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Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic/Focus: Team Building

Date: 20 November

AusVELS Domain(s): Interpersonal Development

Year level(s): 3/4

AusVELS strand(s): Building social relationships

Lesson duration: 30 minutes

Learning Standard(s)/Outcome(s): students can successfully demonstrate positive thinking in response to a range
of issues that often have a negative perception.
Assessment: formative assessment/roving
Students can respond to each question with a positive answer
Students can work cooperatively and maintain a positive attitude to their learning
Teaching focus:
A. The pre-service teachers teaching skill for observation by Associate Teacher

B. Teaching skills that the pre-service teacher would like to personally develop
Instructing students appropriately in regards to equipment and expectations before they begin to work.

Background to the learning:

A. References for teacher background knowledge
B. Identify students current knowledge
Students have previously been involved in activities that promote interpersonal development. The AT has recognized
that the class needs further activities/lessons that promotes team building and highlights the importance of developing
positive relationships with others as it is the underpinning to creating a positive learning environment.
Lesson resources:
A3 poster paper x8
Lesson content:
A. Introduction
B. Development
5 mins
Students will be informed about the activity they are going to participate in. Essentially, there are 8 A3 poster papers
spread across the classroom. Each piece of paper has a question on it that can often be answered negatively. The aim of
the activity is to encourage students to develop positive thinking by responding to the questions with an optimistic
The questions are:
What is one good thing about your class?
What is one good thing you have done today?
What is one good thing about your mum or dad or someone in your family?

What is one good thing about the work we do at school?

Tell about a time when you hoped something would happen and it did.
What is one good thing you are looking forward to?
What is one thing your good at?
What is one good thing about the cold weather?

Read out each question

Arrange students into groups of 3 by numbering them off
Instruct a group to a question one-by-one
3 minutes at each station.

C. Consolidation, practice, extension

Students will work in their groups to develop positive thinking in response to the questions.

25 mins

D. Closure
5 mins
Students from each group will share some of the responses written down for that groups particular question.
What was the purpose of this activity?
How are the eight questions similar to one another?
Were most responses negative or positive?
Why were they mostly positive?
How did the questions support positive thinking?