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UNC Charlotte’s
of a
Sir doomed prodction of

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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte • www.nineronline.com

November 5, 2009 Vol 22, No. 17

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University Advocacy Group (UAG) promotes school pride with

initiatives like “If it isn’t Forty Niner gear, get it out of here.”

“Increase the
pride,” says UAG
Kristen Litchfield “A common goal shared by
Editor-in-Chief current members of the UAG is
to increase pride by eliminating
Finals are typically a time other schools gear by reducing
of stress and cramming, but for disrespect,” said Hoover.
two former student-athletes, last Even though the UAG
spring was a time to discuss a is one of the newest student
way to put an end to the lack of organizations, ideas for
pride at UNC Charlotte. promoting the university are
While studying last semester constantly flowing from the co-
for exams, juniors Brenden founders.
Hoover and Rob McCormick “We have a great core group
were disturbed by the significant currently running the UAG.
amount of other school’s apparel Rob and I are very thankful for
on UNC Charlotte’s campus and the dedication and hard work
the lack of pride the student from Patrick Schallenkamp
body shows for this university. [treasurer], and Jamey Anderson
“Last spring I remember [Vice President of Public
studying in the library, and Relations],” said Hoover.
we were talking about how The UAG is currently working
embarrassing the lack of pride is

Chi Phi and Alpha Delta Pi raise

on planning events to promote
to this university,” said Hoover. the organization. The officers of
“Especially since we both ran the student organization are also
cross country and track for designing t-shirts to hand out to
Charlotte. It was like a slap in

spirits, dead at haunted house

those students who continually
the face almost because it was wear other school’s gear on
as though we were working for campus.
nothing. We had a lot of ideas on “My personal goal is for
how to advocate UNC Charlotte someone who wears other
Two volunteers stage a grizzly murder at the “CarnEvil” maze Photo/ Micheal Golly and increase the pride.”
schools apparel on our campus;
With the determination to to have them not make it through
Chris wood make a change, the Facebook
Staff Writer the whole day without someone
group, “If it isn’t 49er gear, get saying something to them,” said
The one time of the year it out of here,” was launched and Hoover.
where it is socially acceptable to received immediate response The Advocacy Group is not
wear ridiculous costumes and from current students and only reaching out to the student
“scare the pants off girls,” as Zac alumni. Currently the Facebook body and alumni who feel very
Walker so eloquently put it. On group has more than 600 strong about the lack of pride.
Oct. 29, Chi Phi Fraternity and members. The Charlotte 49ers Athletic
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority this year With the overwhelming Department is appreciative
gave Halloween a less creepy response to the Facebook group, of the founder’s and the
and more charitable purpose. Hoover and McCormick decided entire organization’s efforts to
Collectively, they helped support to create a student organization eliminate the lack of 49er pride
the Boys and Girls Club of that was devoted to benefiting on campus.
America as well as the Ronald the university, increasing pride “There is no pressure like
McDonald House. and eliminating the disrespect peer pressure,” said Athletic
This year’s theme was that comes from a student body Director Judy Rose. “And there
“CarnEvil,” that took that some feel shuns its affiliation is no better time to be a Niner
unexpected and optimistic with UNC Charlotte. Thus the and show support by wearing
Halloween adventurers through University Advocacy Group our school colors and our logos.
a maze in the Chi Phi house that (UAG) was born. The success of our falls sports
then exited through to the two The UAG’s mission is and the excitement around
plus acres of their woodland to increase the pride at this both basketball teams is reason
backyard. university, not just through enough, but then just think
“The three weeks that both athletics, but through all facets about football.”
members of Chi Phi and Alpha that UNC Charlotte and the For more information on
Delta Pi put in as preparation surrounding community has to the UAG or questions, email
was hard work, but the great offer the student body. uadvocacy@uncc.edu.
Brian Rosenfeld, who took for working so hard. We all Photo/ Micheal Golly
attitudes of everyone made the responsibility for Chi Phi wanted sacrificed a lot personally for the

Hip-hop performers
‘work’ seem easy. I’ve gotten a to especially thank SGA for better of the whole, and it was a
chance to get to know my fellow partially funding the event. “We great experience that we will all
brothers better, as well as meet couldn’t have done it without cherish forever,” said volunteer
some of the many beautiful them, and we hope there are Kim Pham.

promote “Volume
women of Alpha Delta Pi.” many Haunted Houses as we The Chi Phi house continues
said enior, Andrew McAnulty continue to move forward.” to work towards Greek unity,
as he continued to do his part, “I’m really proud of my sisters “we share in the same passions,
building sections of the maze. and even though we wear
different letters, our end goal
is the same. We’re glad to host
events, and we hope to pass on
the tradition of Chi Phi as we
Wisdom” release
continue to work together with Quentin Holness (Creative Loafing and Examiner. show their skills on the mic, the
our fellow Greeks,” said Chi Sr. Staff Writer com have both done articles audience was entertained with a
Phi brother and Inter Fraternity addressing this), nor is it highly hip-hop quiz. Now, this show
A wise man once said “Hip- regarded, but that didn’t stop wasn’t for the kids (rather, the
Council (IFC) secretary, Ward hop and you don’t stop;” S.U. and
Thompson. these cats from doing what they sheltered kids), the crowd wasn’t
the Universal Family followed love most. With a loud sound spared the profanity, but that’s
This year’s haunted house that mantra Wednesday night,
has been a great success. Not system and a few mic’s, local what makes the show real. A
putting on a concert, to promote artists S.U., Nemesis, and Lege funny host combined with a core
only did each organization’s their newest mixtape release
members grow together and and Sha-Blaze rocked the stage group of emcees is what makes a
“Volume Wisdom.” With a for UNC Charlotte. Promoted good show.
have a great time, but they made sound only a few urban kids
a difference in someone else’s life by Hip Hop University, Live Unfortunately, Charlotte’s
are capable of, the bass of hip- Righteous Entertainment and own talented, budding-artist,
as part of the process. With over hop filled Afterhours with little
3,000 community service hours hosted by C.H.A.I.N. Reaction, Jocelyn Ellis, couldn’t perform
contempt for your eardrums. these musicians gave the audience as she was feeling under the
devoted to the Boys and Girl’s Now the local scene for hip-
Club of America and Ronald what they came to see. weather. Her colleague and
hop in Charlotte isn’t too popular Before the performers got to friend, Arturo Royster a.k.a
McDonald House.
Bodies line the trees of the “CarnEvil” maze Photo/ Micheal Golly See Mixtape, page 3
PAGE 2 ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ THE UNIVERSITY TIMES
THE UNIVERSITY TIMES ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ PAGE 3

“Mentalist duo” Evasons Mixtape continued from page 1

perform at UNC Charlotte many stage directors (in this

case, stage rockers), the show
must go on. A couple urban
When it comes to hip-hop
in Charlotte, there seems to be
a lot of controversy within the
entertainment, but didn’t really
sound different from every
other musician you find of MTV
understand. As kids, a beat and a mic construct culture. Local artist Sun 7 said, or BET. The words hit you,
the night went a dangerous environment when “I’ve watched Power 98 play but many fell short leaving the
on, the show someone drops the words “hip- everyone’s music except their audience without a great vibe.
seemed to draw hop.” Yes, this was dangerous. locals’ music.” Sun 7 isn’t the Overall, they were a good filler
the audience in, I mean blow your mind only artist with something to for the first and second acts,
leaving them dangerous. say about Charlotte’s seemingly but they were missing a key
wanting more Calling upon a friend, Royster overlooked hip-hop scene. ingredient, originality.
and lingering as recruited emcee Nemesis to In a recent article for The third and final act
it concluded. rock a segment in place of Ellis. Creative Loafing Charlotte was S.U., Mr. Royster himself.
“I wish it Nemesis did not disappoint. With artists, Johnny Madwreck said it Dropping three songs (one super-
was a longer his mic-rocking rhymes, Nemesis best, “Charlotte has everything explicit) S.U. gave the crowd a
show. Before I laid down three songs for the it needs to have an extremely sample of his diverse capability.
even came to audience with little preparation. successful hip-hop scene, but Clearly inspired by some of
the show, I read Nemesis still sounded like a pro the problem is everything is too the founders of hip-hop, S.U.’s
the description and showed that sometimes, the spread out … We’ve got a huge songs dealt with the struggles
and was talent to entertain a crowd just multicultural university with no of urbanites, bad relationship
immediately comes naturally. He definitely venues anywhere near it. We’re with the benefit of good sex, and
intrigued to see impressed with his word finesse, also missing the credibility for the old mantra of power to the
if it was true or and left the stage with the being known for hip-hop. We’re people. All the acts deserved
not. I wanted audience trying to decipher the missing that one big rap hit,” five mic’s for the effort put into
to know how words he spit. The concert put on by S.U. their work.
exactly they Nemesis sounded like an and the Universal Fam showed The night ended with
do what they artist who should be watched, what Charlotte hip-hop has to distribution of free mixtapes
do,”said junior should he get his 15 minutes offer and with a diverse set of and a well-wish for the receding
Teresa Herman. of fame. A practitioner of the acts, Charlotte’s got a lot. audience. Charlotte hip-hop has
“When I was pen and poetics, Nemesis gave The second act showcased a lot to offer, demonstrated by
called out of a good opening act, and a good Lege & Sha-Blaze who, in total the acts Wednesday night. Even
the audience representation of what talent is respect, didn’t promote the UNC Charlotte has a couple of
and she knew hidden inside many Charlotte unique feel the other artists were budding stars.
my name, it was artists. feeling. This group produced
hard for me to
believe. I guess
Magic mentalists Jeff and Tessa Evason Photo courtesy of evason.com
she fed off of
my energy, but
Kimberly Palmer Tessa was looking the other either way I was
Sr. Staff Writer way, Jeff asked the volunteer to baffled by what happened. All of
withdrawal her cell phone, skim
Oct. 30, The Evasons spooked her contact list and stop on any my doubt towards any of this
and amazed the audience in person she wanted, as long as, stuff is cleared, now I’m definitely
McKnight Hall with their they were not in attendance. a believer.” The duo performed
supernatural performance. On Once the person was selected, an entertaining show and, while
the day before Halloween, the Tessa identified the audience some audience members were
Campus Activities Board (C.A.B) member by her first and last skeptical, by the time the show
brought The Evasons back to name and recited the name and was over, they were not sure what
campus to entertain the audience number of the person of whom to believe. The night ended with
as a little pre-Halloween treat. a monstrous round of applause
she chose. and a slew of questions for the
According to evason.com, Sophomore Jamal Potter who, Evasons.
Jeff and Tessa Evason are an was chosen from the audience to
“internationally acclaimed participate in an act, said, “I was “This was a good themed
husband and wife Mentalist a little skeptical about all of that event, being that Halloween
Duo,” who have been entertaining psychic and paranormal activity is tomorrow. The Evasons
audiences all over the world I hear about, but right now I’m were here two years ago and
since 1983. They are considered pretty much convinced. I’ve were so amazing that we had
two of the top mentalists in never seen anything like this. It to bring them back. It was a
the world and have appeared was amazing because she didn’t very interesting show.” said
on television shows like “The even know me and she was able sophomore Sha-Keieam Downs,
World’s Greatest Magic” and to identify me out of all of these the C.A.B director of the event.
“Powers of the Paranormal” on people in here.” I’m not saying any of this is
NBC and FOX. impossible but it’s more along
The crowd grew more the lines of something interesting
Acts included cell phone mind engaged as the acts continued
reading. Jeff picking a random and became more difficult to than real. I’m not saying it’s not Arturo Royster amps up the crowd in Afterhours. A long list of hip-hop Photo/Jonathan Beltz
female audience member. While real either.”
performers hit the stage Wednesday night to promote “Mixtape Wisdom.”
PAGE 4 ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ THE UNIVERSITY TIMES


Kristen Litchfield Editor-in-Chief
Will Grier Managing Editor Ryan Freeman News Editor
Dana Nigro Viewpoint Editor Jim Ghegan A&E Editor
Josh Carpenter Sports Editor Shannon Morgan Photo Editor
Rob McCormick Jr. Features Editor Sarah Jones Layout Editor

Letter to the editor

In Response to “Gen. McChrystal

requests additional 40,000 troops;
How good is this recommendation?”

Dear Mr. Conner, happened our presence there

was minimal at best? The area
I am a former military would turn into a large terrorist
analyst and hold a degree in training ground where they do as
intelligence operations and I they please, including common
am working towards another in practice of persecuting those
political science. In regards to who don’t follow their views
your statement about the recent or rules. One example was in
polls where Americans are split a province where the Taliban
over the Afghanistan issue, I rules; a young man and woman
don’t think we should use that as went against a Taliban arranged
grounds to negate a decision to marriage and they were both
send troops. While I believe it is dragged through the streets and
important for Americans to have hung as examples.
a voice and be interested, I don’t We are in this stage in America
think most of them are qualified right now where everyone looks
to make these calls. to revolt on every decision the
Most of the men and women government makes. It happened
making these decisions, to with former president Bush, and
Courtesy of MCT Campus include Gen. McChrystal, have now with a completely opposite
spent many years studying this President Obama. For some of

Can pilots be more careless?

area, have a masters and/or the population it will always be
doctoral education on it, and damned if you do and damned if
have been there to see it a few you don’t.
times. Also you point out Soviet When we go to help people
failure in Afghanistan; are you who plead and beg for our help,
Jamie Brown well immersed in their computers makes causing these crashes. Should there be aware that the Soviet failure people cry “why are we there,
Staff Writer me think of all the terrible things that could stricter guidelines for people to obtain their was probably due to American it’s none of our business”. Then
have happened. Obviously, these are not the pilot license? Do future pilots need years of support of Afghanistan against when you have a situation like
Lately it seems pilots have been in the first pilots to put their passengers at risk, as it practice, instead of just an hour amount? At the soviets? Darfur people say, “Why aren’t
news but not for saving their plane full of seems to have become a common trend over this point, the answer would have to be yes. Further more, in response we helping these poor people”.
passengers after a bird flew in the engine. the last year. I want to know that my pilot is not easily to your statement saying, “The All in all, I only have an opinion
Instead, it is the pilots’ carelessness and lack On Aug. 8, a mid-air collision between a distracted by his or her computer, that they purpose of the US military just like everyone else, so my
of attention that is causing great buzz. tour helicopter and a small plane occurred have their radio and headphones on at all should be to ensure the people end state solution is to let those
On Oct. 21, a Northwest Airline plane over the Hudson River. Supposedly, the time, and the of the United States are safe, people who are qualified make
carrying 144 passengers missed the airport plane ran into the rear of the helicopter. As rules of the sky. not ensure stability for a foreign decisions on these issues based
by 150 miles. According to the National reported on ABC News, planes flying south, One suggestion government”; would you not off of fact based analysis. Until
Transportation Safety Board, Capt. Timothy as this one was, are required to fly along is having cameras agree that stability in foreign we study it for about 12-15 more
Cheney and First Officer Richard Cole were the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. in the pilot governments will help ensure the years and go live there a few times
apparently using their personal laptops to A mistake made by the pilot, from either cockpit. This safety of the United States? Do we need to cease to be so critical
review scheduling. Neither pilot was aware of carelessness or lack of knowledge. way pilots may we all think that pulling out of and realize that our opinion is
the airplane’s position until a flight attendant By simply googling plane crashes, there is be more careful the Middle East and letting the simply that, an opinion.
called and asked about their estimated time headline after headline of avoidable crashes about certain terrorists declare victory there
arrival. It was only then that the captain from this year. Jan 21, three killed as air actions they do, will help anyone? Do we not Ira Roberts
realized that they had passed the airport. force planes collide. May 7, two small planes knowing that all remember that when 9/11 Senior, Political Science
Imagine the concern among air traffic collide in Florida, two killed. Sept. 10, small the passengers
control. They repeatedly attempted to planes collide over Arizona. Oct. 11, two are observing
establish contact between the pilots, yet only

Body image issues

small planes collide over central Louisiana. their every move.
received silence from the radio. Eventually Since all these incidents were collisions it can Maybe this way
controllers had to ask other planes in the air be presumed that these crashes were due to they wont reach
to attempt to contact the Northwest plane. pilot errors. for their laptops
Fighter jets were even placed on alert as What’s baffling is in a decade when or carelessly
a precaution.
Even though the passengers were not made
aware of the pilots flying over the airport,
technology advances by the minute, we
still see as many pilot error mistakes as
we saw in the 50’s and 60’s. According to
take off their
so, the passengers
if What constitutes too big or too
they are being offered $500 rebates. Probably
just to prevent anyone from suing. On Oct.
planecrashinfo.com the number of pilot
error, plane crashes have consistently stayed
should have full
rights to exit their
small in body shape?
27, the Federal Aviation Administration in the 40 and 50 range throughout the last 50 seats and take the
also revoked the pilots’ licenses. If I was a years. Scary statistics especially when you’re situation into their
passenger, I am not sure if justice has still putting your life in someone else’s hand. own hands. Jillian Mullen been going downhill for years.
been met at this point. Knowing that these However, technology can only do so Staff Writer Controversies like this don’t help
pilots removed their headphones and were much when it is the pilots that are ultimately the industry’s reputation. Every
Body image is one of the most time progress is made with plus-

Oink oink, H1N1 state of emergency

controversial topics right now, size models or raised standards,
and 23-year-old French-Swedish something happens that puts the
super model Filippa Hamilton integrity of models and designer
knows that better than anyone.
 labels at risk again.
Back in Oct., a Ralph Lauren For years, designers have
ad surfaced that featured an
President Obama recently declared the H1N1 virus a state of emergency, however is extremely photo shopped
used skinny models for their
campaigns. Not only that, but
it necessary with everything else that is already going on in the country Hamilton. In the ad, her hips
were as wide as her head and her
thanks to the media and the hype
surrounding size and weight,
proportions were very distorted. girls are at more risk than ever
emergency? facilitate our response.” The ad, which appeared only in because of the pressure. There’s
Bridget Landwehrmann Let’s compare the symptoms. The Perhaps it is necessary to view the one Japanese department store, pictures of models in bikinis
Staff Writer symptoms of the 2009 H1N1 flu are fever, declaration as a method to help the efforts of soon took over the internet everywhere, hinting at the fact
cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, the health care industry instead of as the flu and created controversy among that skinny is better.

Every year 5 to 20 percent of the United chills, fatigue and occasionally, vomiting itself being the emergency. society. On Oct. 15, Hamilton Girls deal with self-
States population is infected with the and diarrhea. The symptoms of the seasonal I for one do not view this season’s flu as told the “New York Daily News” consciousness and peer pressure
influenza virus. On average, about 200,000 flu are fever, headache, fatigue, cough, an emergency, but simply an annoyance. I that she was “stunned” that and growing up during those
people are hospitalized after contracting the sore throat, muscle aches, runny nose and trust that the Obama administration will she had been “digitally altered delicate pre-teen and teen years.
flu and 36,000 people die from flu-related occasionally, vomiting and diarrhea. Wait a continue to do what they believe is best, but so severely that she looked They get a mental image of what
causes each year according to the Center for minute; they have all of the same symptoms. I am not panicked over swine flu. comically skinny.” Ralph Lauren they’re supposed to look like and
Disease Control’s (CDC) website. According to this logic, every year the flu apologized for the image and strive for it, when in reality, those
This happens every year with the seasonal should be declared a state of emergency. accepted responsibility for the models that girls are aspiring to
flu. Americans protect themselves by getting I will be the first to admit that I rush out photos hopped image.
 be are unhealthy because of their
a flu shot at the beginning of every flu season. every year and get my flu shot. I am terrified However, it didn’t end there. miniscule size.
They stock up on NyQuil and save up their of throwing up and every flu season I take Within a few days, Hamilton Hamilton herself said in an
sick days. precautions to avoid it. I am also going to announced that she had been interview with the “Today Show”,
Then, the swine flu hit and America get my H1N1 flu shot as soon as it is available fired for being “too fat”; according “It’s not a good example. Every
panicked. to students. However, I do not think it is an to the Daily News, she said that young woman is going to look
There have been 4,958 confirmed emergency and it is not the end of the world her contract with the clothing at it and think that it is normal
hospitalizations from H1N1 reported to to not get the shot. company was terminated in to look like that. And it’s not.”
the CDC from Aug. 30 to Oct. 10. During While the H1N1 flu may not be an April because, at 5-feet-10 and Even the model is saying that
the same time period, there have been 292 emergency in itself, the fear surrounding 120 pounds, she was too heavy. it is unhealthy. That’s when it
confirmed deaths from H1N1. the flu has put the health care industry in She claimed to have received a becomes eye-opening.
Are these numbers drastically higher a state of emergency. The pressure on the letter stating “We’re terminating is so obsessed with body image,
than those from the seasonal flu? Does this industry may have led to the declaration of a your services because you don’t looking good and being skinny
require the president to declare a “state of state of emergency. The White House press fit into the sample clothes that that we don’t stop to think about
emergency?” office released this statement regarding the you need to wear.” Ralph Lauren, the possibly-irreversible damages
On Sept. 11, 2001, former President Bush declaration: however, denied the accusation that it causes.
declared a state of emergency. I agree that “The rates of illness continue to rise that they fired her because she We need to make an effort
the declaration was completely valid for rapidly within many communities across was too large.
 to promote confidence, instead
the situation. On Oct. 24, 2009 President the Nation, and the potential exists for So who are we supposed to of applauding those that are
Obama declared a state of emergency for the the pandemic to overburden health care believe? The fired model or the stick-thin. Girls should grow up
H1N1 flu. resources in some localities. Thus, in famous, brand-name clothing feeling comfortable, not aspiring
Wait, the flu is a state of emergency? recognition of the continuing progression of line? Either way, the modeling to be photo-shop skinny.
Different types of the flu circulate every the pandemic, and in further preparation as industry is under fire and it should
year, so does this flu warrant a state of a Nation, we are taking additional steps to be. Body image has already
Courtesy of MCT Campus

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THE UNIVERSITY TIMES ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ PAGE 5

Baseball, America’s pastime
Fading fast from the limelight does baseball still have a place in America’s hearts let alone their sport viewing schedule
Jessica Arenas by dedicating April 15 as “Jackie stubhub.com. Mary Demay continuance. It is a game of today’s version of the game. “It’s
Staff Writer Robinson Day.” remembrance Because of football’s Staff Writer repetition, limiting strategic boring, it’s boring as hell. I don’t
The MLB is one of the first popularity, it is now considered play and innovation. The sport think much of baseball, really.
Despite its current low fan professional sports that have to own the label as the “nation’s The last major impact that sustains on the mere thrill of I do watch ESPN everyday
base, baseball is still a world- engaged in a variety of initiatives pastime.” Football has had its baseball had on society was the competition, as proven by the and I hear of players abusing
renowned sport in America. in order to bring up the numbers significant mark of its own, debut of Jackie Robinson, whose capability of even the largest of steroids pretty often. Everyone
Baseball is also classified as one of athletes of many ethnicities to such as a variety of scandals. entry became instrumental stadiums, the Yankee Stadium, is cheating.”
of the oldest major American play on an MLB team. Mainly to Baseball has had its share of in the civil right’s movement being able to fill all 57,000 of it’s It is evident that statistically,
team sports. Dating back to see to it that all minorities take discrepancies such as major use by breaking the color barrier seats. more people played and were
1869, baseball is labeled as the on a greater residence on the of steroids, but comparing to set in the MLB. According At one point of time, the inspired by the game of baseball
“nation’s pastime.” For the management and administration other sports, baseball athletes’ to journalist and historian game captivated the nation. 50 years ago than they are today.
past couple of years, baseball’s of the sport. With people of ‘drama’ differs from football Steve Sailor, Robinson’s entry Baseball cards were part of Perhaps this is because the stories
popularity has been lost among different ethnic backgrounds, it and basketball athletes (i.e. greatly helped move along every young boy’s childhood of unlimited achievement told
the fans of football, basketball, shows how baseball proves to be Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick and the desegregation of America. and families gathered together by the life of Jackie Robinson
NASCAR and other sports a sport that teaches gratuitous O.J. Simpson). Sailor’s historic account on for radio broadcasts of the game. and the story depicted in “A
enjoyed by this generation. amounts of values that lead to With the World Series loading Robinson is noteworthy, but this The feeling is not the same League of their Own” have been
The importance of baseball’s the essence of teamwork. its bases, Americans need was the most recent impression today. Many young adults feel shattered by the unraveling of
history has been overlooked Little do Americans know to remember the importance baseball has made on America apathetic towards “America’s one steroid user after another,
within the past couple of years. that baseball is a long-term sport. baseball has brought to this and it happened nearly 52 years favorite past-time”. Freshman making a mockery of those
The top sports of today, along Baseball players are known to country. Since the 19th century, ago. Ever since, baseball has Malcolm Scott, a System ambitious folks that strive to
with baseball, have shown a play everyday from the spring baseball evolves from just a steadily declined in importance. Engineering major, expresses achieve. Unless one considers
wide variety of diversity among to fall. In big competition with sport into a source of America’s According to encylopedia. his disdain towards the lack of a the constant media coverage of
athletes. Dating back to 1945, another classified American opportunity and income such com, the first documented salary cap in the Major Leagues, exposed steroid abusers and the
Jackie Robinson was the first sport, due to the media, football as: product endorsements, baseball game was played in “It’s just a game that people get dating life of A-Rod influential,
black player to sign a formal attracts more television views advertising, ballpark businesses 1845. Being that it is a sport that paid millions of dollars to play. baseball is of little significance.
Major League Baseball contract. than baseball. Yet, comparing and labor unions. Americans has been played for over one A-Rod has a 275 million dollar Unfortunately, both the times
Since then, defending his rights, it to baseball, the National will always remember the tune and a half centuries, the original contract. That certainly does not and the game have changed, and
he proved to be just as good as Football League teams play to “Take Me Out to the Ball novelty of the game has worn help poverty. It has no impact on today’s baseball is nothing more
any other athlete. about 16 regular season games Game” and will never cease to thin into nonexistence. The today’s society.” than a trivial game played by
Because of Robinson’s each year. With that, baseball wear the beloved baseball cap rules were long set, becoming Accounting and Financing overpaid athletes.
achievements and honor to continues to be in the lead with on a lazy day, no matter what stern and inflexible over the major junior Scott Uhl,
those of color, baseball has its game ticket sales as recorded by team you root for. long duration of baseball’s expresses his own distaste for
appreciation for minority players

Reunion shows don’t

always live up to the hype
Jamie Brown hit series. Word is the film will come out in the
Staff Writer summer of 2011, seven years after the final season
aired. Personally, “Friends” was my favorite show
On Sept. 20, the cast of “Seinfeld” reunited for but I honestly don’t know if I want to see how many
the season premier of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and different story lines they can cram in a two hour
now there is talk of a reunion movie with the cast movie. Catching up on all the divorces, kids that
of “Friends”. Although, is reuniting shows such a have been had, and relationships that have been
good idea? Realistically, why ruin a good thing? made in the seven-year period is not how I want
The season premier marked Curb’s highest to remember one of the greatest shows. The show
ratings in the five years of the show. According ended on a good note, why ruin that?
to “The Hollywood Reporter”, the first episode It’s similar to movie sequels. The best thing to
airing at 9/8 central brought in 1.6 million viewers, do when a movie is a big hit in the box office is
combined with the viewers for the episode’s same- for the director to soak it in and walk away. They
night rerun one hour later, the show’s total reached should spend their success on a BMW or a new
2.6 million. In this case, the reunion of the four house, not by creating a sequel only to regret it
cast members, after an 11-year departure, seemed when it bombs in the box office.
to have been a hit with the audience. For instance, Paramount Studios is allegedly
Probably the biggest factor to this success is that exploring the options of a sequel to the dark horse
it was not an actual “reunion show.” By combining movie “Paranormal Activity”. Beginning with
Courtesy of MCT Campus the characters with another show, the creators were a limited release on Sept. 25, the film made $67
able to merge both audiences. This also helped to

UNC Charlotte’s
million domestically. In addition, considering the
avoid the cliché story lines that most reunion shows movie only cost $15,000 to make, it has already
fall into. earned greater success then originally imagined.
However, will the “Friends” movie be so lucky? Forgive me if I sound like a broken record, but why
A British newspaper, “The London Daily Mail,”

student inner sight

ruin a good thing?
reported that all cast members What makes the studio think a sequel will
have agreed to reunite for a reach the same success as
movie version of the the original, especially
considering it’s a
horror flick. Nothing
Danielle Cobbs substantial challenge to the practice of medicine against scary movies
Staff Writer and the underlying scientific principles of physics. but I think its safe to
When asked about why she was investigating say that the Saw and
Anita Ikonen, a 26 year old physics student here Anita said “I’ve experienced interesting and
at UNC Charlotte has made a handful of paranormal Halloween movies have
compelling cases of accuracy in my medical gone a little over board.
clams throughout her life. On Nov. 21st 2009 Anita perceptions, where I’ve known things about
will be participating in a preliminary test given by Enough already.
people’s health that I shouldn’t have been able Just because many
the Independent Investigations Group (IIG). The to know. I must make it clear that I hold several
Independent Investigations Group is the West viewers tune into the
possible final conclusions of this investigation reunion shows and
Coast’s premiere skeptical organization. They have in mind. For instance, I might be picking up on
a standing offer of $50,000 to anyone who can movies does not mean
subtle and external clues without realizing it and they left satisfied. What
prove paranormal abilities under scientific testing that translates synthetically into corresponding
conditions and they work with the James Randi people remember from
images and felt information. The cases of accuracy their favorite show, or
Educational Foundation by screening for their One I’ve had so far compel me to find out. I find plenty
Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. that entertaining movie,
of reasons to investigate this experience.” may not have the same
Anita has claimed that she has abilities ranging When Anita was asked about what she would
from seeing inside the human body like an MRI, impression the second
do if her tests concluded that her perceptions don’t time around.
detecting cures for cancer in food using her powers, have any correlation with reality she responded
amongst other claims she has listed and discussed with “I would be pleased to finally conclude this Courtesy of MCT
in detail on her webpage www.visionfromfeeling. Campus
investigation and to have reached a final answer.
com. My objective is not to hope for one explanation over

A Letter from SGA

During the preliminary testing done by IIG Anita another, because regardless of what the answer is,
will be asked to identify who out of a multitude of I get to keep the experience and nothing changes
human test subjects are missing internal organs. If really. I would not be embarrassed if I failed a
Anita is successful she can then go on to the formal scientific paranormal test. I have not invested
test for IIG’s “$50,000 Challenge.” Potentially if emotionally or otherwise in passing a paranormal
she then passes this test she will then go for a one test.”
million dollar prize offered by the godfather of Niner Nation, a few examples of how Charlotte competing in a club sport, or
One of Anita’s main disbelievers is a man is moving forward. joining student government.
skepticism — James Randi. named Jim Carr who runs the webpage against
IIG Chair and CFI-Los Angeles Executive This is an exciting time to As Vice President of the Currently the Student Senate
Anita found at www.stopvisionfromfeeling.com. be a 49er. Our university is Student Body, I am also has openings in the College
Director Jim Underdown is excited about the Here when asked the question concerning what
upcoming testing to be done with Anita. “With growing faster than ever. Our President of the Student of Engineering. If you are in
exactly it is he wanted to stop Carr replied with enrollment is nearly 25,000 Senate. The Student Senate enrolled in the Lee College of
Sylvia Browne, Allison DuBois, and John Edward “Obviously, I cannot literally “stop” Anita (VFF)
running around making outrageous claims, students as we welcomed has been working hard to meet Engineering and are interested
from doing anything. However, I and others would an increase of nearly 1,500 the challenges that face our in Student Senate, please
and refusing to allow any outside scrutiny,” says like to see Anita stop spouting her pseudo-scientific
Underdown, “it’s quite refreshing to see someone students in this semester alone. student body. Student Senate contact me at studentbodyvp@
fantasies and actually approach her claims in a This growth is exciting for our projects currently include uncc.edu. On November 18th,
come forward and put their money where their scientific manner. We want her to stop playing
mouth is.“ Anita Ikonen is a class of applicant university community, but with conversations with dining and Student Government will host
games and actually submit to scientific testing.” it comes many challenges. This parking services, investigations a Town Hall Meeting. Please
that the IIG refers to as a ”medical dowser” — He then goes on to state that he thinks she needs
people who claim to be able to sense the inside semester we opened our new into commencement, come to the Student Union that
to stop diagnosing people just from what she feels Student Union, the capstone implementation of a new DVD evening to voice your concerns.
of the human body and detect illness or defects from them because he feels that this may lead to
in the anatomy. ”No one has been able to display of our university and student rental program at Atkins Library, This is our university; let’s keep
something bad happening due to the information life. In the coming months we continuing our sustainable it moving forward. God bless
this kind of ability under controlled conditions,” people are given.
claims Underdown, “so this will be history in the will open our Bioinformatics commitment, and continuing to and Go Niners!
In the end the debate over these claims will building, continue construction adequately and equitably fund
making if Anita is able to perform properly.” “We never stop until we are given the results from the
look forward to putting Anita’s claims to the test. of the Uptown building, and student organizations. Jacob Pierce
testing on Nov. 21st . That leaves us all with our break ground on the EPIC There many ways for Vice President of the Student
Regardless of the outcome, this will be quite an own thoughts on the subject, and the ongoing
event,” promised Underdown. building. This December students to make a difference Body
debate on whether claims such as there are real Atkins Library will offer 24 at Niner Nation. A few of these President of the Student
On hand for these demonstrations will be a or just elaborate hoaxes. Keep an eye out online at
number of members of the IIG, scientists from hour space for students during include involvement in a one of Senate
the sites listed and see for yourself what the tests the exam period. These are just our 300 student organization,
UCLA and representatives of the media. If Anita prove.
then succeeds in there trials it would represent a
PAGE 6 ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ THE UNIVERSITY TIMES

“Bored to Death” is solid addition to HBO’s lineup
of his bluntness to the situation. He calls the shots like he sees
Christopher Brotherton them and drowns in self-pity for not making better choices in
Staff Writer his life. Basically this show is about three guys that are down
for the count trying to do some good in their life by solving
“Board to Death” is a new hit comedy show on HBO that has mysteries.
already been picked up for a new season, halfway into the first. The The plot is really well laid out and does not have any side
show features Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis of (well- breaks that would lose the viewer. The content of the show is
known for his role as Allan in “The Hangover”). for mature audiences only, but it is worth the tons of laughs
Jonathan played by Schwartzman is a down and out professional that you have during the show.
writer whose girlfriend just broke up with him for smoking to much Jonathan’s detective skills are highly irregular and he
marijuana and drinking too much wine. After the break up he would not be the next field agent on “CSI.” He usually just
begins a private detective agency on Craig’s List and tries to help stumbles upon an answer and uses it to solve the case. He
out different people solve missing persons cases or trying to recover really does not really search for clues. However, the clues
items that were stolen. seem to find him.
Jonathan is assisted by his best friend Ray (Galifianakis) and his All and all Jonathan seems to have control of the double
boss George (hilariously played by Ted Danson of “Cheers” and life so far, but I wonder what is going to happen to cause all
“Becker”) whose obsession to drugs and women keeps Jonathan in a this to come crashing all down? USA’s “Burn Notice” has a
job. Many of the episodes try to put these characters in harm’s way, very similar plot line, but the creators established a back story
as they have to figure out a way to keep out of trouble while working to Michael Westen’s character.
on a particular case. “Board to Death” has yet to set up a back story for these
The comedy in this show comes from Jonathan himself, as he is characters and if they do not I do not think it will last long
not all quite there when it comes to normal everyday life. Ray also no matter how funny the show might be. Whatever the case
provides substantial comedic relief because his love life involves a maybe it should not stop you from watching this hilarious
single mother who has little time for him. show from HBO. Check out “Board to Death” when it airs on
In my mind George (Danson) is the funniest of them all because Sunday night at 9:30pm.

The three stars of “Bored to Death” on set Image courtesy of HBO

“White Collar” is another quality USA Network original series

Quentin Holness a criminal Burke has been chasing for years. his abilities and believes that Caffrey could be a A quick hint on this show: Never miss the first
Staff Writer Initially, Burke turns him down, but Burke knows good asset to his investigation as well as others. episode of any show that tells a story, because like
skipping a chapter in “Harry Potter,” you
For those unfamiliar with the TV world, USA may never figure out what’s going on.
Network has become notorious in recent years The premise of the show is the telling
for producing quality, intelligent, and extremely of two tales. It follows Caffrey and his
witty programs. Unless you haven’t switched away ongoing search for his partner under
from the analog world, then you may have brushed the custody of Burke, and possibly an
through channels and happened to come across escape plan, while Burke’s story follows
shows like the Emmy award-winning “Monk,” or his profession and his cases searching for
the action-packed “Burn Notice.” USA is known criminals, and sometimes his love life as
for its original programming and has brought yet well.
another show into its mitts. Supporting characters are used a lot
“White Collar,” the new show USA has been to complement each other and the actors
shoving into your eyelids, premiered October who play Caffrey and Burke (Matt Bomer
23rd. “White Collar” follows the tale of a super- and Tim DeKay) show a connection to
intelligent convict Neal Caffrey and FBI agent each other. They really show how the cop
Peter Burke. Caffrey begins the show by escaping and convict always seem to form this bond
from a prison under the guise of a security guard. between them in this genre.
In case you were wondering he pulls this off “White Collar” shows promise as a
by using a uniform he bought online using the great show, but I feel like I’m watching
warden’s wife’s security card (awesome, since he “Catch Me If You Can,” for a fan of “CSI”
is maximum security prison). He continues his sometimes. Believe me, if you’ve ever
escape by buying a yellow raincoat from a street seen that movie, you’d be able to find
vendor and posing as valet at JFK airport. He then similarities between Caffrey and Frank
steals a very expensive Jaguar and gets a $100 tip. Abagnale. The show may use that quality
Caffrey heads to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment a lot, but that’s just a piece of charm the
only to realize that he’s two days late. Distraught, show uses to assist its appeal. Look for
he patiently waits for Burke to find him and send “White Collar” to be one of the premiere
him back to prison. shows this season.
Caffrey, though incarcerated, proposes an offer
to Agent Burke. He wants to assist him in catching
The cast of “White Collar” in action Image courtesy of USA Network

Oregon-based pop rock foursome has infectious sound

Anni Simpson has been stuck in my head for hours since I listened to it.
Staff Writer The music’s energy is so strong and powerful, that even on the
first listen it has the potential to mask some surprisingly intelligent,
Oregon-based and pop rock sensation Hockey’s new album, thoughtful lyrics given their “infectious dance music” goal. The
“Mind Chaos” is an apt name. It contains an eclectic, almost chaotic vocalist goes back and forth in “Too Fake” about how he’s “too fake
mix of multiple genres that offers music that is, if not fresh or new, for the world” because he’s “gonna use [his] life for someone else,
interesting, thoughtful, and catchy. The track “Song Away” promises yeah,” but not really because he actually “has too much soul for the
as much to listeners by insisting, “this is big town music.” world” and the whole thing is just a “game.”
The band is comprised of lead singer Ben Grubin, guitarist Brian They deviate from their up-tempo style only once on the last
White, bassist Jeremy “Jerm” Reynolds, and drummer Anthony song of the album, “Everybody’s the Same Age,” and it’s a shame
Stassi, and is currently based in their hometown of Portland, they only do it once. The song strongly hints at the group’s ability
Oregon. Grubin and Reynolds formed the band after meeting at to produce quality music that is slow, introspective, and even still
the University of Redlands in Redlands, California. “Mind Chaos” humorous.
was released Sept. 28, 2009, immediately before the group signed This proves that the band’s range is pretty wide and I think they
with Capitol Records. should go further with it on future projects. Grubin softly teases
“We wanted to make dance music that was infectious,” said that he only feels “three times a year. Psych! Everyone feels all the
“Jerm” on the band’s website about the creation of the album. time.” Lyrics like that in the song hover on the profound end of
Almost every song is upbeat, energetic, and very catchy. “Preacher” simple, and fit extremely well with the rhythm of the song.
Whether you’re into pop, rock, or any of the other genres the
“The music’s energy is so group dabbles in, Hockey is worth a shot. If you’re into Jet, the
strong and powerful, that Killers, OK Go, or Hot Hot Heat, you’re likely to outright fall in
love with them as I have.
even on the first listen it Unfortunately a live show is impossible for the foreseeable
has the potential to mask future, as the band will be beginning an international leg of their
some surprisingly intel- new tour that will take them to places such as Tokyo, Osaka, and
London. If you want to check out their music visit their MySpace at
ligent, thoughtful lyrics http://www.myspace.com/hockey or their official web site is http://
given their ‘infectious www.hockeyband.com/.
dance music’ goal.”
The members of Hockey Image courtesy of Capitol Records
THE UNIVERSITY TIMES ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ PAGE 7

“The Crucible” shows off this campus’ dramatic ability
Jessica Arenas continuing to enunciate and one who played the same role Overall, the strategic plan-
Staff Writer project passion in their lines. throughout the show. It was ning behind the play along

Since I am familiar with until after the show I was able with its dramatic elements,
On Wednesday October
The Crucible’s story, besides to come to an understanding proved its point through the
28, Robinson Hall opened
the actors bringing more inter- by speaking to Lon Bumgar- many talented performers.
its doors of the Anne R. Belk
est to the play, I appreciated ner, Director of the show. The drama of The Crucible
Theater to the opening night
the creativeness of the stage’s “It was a created ensemble, was performed with intense
of Arthur Miller’s play The
scenic design. so we went with it. We made emotion that served the play’s
Crucible. Upon arriving, I was
When reading The Cruci- it that way because of the dra- purpose of projecting how
already familiar with the text
ble, I figured that if performed, matic element of the characters Miller intended that every hu-
from high school, so I eagerly
the stage would be rich with in order to preserve the life of man should “place truth and
anticipated the show to begin.
a 17th century feel. However the main character, John Proc- personal integrity above com-
Throughout the play I was
I was surprised when I saw tor,” said Bumgarner. fort no matter what the cost.”
more than impressed with the
the stage bare with few props, “John Proctor stays the The Crucible‘s run on cam-
actors and actresses that per-
as the performers made each same and refuses to change.” pus ended on November 1.
formed that evening.
scene work well. I was amazed at those who had However, please contact Rob-
From the beginning to the
The play also integrated to perform multiple characters inson Hall’s box office at (704)
end, each performer had such
music design with a violinist that evening, and I give a tre- 687-2599 or online at http://
a stage presence, representing
playing a melody during each mendous amount of respect to www.unccboxoffice.com to
the character they were por-
scene change to emphasize the how they memorized their ev- purchase tickets for future
traying very well.
drama of Miller’s work. ery line. events, as this one showed me
I was impressed with how
Along with most of the Though some scenes of the what an incredible perfor-
well the actors coped with
audience, I was confused to text were left out and the his- mance our fellow students can
opening night flaws and con-
why some performers played torical events had a twist, it was deliver.
tinued to play their part by
multiple parts when there was still enjoyable to watch.
Photo / Alex Georgi

Unique vocal talent of Danielle Alexandra rocks Norm’s

Despite poor attendance at recent CAB event Alexandra’s own blend of Indie rock enjoyed by all
Ciera Choate has a variety of songs and can be a great artist,” said Crystal seemed to hit her personally I get involved and come to more I haven’t been to any other
Staff Writer connect with the audience on Isler, UNC Charlotte student. was left feeling as though I had events planned for the students events at Norm’s, but if Wilcox
many different levels. Many audience members known her for much longer than on campus. and Tann are right in saying that
I have never been to a show Although those that attended agreed with me in saying that just that night. He feels as though many they are all just as good as Ms.
at Norm’s in the Student Union the performance loved her those who didn’t attend really “I thought she was really students miss out on not only Alexandra then many people are
so I really didn’t know what to sound, very few people came out did miss out on an amazing good,” said UNC Charlotte this performance but many other missing out. It is rare to find an
expect when I went to see Dana to support her at Norm’s, which experience. Alexandra really did student, Ryan Manning, “and it’s great CAB offerings as well. artist this unique.
Alexandra’s performance on was probably due to Halloween. a good job in working with such unfortunate that people didn’t “I’ve been to a few events by If you missed out on this
Friday October 30. But I can But those who did make it out a small audience, and in between get to see her because of their CAB and this is one of the best performance and want to hear
tell you now that I loved her to see her were a very lucky songs even told the audience lack of support for the Campus so far, and I don’t even like chick some of her music you should
performance and was in no way few. It isn’t everyday that you little things about herself that Activities Board.” music,” said Geoff Tann, a UNC check out her MySpace at www.
disappointed. get to experience the music of a made you almost feel as though Matt Wilcox, CAB director, Charlotte sophomore, “people myspace.com/danaalexandraa.
She has a unique sound that talented person like Alexandra. you knew her. spoke with me for a moment are missing out and need to
I have yet to hear from many “I thought she was really So between her little stories on his frustrations on trying to come to more events, trust me
Indie singers or songwriters. She unique. I definitely think she will about herself and her songs that find new ways for students to it’s worth it.”
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Men’s Soccer @ Dayton Fri. Oct. 30, 7pm, Dayton, OH
Women’s Soccer @ St. Louis Fri. Oct. 30, 8pm, St. Louis, MO
Women’s Volleyball vs La Salle Fri. Oct. 30, 7 pm Charlotte, NC
Men’s Soccer @ Xavier Sun. Nov. 1, 1 pm Cincinnati, OH

Unlucky # 13 Volleyball splits A-10

weekend games
13-game unbeaten streak ends for men’s soccer
on the road at the hands of A-10 foe Dayton With eight kills Friday night, junior Kat
Hicks took the team lead in that category
Erin Reeve while freshman Jenna Litoborski led the way with
Staff Writer nine.
The win moved the Niners into a three-way tie
The Charlotte 49ers women’s volleyball team for fourth in the A-10 standings.
played La Salle in a conference game this past
Friday at 7 p.m.
In practice this week, assistant coach Chad
Eposito said that the team had focused on being
a “better team on the floor and it really showed
tonight in our defense and our blocking.”
Overall, Charlotte stands at 15-11 while La
Salle is 3-25. In conference, Charlotte is 6-4, while
La Salle stands at 0-10.
Although assumptions should never be made in
sports, it was no surprise when Charlotte captured
the first set, 25-16.
Four points in a row (three while Sheri Davis
was serving) came for the Niners early in the game,
allowing the score to slide up to 5-1 for Charlotte.
The Niners steadily gained two to three points
to every one point that La Salle scored, until the
Niners doubled La Salle’s score, 12-6. Kills by
Sheri Davis, Jennifer Webb, Kathleen Hicks, and
Kara Raker progressed the score to the winning
outcome for the Niners.
In the second set, Sheri Davis started off on the
right foot, or the right hand rather, when she scored
the first kill of the game for the Niners. After an
exchange of serving the ball into the net by both
Alex Georgi/Photo teams, Abbie Rees scored a kill for the Niners as
Charlotte dropped a 3-0 decision to Dayton on the road Friday but returned to well.
form with a 3-2 win over Xavier on Sunday afternoon in Ohio. Charlotte and La Salle had a back-and-forth
battle throughout the set but Rouse finally ended
with four shots, who ended the an Andres Cuero assist. Smith the game with a kill to the center of La Salle’s half.
Bridget Landwehrmann game with 14 shots as a team. tied the game with his second The Niners won the second set, 25-17.
Staff Writer Gross also added two shots for goal off another assist from The 49ers trailed only momentarily at the
Charlotte. Cuero in the 72nd minute. beginning of the third set and eventually went on
The Charlotte 49ers lost “In the first half, we played Gross completed Charlotte’s to win the set 25-19.
Alex Georgi/Photo
against Dayton on Friday Oct. good soccer with the exception of comeback when he scored off a The Niners held La Salle to a negative attack
30. The 3-0 loss at the hands defending Dayton’s free kicks,” penalty-kick in the 82nd minute. percentage on the night while Charlotte hit .270 Charlotte now sits in a three-way tie for fourth
of A-10 foe Dayton ended Charlotte coach Jeremy Gunn A Xavier defender dropped Luke as a team with the third-lowest attack percentage in the A-10 with just four matches remaining
Charlotte’s impressive 13-game said. “We created good scoring Exley in the penalty area, which of the season. Five Niners had four or more kills,
unbeaten streak. chances and defended fairly brought on the penalty kick.
Dayton scored the first goal well. We just did not compete “I needed to redeem myself
off a free kick in the seventh well enough on several Dayton after missing a penalty kick

49ers rally for 3-2 win

minute of the game when Alex free kicks.” against Dayton on Friday,” Gross
Torda headed the ball into the The loss dropped Charlotte to said. “I have not missed a penalty
net off a Ryan Handbury free 9-2-4 overall, 3-1-2 in conference kick before Friday’s game in
kick from 30 yards out. Charlotte action and improved Dayton to about six years. I was glad that

over Xavier Sunday

made a comeback with five shots 10-4-1, 5-1 in league play. I got the chance on another
in eight minutes, but all of them The Charlotte 49ers men’s penalty kick so quickly. This was
were either blocked by Dayton’s soccer team defeated Xavier on a great overall team win.”
defense or were wide. Jennings Nov. 1. The final score of the The game ended with
Rex, Donnie Smith, Adam away game was 3-2. the 49ers having a four-shot
Gross, and Justin Tucker all Freshman forward Donnie advantage over Xavier 14-10.
Dayton scored their second
Smith scored two goals, the
first multi-goal game of his
Gross, Cuero and Smith all had
three shots while Evan James
Smith has first multi-goal game of young
career as Charlotte rallied to beat Xavier
goal in the 43rd minute when young career. Senior Adam had two.
Isaac Kissi conerted a Sonny Gross scored his team-leading “We played great soccer in
Renner free kick. Both teams eighth goal of the season and the second half,” Charlotte coach
finished the first half with eight fourth game-winning goal of the Jeremy Gunn said. “You have to
shots each. campaign. credit everyone on our team for Jessica Arenas off a El-Hadji Dieng assist. I got the chance on another
Dayton’s Peter Chilemena In the 25th minute, Xavier showing such strength to rally Staff Writer The 49ers made a comeback penalty kick so quickly. This was
scored the third and final goal scored the first goal of the game. from two goals down.” in the second half. Smith scored a great overall team win.”
directly after halftime in the Xavier made the score 2-0 with Charlotte now stands at 10-2- The Charlotte 49ers men’s a goal in the 51st minute with off The game ended with
48th minute. Charlotte’s Luke just 47 seconds remaining in the 4 on the season, 4-1-2 in the A-10. soccer team defeated Xavier on an Andres Cuero assist. Smith the 49ers having a four-shot
Exley, Isaac Cowles and Isaac half when James Getzen scored The loss drops the Musketeers to Nov. 1. The final score of the tied the game with his second advantage over Xavier 14-10.
Caughran all made shots in the off a El-Hadji Dieng assist. 2-12-1 on the season, just 1-7 in away game was 3-2. goal off another assist from Gross, Cuero and Smith all had
second half but none got past the The 49ers made a comeback conference play. Freshman forward Donnie Cuero in the 72nd minute. three shots while Evan James
Dayton goalkeeper. in the second half. Smith scored Smith scored two goals, the Gross completed Charlotte’s had two.
Jennings Rex led the Niners a goal in the 51st minute with off first multi-goal game of his comeback when he scored off a “We played great soccer in
young career. Senior Adam penalty-kick in the 82nd minute. the second half,” Charlotte coach
Gross scored his team-leading A Xavier defender dropped Luke Jeremy Gunn said. “You have to
eighth goal of the season and Exley in the penalty area, which credit everyone on our team for
fourth game-winning goal of the brought on the penalty kick. showing such strength to rally
campaign. “I needed to redeem myself from two goals down.”
In the 25th minute, Xavier after missing a penalty kick Charlotte now stands at 10-2-
scored the first goal of the game. against Dayton on Friday,” Gross 4 on the season, 4-1-2 in the A-10.
Xavier made the score 2-0 with said. “I have not missed a penalty The loss drops the Musketeers to
just 47 seconds remaining in the kick before Friday’s game in 2-12-1 on the season, just 1-7 in
half when James Getzen scored about six years. I was glad that conference play.
THE UNIVERSITY TIMES ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ PAGE 9

No, wait! Doc. Doc. The-the-the bruise - the bruise on your head. I
know how that happened! You told me the whole story. You were
standing on your toilet, and you were hanging a clock, and you
fell, and you hit your head on the sink. And that’s when you came
up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor...
-Marty McFly, “Back to the Future”
Comedic Corner

Calendar of Upcoming
. Fall Fashion Show
Oct. 29 7-9 p.m. in McKnight Hall. Along with the
fashion show, there will also be a short presentation
explaining the Urban Ministry. Contact FAME for
more information.

. Halloween Carnival
Oct. 30 from 6-8 p.m. in the SAC Salons. BSU will be
hosting this event and their goal is to unite students
in an organized activitiy.

. Atkin’s Library’s First Annual ScareFair

Oct. 30 from 2-4 p.m. in the library. Dress up in your
Halloween costume and check out campus from
the library’s roof, fortune telling, pumplin carving,
scavenger hunt, and free food.

USC-ICA Formal: Building into the Future
10/30/2009 at 8:00pm. Come network and mingle
with other collegiate institutions in the Charlotte area.
Located at the Holiday Inn. Contact Aawaz-Indian
Student Association jspatel1@uncc.edu

Atlantic 10 women’s soccer tournament
Nov. 5-8 at Transamerica Field. Come out and
support the 49er as they look to claim their fourth
conference title. Wear green & Go NINERS! Check
charlotte49ers.com for game times.

FAME 1 Pajama Party
10/30/2009 at 10:00pm until 1:00 a.m. Come out to

SUDOKU have fun and come together in a relaxing atmosphere.

Located in the Student Union 340G Questions? Con-
tact FAME 1 fameoneorg@gmail.com

Place the
numbers 1 - 9
in a 9x9 grid.
. Halloween Dance
10/31/2009 at 6:00pm. Come out and dance until
10:00 p.m. in the Lucas Room on the top level of the
The same Cone Center. The 49er Social Ballroom and Dance
number can Club are hosting the FREE event. If you wear a cos-
only be used tume you can win a prize!
once in the
same row,
column and
. SGA’s Town Hall Meeting
Nov. 6. More information to come. Check
NinerOnline and upcoming issues of the University
Want your event published in the Calendar of Events? Contact the University

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PAGE 10 ❚ November 5, 2009 ❚ THE UNIVERSITY TIMES

The tale of Sir G. 7 and CAB’s fish frenzy
Alexa Massau Brandon Boulding’s, senior due to the change in water The comrades of goldfish [I] guess he was just following
Assistant News Editor and Construction Management temperature or possibly his Sir G. 7 mourn his departure in the pop star’s footsteps. We
major, reason for a fish was “Just coloration was an indication from this world, TOD 5:31 p.m. gave him a proper burial at the
For some the fish bowl something to put somewhere, of old age. I could wonder a He was buried in the backyard toilet, but we prayed for him
is empty. In the event Fishy something living.” lifetime as to why he passed under a purple Crate Myrtle first. He needed to go to fishy
Friends, approximately 159 Excitement buzzed down so suddenly, but I’d like to tree next to a cow pasture with heaven,” said Harrold.
goldfish were given away to the line of students waiting believe that my love was felt the belongings he owned in this On a better fish bowl front,
students by Campus Activities to claim their goldfish and by Sir G. 7 in the small time lifetime: gravel and a seashell, Harrold’s friend’s fish is still
Board Wednesday, Oct. 28 in the decorate a bowl. Gravel of that I knew him. the second shell was laid on top alive. “Lauryn’s fish is… slightly
Student Union Rotunda. two varieties, neutral and neon as a grave marker. hyper active. It seems as if it
Eager students like freshman colored, were available for the I updated my Facebook status never stops swimming. Ever.
Kelly Harrold, Pre-Biology bottom of the bowls. Also, two with the loss of Sir G. 7, and the Lauryn loves her new fish and
major, stood in line with a seashells per bowl could adorn outpouring of kind comments enjoys having him in her room,”
friend waiting for a fish. She the fish’s home. where and condolences were numerous Harrold said.
mentioned how easy it is to kill a There were letter stickers and she could from friends. Boulding’s fish is still alive
fish and how she managed to kill glass rainbow paint to decorate have gotten a free fish. Surprisingly, there is a too. “Life is good, it just sits on
a plant known as a Hosta, which the outside of the bowls. Many Sir G. 7 even mortality trend. White’s fish my desk and blows bubbles,” he
according to her is suppose to be were adorned with names, like accompanied me to my passed about five hours after said. Yet, his girlfriend’s goldfish
quite hardy. Fishy and Emo. last class of the day; he getting him too. died Thursday morning.
“Bamboo, it’s pretty much all Specifically, Tyesha White, gained some knowledge As for Harrold’s albino fish, It might be true that most
that I can keep alive. You only sophomore and International in Research Methods. I she had named him MJ after the goldfish do not have a long
have to water it once a week… I Studies major, named her fish wish he could have taken “late-great Jackson.” “[MJ] lifespan, but many can relate to
was three and I killed a goldfish, Miku after a Japanese Rock my notes. died within 10 hours of the tenderness us as humans feel
ever since then I’ve never went artist. getting him. I cleaned towards our pets like goldfish.
back,” said Harrold. It was an intense, organized his water and fed Either from childhood or now
Others in line included operation for CAB members. him and the in college, the love and loss is a
sisters and students Flower “It’s going well,” said Rhonda poor thing worthwhile life experience.
and Ana Flowers. The Flowers Andrews, Pre-Communication died.
sisters are from Honduras and Studies major. Also, she
studying under UNC Charlotte’s speculated that they would be out
English Language Training of fish by 1:30 p.m. by looking at
Institute (ELTI). They heard the extensive line that stretched
about the event through the into the Student Union’s dining
ELTI Announcer, a flyer that area.
their professor hands out to their After patiently waiting,
class weekly. at around 12:40 p.m., I was
in possession of a silver and
“I updated greenish goldfish, which I had
dubbed Sir G. 7.
my Facebook Luckily, I had asked a
friend for help, who doesn’t
status with want to be named. A warm

the loss of Sir

thank you goes out to him for
helping me cover the event by
G. 7 and the saving my spot in line and then
getting another fish for Kristen
outpouring of Litchfield, University Times
Editor. He did profess with
kind comments surprise, “I thought we’d be in
and condo- and out, I didn’t think people
would care too much about a Then we
lences were fish.”
Once outside the Student
commuted home,
where he would soon get
numerous from Union there was many a passerby to live in his homely bowl.
His lifespan in that bowl lasted
that commented or looked on in
envy of my cute fishy. Even a server less than an hour.
at Chick-fil-A was curious as to Maybe he went into shock


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contact us! 704-687-7141 | sanskrit @uncc.edu | Student Union Rm.045