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ISIS Extremists Claim to Behead

British Hostage David Haines


ISIS Video Purportedly Shows

Hostage David Haines' Beheading

Terrorist group ISIS released a video Saturday purportedly

showing the execution of British aid worker David Cawthorne
If confirmed, it is the third time the organization, which has
seized large swaths of Iraq and Syria, beheaded a captive and
released a video of the execution, intending to send a message
to Western nations. Britain recently said it would send machine
guns and ammunition to Iraq to help that government battle

the militants, and it is weighing whether to participate along

with the U.S. in possible airstrikes in Syria against the terror
Haines, 44, like others in taped executions by the terror group,
is forced in the new video to read a script in which he blamed
his death on British Prime Minister David Cameron and the
British governments decision to join the U.S. in its battle
against ISIS.
A black-clad, masked militant holding a knife then says the
execution is in retaliation for Britains decision to supply arms
to Kurdish fighters battling ISIS in Iraq.
After the murder, another captive is shown and the executioner
warns Cameron "you ... will have the blood of your people on
your hands, if the U.K. continues to ally with the U.S. in its
campaign against the group.
Cameron called the execution "an act of pure evil."
"This is a despicable and appalling murder of an innocent aid
worker. It is an act of pure evil. My heart goes out to the family
of David Haines who have shown extraordinary courage and
fortitude throughout this ordeal," the prime minister said.
"We will do everything in our power to hunt down these
murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes,"
Cameron added.
President Barack Obama said, "The United States strongly
condemns the barbaric murder of UK citizen David Haines and
offered his condolences to the family and the country.

The United States stands shoulder to shoulder tonight with

our close friend and ally in grief and resolve. We will work with
the United Kingdom and a broad coalition of nations from the
region and around the world to bring the perpetrators of this
outrageous act to justice, and to degrade and destroy this
threat to the people of our countries, the region and the
world, Obama said in a statement.
Haines, a father of two, was reported abducted in early 2013 in
Syria while working for an aid group.
His brother, Mike Haines, said in a statement that David was
"murdered in cold blood." He remembered the former Royal Air
Force aircraft engineer and humanitarian worker as "just
another bloke" and a "good brother" who adored his children.
"David was most alive and enthusiastic in his humanitarian
roles. His joy and anticipation for the work he went to do in
Syria is for myself and family the most important element of
this whole sad affair," Mike Haines said in a statement on
behalf of the family. "He was and is loved by all his family and
will be missed terribly."
The statement said David Haines participated in United Nations
missions in the Balkans, and those experiences made him want
to pursue humanitarian work.
ISIS released a video Sept. 2 showing the beheading of
American journalist Steven Sotloff, who was kidnapped in Syria
in August 2013. Another American journalist, James Foley, was
executed and a video was released Aug. 19.