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Belt Conveyor


reliable single source


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in pursuit of excellence

Group Activities
l Flow Control Products l Bulk Material handling Systems l Dust Control Systems l Solar Power Systems
l Municipal Solid Waste Processing Technologies l Belt Conveyor Components l Conveyor Chain & Accessories

The company

Hyquips belief in continuous refinement of design,

manufacturing process and creating most modern facilities
has helped in positioning it as a preferred supplier status

HYQUIP has addressed

most of the
critical applications
in the
Cement, Steel,
Sugar and Power
sectors, a
dependable experience

with end users in Cement, Sugar, Power, Steel and Food

sectors including all leading OEMs.

Hyquips focus on application based solutions across the

industry, since its inception, has been the main reason for its
huge success. This success has encouraged in adding
more range of products / components year on year to cater
to the market demands of improved efficiency and higher
throughputs which simply do not allow for maintenance
stoppages / break downs.

In this cluster of competitors Hyquip stands out as a single

reliable source, constantly working towards creating value
to its customers.

Conveyor Idlers
Hyquip manufactures conveyor rollers of various types
and capacities to meet several applications. A constant
improvement in design, manufacture and service
ensures Hyquip in meeting and exceeding customer
Carrying Idler
Main features :

r Precision manufactured with CNC machines to

ensure close tolerances and fits of bearing

r Low starting and frictional resistance result in power

Self Aligning Carrying Idler
cost savings.

r Excellent low eccentricity for low noise even at

higher speeds.
Return Idler
r The bearing life is guaranteed for a minimum of
40,000 working hours.

r Built for a maintenance free operation.

Self Aligning Return Idler

Impact Idler

Conveyor Pulleys
Hyquip conveyor pulleys are manufactured
according to customer specification and drawings.
The in-house design and calculations are based on
FEM and all drawings are produced on CAD
Hyquip offers pulleys for medium and heavy duty
applications of various types used in the belt
conveyors like Drive, Driven, Snub, Bend and
The standard diameters offered, range from 220 mm
to 1000 mm and upto 2500 mm face width. The
shafts can be of shrink fit or keyless friction lock
assemblies in connection with solid end discs.
The rubber lagging is either hot or cold with plain or
grooved finish to a optimum shore hardness for
longer life.
As a standard practice all the pulleys are statically
balanced, dynamic balancing is carried out on

Skirt Sealing
For any Belt Conveyor operation irrespective of the
material conveyed, the challenge is to contain and
control the spillage and dust at the transfer points.

Hyquip, has the knowledge and the product range to

offer the most cost effective skirt sealing solutions.

Customers, rely upon Hyquip to provide application

specific product which are value priced, apart from
meeting their ISO-14000 requirements.

Inter locked segments for effective sealing.

Skirt blocks slid on cerrated clamps preventing

upward movement.

Simple to install and adjust by hammering down

towards belt.

Special wear resistant rubber ensures longer life

without causing belt damage.

Belt Cleaners
Apart from protecting the Idlers / Rollers, Belt Cleaners play an
important role in increasing the life of a Belt Conveyor plus contributing
their bit in keeping the environment clean.
Hyquip offers, segmental blades made out of rubber / polymer /
polyurethane depending upon the application with an option of having

Rotary Belt

the lead edge cleaner tips made of Tungsten Carbide or Stainless


Primary Scraper
Used as a pre-scrapper for external belt cleaning to remove
Coarse lumpy material.

Secondary Scraper
Used as Main Scraper for maximum external cleaning in case the
material handled is wet and sticky.
D Plough

Reversible Scraper
Used as Main Scraper for external side of reversible conveyors.
Located after the Tangential Take off Point from head pulley.

Rotary Scraper
Engineered for belts handling fine powdery materials with a
specially designed rotary brush arrangement.

V and D Plough Internal Scraper

Used for internal cleaning of belt, to prevent material from going in
between belt and tail pulley. Located near the Tail pulley on the
inner side of the belt, ensuring full protection for pulley and belt.



V Plough

Conveyor Walkways
Gratings, Railings & Hood
There is more in a conveyor walkway than being a safe
walking area. Hyquip provides innovative, high quality,
dependable and sustainable fall protection system that you
can trust.
Apart from the mandatory application of protecting the
material, belt, and other items of the conveyor from the cross
winds and rains, Hyquip focuses more on improving
personnel safety and ease of maintenance; with OSHA
Gratings manufactured from carbon steel with either
galvanized or all weather protection coatings for safety and
durability in nearly all environments.

The gratings are designed to a high strength-to-weight

ratio, capable of supporting even heavy component

The unique modular design of the Handrails supplied

along with connectors and hardware lowers the cost and
time of field fabrication and erection.

Standardized cover design allows quick installation and

better logistic. Integrated and ergonomic fixtures to hold
the hood in place while maintenance is carried out.

Designed to permit easy access to all parts from either

side of the belt conveyor.

Design & engineering

Hyquip offers design and drawing of belt conveyor
structurals, transfer towers, bunker / crusher houses for
site fabrication by client for gaining substantial savings
on project costs.

All Designs confirm to IS and DIN standards.

Approved by all leading Indian Engineering


Structural calculations in STAAD-Pro.

Analysis of critical components by FEA


Detail Engineering through X-steel for accuracy

and speed

Layout preparation on existing contours & site


Conveyor Gallery Analysis

GA and Shop drawings are prepared on the

Approved and Marked Layouts.

Crusher House Structural Analysis

Manufacturing Facilities

ISO accredited facilities.

Shop floor area of 1,50,000 sft.

Structural fabrication capacity of 500 tons

per month.

State of the art facilities for manufacture

of conveyor components.

The planning and standard operating

procedures are monitored


DORE software.

The manufacturing processes are well

established and continuously refined for
better quality.

All facilities are backed by uninterrupted

power supply.

Partial list of Clients

Andhra Paper Mills