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Von: Frank Ebeling <FrankEbeling@online.

Datum: 20. Mai 2015 11:48:17 MESZ
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I am super happy to finally write directly to you ! Thanks alot to Frank Ebeling, the Festival team and You to have made it possible for next Saturday ! Hurrah!!
I would like to introduce myself and the project a little bit (as I did for the singers who came last Saturday).
Of course it takes a bit of time to read this but I think unfortunately I wont have any time on Saturday to explain my project since we arrive at noon with the orchestra and the concert is at 3pm it will be a very big
challenge timewise! Because we need to soundcheck, and, rehearse with you, and, rehearse a little other tunes with the orchestra ! fiou!
So please if you feel you want to know why you come to singyou could read this interview I have made translate in order to explain better the aim of that thing well do togetherthank you for your atention.

* text
Published 25 February 2015 - N 230

Perfect representative of a new generation of European musicians, the pianist, composer and band leader Eve Risser is the founder of the White Desert Orchestra. A ten-piece band augmented by a choir,
the music echoes the shock felt by the young musician when she discovered the canyons of the American west. It was one of the most anticipated creations of the 2015 edition of the Banlieues Bleues
Between prepared piano, a domain where we've often heard you, and a ten piece orchestra... there's quite a difference! How did you come up with the White Desert Orchestra project?
Eve Risser: I think in reality I've always taken on the piano and the orchestra experience, for example my five years with the National Jazz Orchestra... I play in several other large ensembles and at the
moment I've got ten different groups going, ranging from duos to a ten-piece band. I first created a ten-piece band when I finished my studies at the Conservatory of Paris, five years ago, but I've waited
for the right moment to commit completely. I now feel the need to express myself with a bigger sound, just as a painter might want to work with bigger brushes and canvas. And this with musicians that
I've chosen very carefully, who are very talented, and with whom I have the impression of being able to explore in all directions, very assiduously. Ten fingers, ten musicians. It's a form of orchestration
of the piano, which is already an "orchestra-instrument".
This new musical project was inspired by the canyons of the American west. The word "canyon" immediately recalls Olivier Messiaen and his From the Canyons to the Stars. Did you make this
connection too?
Eve Risser: I know the piece by Messiaen, it's a magnificent work that I adore, but I discovered it later on. He was obviously just as impressed as I was, contemplating Bryce Canyon in Utah. I've never

Eve Risser: I know the piece by Messiaen, it's a magnificent work that I adore, but I discovered it later on. He was obviously just as impressed as I was, contemplating Bryce Canyon in Utah. I've never
seen anything so magnificent, created by nature and erosion over time, with thousands of fairy chimneys called "Hodos" reaching to the sky. It looks like an enormous choir of singers ready to intone the
most powerful of earthly songs! This is why I added the choir to the project. The human voice is very good at transmitting vibrations. In that calm and empty country, sometimes snowy, I could
physically feel very strongly the force and ages of the earth. A mystical experience! The crevasses, the holes in the ground, are a source of great tension, the air vibrates between the walls of the canyon.
The gorges are like a wound. Finally you can see the interior of the earth as if it were the interior of an open skin. It's very moving. More generally I like the empty spaces, the calm of the desert and the
silence of the snow... I think all these images were already omnipresent in my prepared piano work.
How did you conceive the orchestration of this music and therefore the choice of musicians in the orchestra? The Norwegian trumpet player Evind Lnning for example...
Eve Risser: He's a great musician who, like all the other musicians in the orchestra, moves between written music and improvisation, jazz, classical, contemporary and experimental music. The
orchestration of the White Desert Orchestra is on the frontier between chamber music and big-band jazz, with the possibility of going to the extremes of sound, towards an energy that is more rock or
free, or more electric (electric guitar, electro-acoustic bass, drums, saxophone) and towards a more intimate and classic kind of chamber jazz, more acoustic (bassoon, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone,
piano). All these musical worlds and knowledge represent music that we have as baggage. It's very exciting to have all this vocabulary in common, as well as the desire to develop the sound of a tenpiece group, without blinkers on.

Interview by Jean-Luc Caradec

Translated by Arjan Kok


* photos
Now I would like to show you some pictures of the Canyons and the Earth Skin Cut :
1)the Rio Grande in New Mexico (USA)
2) same
3) The Bryce Canyon in Utah (USA)

Im sorry, there was a mistake in the score I sent you regarding EARTH SKIN CUT.
As you can hear it is in 3/4 instead of 4/4 (its even in 3/2 but I prefered to write it in 3/4)
Ive correctes this and the score now is below here :























































So the idea is the choir comes out by surprise at the concert. People wont know about your presence.
Please dont tell people ! (except your closed friends who wanna comme to listen to you of course but they have to be discrete!!!)
You will seat in the public where I will tell you on Saturday and you will listen to the concert of The White Desert Orchestra (hope tahts ok for you:-) and listen for about 40 minutes of music.
Then you will know in what tune you will start to make some noises because we will rehearse that on Saturday.
You will also see a special sign for you to make sure its the right moment and have no hesitation.
I explain eveyrhting which will happen but I will give you a conductor and explain again on Saturdaybut if you wonder what will happen please read this like a story
Of course its better if you know the songs by heart (if you can of course otherwise you can keep the sheet no problem!)
Then I will explain Saturday but you will whisper and play with the words of this following sentence : Das Licht zittert und schreit !
Then you will sing/improcise on "O-o-o-o-o randomly and walk in the public where I will tell you and the orchestra will give you a Bb in order to sing that unisson.
Then it will be the chaos sound from the orchestra and you will hold the Bb unisson very loud and go to the place I will tell you and the orchestra will give you the first chord of the song THE AIR OF THE VOID.
Then you will sing the A of that tune in loop with lyrics and the orchestra will slowly calm down. You will appear more and more.
And when I give a sign you will sing the B . Im figuring out where you will be to be able to see the sign. I will tell you on Saturday.
You will have no conductor for that piece maybe but the more experimented singers will help the less ones in order to give the notes, the pitces and the tempo..but you will hear the orchestra also.
It would be amazing to not need too much of th instruments when you sing that but we will see how it goes Saturday.
SO we end that pice.
And then we bow and I say thank you and introduce the musicians.
Then you reach an other place and will be a bit divided in two groups to sing EARTH SKIN CUT.
The Orchestra starts and play. Then I count 4 bars and show it to you and you come in very loud !
Then its an Alto Saxophone Solo and you will sing less loud.
Then you will again sing louder.

We will end all together on the first bar of the tune and everybody will sing that note G#.
You will have a sign for that.
->>>NOW IVE GOT A QUESTION : WHO IS CHOIR CONDUCTOR ? its not sure but I might need some help.. thank you for your answer.


*clothes !:-)
You dress like you come to concerts, could be nice clothes but not a special color, or maybe if you could have a white or light color shirt or t-shirt under a pull-over that you pull away last moment would be grt.
But if you dont have one its ok.


*LETS HAVE FUN NOW ! ( I mean, after the big work on Saturday
Merci beaucoup
Danke Shn
Thank you very much

Eve Risser

+33 6 88 18 90 15