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ICT Department

The ICT Department forms part of the Technology Learning Area (TLA).
The department is a well organised, energetic and very effective team
whose teaching and support enables students to achieve their full
potential: our recent results have been outstanding.

There are currently nine members of staff working in this expanding
department, five of whom have full-time ICT timetables. The Head of
Department is responsible for whole school curriculum ICT and different
teachers within the department hold responsibility for KS3, KS4 and the
school website.

The ICT department has four dedicated classrooms for the teaching of ICT and has access
to four other ICT areas around the school. All the rooms have SMART boards, which are
used extensively in lessons. The Academys new Sixth Form extension will be completed by
September 2009 and will house five more ICT rooms.
Each classroom has between 20 and 30 workstations so all students in sets 1 to 5 have
access to a computer in every lesson. Class sets of headphones and microphones are available in each room as well as the use of digital cameras.
We have a huge range of software available to use including:

Adobe Creative Suite

Serif Suite

Movie Making Software

Microsoft Office

ICT Department
Teaching and Learning
The department teaches across the full ability range from Year 7 upwards. We group
students predominantly according to their attainment and ability, but also take into
consideration other academic indicators (e.g. SATs scores) and their social interaction with
other students.
Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8, 9 students receive two one hour lessons per week. The students are taught in
two parallel bands, one of four sets and one of five.
As an ICT specialist academy there is a lot of emphasis on developing the key ICT skills
throughout key stage 3 and beyond. All students will take the ICT functional skills exam at
the end of key stage 3 in preparation for the GCSE.
The curriculum is set out in a detailed Scheme of Work and Programme of Study using the
New National Framework and Curriculum for ICT.
Key Stage 4
In Years 10 & 11 Sets 1 to 3 will study the AQA GCSE Specification A. Set 4 and 5 students
will study the OCR CLAIT Plus course that is linked to the Microsoft Office Specialist course
and is a level two qualification. All students receive two one hour lessons per week.
Key Stage 5
The Academy will have a new Sixth Form built in time for September 2009. We will teach AS
and A2 Level ICT and BTEC National Award for IT Practitioners.

Exam Results
We are delighted by the first two years key stage 3 results. The first students to finish key
stage 3 since the Academy opened achieved 91% level 5 and above and the second year
achieved 85% level 5 and above. We are extremely confident this will be reflected in our first
set of GCSE results.

Main Scale Teacher ICT

Mossbourne Community Academy is committed to educational
excellence in Hackney. Your job will be to work with both the dedicated
team of ICT teachers and the school community in order to ensure a
high quality inclusive education for all. This will include a strong focus
on raising the aspirations and educational achievement for all learners
across the age and ability range.

Person Specification
The successful applicant will be extremely well organised, energetic
and willing to go the extra mile. They will be focused on the attainment
of all pupils, accepting no excuses for under achievement. They will
have (or be about to gain) Qualified Teacher Status. Experience at
KS5 would be looked upon favourably.

The successful candidate will have the following knowledge and skills:
Knowledge and understanding of the ICT National Curriculum & The National Strategy
Knowledge and understanding of the ICT GCSE preferably the AQA spec A
The ability to select appropriate teaching methods and resources according to pupils

differing needs and their preferred learning style

Effective classroom management and efficient organisation of resources
Effective planning, assessment and record keeping
Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with other teachers, support staff and

Main Scale Teacher ICT

As a Teacher at the Academy you will be expected to:

Promote and be committed to the Academys aims and objectives

Implement Academy policies
Promote and be committed to securing high expectations for learning
Provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment
Plan and deliver high quality lessons on a daily basis
Set appropriate homework for classes and monitor progress
Assess, record and track the progress of pupils
Have due regard for maintaining health, safety and security
Contribute to the ICT Departments schemes of work
Undertake duties around the Academy as and when required
Be a member of the pastoral team and, if required, a form tutor carrying out the associated
Comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a similar level
that is not specified in this job description

Mossbourne Community Academy

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