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The Contemporary: Culture in the Twenty-First Century, March 3-5, 2016

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Princeton University
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We are constantly under pressure to define the now. When did it begin? What does it
include? When will it end? Recent attempts to capture this moving target have offered an
array of starting points--the end of World War II, 1968, the end of the Cold War, the start of
the new millennium, 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis. These attempts have also offered an array
of periodizing concepts--postmodernism, post-postmodernism, late capitalism, neoliberalism,
the anthropocene, the post-civil rights era, the post-human. We propose to respond to and
circumvent this pressure in two ways. First, by creating a dialogue between our periodizing
concerns and recent literature and art. Second, by contextualizing our concerns against recent
developments in politics, science, technology, philosophy, and education. We aim to
illuminate what makes the now newand how and why we should study it.
The Contemporary: Culture in the Twenty-First Century will take place from March 35,
2016, at Princeton University. We invite early and mid-career scholars to propose 20-minute
papers that examine the culture of the twenty-first century and the question of
contemporaneity itself. The conference will focus primarily on literature in English, but we
are open to scholarship that addresses work in other languages and in a range of media. We
hope that the conference will be a unique opportunity to discuss major issues in the emerging
field of twenty-first century literature and art. The conference will feature six panels, each
organized around three speakers and one respondent. Keynotes will be delivered by Johanna
Drucker and Ali Smith. We plan to use the conference as the foundation for an edited volume.
Accepted participants will receive a travel allowance and lodging from Princeton.
Paper proposals should include a title, 250500 word abstract, and cover letter with
institutional affiliation and contact information.
Submit to: contemporary.princeton@gmail.com
NOTIFICATION: September 1, 2015
Organized by Sarah Chihaya, Kinohi Nishikawa, and Joshua Kotin
Call for Book Chapter Proposals, Would That They Had Eyes To See: Essays on HBOs
True Detective
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Matthew Wysocki / Flagler College
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Call for Book Chapter Proposals, Would That They Had Eyes To See: Essays on HBOs
True Detective

In only one short season, True Detective has become as much a cultural phenomenon as a
television show. The anthology series has generated much press and critical praise for its
acting, writing, directing, thematic content, and more. This project seeks to further develop
our understanding of this show, exploring it from diverse perspectives and lenses. The
chapters presented in it are intended to explore a wide range of ideas that examine and dissect
True Detective. Because isnt it about time someone started asking the right f***ing
The editors are already focused on exploring the show as Southern Gothic and the idea of
looking, seeing, and the Gaze. Possible suggestions for other chapters/ideas to explore
- Treatment of religion
- Portrayals of masculinity
- Presentations of poverty
- The representation of sex
- Intertextuality and sources
- Depiction of gender
- True Detective and the horrific
- True Detective and noir
- True Detective and pulp
- Analysis of Carcosa
If you would like to propose a chapter for this project, please send a short author(s) bio as
well as a 750 word abstract along with title to Matthew Wysocki (mwysocki@flagler.edu) or
Stephanie Graves (steph.graves@gmail.com). We have had a number of publishers express
interest in this and are eager to capitalize on this interest. The deadline for receipt of all
proposals is May 22, 2015. We will attempt to notify all correspondents before July 1
regarding the status of their submission. Completed draft manuscripts of 6500-7000 words
will be due by December 15, 2015.
Zbornik iz rodnih studija - Poziv
U pripremi je Zbornik iz rodnih studija Filozofskog fakulteta u Beogradu, u kome ce biti
objavljeni izabrani radovi studenata i studentkinja osnovnih, master i doktorskih studija, kao i
saradnika i svih onih zainteresovanih za saradnju koji se bave rodnim temama.
Molimo vas da svoje apstrakte (do 500 reci) posaljete do 1. maja na adresu: wu.wei@orion.rs
ili xmarijax@gmail.com.
Do 15. maja bice napravljen izbor medju apstraktima i poslato obavestenje svima o izboru
tekstova. Gotove tekstove prihvacenih apstrakta potrebno je poslati najkasnije do 15. oktobra
2015. godine.
dr Nada Sekulic, vanredna profesorka Odeljenje za sociologiju Filozofski fakultet
Univerziteta u Beogradu e-mail: wu.wei@orion.rs Marija Radoman, istrazivacica saradnica u
Institutu za socioloska istrazivanja Filozofskog fakulteta, UB e-mail: xmarijax@gmail.com