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WBO TAWA |! FAY a7 b Act out and record your story — introducing the book and giving the main points and themes. Your video progression through the story should: Be in Japanese Include all group members Be audible Include an ‘English’ recording/viewing sheet for a viewer to use to gather information as they watch A completed sheet from your group Follows Fully follows | Instructions instructions i] | A : . . | Minimally Meeting Meeting Fully Meeting = some of the main ~~ all the main events ~ allof the main | events of the of the story were events of the story Co ee story were portrayed were portrayed understanding of included > some supporting thoroughly with story = litletonodetas | ifaantreedthe | - imodn rend te - if hadn't read the 7 7 , story I'd know story I'd still know it | story wouldnt generally what was inside and out know wheat ee happening but not going on much more ~~ some group = most group ~~ all group members age member(s) did all of members participated in the Equal contribution the planning and participated in planning & and participation had to direct planning & presentation of the | members of the presentation of the summary and knew | group on what to summary what his/her role | do during the ~ some group was presentation members were ~ there was confusion coached by others during the presentation eles so = chaotic, | > creative and ~~ fun, creative, . disorganized, with | ‘organized with original, organized, Execution unclear roles | minimal confusion and engaging, - audience was | - audience was ~ audience was unclear about what | informed about the entertained and was being general storyline informed communicated Lad HAGEL 2 dy BE BBD D ! 27h: F7evVe (S517a Create a graphic organizer for your story — that could be used by a student who reads it. The organizer should include - Setting/Character - Aprogression of graphic shapes that lead a student through the story - Entry in Japanese to show understanding - Questions/Reflection parts in English to show ‘going beyond the page’ - Acompleted organizer from your group Follows Instructions were read . instructions and followed fully — | Minimally Meeting Meeting | Fully Meeting = etcome of he mall [majority ofthe main | > all of the main events of the story events of the story events of the story | eamonetates were included but | were elicited via the were elicited via the | understanding of wouldn't know what organizer organizer story was going on once | + iftusedit I'd ~ fused it and still didit generally know what know it inside and ~ noreal attempt to go happened | out | “beyond the page’ = some attempt to go | - ‘beyond the page’ “beyond the page’ questions show _ thought/insight = some group = most group = all group members , member(s) did all of members participated inthe | Equal contribution the planning and participated in planning & execution and participation design of the planning & execution of the organize organizer of the organizer some group | member(s) did not | | contribute positively | to the process | chaotic, disorganized, creative and ~ fun, creative, ; with unclear ‘path organized with original, organized, | | Execution through story ‘minimal confusion and engaging ‘path’ | = audience wasnot | = audience was through the story | | really informed about informed about the = audience was well the storyline | general storyline informed about the through using this, story through using | this