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Date: 23rd March, 2012
School: Colegiul Naional ,,Elena Ghiba BirtaArad
Form:9 th F
Level: advanced
Lesson type: Writing
Unit 11:Hard at work
Subject: Writing a letter of application
Lesson aims:

to introduce the topic of the lesson: letters of application

to present to the students the main features of a letter of application
to familiarize the students with the layout and style of a letter of application
to practise language used in a letter of application
to develop the writing and speaking skills of the students

-students will be able to present the main features of a letter of application
-students will be able to understand the nature and purpose of a letter of application.
-students will be able to develop and produce their own letter of application.
Teaching materials: classbook(FCE GOLD PLUS)

Audio-visuals:blackboard and chalk,students 'copy-book

Activity 1-Warm-up
Aim-introducing the topic

The teacher is making the attendance and then is checking the

homework.The teacher announce the students that today they are going to
focus on the writing skill and that they are going to learn how to write a
letter of application and writes on the blackboard the title of the
lesson,,Writing a letter of application
Time: 5 mins
Activity 2-pre-reading

Aim: a predictive activity about the contents and layout of a letter of application for a
1. Teacher asks the students the question: What do you think an application letter is
and what kind of information do you think you should provide in a letter of
application for a job?
2. Students give their opinion freely
3. Teacher writes their ideas on the blackboard
4.Teacher gives the students accurate information about the contents and the layout of
a letter of application and gives some suggestions about the language students should
use when writing a letter of application
Activity 3
Aim: a reading-comprehension activity so as to practise reading skills
1. Teacher asks a student to read exercise 1/140
2. Teacher has a conversation with students about the exercise;teacher is asking
students various questions
3. Teacher is asking students :What does the job involve?
The task includes two parts.What are they?
The following things might all make an applicant a
suitable person for the job.Which of them do you think would be essential?Tick
them.What else would be essential?
able to speak English
interested in sports
experience of being with young people
interested in travel
enjoys being with people
comes from a big family
can sing and play the guitar
first aid qualification
clean driving licence
4. Students deliver the answers to the Teacher
Time:10 mins
Activity 4
Aim: a debate exercise in order to come up with the idea of distinguish good letter of
applicaton from the bad one
1. Teacher asks a student to read exercise 2/140 and the letter of application on the
same page

2. Teacher asks students to give their own opinion concerning the letter of
3. Teacher is asking students to work in pairs and perform the task
4. Students deliver the answers to the teacher
Interaction: student-student; student-teacher
Time: 5 mins
Activity 5
Aim:to develop speaking skills
1. Teacher asks a student to read exercise 3/140
2. Teacher asks students to answer orally to the questions from ex 3/140
Interaction: teacher-student ;student-teacher
Time: 10 mins.
Activity 6
Aim:to match the parts of a letter
Match the parts of the letter (1-11) with the following topics (a-k):

senders signature; b) senders name printed; c) qualifications and practical skills; d) the date; e) greeting; f)
reasons for writing; g) formal ending; h) name and address of the company; i) reasons for interest in the job;
j) personal qualities with examples; k) senders address

87 Orchard Rise,
Bishops Castle,
(2) September 15, 2001

(3) Mr Michael Cartwright

World Aid,
Palmers House,
(4) Dear Mr Cartwright,
(5) I am writing to apply for the job of volunteer worker which I saw advertised in The Guardian last week. I would be interested in teaching
maths to primary children in your camp in Chittagong in Bangladesh. I enclose a copy of my CV.
(6) I am 18 years old and I have just finished secondary school in Newcastle. I would like to work for you because I am very interested in
teaching. I would also like to learn about a different culture as I feel that intercultural understanding is extremely important.
(7) I am a hard-working and committed person. I have participated for the last three years in a voluntary programme, Community Links, visiting
elderly people in my local area. I also feel that I can get on well with people from other cultural backgrounds, since I have also taught
immigrant children English at our church school.
(8) I think I would be a good primary teacher of maths due to my teaching experience. Also, I have recently passed my Maths A level (grade B),
so I have a good understanding of the subject. In addition, I hold a certificate in first aid, which might be useful.
(9) I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
(10) Maureen Taylor
(11) Ms Maureen Taylor

Homework: write the correct letter of application for ex 1/140 in 120-180 words.