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If you have been unable to get an appointment through your agent, you might want to consider
coming to the Open Call - details below.
STARS shine brighter at sea.
Pineapple Dance Studios
7 Langley Street
Covent Garden London WC2H 9JA
For cast changes in 2015 we are seeking:
Male and Female Singers
AIDA Cruises is seeking highly skilled and versatile singers (rock, pop, modern musical) for
entertainment productions on our eleven cruise liners, including our newest ship AIDAprima.
Candidates must have strong acting abilities, personalities, and movement ability for set
Contracts begin with a rehearsal period in Hamburg/Germany followed by on-board employment
of various lengths (3-6 months) including competitive pay and additional benefits.
Tuesday, FEB 10th, 2015
09:30 am: Singer Open Call Sign-In
10:00 am: Singer Auditions
Wednesday, FEB 11th, 2015
Final Callbacks
Applicants must be 18+.
Please provide a current rsum and headshot.
Please prepare two songs (1632 bars / ballad & up-tempo) of contrasting styles (rock, pop,
modern musical) and bring your own sheet music and suitable dance clothes (Ladies, bring flats
& heels)

Royal Carribean Productions

Set amidst the razzle-dazzle decadence of the 1920's, CHICAGO is the story of Roxie Hart, a
housewife and nightclub dancer who murders her lover after he threatens to walk out on her.

Desperate to avoid conviction, she dupes the public, the media, and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by
hiring Chicago's slickest criminal lawyer to transform her malicious crime into a barrage of sensational
headlines, the likes of which might just as easily be ripped from today's tabloids.

(Lead - Mezzo with Belt/Strong Dancer)

Female, plays 20's-50's. Quick-witted, chorus girl, whose sexy innocence belies her willingness to do
anything to have her name in lights - including murder. Excellent dancer, with strong sense of self.

(Alto with Belt)

Female, plays 30's-50's. Matronly with an edge. Runs the Cook County Jail with slippery loyalties to
female inmates. A fan of the girls' fame. Character actress with comic ability and tough power. Great
belt a must.

(Lead - Baritone/Strong Mover)

Male, plays 30's-50's. Dashing, good looks and charm. A smart, wheeler-dealing lawyer good at
manipulating truths with a likable demeanor. Strong mover.

Male, plays 30's-50's. Roxie's gullible husband. Vulnerable, social misfit, blind to Roxie's true colors by
his needy love for her. Must have an affable likability and sincerity.

(Lead - Mezzo with Belt/Strong Dancer)

20's-50's. Exotic vampy, well-known performer who's used sex appeal and keen, manipulative skills to
keep her in public news. An imprisoned murderess who sees Roxie's growing fame to be a threat.
Excellent dancer with strong sense of style.

(Counter Tenor - Falsetto [Sopr. Range] High Bb)

Male to play female. A talk-show hostess, gossip monger who feigns a good-natured exterior to grab
the scoop for her gossip column.

Come prepared with your best 16-32 bars of 2 contrasting up-tempo pieces. The 1st
piece should be a musical theater number and the 2nd piece contemporary pop/R&B. Sheet
music is required in the proper key. Singers will be taught a movement combination. Singers
will also perform in our 2nd production show. Vocal versatility a plus.

We are casting versatile dancers with excellent technique in ballet, jazz and possess a
strong Fosse style. Dancers should have good strong singing voices as they will be required to
sing in the ensemble and have solo acting spots. Please prepare 16 - 32 bars of 2 contrasting
pieces in the style of CHICAGO. Sheet music required in the proper key.