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1. It is recommended that you arrive at the test centre at least 45 minutes before the scheduled
test start time to allow for check-in. Late entries will only be let in at the discretion of the Test
Centre Supervisor. Absences from tests due to late arrival to the test centre will not be
credited with a subsequent registration.

2. At check-in, you MUST produce the original valid photo identification document that you

registered with. Please also provide your Test Admission Ticket if it is available. If you fail to
produce approved identification, you will not be allowed to take the test and you will not be
eligible to receive a refund or transfer. Photocopies of your identification document will not be
accepted. Your identification document will be scanned during check-in.

3. Your approved identification document is the only personal item allowed into the test room.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted and should be turned off before
entering the test room. You will be required to store your personal property in a container
provided by the Test Centre Supervisor. The container with your personal property will be
stored in a secure location. Paragon Testing is not liable for any lost or stolen items; therefore,
please do not bring any valuables to the test centre on test day.

4. Notepaper and a pen will be provided for you and will be collected at the end of the session.
5. You will have your picture taken. This picture will appear at your assigned computer
workstation and will be printed on your score reports.

6. You will be escorted to your assigned computer workstation where your picture will be
displayed on the computer monitor.

7. You will be required to log in and watch an informational video. Here you will have an
opportunity to do a microphone and voice level check before the start of your test.

8. Once all of the test takers have settled in, the Test Centre Supervisor will announce the start of
the test. If you require assistance during the test

9. If you require assistance during the test, please raise your hand and a member of the Test

Centre Personnel will assist you. At no time during the test may test takers communicate with
each other, or leave their seat unattended.

10. When you have finished the test, raise your hand and a Test Centre Supervisor will
check you out. During check-out, the Test Centre Supervisor will collect your notepaper
and pen and return your personal property. You will then be free to leave the test

* The sequence of test day procedures may vary from test centre to test centre.

The CELPIP Test is a proud product of Paragon Testing Enterprises.


* Note:

In cases of extreme weather conditions, please contact the CELPIP Test Day line (1-888-8806626) to confirm that the test sitting has not been cancelled.

Please be considerate when using perfume, after-shave, cologne, or other scented products
while at the test centre, as they may affect your fellow test takers.

Test takers who require special accommodations to take a CELPIP Test are required to make
this request in writing to the CELPIP office at least two months prior to the test sitting. No special
accommodations will be allowed for test takers who arrive at their test sitting without having
had these arrangements pre-approved by the CELPIP office. This includes bringing special
equipment (such as wheel chairs), beverages, or snacks into the testing room.


Washroom Breaks
Test Takers are encouraged to use the washroom prior to the test, as you will not be allotted extra time
for washroom breaks. If you must absolutely use the washroom while the test is progress, raise your
hand to alert a Test Centre Supervisor and you will be escorted to the nearest washroom.
Prohibited Behavior
Communicating in any manner with another examinee, cheating, consuming food or drinks, and using
any form of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs is not permitted at any time in the test room. Any violent or
aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the test centre
Prohibited Materials
Digital or paper dictionaries, electronic aids or recording devices of any sort, study notes,
instructional materials, pens, pencils, cell phones, calculators, watch calculators, stereos, iPods,
compasses, rulers, highlighter pens, jewelry (watches, necklaces, etc.), and other personal property
are not allowed in the test room. If you bring any of these items, you must leave them in your
personal container for the duration of the test sitting. Any dangerous and illegal materials are not
permitted into the test center and will result in the proper authorities being notified.


CELPIP-General Test
40 minutes
60 minutes
General Writing
60 minutes
20 minutes
Total Time

180 minutes
(3 hours)

CELPIP-General LS Test

40 minutes

Total Time

CELPIP-Academic Test
30 minutes

30 minutes

20 minutes

Reading and

150 minutes

60 minutes
(1 hour)

Total Time

210 minutes
(3.5 hours)

*All CELPIP Tests are entirely computer-delivered. Each computer is equipped with a
headset and microphone to complete the Listening and Speaking components. Please
note that you must be familiar with using a keyboard in the writing component.

The CELPIP Test is a proud product of Paragon Testing Enterprises.


CELPIP Test results will be available in 8 business days after the test date. You can view your scores
online by going to the CELPIP website at www.celpiptest.ca. To access your scores, type in your
Registration Number and PIN; this information is printed on your Test Admission Ticket.
Official CELPIP Score Reports
Scores will be available online in 8 business days, and two copies of your CELPIP Official Score Report
will be mailed to the address that you registered with. The normal delivery time-frame for Official
Score Reports is 2-3 weeks after the test date, dependent on Canada Post for regular mail.
For those taking the CELPIP-Academic Test, no score reports will be sent in the mail. To request for
your CELPIP Official Score Report to be sent to an institution, please email us at info@celpiptest.ca


To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our website at the following link:

Thank you and good luck on your CELPIP Test.

The CELPIP Test is a proud product of Paragon Testing Enterprises.