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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Lopez, Quezon

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in

Engl. 2043 (Business Communication in
Report writing)

Report Writing


Renerose P. Camagon

Rodora Argente

Abraham Barameda

Florelio Briones

Armilyn Buerano

Submitted to;

Pedro Cortez Jr.

This program allows you to type anything out from a school essays to
business papers. You can make your paper look very neat by adding images
and neat looking text to impress your teacher. Now and days typing out
essays and report are mandatory, especially in high school. Computers help
student in any way they nee, researching, typing and searching.

3. Teachers

Teachers use computers as well. They use computer to keep track of grades,
type out instruction for their students, and to let students use computers for
school purposes.

V. Benefits of using computer.

A. The benefits are easier research, better gaming, it’s easier to

communicate with, it makes business better, it makes it easier to stop.

Computer changed the world a lot. It helped man step forward into the
future. Thanks to computers, space exploration came true, new design of
vehicles and other transportation were made, entertainment became more
entertaining, medical science made cures for diseases, etc… The computers
impacted our lives in many ways. You may not notice it but they did make
life a lot easies. Without computers, the world would be a harder place to live
in. Thanks to the computer, everyday those computers are taking away man
power. That maybe true but computer did make the impossible possible.

B. Advantages of computer

Computers processes data faster

Computers are more accurate

Computers are efficient

C. More Advance Uses

Once basic of computer take are learned, the computer user may become
more venturesome and decide to explore more of the ever-increasing power
of the computer. Placing designs or picture in a word-processed document is
the next natural step in computer literacy development. To do this, a
graphics or drawing program is needed. These programs are generally
designed to allowing the user to draw any figure, adjust its size or shape,
changes its shading or position, and then add text, color, or other drawings.
The user can save the completed graphic on a disk, get a print-out or insert
that drawing in another document. The most efficient way to do this is
through multi-tasking. Multi-tasking means performing more than job at a
time. On a computer, users can work with more than one software program
at a time and transfer information between programs. Transferring
information from one software package to another is just like cutting a
picture out of a magazine and pasting it into a report for school. In
computing, the same steps are followed electronically-cutting and pasting.
Multi-tasking can also be used to print one document while the user is busy
working on another one.