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Strategic management is:

What managers do to develop the organizations strategies.
Mobilink is currently operating in 116 countries around the globe. It is in the process of changing
its name. As far as expansion of business is concerned, right now it is focusing on its current
figures and is not planning on expansion. Its management is very confident about its strategies
and competitive abilities to be different from those of its competitors. It is still at a leading place
due to different strategies. These strategies are confidential.


A six-step process that encompasses strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation.

1. Identifying the Organizations Current Mission, Goals and Strategies:


Firms Customers: Mobilink targets all types of people.

Geographical Competition: Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Waziristan and all other
sensitive areas.

Firms Ethical Priorities: The firm has values-Corporate Social Responsibility and
custom values.

2. Doing An External Analysis:

Positive trends in external environmental factors.

Can launch new packages more rapidly than competitors

Can have new branches in places like AJK, Waziristan where there are less
networks available

Negative trends in external environmental factors.
How does the firm see the increasing competition?:
How does the firm take the legislation? The management is of the belief that the
legislation is quite slow and this pending legislation has adverse affects on the

company. These includes the terrorists attacks due to which the company faces
some serious drawbacks in its operations.

3. Doing An Internal Analysis:

Any activities the organization does well or any unique resources that it has.
Mobilink considers its team as its biggest strength.
A world wide popularity
Best network coverage
Affiliation with Nokia and Blackberry

Activities the organization does not do well or resources it needs but does not possess.

Mobilink management believes that the environment they are operating should be
more secured and free from political issues.
Culture is 95% good but should be improved too

4. Formulating Strategies:
As the management formulate strategies, they have to consider the realities of the
external environment and their available resources and capabilities and design strategies
that will help Mobilink achieve its goals.
Corporate Strategy:
An organizational strategy that determines what businesses a company is in, should be
in, or wants to be in, and what it wants to do with those businesses.

Mobilink is Pakistans leading cellular and Blackberry service provider.

In addition to providing advanced voice communication services that makes the
lives of millions that much easy, Mobilink also offer a host of value-addedservices to our prized customers.
Growth Strategy: Mobilink is currently focusing on its present facts and
figures. It is not planning on expanding.
Stability: Mobilink respect and esteem its employees and stakeholders. It
completely focuses on its services.
Renewal Strategy: Mobilink definitely applies renewal strategy. These
strategies are strongly held confidential.

Competitive Strategy:
An organizational strategy for how an organization will compete in its business.

Competitive Advantage:
A unique advantage that differentiates a company from the other companies.
Mobilink company believes that its teamwork gives it a comparative advantage
over its competitors.

5. Implementing Strategies:
The management of Mobilink is of the view that an organization can not succeed if the
strategies arent applied properly. So, it always applies its strategies effectively and
efficiently. If by any chance its strategy fails, they always have a back-up plan.

6. Evaluating Results:
Mobilink management is very efficient in evaluating its strategies. Immediately after the
implementation of strategies, the management evaluates the result, which are always a
great success.