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New Beginnings of strange breaking news this year. It’s

been exciting, but there are only so many
indicted local elected officials and arson
A Peek at How CPNE Members are fires we can handle.”
Sandra Storey, Editor and Publisher
Planning to Approach 2010 Jamaica Plain Gazette
Kaitlyn Siner Jamaica Plain, MA

It’s the start of a brand new year, as 2009 “My greatest hope for 2010 is that
seems to have quickly come and gone, we can continue to be a publication
now officially ready to bid us farewell. that is loved and supported by our
January is often a point of reflection, with community, that we continue to be
its time-honored tradition of resolution- successful enough to keep 5 people
making, and a chance to look back on gainfully employed and continue to be
what was good, bad, and sometimes even able to support our community and all
ugly, about the previous months. It’s been of our public service work especially our,
a particularly challenging year for many “Donate to the Troops” program. I hope
“To be publishing monthly again that our economy rebounds so that our
with the economy, but in a lot of ways, with no double issues, to work harder on
community press is stronger than ever. advertisers can experience business
my weak spots - sales and advertising - growth and success, for good health and
Here’s a glimpse into what some members to have a great celebration on Feb 20th,
of the CPNE community hope to make for bringing each and every troop home
2010 at the Knox Trail Inn to celebrate my safe and sound.
happen in 2010. 100th edition. To be happy about my 9th Best Wishes to my CPNE family for a
year anniversary in April 2010, to be an prosperous and healthy New Year!”
“My plan for 2010 is to take a long integral part of our town’s Bicentennial
hard look at the promotions we have Cheri MacKinney, President/Publisher
Celebration in June 2010. To have Faith, Smart Shopper, Inc., Webster, MA
been doing and evaluate whether or question less, live life, love life, be happy,
not they are effective for our customers. take risks, make the most of every
We have done the same promotions for moment.”
years and it is time to stop doing ones “I am very excited going into 2010. I
Angelina Dubourg, Publisher think 2009 was a tough year for everyone
that are not serving the best interest of Otis Gazette, Otis, MA
our customers and look at some new in every business, so it is exciting to think
opportunities. Happy New Year!” that this year should be a little easier and
“Our biggest goal is to continue to more profitable for everyone. Like many
Deborah A. Phillips, Publisher grow the Independent Publishing Group
The WORLD, Barre, VT other newspapers we have cut circulation
brand where it currently exists, while and even suspended publication of two
branching into new markets and seizing of our weekly papers. I am happy to say
“For my resolution I have upon new opportunities as they arise. My
always believed in and was trained that we have just recently revived the two
biggest hope is that there are no record- publications that were suspended, but
in valuing customer service above all else. breaking months for precipitation in
Now more than ever we have to stand only on a monthly basis. My goal is to get
2010.” those papers back to a weekly schedule
out above the competition. My goal is Joshua Shea, Editor & Publisher
to get back to basics, and to listen to the and to keep increasing our circulation
Independent Publishing Group back to the numbers we had before 2009.
customer’s needs like never before. Ask Windham, ME
questions and listen.” I would also hope to increase my staff to
Paul Sciaraffa, Sales ease some of their work load.”
“The biggest goal of the Jamaica Renee Tassone
Reminder News, Vernon, CT Plain Gazette in 2010 is to try to have Tri-State Pennysaver, Bennington, VT
a more peaceful year. We have had a lot
Steven Silver

Join New England
Publishers and
I am not sorry to see the end of the first
decade of the 21st century. In the past
two years many of us have experienced
the greatest loss in revenues in our
Thursday, January 14, 2010
careers. Many of our customers are no
longer in business. This recession has at the Action Unlimited Office
been particularly devastating to the
local merchant. I know in my small town
100-1 Domino Drive, Concord, Massachusetts
of Brookfield, CT there are over 100 retail
vacancies. So how can I be optimistic? 10 am Coffee and Brainstorming
All you have to do is look in an old yellow Vote on topics for discussion suggested
pages. I now call them the gold pages. by the group
The media has focused on the demise of
newspapers. Think about phone books. I
can’t remember the last time I used one. 10:30 am Discusssion of top 6 topics chosen by
Think of all of the opportunities that are attendees
in there. From attorneys to plumbers,
electricians, chiropractors, you know the
categories. Those budgets are ours for 12 noon Lunch & Networking
the taking.

We can make a compelling argument that 1-3 pm Continuation of discussion

our papers with our strong readership
can deliver a better ROI than the yellow
pages can. We are much more flexible All this networking, information,
and just think their message can change problem-sharing/solving only $10.00 (for lunch)
with the seasons. There is gold in them
there pages. Go and mine it!

I hope to see you all at the Publisher’s To register call 877-423-6399 or

Round Table in January.
E-mail: bne@cpne.biz
I wish you, your family, friends and Hotel rooms available at $89.00
coworkers a healthy, happy, and
prosperous new year.
Your “Go-To Team”
Have a problem? Need an educated opinion? Just need to
bounce an idea off of someone. Pick up the phone and call
on our experts.

Steven Silver: 203-775-9122 Carol Toomey : 978-371-2442

Vendors, Collections, Promotions Saturation Mail
• Need to find new vendors? • Are you in the mail?
From business cards, postcards to • What is happening now and in the
software, to onlinecredit card process future.
ing. With almost 40 years in the mail -
• Need to collect money from accounts? Carol is the one to ask. A member of
Collection agencies should be your the Saturation Mailers Coaliton, Carol
last resort. I have some creative ways sits on their Steering Committee and
to collect back balances without losing meets with post office officials yearly.
the account.
• Want to discuss a sales idea or new pro
motion? Deb Paul - 603-537-2760
Get a second opinion before you roll it Editorial, Community Relations, Renée Tassone: 802-447-3381
out. Marketing Producing Glossy Special Sections
Started papers from nothing with no Get started on specialty stand-alone
Ed Coats: 802-985-2400 background. magazines. Dining guides, Seasonal,
Inserts, Mail, Detached Cards • Let’s talk about Editorial/Content, Resource, Bridal Guides, etc. all com-
Public, Community & Civic Relations pliment your core products.
Paul Sciaraffa: 860-875-3366 and Involvement; Town Government;
Marketing & Networking; Creativity Gus Semon: 203-261-2548
Sales & Ideas; ability to think outside the Printing
Over 25 years in sales. With a quarter norm - ‘free thought’. Do you have any questions, concerns,
century of experience, Paul is willing
suggestions or ideas related to the
to help with issues regarding sales ob
jections, planning, long-term selling, Cheri Mackinney: 508-943-5300 printing of your publication?
Creative Promotions, “Out-of-the- • Production processes
special projects or any other sales
Box” Ideas and Revenue Producers • Print problems
related questions.
• Increasing readership with creative • Front-end support (hardware, soft-
and innovative ideas. ware, file settings, etc.)
Peter Stevens: 401-821-2216 • Engage the community and generate • Print cost savings opportunities
General Publishing Issues revenue at the same time. Ideas such • Vendor options
Brought up in the press room. as contests, selling gift cards, support • Product quality enhancement
Peter has been in the industry for ing the military, local football teams, • Or, simply looking to chat a bit or get
nearly 50 years and have seen it grow etc. are just some ways to generate a 2nd opinion.
from hand-cut stencils and mimeo new revenue.
graphs, to PDFs sent to FTP sites,
and everything in between. May not
have all the answers but glad to share Deborah Phillips: 802-479-2582 If you would like to
Human Resources
I have been the co-publisher of The
offer your services
WORLD for 35 years where I manage to the
Dan Buendo: 413-525-3247 x102
Website Based Revenue
and research our company benefits. “Go-To Team”,
We have a 14 full-time people and
Opportunities several part-time. We offer health please call Lynn at
Yes, you can make money online. Web
site design, web directories, pay-per-
insurance, a Simple IRA and other 877-423-6399
benefits. I would be happy to answer
click Google & Yahoo advertising. questions about anything related to
or email
HR. duval.lynn@gmail.com


Tim Smith Seminars
Available at no cost to
New England Publishers
Another Member Benefit of
Community Papers of New England
Testimonial from an attendee: companies they represented ranged
from Real Estate, Hardware, Colleges
Hi Cheri, and Furniture stores and more.
Thank you so much for providing me,
The following are testimonials from your customers and the community The day was a great success, Tim
two publishers and an attendee, all the opportunity to experience the was a dynamic speaker and everyone
of whom highly recommend these seminar on great customer service who attended enjoyed and benefited
worthwhile training seminars. today. It was just wonderful! It is from the session. It was wonderful for
always inspiring to be in the presence our paper, the Community was very
of a high energy, dynamic speaker thankful.
From Smart Shopper, Webster, MA: who has great information on a
timely subject. There is no cost to the paper that
At our recent conference in
hosts the seminar, Tim covers all of
Vermont we had the pleasure of Thank you again! You and your his expenses. He tells the people that
meeting Tim Smith of Tim Smith business are a great part of this attend that they need to advertise
Consulting who was the speaker at community! to get more customers and then
one of our sessions. At the end of the
he is there to help them keep the
session he offered to come to any of
us for FREE and conduct two 3-hour This was a very typical response we
seminars. We decided to take him up received from people. If anyone We created a flyer that we sent to
on it. wants to contact me about this the Rotary Clubs and the Chamber
please fee free. who then sent it out to all of their
Last week he drove from Allentown,
members, I have attached that flyer.
PA to Webster, MA and he conducted Regards, We also ran some ads in our paper,
two 3-hour seminars on “Delivering Cheri MacKinney and that is all we did to promote
Exceptional Customer Service.” We President/Publisher it. I also got promotional pens and
offered this free to anyone who
notepads with TriState Pennysaver
wanted to attend and we had over
News on them and gave them to
80 people attend. We were able to From TriState Pennysaver News: everyone that attended. That was the
get the room free and the restaurant
only money I spent.
who gave us the space also extended TriState Pennysaver News hosted
a 25% coupon to anyone who wanted a seminar for the local community Thanks
to have lunch. on “Delivering Exceptional Customer Renee Tassone
Service”. It was held at the local
We advertised the seminar in our Hampton Inn on Oct. 27th, the
paper, The Smart Shopper and we speaker was Tim Smith from Tim Tim Smith Consulting
asked our Chamber of Commerce to Smith Consulting. Over 90 people 2324 Washington Street
send the flier to their membership. showed up, about half of them Allentown, PA 18104
The participants were thrilled with Phone: 610-435-0661
were our current advertisers. The
the content and his style. timsmith@fast.net
What can you buy for $4.81?
2 cups of coffee • Publisher’s Retreats, Sales Your membership in Community
Training Sessions Papers of New England is one of
1/2 a movie ticket Your Cost = Maybe Lunch the most valuable assets you can
2 loaves of bread Your Benefit = Meeting with other provide for your company, AND
1.5 gallons of milk publishers & sales managers to it is the best money you will ever
share challenges and solutions. spend for your company.
11 postage stamps
1 ream of paper • Associate Members On the other hand, your
Your Cost = $0.00 membership is WORTHLESS if you
or . . . Your Benefit = Provides the latest don’t take advantage of these
in industry products and services benefits.
for only $4.81 per week your • Newsletter
company benefits from your Your Cost = $0.00 Be sure to complete your CVC
membership in Community Your Benefit = 6 times a year audits; attend the conferences,
Papers of New England. keeping you up-to-date and in retreats and seminars - and send
touch with the free paper industry your staff; use the services of
That’s right! Only $4.81 for and benefits being offered. AdMall, the Go-To Team, and the
everything CPNE offers. Associate Members.
• Go-To Team
• Your CVC Audit Your Cost = $0.00 And thank you for running the
(CPNE pays minimum of $1200 Your Benefit = CPNE members Buy New England ads which is
per company) offering their expertise. Talk over the source of funding for all the
Your Cost = $0.00 a problem, get an opinion or just benefits we have just mentioned.
Your Benefit = Independent audit bounce an idea off someone in It’s a big WIN-WIN-WIN and all for
of your readership & circulation, your business by simply making a $4.81 a week!
plus ongoing sales training on phone call or sending an e-mail.
how to use the information

• Annual Conferences
(CPNE pays about $250/per Community Papers
person attending)
Your Cost = Hotel Room of New England
Your Benefit = Learn from free
paper specialists and leaders in AND
the industry at in-depth training
sessions; networking sessions Buy New England
with peers = Priceless
Post Office Box 28 - 700 Main Street
• Ad Mall Willimantic, CT 06226
(CPNE pays $150 per company)
Your Cost = $0.00
Your Benefit =Daily reports on 860-423-6398 • Toll Free 877-423-6399
latest sales information, training, Fax 860-423-6391
customized research for your bne@cpne.biz • www.cpne.biz
customers and much, much more.
Quit Selling Advertising -
They don’t want to buy it anyway.
James Lorenzen
When I was very young, the first sales sale! I need help closing!’
job I ever had was with Prudential Closing Isn’t the Problem
Insurance. Pru was a great place to work Believe it or not, 95% of all lost sales are
in those days - and they invested heavily lost during the first few minutes. The fact
in the training of their people - but I is sales are ‘lost’ because the prospect
failed miserably. In those days, training simply doesn’t want to buy – big news,
revolved around product presentations huh? And, the reason they don’t want to
and answering objections. buy is because they see no value in it!
‘Closing’ – as a final step to somehow
I was trying to sell insurance. No one make a `no-sale’ materialize into a sale
wanted to buy it. The result: I ran out of - is overrated.
relatives pretty quick. might otherwise be cancellations.
Merchants don’t want to buy advertising; • How many of your ad reps truly
When I became an advertising yet we persist in trying to sell them! The understand how to identify buyer
salesperson, I tried to sell ads. Those fact is merchants want something else: motivations and – this is the key part –
prospects weren’t much better – they They want to grow their businesses and know how to work on ‘upgrading’ those
didn’t want to buy those, either. build a future! motivations.
Sell THAT!
Those early experiences aren’t Hint: This is done AFTER the sale, when
uncommon and the story is all to There is a problem, though. You won’t most other reps would be running out
familiar: an ignorant amateur trying find those answers in your media kit. the door with the order – probably after
to sell advertising to a ‘white-knuckle’ Successful advertising sales is about selling an open rate ad they’ll just be
merchant who thinks the rep is there to helping clients develop a carefully apologizing for a week later.
set his dog on fire. The rep says, ‘hi’ and planned strategy of long-range solutions
the merchant says ‘no’ – and the rest is to for market capture. It’s like building a house. You need a
amazingly predicable. The rep is in there design – a picture of the end result – and
less than 60-seconds – you can clock it The Key Is Strategy a blueprint – a plan for achieving the end
– before the product-pushing begins. It isn’t enough to ask all the same age-old result. Without a master strategy for the
You can actually see the merchant dive questions – not that they’re all that bad sale… without a master strategy for the
behind the counter. – but, the key to success lies in usable merchant… without a master strategy
long-range solutions to real strategic for the future, few people will end-up
The rep goes back to sales training and is problems. These are issues not covered well.
taught to ask questions: in typical sales training or in the media
‘Who are your customers?’ kits most reps use. What Prospects Buy
‘Where do your customers come from?’ Ever see a Carl’s Jr. ad? What is it selling?
‘How long have you been in business?’ • How many of your merchants actually How about Rolex? Not the same market,
All questions the merchant has heard a know how to construct a media mix to be sure; but Rolex is selling the same
thousand times before from every other mathematically? The answer is none. thing! So are Nike, Nieman-Marcus, Red
ad rep. I’ll bet you don’t have a single rep that Lobster, and Appleby’s! It’s what you
‘Where are you advertising now?’ does, either. This information is critical should be selling, too. It’s what buyers
Bang. The product-pushing is about to to penetrating accounts that have never buy: A mental picture of the end-result
begin, again. considered you in the past. playing a role in their lives.
• How many of your merchants
Sometimes the merchant politely listens understand how to identify and target It isn’t advertising.
and even nods through the whole thing different audiences within a single And, no one will buy anything as long
before the rep hears the all-to-familiar, publication by staking out vertical and as they’re satisfied with their present
‘I’ll think it over.’ horizontal marketing positions? This is situation. It’s not about inches, page
information that is critical to selling long- position, dominant elements, even
Back to sales training. ‘He agreed with term commitments and dramatically readership or response rates.
everything I said, but I couldn’t close the reducing the number accounts that


James Lorenzen what you have to say that you’ll know you
are really in a selling situation and that
continued from pg 6. both of you are on the same page.

It’s about their long-term wants, needs, Presentations are Stupid

desires, and dissatisfactions. It’s about Never, never, never
their – and your – ‘opportunity gap’ ‘present’ – to anyone or
which both you and the prospect need for any reason. I know
to address. of no way to lose a sale
faster than to get caught-
Find a hot button and you’ll sell an ad. up in the ‘presentation’
Address a long-term goal with a usable trap. I don’t care if you’re
strategic plan and you gain a client – talking about the small
maybe for life. independent merchant
or a big box retailer using
Action-Oriented Questioning major ad agencies. Many
The key to effective questioning is to years ago when Sears and
make sure each question is tied to an Kmart were still big players,
effective strategy and each strategy we had them under long-
must be designed to achieve a specific term contracts buying full page color
objective. That objective will have a ads in several of my publications. I never
symptom. met with their agencies and never made
a presentation to get them.
Not as hard as it sounds. And, it’s not should know the merchant’s wants,
complicated, either. For example, if your Truth is, other than the credibility they needs, desires, dissatisfactions, their
objective is to get a prospect’s attention, gave us during the early years, their market concerns, and their long-range
you must make the prospect convince revenue wasn’t a top priority. I’ve always goals. You’ll know what success and
YOU that you have it. An excellent liked independent ‘bread-and-butter’ failure looks like - in their eyes - as well
symptom of attention is either a positive advertisers better than big ones. The as the goals they want to achieve. You’ll
physical or verbal response. I personally big brands love to take up space and not only know the opportunity gap, you’ll
liked to try to produce a positive physical float your invoices for 90 days before also know how to strategically position
response. If I could get the prospect to they even get scheduled for payment. them for different audiences – always
DO anything, it would be a symptom My bread-and-butter independents paid one at a time- within the pages of your
indicating I truly had his/her attention. the same rates – and on time. publications and educate them to the
point they’ll be convinced you are an
If my objective was achieving ‘interest’ People don’t care about your indispensable component in achieving
– meaning the prospect would actually presentation. They care about their their future success.
be interested in what I had to say – I marketing problems and their future.
would make sure my questioning would If you’ve asked the right questions, you You won’t need to ‘present’ anything.
continue at least until the prospect’s
early “objections”, which were usually
just ‘traps’ at this stage, would change to
questions. When objections change to
questions, it’s a symptom that you might
have achieved the interest objective. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy,

Diagnose Everything You Hear

it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod
Every word a prospect utters means are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat
something. It’s a symptom of where
the prospect is, mentally, in the process. ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total
When you hear something – anything
– you must test it, confirm it – make the mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is
prospect sell YOU on his/her current
position. bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter
It’s when you know – beyond a doubt by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
– that the prospect is truly interested in


James Lorenzen continued from pg 7.
Get More
Instead of a monolog, it will be a dialog as while her eyes glaze over. “Young man, I Out of AdMall:
the two of you go through an ‘application just want to know if it’ll keep me warm!” New AdMall
process’ – applying what you know to
what they need. Quit Talking About Tuesday’s Ad University Sessions
Don’t sell advertising. USE what you for 2010
They’ll love it. know – or will learn – about advertising
I’ve had merchants literally look me in to create strategic long-term marketing
the eye and ask, “Why hasn’t anyone told solutions to achieve long-term We’ve got
me about this before?” I would always objectives. exciting
smile and simply shrug my shoulders; updates
but the truth is I knew the answer: Not Once you know what they REALLY want in store for
ONE of our competitors –including the to buy – and if you possess knowledge
and abilities unavailable from competitor
reps for the major dailies in our area (one
of whom is and still is one of the largest reps – you will be adding real value. You University
in the nation) really knew anything will become indispensable to the client. in 2010,
about retail marketing strategy, let alone You will become necessary! including shorter, more
the application of advertising strategy YOU will become more important than focused sessions and
to achieve marketing goals. They’d all your circulation.
been taught to regurgitate data and YOU will become more important than
more sessions available as
design beautiful ads; but, once you got your demographics. streaming video that let you
past using dollars instead of percentages YOU will become more important than learn at your own pace, when
on discounts, the water was simply too ANY ad you create. it’s convenient for you.
deep. In fact, I’ve found the larger the When you become necessary, you will
New webinars currently
competition, the more they tended to truly become a professional marketing
assume they owned the market. This consultant instead of a talking brochure planned for 2010 include:
complacency reduced them to little selling space.
more than ‘field clerks’ and it gave us a * Prospecting for
tremendous opening: We knew what James Lorenzen successfully founded, Local-Direct Accounts
they didn’t; and, THAT was what the built, and sold five weeklies of his own. In
merchant wanted to buy. six years of ad sales, he never sold a one- * Diagnosing Advertiser
time ad! All his sales were campaigns of Needs
Thank You, Joe Gandolfo 13 consecutive weeks or longer and over
Many years ago I read Joe’s book, Selling 80% were for a full year or longer, getting * Building Your Case for
is 2% Product Knowledge. Joe Gandolfo deposit money with each sale! He once
sold 22 campaigns in 22 days and 52
Advertising with Market
was a Guinness Record holder for selling
cars. He didn’t own the dealership; he campaigns in 29 weeks. Five times, he Research
was a car salesman, and his records were received all the money for the entire year
astounding. I never forgot his message: in advance! Since those days, Jim has * Financing New
Design engineers know everything been the headline speaker more than Advertising with Co-op
about the car, but they couldn’t sell one 500 conventions worldwide and has
if they had to. appeared in scores of publications as well
Stay tuned to the AdMall
as on Nightingale-Conant’s Sound Selling
audio series and American Airlines’ Sky
Information Desk for complete
It’s like the story of the old lady who
goes wants to buy a furnace. She gets a Radio. For information contact Gardner details on new training
salesperson that just got out of furnace Hathaway, LLC at 805.265.5418. Learn sessions details, course dates,
class that morning, crammed with more at www.gardnerhathaway.com or start times, and registration -
product knowledge he can’t wait to www.jameslorenzen.com. ◆ as always, space is limited!
share with the world. He goes on and on
about the BTUs and a ton of other data
Connecticut Post, Bridgeport 80,419
Hartford Courant, Hartford 222,940
New Haven Register, New Haven 83,064
The Sunday Republican, Waterbury 54,591

Bangor Daily News, Bangor 52,858
Portland Press Herald, Portland 90,524

Burlington Free Press, Burlington
The Rutland Herald, Rutland
Total Circulation
Rhode Island
The Providence Journal, Providence 154,300

Massachesetts An advertiser would

The Boston Globe, Boston 466,665 have to buy all
The Boston Herald, Boston 95,635 these papers to get the
Cape Cod Times, Hyannis 52,048
The Patriot Ledger, Quincy 44,728 combined circulation of
The Sunday Republican, Springfield 112,523 Buy New England!!!
Telegram & Gazette, Worcester 90,769

New Hampshire
BNE = $170
New Hampshire Union Leader and 9¢ per 1,000 homes
Sunday News, Manchester 66,897
The Telegraph, Nashua 25,352
Call for a 25 word
classified today


7 Quick Read Tips for Increased Sales
by Michael Dalton
I read perhaps fifty sales advice articles
every month. While some of what I
read is theoretical, technical or simply a
T hink outside the in-box
Because in-boxes are increasingly
crowded and noisy, marketers are
had finally finished his pitch, I jokingly
asked, “Could you repeat that?” He didn’t
respond. I then offered to send him a
disguised sales pitch, most of it is pure link to information that would help him
rediscovering the power of regular mail.
gold. I believe this little grab bag of improve his phone skills. He declined my
Consider following up your initial email
power tips is on target and can make a offer and rushed off to his next victim.
with information delivered via regular
big difference in your sales. Ranging from Obviously Mister Rapid Fire never heard
mail. Include your business card along
commonsense advice to counterintuitive of the 80-20 rule where the prospect
with your brochure, report or product
ideas these gems can be put to work for does 80 percent of the talking and the
spec sheets. It doesn’t matter if they
you right away. salesperson 20 percent. Frankly, I think
have already received this information
the rule, while a good guideline, is a bit

electronically. The main purpose in doing
nvestigate your buyer this is to beat the email “fatigue factor”
difficult to observe especially on a first
Before calling that important call. However, if you will slow down and
and stay in touch with your prospect.
prospect, go online and do some ask intelligent questions that get the
investigation. Check the person’s profile prospect talking you’ll close a lot more
Power Tip: Write a very brief
on LinkedIn, Xing or Spoke. Learn a little sales. Shoot for a 70-30 split and you’ll be
personalized note on the front of the
about the buyer’s background, interests in excellent shape.
envelope. Example: “Mary, I enjoyed our
and education. Then go to their company

conversation. Enclosed is a hard copy
web site and read their latest press of the information you requested.” Call tate your business
release. Take a few notes. Armed with this a few days later to confirm receipt and Some telephone cold-call gurus will
information, you’ll have a much better renew your conversation. tell you to offer a pleasantry or two after
chance of establishing that all important introducing yourself. They are wrong.

first contact rapport. This only takes a Avoid the opening, “How are you?” When
few minutes and will be time well spent. t’s not what you say; it’s how spoken over the phone to a stranger, the
You’ll build your relationship with the you say it! phrase reeks of insincerity. You might
buyer quicker and have a much better Persuasive speakers communicate as well scream, “I am going to try to
chance of ultimately closing the deal. by using positive language. Example: sell you something!” Instead, employ a
Instead of saying, “We can’t ship your

more businesslike opening, such as, “The
ake your follow-up emails sing order until next Tuesday,” say, “We can reason I’m calling you this morning is to
Given the high volume of email ship your order as early as next Tuesday.” learn about your company’s personnel
flowing into most in-boxes, your follow- What a difference! Put yourself in your needs, and to see if we can be of help.” In
up note might not get read. To avoid listener’s shoes; which version is more other words, after introducing yourself,
this, always use your prospect’s first appealing? The habit of using positive state the reason for your call. Prospects
name in the subject line. Example: “Bob, speech has helped me to achieve more will appreciate your directness and
here’s the summary you requested.” results than I ever thought possible. You respect for their time and intelligence.
Keep your email short! Most buyers, who can practice this skill all the time, too. Only ask, “How are you?” after you’ve
are already dealing with information Try it with coworkers, family, and friends. progressed beyond the initial contact
overload, are not inclined to wade You’ll begin to see things in a whole new and a relationship has been established.
through volumes of product data along light!
with your company’s history and mission
statement. Summarize and provide links
in case they do want more information. L earn to listen
Develop your listening skills. Good
T he more you learn, the more
you earn!
This is the most important advice I can
listeners close far more sales. Period. give you. Make a commitment to your

R emember to carefully proof-

read before you hit send.
In fact, you might invest in proofreading
I recently received a call from a
salesperson with an annoying rapid
fire staccato delivery. This poor soul
success. Every day invest a little time
sharpening your sales skills. The number
one mistake salespeople make is
didn’t even allow me to answer his neglecting their ongoing sales education.
software. Many are free or relatively
questions before plunging forward and No excuses. This doesn’t have to be a
inexpensive. Spelling and grammatical
talking over me. Within a few minutes huge investment of time or money. There
errors in follow-up letters can be a real
I was developing a headache and had are plenty of free or low-cost sales skills
buyer turnoff.
completely tuned this guy out. When he improvement resources on the Internet.
Get started today! ◆
PAGE 10 • JANUARY 2010
Interview with Angelina Dubourg
Kaitlyn Siner

For the past nine years, publisher its 9th anniversary in April 2010, so it’s here.” It’s clear to Dubourg that this is
Angelina Dubourg has managed to clear Dubourg has done many things what it’s all about. “This community is
run the small-town publication Otis right, even with little initial experience still here for me and my children, and I
Gazette, all by herself. No small task, on her side. Most importantly, her wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”
from editing, copy and layout, to sales, concern quickly disappeared. “I love With all the many positive things
billing and ads, she does it all, every my job,” she said, and even after many about her job, one certain benefit
day, and happily. How does she do it? years of dedication, is continually also presents her with a challenge-
Dubourg replied that she has been amazed by how much she enjoys the working from home. While it’s nice to
wondering that very same question, many aspects of putting out the Otis have the option to work in pajama’s,
“for a long time.” Gazette. she admits she has to work hard to
A full-time mom living in the Dubourg embodies the notion of avoid being distracted by “all your
Berkshires, Dubourg graduated what local press is about in many ways. household responsibilities,” though
college with an Associate’s degree “My paper is open to anyone who loves having the flexibility to attend
in Engineering, and always knew she would like to write in, from nostalgic an event or assembly at her childrens’
wanted a job which would allow her to short stories and poems,
stay at home with her small children. to kids’ drawings. I “My paper is open to anyone who
She enjoyed studying graphic design
in high school and one day, looking at
encourage the schools
and others to send in
would like to write in, from
some old copies of a small monthly pictures from around nostalgic short stories and poems,
paper, which had gone out of business, town, or even far way,
Dubourg felt that even if she didn’t from vacations.” She loves
to kids’ drawings.
know exactly what she was doing, she being a valuable resource,
still thought, “Hey, I could do that.” “providing information, bringing old schools, or put in the occasional load
Believing she could accomplish friends together, creating a sense of excess laundry. Still, Dubourg says,
“anything she set her mind to,” of spirit and community, serving she “wears many hats” and must
Dubourg, “mocked up some fake as a resource for area businesses,” decide which one (or two, or three) to
stories and ads,” then spoke to a and in turn, says “It has enabled me put on each day, while ensuring that
printer about publishing costs. She set to become an integral part of my all her responsibilities “are done in a
advertising prices, at the admittedly community,” and given her a sense of timely fashion each month.”
naïve cost of $60 per page, and asked belonging. Beyond the scope of day-to-day,
local business to pay up front for six This was never truer than in 2008, Dubourg said she has been able
months, a steal for them, and a sure- when Dubourg’s husband died to improve her overall skills and
bet for her, though Dubourg jokes suddenly from a heart attack. She the nature of the Otis Gazette after
she perhaps should have done some describes the way Otis residents aligning with CPNE in 2005, four years
price comparisons. Promising her pulled together for her family “like after she got started. A CPNE ad in
husband that not a single penny of something I have only read about in the Berkshire Penny Saver piqued
their household money would be old fashioned story books or movies,” her interest and after a telephone
used, a promise she has always kept, giving back to Dubourg just as she had conversation with Executive Director
Dubourg made her way to the bank, given to them over the years. “From Lynn Duval, she was assured, “this
“with checks made out to a business the person who anonymously paid organization was for me.” At first,
that hadn’t yet existed.” She says for my husband’s funeral expenses, to Dubourg was slightly intimidated
looking back she isn’t sure how she the wonderful woman who helped at by the size of the organization,
made it, but money wasn’t foremost the bank, to the men who showed up membership size and number of
on her mind. Instead, her primary for countless hours to help finish my weekly papers, pennysavers and
concern was, “whether or not I would house, which was under construction, shoppers. “I was just one person with
still like it in two years.” to the people at church, and so many a little monthly publication,” she said,
The Otis Gazette will be celebrating more that I could never name them all recalling her very first conference,

PAGE 11 • JANUARY 2010

Angelina Dubourg interview, continued from page 11

which was held at the Westin Hotel in Penny Saver, liked my paper. Wow!” of the Otis Gazette, which launched in
Providence, Rhode Island. After that encounter, Dubourg said July of 2006, complete with page flip
“When we started our seminars at she knew that CPNE really was design. “Incredible! Justin made this
the conference, one was a roundtable the right place for her, and gave affordable even for a small paper.”
for publishers, to exchange ideas for her confidence to participate and Dubourg has made it a point to
solutions. I was overwhelmed because have presence in the organization. implement at least two things from
many items were about staffing issues “Someday I would like to thank him each conference she attends, and
- I didn’t even have a staff!” Ironically (Holmes) for his kind words. And you feels she has brought back a wealth
perhaps, Dubourg found herself at can bet that I went home to decide of information from every single
the very same table with Dan Holmes, what kind of paper I was.” Soon, she one, from marketing techniques,
owner of the Berkshire Penny Saver, came up with the tagline that now advertising strategies, or a new
one town up from Otis. Despite accompanies every issue of the Otis website for articles. “Mostly,” she said,
wanting to strike up a conversation Gazette, proudly printed on its cover: “I have learned not to be so shy. To be
with him, she hesitated.“I thought, he’ll “An Extraordinarily Enjoyable Quaint friendly, ask questions, listen intently,
never take the time to talk to me, I am Magazine for Otis and Beyond.” and learn. I am always so inspired and
just this little monthly, pretty much by Joining CPNE has given Dubourg motivated at conferences and it stays
myself, down some dirt road in Otis.” many other great benefits, which with me for a long time.”
Before Dubourg could make up her make her publication even more From that first roundtable
mind, however, another individual extraordinary, such as a high-quality experience at the Westin, Dubourg
piped in and asked what kind of printer.“At my first conference, I found says it’s wonderful to discover in
paper the Otis Gazette was. “It never out I had a choice of printers willing the CPNE environment, that there
occurred to me that I needed to define to bid for my business. This was a isn’t a single member who would
myself, or the Otis big deal to me as I had mind getting a call to answer some
Gazette.” As she “You want to not really thought I had questions, or clarify something for me
struggled to come
up with an answer, know what kind much of a choice besides
what was in the next town
if I get stuck,” and eagerly anticipates
annual conferences now. “I know I
the question was of paper she has?” over.” Deciding on Trumbull am going to learn so much. I can’t
repeated. “Then,” Printing, she traveled to wait to talk to the other publishers,”
Dubourg said, “It said Holmes. Vermont to meet printer she said, adding, “I don’t worry about
was Dan Holmes to
the rescue.”
“Well I’ll tell Scott Mather. “We had more
of a conversation in two
being the smallest one anymore, I
know it’s ok and there is no need to
“You want to you, she has the hours than my other printer be intimidated.”
know what kind and I had had in five years.” In fact, at last year’s conference,
of paper she has?”
neatest monthly Now”, says Dubourg, “My the experience came full circle for
said Holmes. “Well I’ve ever seen. paper looks really sharp. As Dubourg. “I was able to talk with
I’ll tell you, she I told Scott the first day we someone who was new to CPNE. I was
has the neatest met, I am only as good as finally able to make someone else
monthly I’ve ever seen. She brings her my printer.” feel comfortable and be a source of
community together and provides a “Did I tell you,” she adds, “that they information for him, as well.” ◆
source of information where there has are wonderful and I am thankful to
been a void. I look forward to reading CPNE for introducing me to them?”
it every month.” At Dubourg’s next conference, she
“I was blown away,” she said. “Dan met Justin Gerena of JB Multimedia,
Holmes, the owner of the Berkshire who helped create the digital edition

PAGE 12 • JANUARY 2010

Check out the CVC website for this series of pdf,
ready to use ads, that you can use to promote
your papers. Just replace your own audit
numbers for a quick,
professional ad.

Your CVC audit

is an important member benefit
of the Community Papers of New England.
Be sure to make the most of it.

PAGE 13 • JANUARY 2010

Ten ways to mess up a perfectly good sales
4. Don’t bother to get to know the your briefcase with the latest issue of
by John Foust your paper, an up-to-date copy of your
gatekeeper. That’s not the person you’re
Raleigh, NC there to see. And even though the media kit, or samples of the ads your
gatekeeper could be a good source of creative department has produced.
information, he or she is probably too
busy to talk to you. If you have to sit in 10. Don’t follow up. You’re far too busy
the waiting room, that’s a perfect time to to send a handwritten note or an e-mail
read the magazines on their coffee table, to thank your prospect for meeting with
or make a few phone calls. you. You can always write later – if you
have time. ◆
5. Rely strictly on numbers. When you
talk about the specifics of readership,
don’t think of real life examples or other (c) Copyright 2009 by John Foust. All
ways to make the numbers come to rights reserved.
life. Statistics are important and should
always stand on their own – with no

6. Criticize your competitors. Your

prospect needs to know how bad they

really are. If you know some juicy gossip
about other papers or media outlets in
Are you making too many sales these your market, be sure to work that into

our new website address is

days? Is business too good? If you’d the conversation. Your prospect will
like to cut back on those annoying new appreciate the information, and would
customers, try a couple of these field- never suspect that you will talk about
tested, sales-reducing techniques: them behind their back.

1. Don’t do advance research. It takes 7. Don’t turn off your cell phone. You
valuable time to learn about your wouldn’t want to miss a call from a more
prospect’s business, potential challenges, important client or a friend. And be sure
and competition. Why should you to check your e-mail a couple of times
conduct an analysis of their past during the appointment. That’s a good
advertising expenditures? The only thing way to show your prospect that you are
that matters is what you tell them today. so heavily scheduled that they should
feel fortunate you are taking time to
2. Don’t ask questions. And don’t make meet with them.
any effort to gain information during
the appointment. Instead, do all of the 8. Don’t talk about benefits. Focus your
talking. After all, you are an advertising attention exclusively on the features
expert. They are the ones who should be of your advertising product, without
listening to you. connecting those dry, inanimate facts to
potential benefits. Resist the temptation
3. Give the same presentation to every to mention any marketing problems
prospect. In addition to cutting your which could be solved by advertising in
preparation time, this will allow you your paper.
to create a comfort zone for yourself.
Why customize presentations to fit 9. Don’t use exhibits. Your prospect
the individual needs of each prospect, should already be familiar with your
when you can develop a one-size-fits-all paper. So there’s no need to weigh down

PAGE 14 • JANUARY 2010

PAGE 15 • JANUARY 2010
When it Comes to Making a Sale, AdMall is a
Great Way to Shop
Kaitlyn Siner call tool that AE’s can use, a critical agreement to subsidize part of the costs
resource which helps guide the calling for members as well.”Gibson emphasized
When CPNE’s Lynn Duval met AdMall’s process. O’Brien said, “It allows AE’s to that CPNE helps to continually endorse
Sales Development Manager Debbie speak intelligently about a respective AdMall to others. “Lynn is always so
Gibson at a Boston NEPA conference in business, and deliver information helpful about providing great references
the summer of 2006, it was the start of an to a prospect instead of just asking for us.”
ongoing four year relationship that has questions.“ An AE can go into the call Paul Sciaraffa, advertising executive
since benefitted both organizations. and say something like, “I see your for Connecticut’s Reminder feels one of
As part of CPNE member benefits, all average pet store sells this amount per the best aspects of AdMall, which he and
member-publications receive the AdMall year – do you typically do more or less his sales team uses regularly, is its co-op
program free of charge, which has business than that?” Ultimately, a better program, which allows companies to
allowed publications and sales associates package can be developed, and a clearer have a percentage of advertising costs
to greatly expand selling capabilities. insight into what a prospect wants to paid by stores promoting them. “People
AdMall is the consultative sales process accomplish, which O’Brien says, “makes don’t realize the unclaimed money that
simplified, and provides sales account expectations easier to manage.” exists, that companies are willing to pay
executives with sales tools such as web- Another unique feature of Ad Mall is to promote a product. AdMall will help
based sales applications, internet usage the daily electronic delivery of something you to find that advertising money for
trend information, pre-qualified leads, called AdMall Minutes, featuring items your customer.”
and key marketing statistics. like Sales Tip of the Day, profiles of While his publication uses AdMall
By using local benchmarks to find and advertising campaigns, and industry regularly, Sciaraffa feels that other
prequalify prospective advertisers, headline news. “Each morning, people publications do not take advantage of its
AdMall quickly creates detailed needs- can read AdMall Minutes as a great numerous benefits. “Part of the problem
analysis of their businesses, which source of inspiration for new business,” is that many don’t know enough about
allows an Account Executive to call a said O’Brien. “An AE might look and say, it to realize what it’s really worth.
lead with extensive industry knowledge hey we have a retailer who sells that, or It’s unfortunate because essentially,
of a prospect, increasing the chance see new opportunities for advertising publications are losing out on sales
of a sale. “For example,” said Michelle and promotions.” possibilities.” Sciaraffa is also in favor
O’Brien, who provides marketing and Ad Mall increases knowledge of of AdMall Minutes. “I find it very useful
sales development service for AdMall, consumer spending patterns, which because every day it brings something
“Let’s say someone is making a call to helps to qualify value of publication new, in terms of products and ideas. This
a lawn mowing business. It’s likely they spending to advertisers. Overall, Ad is critical because every day I am selling
don’t know much about lawn mowers – I Mall makes it easier for people to be something different to someone different
know I don’t – but by using Ad Mall, they more productive, which Michelle says and each needs a unique approach.”
are able to quickly find all the industry has made AdMall even more valuable Sciaraffa noted that combining a
information they need, what products during the recent economic downturn. fresh sales approach with the other
are sold, vendors used, and even what “When economy is bad, AdMall provides information AdMall can provide, such as
sort of co-op is available.” research and assistance, and makes demographics, per capita income and
An AE can even examine what an things easy and fast to accomplish, thus spending habits, is a helpful way to get
average store in a similar industry typically allowing an AE to be more productive. In closer to a customer and a potential sale.
sells in a year, what a typical advertising this economy this helps to make getting “From selling roasted ducks in Chinatown,
budget looks like, allowing valuable as many contacts as possible a reality.” to grasping how often a percentage of a
information to be accessed easily and According to Gibson, after working certain population dines at a restaurant,
quickly, two elements that further help with CPNE, AdMall has benefitted in AdMall can really help.”
streamline the sales approach and can terms of contacts as well. “CPNE was our He also feels that the webinar service
increase overall profits. first member organization, and it really AdMall provides is something to take
Gibson added that when a sales helped open the door from there to advantage of.“Denise is wonderful about
executive is armed with this type of start working with other, similar types hosting these webinars, which allows
knowledge, it helps to better educate the of organizations,” she said. “Both Free your entire staff to see how AdMall’s
prospect about their varying needs. “Ad Community Papers of New York and features work and how to access them.
Mall helps you to sell smarter, and bring Southeastern Advertising Publishers I highly recommend it to any company
something to businesses others can’t, Association now use AdMall as a member because it’s only going to make you
because we help them to know what’s benefit, since New England has done so money.”
truly important to the industry.” well with the service. Also, Mid Atlantic This as we all know, is the bottom line. ◆
One example of this is a key diagnostic Community Publishers Association has an

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PAGE 17 • JANUARY 2010

PAGE 18 • JANUARY 2010
PAGE 19 • JANUARY 2010
PAGE 20 • JANUARY 2010
PAGE 21 • JANUARY 2010
Buy New England Classified Ad Network
700 Main Street, P.O. Box 28, Willimantic, CT 06226
# Weeks to Run
Toll Free 877-423-6399; Fax 860-423-6391; Email: bne@cpne.biz

Start Date:

End Date:

NEW CUSTOMER – ($25 BONUS) OR Weekly Rate (retail) $

BUY 3/GET 1 FREE – ($50 BONUS) x the # of ads = $

Total (retail) $
Please fill in all information and print legibly
BNE Rate (1/2 of retail) $
Originating Publication

Street Address FREQUENCY

1st 13 wks 2nd 13 wks
City State Zip
3rd 13 wks 4th 13 wks
Phone Fax
Paid by Check #
Following Information REQUIRED FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS Charge to MC Visa Amex
Salesperson (full name) Card #

NEW Customer Name

NEW Customer Company exp. date:

Street Address
Name on card:
City State Zip


AD COPY $170.00 for 25 Words


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6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 25

$170.00 for 25 Words - $10.00 each additional word. Please include payment with your ad or call BNE office. Ads that do nor conform to “Buy New England”
guidelines for acceptable copy will be rejected by some or possibly all participating papers. Please check the guidelines before you accept an ad for “Buy New England”.
Ads must be submitted on this form. New customers must sign the BNE Terms & and Conditions. 11/09

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Associate Members
Call on our Associate Members when you need supplies or services. They support us –
We hope you support them!

Ad2Ad Kaesu, Inc. Taradel, LLC (Print & Deliver)

Full featured Classified Advertising Management Kaesu provides an online solution for community Glossy Insert Printing
Jay Schauer • 888-696-2388 publications, their communities and advertisers. Jim Fitzgerald • 804-364-8444
Box 232019, Encinitas, CA 92023 We are at the heart of local search. 13016 Densmore Court
Pete Previte and Joe Nicastro Richmond, VA 23233
Ad Mall 1 Old Wolfe Road, Suite 205 www.printanddeliver.com
Consultive Sales + Marketing Intelligence Budd Lake, NJ 07828 • 908-809-4784
for Maximizing Local Ad Sales joe@kaesu.com/pete@kaesu.com Saturation Mailers Coalition
Denise Gibson • 304-863-6748 Keeping the Postal Service
P.O. Box 31, Washington, WV 02035 Kidsville News Inc. as an affordable distribtion option
www.admall.com Free Monthly Children’s Publication Donna Hanbery • 612-340-9350
Bill Bowman • 910-222-6200 3725 Multifoods Tower
Bartash Printing 208 Rowan Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 33 So. 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Cold Web Printing, Inserting, Binding, Mailing
Michael Simon, President PennysaverUSA.com T.C.I.
Duane Zoscin • 215-724-1700 Loren Dalton • 714-996-8900 Printing Newspapers & Magazines
5400 Grays Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143 P.O. Box 8900 Steve DiCaprio • 1-508-336-6633
www.bartash.com Brea, CA 82822 21 Industrial Court, Seekonk, MA 02771

Circulation Verification Council Metro Creative Graphics Trumbull Printing

Circulation Audits, Association Audits, Metro Newspaper Service, Metro Automotive Newspapers, Shoppers, Periodicals, Catalogs, Direc-
Readership Studies • We audit circulation Photo Library, Metro Classified Dynamics®, Metro tories, Magazines, Inserts.
Tim Bingaman • 1-800-262-6392 Sales Spectaculars®, Holiday Advertising Service, Non-heat Web Printing, Binding, Mailing, Inserting
P.O. Box 31523 Metro Logos & Trademarks Library, Metro Editorial & Shipping
St. Louis, MO 63131 Services, Metro ADS on DemandTM, Metro Plus Gus Semon • 203-261-2548
info@cvcaudit.com Business® 205 Spring Hill Road, Trumbull, CT 06611
Jennifer Steiner • 1-800-223-1600 www.trumbullprinting.com
Graphic Developments, Inc. 519 8th Avenue
John Cardullo • 781-878-2222 New York, NY 10018-6506
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Be sure to call on our

Hanover, MA 02339 www.metrocreativegraphics.com

Hanna Paper Recycling

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Jim Kiernam • 203-265-2644 Peoria IL 61615 for all the
newest information
718 N. Colony Road, Wallingford, CT 06492 Kassey Killey • 309-690-5340

JB Multimedia
The pioneers in Page-Flip Technology®, JB Mul-
Peterson Group
Community Newspaper Consulting
on products and
timedia creates CVC-approved Page-Flip Digital John Peterson • 860-447-9198 technology.
Editions for publications of any size for any web 24 Robin Lane, Oakdale, CT 06370
site, 100% hands-off. E-mail: consultpub@aol.com
Justin Gerena • 888-592-3212 x 710
P.O. Box 704, N. Bellmore, NY 11710
FCPNE Newsletter Proudly Printed by
205 Spring Hill Road
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Classified & Display Ad Network
P.O. Box 28, Willimantic, CT 06226

This is a listing of your Officers and Board of Directors for Community Papers of New England and Buy New England.
They are at your service. Please feel free to communicate your ideas and concerns about the organization and free paper
publishing in general.

Officers & Board of Directors

Community Papers of New England Board
President Steven Silver, Yankee Pennysaver, CT 203-775-9122 steven@ctpennysaver.com
President Elect Debra Paul, Nutfield Publishing, NH 603-537-2760 dpaul@nutpub.net
Treasurer Deborah Phillips, The World, VT 802-479-2582 dphillips@vt-world.com
Member at Large Paul Sciaraffa, ReminderNews, CT 860-875-3366 psciaraffa@aol.com
Member at Large Carol Toomey, Action Unlimited, MA 978-371-2442 carolaction@aol.com
Imm. Past President Ed Coats, Vermont Times, Shelburne, VT 802-985-2400 vermonttimes@gmail.com
Assoc. Member Rep. Gustave Semon, Trumbull Printing, CT 203-261-2548 gsemon@trumbullprinting.com

State Representatives
Connecticut Lisa Miksis, Shore Publications, Madison, CT 203-245-1877 l.miksis@shorepublishing.com
Maine Dan Buendo, Reminder Publications, MA 413-525-6662 dbuendo@reminderpublications.com
Massachusetts Cheri MacKinney, Smart Shopper, MA 508-943-5300 cmackinny@smartshopper.com
New Hampshire Debra Paul, Nutfield Publishing, NH 603-537-2760 dpaul@nutpub.net
Rhode Island Peter Stevens, The Reminder, RI 401-821-2216 rireminder@aol.com
Vermont Renée Tassone, Tri-State Pennysaver, VT 802-447-3381 rtassone@hersamacornvt.com

National Affiliations
AFCP Rep. Ed Coats, Vermont Times, Shelburne, VT 802-985-2400 vermonttimes@gmail.com
IFPA Rep. Dan Buendo, Reminder Publications, MA 413-525-6662 dbuendo@reminderpublications.com
PaperChain Rep. Dan Buendo, Reminder Publications, MA 413-525-6662 dbuendo@reminderpublications.com

Buy New England Board

President Steven Silver, Yankee Pennysaver, CT 203-775-9122 steven@ctpennysaver.com
Secretary Paul Sciaraffa, ReminderNews, CT 860-875-3366 psciaraffa@aol.com
Treasurer Deborah Phillips, The World, VT 802-479-2582 dphillips@vt-world.com
Director Dan Buendo, Reminder Publications, MA 413-525-6662 dbuendo@reminderpublications.com

Executive Director: Lynn Duval, P.O. Box 28, Willimantic, CT 06226

Toll Free 877-423-6399; Fax - 860-423-6391; E-Mail: bne@cpne.biz; Website: cpne.biz

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