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Karunia Dias Bhaskoro

Jurnal Generic, vol.5, No. 2, April 2012,
ISSN : 1907-4044


: based antigen-antibody reactions in vitro, which is detected by a hemagglutination at the
end of the reaction. ABO blood group and Rh blood typing which is routinely done in health
care, particularly blood transfusion. Conventional method is the tube method and/or the slide
method. In the development of laboratory technology has been introduced in the gel
agglutination method, known as the gel method or gel test. Gel method ways of working is
much easier and clearer when reading the reaction, which is expected to replace the
conventional method. Objective: To compare the ABO blood typing and Rh typing between
the gel agglutination method with the tube agglutination method and slide agglutination
method. Methodology: Material taken from the patient's examination at DR Sardjito Hospital
who is going to be examined for ABO blood typing and Rhesus typing for transfusion
purposes. Comparison test methods and results were analyzed descriptively from blood type
and strength of the reaction between gel method with the tube method. Just for slide methods
were analyzed for only blood typing results. The results: Obtained material examination of 24
patients with 11 men's division and 13 women, aged 3 patients under 1 year old and 50-89
year range as many as 21 patients. There is no difference in the results of ABO and Rh blood
typing between gel methods, tube methods and slide methods. Reaction force is more
sensitive gel method than tube method, especially for the D antigen in the Rhesus system.
Conclusion: The method of gel gives easier and more accurate results than the method of tube
and slide methods in the ABO and Rh blood typing.
Penggolongan darah merupakan pemeriksaan laboratorium yang berdasar terjadinya reaksi
antigen-antibodi invitro, yang dideteksi dengan adanya hemaglutinasi pada akhir reaksi.
Golongan darah ABO dan Rhesus merupakan penggolongan darah yang rutin dikerjakan
dalam pelayanan kesehatan, khususnya transfusi darah. Cara kerja konvensional adalah
metode tube dan/atau metode slide. Dalam perkembangan teknologi laboratorium telah
diperkenalkan metode aglutinasi dalam gel, atau yang dikenal sebagai metode gel atau gel
test. Metode gel merupakan cara kerja yang lebih mudah dan pembacaan hasil reaksi lebih
jelas, sehingga diharapkan dapat mengganti cara kerja konvensional. Tujuan penelitian:
Untuk membandingkan pemeriksaan golongan darah ABO dan Rhesus antara metode
aglutinasi dalam gel dengan metode aglutinasi tube dan metode aglutinasi slide. Metodologi: