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Crisis in corporate perspective can be defined as, an unpredictable event that

threatens important expectations of stakeholders and can seriously affect the
organizations performance and generate negative outcomes.
2. Crisis Management (CM) is a systematic approach to deal with unexpected
events which disturbs employee, image and operating continuity of the
3. CM always works in conjunction with activities like risk management and
safety management system of the organisation
4. . Risk management system of the organisation allows identifying the risk
associated with the operations. However, it would be very difficult to identify
all the risks associated and a crisis may arise which needs a preventive
5. 30% of passengers select the airline on the basis of pricing, 35% on
punctuality and remaining 35% chose an airline on other factors like branding
6. FlyJet has different CMT and approach for different crisis depending upon the
level of impact on overall organisations operations and brand image.
7. The Crisis Management Startegy (CMS) for the airline is to establish a crisis
management team and to follow, implement and control emergency response
plan relevant to the crisis.
8. The CMS of FlyJet is to provide best duty of care, which will save the
companys brand image and allow to continue its operations during crisis.

Crisis Management Team

1. Senior manager/ Crisis manager of flight is responsible for establishing a
crisis team
2. Select the team members based on their willingness to serve, specialities
and personalities.
3. The crisis management team required one team member who can make
decisions on behalf of an organization, Security Director, Finance Director,
Legal Counsel, Media Spokesperson, HR director, and Security Specialist.
4. Outsource SAT Team. But , due to the unique culture and needs of airline,
100% outsourcing may not be a practical option.
5. FlyJet has different types of media strategies and tactics to control
different levels of the crisis,
6. FlyJet established a company policy that only authorized spokespersons
to speak to the news media
7. FlyJet uses pre-draft templates

Crisis Centre
1. CMC will be used by crisis team in order to provide a better, coordinated and
more efficient response within the airline, between the airline and relevant
2. CMC of FlyJet is at Edinburgh Airport
80% of aviation accidents happens due to human factor errors and
majority of them occurs either during takeoff (23.4%) and landing (24.1%)
(FAA 2008)
CEO of the FlyJet will be available mostly at the base office
All direct media fly to the organization headquarters.
3. Airport training rooms will be used as the CMC by FlyJet, as the nature and
location of the centre is secured and press cannot get easy access to the
4. The room has a locking system and all the windows are properly covered with
5. The seating arrangement will be in such a way that each team member can
see one another, which make the communication or briefing easy
6. FlyJet have 2 telephone lines from two different networks which can be used
during a crisis
7. Crisis manager/ team leader will decide the line of authority for each individual
during a major crisis.
8. FlyJet has a Family Support Centre (FSC) to provide services to the victims
family members and coordinated support is provided to FSC by Airline Crisis
Management Centre.
9. CMT of FlyJet will decide all the locations for interviews and press briefings.
10. FlyJet has a separate web site for the crisis or designate a section of its
current web site for the crisis.