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DON SIMMONS drsimm@juno.

com | 3117 Branding Iron Way, Berthoud, CO | 970-532-4786

Process Engineer | New Product Development Engineer
Recognized professional with 20+ years experience utilizing computer automation, electrical design to reduce
manual-tasks within electronic manufacturing or R&D development release processes.
Documented successes taking process problems or design issues to their root causes through root cause
analysis. A Proven track record of implementing low cost and innovative solutions to a variety of electronic
PCBA products and electrical/electronic manufacturing processes.
Experienced in the design and development of hardware and software test systems in DC, AC and RF
arenas of electronic manufacturing. Design and Verification of Control systems and test systems for back-up
grid tied AC power systems
Strong planning and organizational abilities, I have motivated team members as well as directly supervised
employees to excellence. I am a data driven engineer that solves problems so they don’t come back.

Test Planning and Documentation Trouble Shooting of Electronic Systems

Test System Design, ECO / ECN Documentation RF testing Development
Electronic Test Systems Automation Design Root Cause Analysis of System Failures
Hardware and software integration, verification, release Six Sigma Green Belt Training
Solar Systems Installation Languages, LabView,HPVee,MSDOS Scripting,
LabView Programming = Intermediate Comfortable in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word,
PowerPoint, Visio. IPC Certified Soldering

Career Highlights
OnCore Inc. Longmont , CO – 2009
Test Engineer
Manufacturing test of various electronic products – TI MEMs technology and ThermoFisher functional test set
utilizing LabView program code.
TDP INC. Loveland , CO 2008 – 2009
Test Engineer Manager
Manufacturing Test department management and technical process development of business to improve profitability.
Managed all Incircuit, Functional and Flying Probe testing – directed 6 professionals and associated manufacturing
test processes. Refined and managed customer functional tests, proposed new customer process and test
quotations. Initiated and managed development of functional test equipment automation systems. Design of DC
and AC functional test systems as well as proposal for a functional Anti-Islanding test station for Mariah Windpowers
Inspire wind generator and oversaw the functional test of South West Windpower Skystream controller PCBA's
ENCORP INCORPORATED, Distributed Energy Controls, Windsor, CO 2003 – 2006
Test Engineer R&D Team
Developed, managed the entire EMI/EMC testing and compliance testing of a AC power Synchronous Control
Relay for all applicable IEEE standards containg 1st patented algorthim in U.S.
Provided engineering failure mode analysis of all failures, implemented documented design changes and all
test reports for publication. Troubleshooting problems, identifying solutions, implementing solutions via Engineering
Change Order. Developed programs for SCADA in industry standard IEC 61131-3 programming language for R&D,
EMI and developmental testing of Intermediate Voltage Switchgear control instrument.

MAXTOR CORPORATION - Longmont, Colorado 1998 – 2001

Senior Test Engineer DVT-EVT Quality Assurance Team
Development, specification of equipment’s and parameters for EMC and EMI Compliance tests as well as
Design, development and implementation of Computer Automated Electrical Specification Tests for 3.5-
inch disk drives Reduced the testing time on some product tests by a factor of 95% with a three-fold
supplemental gain in information as well as an axis of temperature differentials.
Electrical tests for Ripple Immunity, Current Profiles, Start-Stop Timing, Power On-Off Sequencing were
developed. Successful implementation, documentation and statistical data reporting modules for all of the
tests developed utilizing Excel, PowerPoint for Design Verification requirements.
DON SIMMONS drsimm@juno.com | 3117 Branding Iron Way, Berthoud, CO | 970-532-4786

Contract Assignments| Consulting Engineer Positions

COVIDIEN INC., Boulder , CO 2007 – 2008
Test Engineer | Contract
R&D Technical Development – redesign effort of an isolated DC supply for RF Surgical Generator –
proto-type of circuitry, troubleshooting to a component level and detailed technical reports.
Implemented Manufacturing Processes, LabView Tests & Hardware for 1GHz 100 Watt Microwave
Ablation Generator. Tests I developed included RF Power, Control Circuitry and Burn-In rack.
Supported development of all LabView Software, defined and specified all Test Equipment, automation
hardware and implemented data recoding of test data.
Experience as part of team writing and executing equipment IQ and OQ protocols. Integrated LabView UL
Safety Testing into the processes.
Completed Design For Testibility & Manufactureability reviews for three hardware projects.

WOODWARD GOVERNOR CO. Ft. Collins, Colorado - 2006 – 2006

Component Engineer | Contract
Management, analysis and update of component specifications via Engineering Changes for RoHS and WEEE

PEAK INDUSTRIES, Frederick, CO 2003-2003

Technician | Contract
Test, troubleshoot and calibration of all portions of an in-home Kidney Dialysis System. GMP and process
development under FDA validated process control. Utilizaiton of real time OS QNX, slave and host processors
to control electromecanical, pressure and temperture of dialasayte verification.


Trainer / Training Assessment | Contract
Trained personnel to use and verified the training with hands on assessment advanced LINUX based
CT X-Ray systems for FAA/TSA checked baggage screening and Chemical Trace Detection.


BSCS - Bachelor of Science - Honors Graduate Regis College, Colo.Springs, CO

ASET - Associate of Science - Electronics Technology - Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA
LabView I and II - HPVEE Graphical User Test Languages-HP UNIX Systems Admin

U.S. Navy – AC/DC fundatmentals, microwave, motor/generator and relay controler repair and maintenance.
Troubleshoot to component levels. Pusled Doppler 1KW Radar System operation, maintenance, repair
and calibration. Fully adept at RF and AC/DC fundamentals, repairs. Completed six ( 6 ) years – Honorable
Discharge – 2.5 years as E-6
Recent completion of Wired Initiative ICAST SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS & INSTALLATION training..
Recent completion of Wired Initiative "RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES" training