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TRDU2x40-08 LTE
3GPP Band 20

LTE FDD Transmit Receive

Duplexer Unit 800 MHz EDD

The Alcatel-Lucent Transmit Receive Duplexer Unit (TRDU) 2x40-08 (Band 20) is a high-power,
small form factor unit operating at 2x40 W for Long Term Evolution (LTE) applications in
3GPP Band 20 for integration into Alcatel-Lucent cabinets. The Alcatel-Lucent TRDU2x40-08 is
designed with an eco-efficient approach, providing operators with the means to achieve high
quality and capacity coverage with minimum site requirements.

The Alcatel-Lucent TRDU2x40-08 is the

radio asset of the eNodeB Band 20. Up
to three TRDU2x40-08 modules can be
integrated into a cabinet with the digital
asset (9926 Base Band Unit [BBU]) to
provide a compact, high-capacity and
integrated eNodeB.
This product has two transmit RF paths
with 40 W RF output power per transmit
path, and is designed to manage up to
two-way receive diversity. The module is
ideally suited to support macro coverage,
with multiple-input multiple-output
(MIMO) 2x2 operation for 5 MHz, 10 MHz,
15 MHz, and up to 20 MHz LTE carrier
The Alcatel-Lucent TRDU2x40-08 (Band
20) is linked to the 9926 BBU by electrical
connection (or by optical fiber) carrying
downlink and uplink digital radio signals
along with operations, administration and
maintenance (OA&M) information.
The limited tower space, along with the
high cost for repair and maintenance may
prevent the installation of remote radio

equipment. Therefore, this design allows

for the integration of the RF components
into indoor or outdoor cabinets. This
solution allows for easy installation, and
provides more flexible site selection with
greatly reduced installation time and costs.
Two variants of this TRDU2x40-08 are
designed with a 20 MHz filter bandwidth
to cover the full 3GPP Band 20 (832 MHz
to 862 MHz for uplink/791 MHz to 821
MHz for downlink). The two variants cover
the following bandwidths:
TRDU2x40-08L for the lower band: DL
791 MHz/811 MHz; UL 832 MHz/852 MHz
TRDU2x40-08U for the upper band: DL
801 MHz/821 MHz; UL 842 MHz/862 MHz

Smooth cabinet
Because it is compact the TRDU can be
integrated into the Alcatel-Lucent cabinets
9100 MBI and MBO Multi-standard Base
Station Indoor and Outdoor cabinets
9711 lightRadio indoor cabinets
9712 lightRadio outdoor cabinets

For fast and easy integration at minimum cost, the following mounting solutions have been designed:

9412 eNode Compact Smart:

TRDU and BBU integration
into 9100 MBI/MBO

9711 lightRadio Indoor Cabinet LTE TRDU

Subrack: TRDU and BBU integration into
9711 lightRadio indoor cabinets. This solution is very similar to 9412 eNode Compact
Smart for integration into 9100 MBI/MBO.
Only the power cable is different.

9712 lightRadio Outdoor Cabinet LTE TRDU

Subrack: TRDU and BBU integration into
9712 lightRadio outdoor cabinets

Moreover, all solutions above are also perfectly suitable for LTE site installation as an additional technology into a field-installed cabinet.

Technical specifications
Physical dimensions
Width: 110 mm (4.33 in.)
Height: 355 mm (13.98 in.)
Depth: 360 mm (14.17 in.)
Weight: ~15 kg (~33.07 lb)

Power supply: -48 V DC

Power consumption
Power consumption: 380 W
(at full 2x40 W RF power)

RF characteristics


LTE carriers BW: 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 15 MHz,

and 20 MHz

ECC Directive 1995/5/EC

(CE Mark at the eNodeB cabinet level)

RF output power @ top of cabinet: 40 W

nominal RF power for each Tx port

EN 50385

Rx diversity: 2-way diversity

EN 60825-1

Noise figure: 2.0 dB typical, 2.5 dB max

EN 60950-1

RF features: Tower mounted amplifier

(TMA) and remote electrical tilt (RET)
support using AISG 2.0 connector voltage
standing wave radio (VSWR) test

ETSI EN 300 339

Support of 2 LTE carriers: Contiguous or

non-contiguous within 20 MHz bandwidth
2 Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI)
links per module electrical or fiber

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EN 60215

ETSI EN 301 489-1

ETSI EN 301 489-23
ETSI EN 301 908-1
ETSI EN 301 908-3
ETSI EN 301 908-15
ETSI TS136 113