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Faculty of Education

Academic Year 2013/2014

Semester 2

Integrative Seminar: Issues in TESL (ISIT)

Written Presentation

Mohd Ezraf bin Mohd Lizan

Dr. Pradip Kumar Mishra
Dept. of Language & Literacy Education
1st April 2014

CONTENT of Written Presentation:

PBET3107 Integrative Seminar: Issues in TESL (ISIT)

1. Introduction
CBN Cluster School of Excellence
2. My Issue(s)
What are the issue?
3. The Importance
How important are they for new teachers?
4. The Discovery
How did you discover it?
5. The Overcoming
What did you do to overcome the problems involved?
6. The Learning
What did you learn from them?
7. My Message
What message do they carry for your friends or would-becolleagues?
8. Conclusion
Thought of the Day
9. Appendix
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My teaching practicum school is known as Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN), it is an

all-girls secondary school located at Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur. It was established in
1899 a few years after rivals BBGS (1893) and MGSKL (1896); it is one of the oldest

schools in Kuala Lumpur and is widely known as CBN. Convent Bukit Nanas is
distinguished as a Cluster School of Excellence by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

2. My Issue (a)

2. My Issue (b)

The students have their minds set or The students are lacking in term of selfprogrammed for; by parents and teachers. confidence (middle class students) and
Their expectancy is high enough causing prefer to only listen and follow without any
these students to only study-learn-study hit back. Plus, shyness, a bit of inferiority
with less socializing as teenagers.

complex and a common mind set.

3. The Importance

3. The Importance

Learning is not just about books and Self-confidence is a vital part in life. Thus,
grades or clever and stupid. It is actually preparing students to face the real world, it
transcending ones mind from good to best can be harness and develop through
and extending the self-conscious to self- practice and experiences. Teachers can
realization in present and future life.

help them by providing such opportunity.

4. The Discovery

4. The Discovery

I have observed and saw many accounts; I noticed through observation in classroom
the social trend among CBN students and while teaching, where the students were




informal shy, a bit passive and did not participate.

conversation with them does reveal some They just want to listen and do written
interesting or reflective findings.

works as instructed, no more or less.

5. The Overcoming

5. The Overcoming

I instil (indirectly) a sense of meaning while I provide them the opportunity to show
teaching in classroom and making it what they are capable of and boost their
simple to understand. If the topic is about level of confidence by giving them the
environment, then matters pertaining to power of choice or make decision in

them will be argued and discussed.

teaching and learning process.

6. The Learning

6. The Learning

They are very bright students and soon to- They are clever students although not-sobe the future leaders of our country. bright group in the middle class or rank. I
However, the young mind that is over- am positive, with the right way and
programmed is doom to be a mere method; we can improve their potential
follower rather than the mastermind.


and made-realize that they are special.

My Message

A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own
expectations. (Patricia Neal)
It is the teachers noblest occupation to inspire students (with knowledge and
morality) to be better individuals in present and future life. The upbringing of the

students is a remark (of the teacher) that their unique personality is enhanced
holistically not by anyones expectation but only their own selves and paradigm.
If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.
(Ignacio Estrada)
It is a clear cut that if the students were unable to grasp (understand) the
teachers teaching and learning process in classroom, then, the teacher should always
figure out and think analytically of what can be done to help them; by teaching and
learning, the way that they are comfortable, suitable and most interested with.


Teaching & Learning provides (teachers) leadership, service, and support in the

development, implementation, and dissemination of learning standards (students). An

educator delivers high quality instruction of learning to ensure students in achieving
better levels. Hence, the clarity of communication, collaboration, coordination, and
commitment are the core values / process in moulding young minds and potentials.


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