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Glen D.

Southport, NC 28461
Mobil 910.269.8400, office/fax 910.208.0834

extensive experience in general& matrix management, brand/product development, and product marketing of
automation, power transmission, and linear motion systems for the Aerospace, Industrial and Automotive Industries.
Documented track record of driving new business development and managing creative change.
Earned reputation for, being the orchestra leader who brings it all together.

Senior Executive/General Management
Sales & Marketing
Product Design & Development

Process Re-Engineering/Change Management

Team-Building & Staff Development


GMBD, (Southport, NC), Business Development Consultant

2002 Present

Undertook a series of major assignments for client, Pacific Bearing Company, (PBC), headquartered in
Rockford, Illinois from 2004 through 2013, when I became a key player in PBCs acquisition of Lee
Served as PRESIDENT of Lee Controls from 2013 through February, 2015, successfully executing the
buyout and relocation of this enterprise from New Jersey to North Carolina
Facilitated buyout and moving of the company from Piscataway, NJ to Southport, NC.
Arranged for local and state grants to facilitate the move with elected officials and the local utility.
Reengineered marketing campaign and rep network resulting in improved profitability and growth by 20%
the first year of operations.
Oversaw the transition to a new Enterprise system, updated all the servers, and established work order
scanning and electronic shipment tracking.
Negotiated the acquisition and arranged funding for new machine tools worth over $500,000 for the new
Renegotiated a new UAW contract December 2013, that was favorable to the company.
Closed the NJ facility and commenced non-unionized operations in NC; by January 2015.
Hired new local staff and moved key NJ staff to NC, resolving Effects Bargaining with the UAW in NJ.
Additional PBC related assignment included service as that companys PRESIDENT from 2004-2007.
During this period, I oversaw and directed PBCs transition from a traditional small manufacturer to a
profitable global player, supplying linear motion components and systems to major OEMs. Several
initiatives I spearheaded helped the owner gain control of his business, such as the installation of new
information dashboards and the streamlining of the Companys data entry process, coupled with a
revamped Marketing program and the launching new products across a much broader base of domestic and
international customers.

Throughout the course of these last 12+years, as OWNER and PRINCIPAL of GMBD, I have assisted a
variety of firms, as well as PBC (and most recently, its subsidiary, Lee Controls) with a variety of initiatives
and accomplishments, which include: Fastech, (Seoul, Korea), EMT Manufacturing, Rathbone Precision

Advised small and medium businesses in the Industrial Manufacturing Industries in their development and
implementation of Business Plans focused on; strategic planning, marketing and sales, cost control and
quality, as well as staff evaluation and development. Specific, pragmatic recommendations, favorable,
bottom-line results.
Redirected sales and marketing focus. Developed new promotional material and collateral to target large
prospects. Result: Increased generation of large volume proposals and personally created approximately
$12.5 million in new business opportunities for client and increased core sales 18%/year.

Established new International initiative resulting in export growth of 33% per year.
Established sales model blending current outside distributor relationships with a new direct sales approach.
Set quantified objectives and assigned accountability, financial goals by successfully installing new quality
and lean manufacturing systems.
Established new supplier base, focusing on the Pacific Rim. Result: Achieved yearly double-digit growth
in a flat industry without adding manpower.


THOMSON INDUSTRIES, (Port Washington, NY),

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

1977 1987
1994 - 2002

Assumed positions of increasing responsibility starting as a Field Salesperson and culminating as

VP, Strategy and Business Development for a global manufacturer and distributor of automotive, aerospace
and industrial linear motion components. Responsible for activities of over 2,000 employees in the Linear
Bearing Group, Micron Gear Unit, Ball Screw Unit, Air Pax Motor Group, Systems and the International
Sales Group.
Re-engineered operations to reduce production costs and maintain pricing model. Increased work-flow
efficiencies and reduced staff. Result: Turned profitable with current and sometimes lower pricing and
kept competitors out. Created corporate overview system to provide real-time monitoring of financial,
manufacturing, and sales operations of business units. Results: Trimmed $20 million in costs, while
improving on time delivery from 64% to 92% in 13 months.
Redirected the R&D, sales and marketing focus to expand the opportunities beyond traditional industrial
markets. Result: Created $200 million in new opportunities in automotive, aerospace, off-road and
recreational vehicle markets. Led team in design of electric control actuators for Mercury Marine.
Developed from concept, through prototypes and ultimately to contract. Result: Eliminated problem for
Mercury Marine, winning contracts for 40,000 actuators annually. Developed a Bobcat Skid Loader hand
control actuator to retrofit on existing valves. Result: Expanded product market for Bobcat and increased
Thomson Industries annual revenue by $5 million.
Evaluated current 19 core product groups to determine market position and future potential. Eliminated 4
product groups and added 37 new products. Result: Grew sales from 6 million to 19 million in 3 years.
Motivated and developed under-performing Linear Motion Systems Division staff. Developed Individual
Development Plans focused on total performance, including both quality and productivity.
Result: Improved individual and team performance.
Planned and participated in mobile news conference, economically launching new machine tool technology
and authored various technical papers. Traveled to major trade publishers and presented new machine tool
bearing technology. Result: Netted $200,000 in free publicity and 1.5 million in new orders to launch new
product line.

NOOK INDUSTRIES, (Cleveland, OH), VP, Sales and Marketing 1987 - 1994

Facilitated expansion of Ball Screw Distributor into both a manufacturer and distributor of linear motion
products. Established direct, representative, and distribution sales networks.
Established costing and pricing models to allow for spot pricing of new and existing products. Result:
Expanded revenue from $5 million to $16 million, while improving profitability 25%.
Implemented team consultative selling approach by engaging engineering, quality, manufacturing, and
finance into in the development process for all large opportunity proposals. Result: Unified and focused
management team, closed on more opportunities, and reduced costs by 32%.
Developed new alliances with Pacific Rim and European Manufacturers. Facilitated a win-win approach,
based on mutual trust and fair dealing. Result: Increased global sales by $4 million in new business

WARNER & SWASEY COMPANY, (Turning Machine Division), (Cleveland, OH), Sales & Service Manager
RAY-DOR MANUFACTURING, (Cleveland, OH), Designer/Service Manager