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oe ‘The expenditure in starting a new goat farm 5. was as follows: 1 Land 10% YE I. Hired labour 15% HI. Buildings25% ®) IV. Goat 20% V. Feed 25% © VI. Medication 5% (D) ‘What two items contributed to fixed cost? (A) Land II - Tand II (© Wand Iv (D) IWandv Nae AT, 2. Good Agricultural Practices, GAPs, is a term ¥ used in ave © (A) hydroponic farming - (D) (B) biotechnology : (©) non-conventional farming 7. 6. Which of the contributes financially to the economic growth and development countries of the Caribbean Community? Arnancdale Secorderg Sthoot, ‘Trade liberalisation affects Caribbean farmers 1 because local farmers face more foreign competition more people locally are buying the crops more local farmers plant exotic crops forcign competition is kept out following institutions of member Caribbean Community Secretariat Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute Caribbean Development Bank Caribbean Food Corporation Which of the following groups of conditions APF organic farming often adversely affects local and regional i agriculture? 3. An agriculturist who provides a direct link between the farmer and the agricultural (A) Praedial larceny, lack of extension research centre is ey (A) an agronomist (B)__ an entomologist AT AES an extensionist (D) a pathologist 4, The funding of regional agricultural projects is usually undertaken by the services, adequate rainfall Poor marketing facilities, lack of credit, high technology usage Lack of appropriate technology, land fragmentation, praedial larceny (D)* Access to appropriate technology, lack of extension services, upgraded marketing facilities 8. ‘Marketing’ is correctly defined as the AAS Caribbean Development Bank (B) Central Bank (A) (C) National Development Bank (D) National Agricultural Bank Br © @) 01203010/SPEC 2006 selling of products in a particular place like a market activities that together move goods and services from thé producers to the users - buying and pricing of goods at the farm gate proper labeling and advertising of goods and services GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE, 9, The Law of Diminishing Returns states that HF additional units of input eventually (B) © (D) lead to a decline in marginal product the three stages of production are unequal production decreases at an increasing rate additional units of input eventually lead to a constant marginal product The equilibrium price is the price at which demand and supply are equal. At this price, 1c) ®) © ve the same quality will be supplied as is demanded The demand for a certain commodity decreases the cost of production will determine the demand ‘The same quantity will be supplied as demanded ‘Item LI refers to the table below which shows the increase in production when six workers are added to the original one worker. Worker No. Additional Number of Lettuce Produced Yaunune 0 650 800 1000 625 325 170 fp How many workers should the farmer employ to get the best returns on his inputs? (A) By © @) 3 4 5 6 01203010/SPEC 2006 12, Which of the following pairs of terms is used to calculate net farm income? fee” Gross income, expenditure ~ @) © ©) Capital, net income Productivity, inventory Profit, loss 13. The cost of inputs which the farmer changes ~ V/ according to the level of output he plans is called the (A) total cost (B) depreciation cost (C) fixed cost BF variable cost 14. A budget is a useful decision-making tool ~because it (A) +is very accurate in the absence of records 27" predicts production estimates and © ©) future prices is used to calculate depreciation costs is an audited statement of the past year 15, A farmer intends to increase the size of her ~ livestock farm by building an additional pig unit. Before doing this, the farmer should first prepare a complete budget farm inventory partial budget production record GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE Bae 16. Market information assists with the planning + of agricultural production because it 17 ~% ww. (A) tells the farmer what grade and quantity is required, and bow to protect crops against pests (B) tells the farmer when to plant but not when to harvest (©) gives an indication of the net farm income informs the farmer of the quantity, grade and price of the required product er When selecting harvested tomatoes for storage, the MOST important factor the farmer should consider is the (A) er © ©) shape of the fruits stage of maturity“ size of the fruit variety of tomato . Which of the following records would you advise a pig farmer to keep if his sole operation was the production of piglets for sale? (A) Dietary (B) Labour A@F Breeding (D) Inventory Which of the following is NOT a function of cooperatives in local and regional agriculture? (A) Enabling small producers to stay in business (B) Ensuring that governinental support given to small farmers is properly channeled (C) Arranging credit sind providing technical help Emphasizing the maximisation of profits at the expense of the public al 01203010/SPEC 2006 Item 20 refers to the following. A farming enterprise reported that output of cash crops was $54 000. The fixed costs were $20 000 and the variable costs were $10000. 20. wT) 2. 772. 23, By A 7) The farm profit was $54000+10000 (BY $54000- 10000 (©), $54 000-20000 $B) $54.00 - (20 000 + 10 000) Which of the above practices improves the oxygen and moisture content of the soil? (A) Liming BY Mulching” 467 Ploughing (D) Weeding Which of the following is MOST effective in reducing the occurrence of blockage in the nozzle of a knapsack sprayer? Selecting the correct chemicals ‘Mixing the spray properly Ensuring the presence of filters Replacing the nozzle (a) o) While spraying with an insecticide, you realise that the delivery hose is blocked. To correct this, you should quickly remove the nozzle, and clear it under running water very carefully place nozzle to your ‘mouth and blow it clear dismantle the spray unit and give it a thorough cleaning remove the lance, and clear the next section (A) @) © GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE A farmer needs to prune his tomato plants Which of the following is the MOST appropriate tool for him to use? (A) Cutlass (B) Budding knife (C)_, Sharp knife Secateur 25. Which of the following is BEST suited for the establishment of contour lines ia forploughing on aslope? AAT 'A' Level (B) Knapsack sprayer (C) Seed planter (D) Ridger 26. S The part of a bean seed which consists of the plumule and radicle is called the (A) testa (B)° cotyledon LT embryo (D) endosperm 21. Which of the following statements is NOT true of mitosis? (A) In asexual reproduction, cell division oceurs by mitosis. Mitosis produces adiploid number of chromosomes. (C) The process of mitosis can be Observed in the tip of a developing shoot Mitosis produces female gametes in the ovary. @) 28. Minerals in soils result from (A)\ decomposition of organic materials (B)_ a mixture oforganic matter and clay 42° the decomposition of rocks (D) the application of inorganic fertilizers 91203010/SPEC 2006 S5-y 29. Which of the following are aspects of biotechnology? = 1. Genetically engineered rice containing pro-vitamin A I, Increased crop yield due to healthier planting material derived from tissue culture Il, DNA fingerprinting to allow faster development of improved genotypes (A) Land II only.” (B) Iand I only (© Wand MI only @F |, Mand 30. Which of the following is/are tue? Soil conservation is of vital importance to a ~ farmer because 1 of the maintenance of soil fertility” I. it maintains the habitat of certain insect pests MI. it maintains the top soil at a rather Constant depth (A) Tonly Vand I only (©) Wand I only ©) Mand _ 31 Which of the following groups of factors is necessary for successful germination of seeds? L4e~ Moisture, air, suitable temperature (B) Moisture, sunlight, suitable temperature (C) Air, fertilizer, sunlight ©) Moisture, fertilizer, suitable temperature GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE -6- tem 32 refers to the diagram of a shoot shown 35. below. 32. Which of the following is the bud lahelled °X? in the diagram above? AS Axillary (B) Apical (C) Terminal (D) Flower 37 33. Which of the following is a MAJOR difference between monocots and dicots? (A) The size ofthe xylem andphloem BY The arrangement ofthe xylem and 4 phloem 38 (©) The functions of the xylem and phloem (D) The quantity of the xylem and phloem 24, Which ofthe following may be used as a natural vegetative process? Seeds Stem tubers Budding Grafting (a) By © ) The conservation of rain forests is of ecological importance because 1. they provide a source of great genetic diversity. IL they provide ideal conditions for grazing livestock. TH. -they play an important part in the water cycle by encouraging cloud formation Which of the above statements are correct? (A) Land I only ABY Land Il only (©) Mand Ill only (D) 1, Wand Il A heterozygous tall plant is crossed with a homozygous short plant. Tall is dominant overshot! The phenotype ofthe Fl generation will most likely be (A) all tall (B) all short (C) 25% tall, 75% short WY 50% tall, 50% short Postharvest losses are LEAST likely to occur in the process of {AF labelling (B) packaging (C) storage (D) transportation “Damping off” of tomato seedlings in a seed box is caused by (A) an aphid (B) anematode (©) avirs BF a fungus GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 39. Which of the following practices can BEST assist with both the maintenance of soil fertility and the control of pests and diseases? AAS” Crop rotation 40. (B) Heaving penmanuring (©) Multiplecropping (D) Soil fumigation Which of the following crops is MOST likely to be attacked by leaf miner? 4éy Tomato (B) Sugarcane (©) Yam (D) Banana Items 41 - 43 refer to the following terms. (A) Inbreeding (B) Crossbreeding “> °¢> (C) Backerossing +! ' (D) Upgrading For items 41-43, match each ofthe following statements with one of the options above. Each option may be used once, more than once or not at all, 4, 42, 43. The homozygous recessive is used to determine the genotype of individuals. Ges The mating of unrelated animals of the same species, = ev Usually the pure bred male is mated with the female which is a scrub. oye 44, .The purpose of the crop in the alimentary canal of the bird is to 45. 46. 47, (A) @®) © ©) chum and grind up food to aid digestion secrete digestive enzymes store ingested food absorb digested food into the blood stream Which of the above breeds is a good producer of bacon? ~ @) ) @) Landrace Jamaica Red HolsteinFreisian ~ Suffolk Which of the following breeds i a fanner LIKELY to select in upgrading her goat farm? A) © (Dd) Jamaica Hope Saanen BlackBelly Persian A balanced ration is BEST described as a (a) @) © feed which is given to young animals immediately afterbirth concentrate feed which has to be weighed, and must be very exact high protein diet given to pregnant and lactating animals ()- diet which contains all the food nutrients “needed in the correct portions GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE } | 48./ Poultry houses should be constructed with ‘——' the length of the building in an east to west direction to (A) facilitate proper ventilation » (B) reduce the direct rays of the sun (C) allow the sun's rays to destroy microorganisms (D) reduce the effect of strong winds 2/49. Which of the following statements about digestion is NOT true? (A) Cellulose digestion starts in the rumen, (B) The rabbit uses the caecum to digest “shrubs, (C) Chemical digestion of proteins starts in the abomasum. (D) Carbohydrate digestion is initiated in the gizzard of the bird. 50, The part of the egg which provides energy for the unhaiched chick is the (A) albumen (B) chalaza LO yolk (D) inner membrane } 51. Which of the following statements does NOT refer to the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in poultry? (A)_ Varies with the breed of the bird (B) Higher for pullets than cockrels (©) Refers to the relationship between feed consumption and weight gain (D) Decreases with age 01203010/SPEC 2006 52. \ Houses forbroilersshould (A) allow 1 m? per bird in the deep litter system (B) have a conerete wall 30 cm high all around 40) be built with slatted floors (D)Y be oriented in a north to south direction 53. Blotches, pimples and black scabs on the unfeathered parts of the bodies of poultry are signs of Fowl Pox “B) Roup (©) Cholera 34D) Newcastle 54. Hens lay good quality eggs without mating. Alll of these eges AAS are infertile (B) are fertile (©) may be successfully incubated (D) will hatch only under a broody hen 58. Young chicks are vaccinated to prevent (A) snufiles ? (B) coccidiosis {€) Newcastle (D)/ scaly legs 56. The female bee which carries out numerous tasks inside and outside a hive is a (A) queen SBF worker (©) nymph (D) drone GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE Ttem_57 is based on the parts of the digestive 59. system of poultry shown in the diagram below. Which of the following are symptoms of « serious incidenceofendo-parasitic infestation of poultry? I. Constant irritation Tr Food refusal Il. Watery faces with traces of blood (A) Tand Il only (By* Land Ill only (©) Wand Hit only ©) 1, Wand IT 60. The queen bee is (A) _ smaller than the worker bee YB) longer than the drone bee (©) the same size as the drone bee (D) the same size as the worker bee 57, Which organ chums and grinds up food to be. digested? 58. At the end of a broiler project, students are asked to take the liveweight of the birds and the weight of the meat, feathers and offal. These weights are used to calculate the (A) feed conversion ratio of the birds (BY. dressing percentage of the birds (C) efficiency of the students’ work (D) _ selling price ofthe broilers IF YOU FINISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED, CHECK YOUR WORK ON THIS TEST. 01203010/SPEC 2006