto
good guide usinThyway,thatwemaywalkinThytruthmakegladourhearts,thatwe
may fearThy holyname for Thou art greatand workest wonders, ThoualoneartGod,
andthere isnone like unto Thee amongthe gods, OLordstrong inmercy andgoodin
might,tohelp andcomfort,andtosaveallthathopeinThyholyname.ForuntoTheeis
due all glory, honor and worship: to theFather, and to theSon, and totheHolySpirit,

O Lord, rebuke us not in Thine anger, nor chasten us in Thy wrath, but deal with us
according toThy mercy, OPhysician and Healer of oursouls.Guideusuntothehaven
of Thy will enlighten the eyes of our hearts to the knowledge of Thy truth and grant
unto us that the remainder of the present day and the whole time of our life may be
peaceful and sinless, through the intercessions of the holy Theotokos and of all the
saints. For Thine is the dominion, and Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the
glory: of theFather, and of theSon,and oftheHolySpirit,now andever, anduntothe

O Lord ourGod, remember us,Thy sinfulandunprofitableservants,whenwecallupon
Thyholy, venerablename, andturn us notaway in shame from theexpectationofThy
mercybutgrantus,O Lord,allourrequestswhichare untosalvation,andvouchsafeus
to loveand tofear Theewith ourwholeheart,andtodoThywillinallthingsForagood
God art Thou, and the Lover of mankind, and unto Thee do we send up glory, tothe
Father,and tothe Son,andtotheHolySpirit,nowandever,anduntotheagesofages.

O ThouWhowith neversilent hymns andunceasingdoxologies artpraised insongby
the Holy Hosts,fillourmouthwithThypraise,thatwemaymagnifyThy holyname.And
grant unto us part and inheritance with all that truly fear Thee and keep Thy
commandments, throughtheintercessions of theholy Theotokosand ofallThy saints.

For unto Theeis dueallglory, honorandworship: totheFather,andto theSon,andto


O Lord, O Lord, Who upholds all things in the mostpurehollow ofThy hand, Who art
longsuffering toward us all and repentest Thee at our wickedness, remember Thy
compassion and Thy mercy. Visit us with Thy goodness,andgrant unto us during the
remainder of thepresent day, by Thygrace, toflee thedivers subtle snares of theEvil
One, and tokeep ourlife unassailed throughthe grace of Thine allholy Spirit, through
the mercy and love for mankind of Thine onlybegotten son, with Whom Thou art
blessed, together with Thine allholy and good, and lifecreating Spirit, now and ever,

O God, great and wondrous, Who with goodness unsearchable and abundant
providence orderestallthings,andgrantestuntousearthlygoodthingsWhohastgiven
us a pledge of the promised kingdomthrough the goodthings already bestowed upon
us and hast made us toshun all evil duringthat part ofthedaywhichispast:Grantus
also tofulfillthe remainder of thisdayblamelesslybeforeThyholyglorytohymnThee,
the only Good One, our God, Who lovest mankind. For Thou art our God, and unto
Theedowesendupglory:totheFather,andtotheSon,and totheHolySpirit,nowand

O God, great and most high, Who alone hast immortality, and dwellest in light
unapproachable Who hast fashionedallcreationin wisdomWhohastdividedthelight
from the darkness,and hastsetthe sun fordominionoftheday,themoonthestarsfor
dominion of the night Who hast vouchsafed unto us sinners at this present hour to
come before Thy presence with thanksgiving and to offer thee evening doxology Do
thyself direct our prayer as incense before Thee and accept it for a sweet smelling
savor grant unto us that the present evening and the coming nightbe peaceful. Cloth
us with the armor of light. Deliver us from the terrorbynight and from everythingthat
walketh in darkness. And grant thatthe sleep which Thouhastgiven forthe reposeof
our infirmity may be free from all fantasies of the Devil. Yea, OMaster, Giver ofgood
things, may we, being moved to compunction upon our beds, remember Thy name in
the night, and,enlightened by meditation onThy commandments,rise up injoyfulness
of soul to the glorification of Thy goodness, offering prayers and supplications to Thy
lovingkindness for ourown sinsand forthose of all Thy people,whom do Thouvisit in
mercy, through the intercessionsof the Holy Theotokos.Foragood God artThou,and

untoTheedowesendupglory:totheFatherandtotheSon, andtotheHolySpirit,now

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