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Twisted Front Skirt 03/2012

By: burda style magazine

Modern skirt sewing pattern with twisted front waistband. burda style magazine patterns FAQ

Skirt fabric (in this case Natt) , fabric width: 160 cm (63 ins), length: 1.30 m (1 1/2 yds) for all sizes.
Vilene/Pellon G 785. Vilene Bias Tape/stay tape. 1 invisible zipper, 22 cm (9 ins) long, and a special presser

Step 1 Preparations

Paper cut for ANSI A (German DIN A4) prints:

This pattern is printed on 8.5 11 sheets of plain paper. Do not scale or center pages before printing. Wait
until all sheets are printed out before beginning to tape them together. Do not cut out pattern pieces yet
Arrange the sheets on a large, hard, flat surface so that they fit together, matching up like numbers and letters
(i.e. 6A to 6A). To tape pattern together, fold under the margin of one piece (6A) and tape right against the
line of its matching number/letter (6A).
Trace the pattern pieces from the pattern sheet following the lines and markings for the correct size.
Trace the pocket piece from piece 1 as a separate pattern piece, it is the same for all sizes.
burda style magazine pattern do not have seam allowance included.
Seam and hem allowances to be added: Seams and edges 1.5 cm (5/8 in), hem 4 cm (1 5/8 ins).

Step 2 Cutting out

1 front skirt panel with

integrated yoke 2x
pocket piece 4x
2 back skirt panel 2x
3 front waistband, on a fold 2x
4 back waistband 4x
Interfacing: Interface outer waistband pieces. Iron Vilene Bias Tape/stay tape to upper edge of inside
waistband pieces.

Step 3 Sewing

Lay front skirt panels right sides facing. Stitch front edges together below marking. Spread the skirt panels
apart. Press seam allowances open, then go on to press edges under as far as upper marking.
First, on right front skirt panel, fold upper part (integrated yoke) downwards at an angle and lay toward the
right side seam edge. Pin edges right sides together, from seam number 1 to marking. Lay the lower edge of
outer front waistband piece over it, right fabric side of waistband lies on wrong fabric side of integrated yoke.
Pin from seam number 1 to marking and stitch. Trim allowances to 1 cm (3/8 in) wide, including those on
opening, next to marking. Turn waist band and integrated yoke up and press seam allowances down. Fold the
loose left half of the waistband backwards and pin. Pull integrated yoke of left front skirt panel out from
inside, through the opening in right side seam, then turn down toward left side seam edge, at an angle (right
sides facing). Pin edges together from seam number 1 to marking. Pin left half of waistband in place over it.
Stitch from side seam edge to marking. Trim the seam allowances and press down. Baste the yokes to the
waistband on side seam edges and on upper edge, each up until marking.
Stitch the darts in the back skirt panels and press toward the center. Stitch the outer back waistband pieces to
back skirt panels. Press the seam allowances up.
Stitch the side seams, not stitching across the pocket openings. Press seam allowances open. Pin pocket
pieces right sides together with seam allowances of pocket opening edges. Stitch pocket pieces in place, close
to side seams, and along seam line at pocket openings. Press pocket pieces forward and stitch together. Pin
upper pocket edges in place and stitch from right side along horizontal seam.

Sew invisible zip to back waistband pieces and skirt panels. Stitch centre back seam from lower edge to zip.
Stitch side seams of inside waistband. Lay inside waistband right sides together with outside waistband/
yokes. Pin upper edges together, not catching twisted yokes at centre front, between markings. At zipper slit,
turn inside waistband back, approx. 5 mm (3/16 in) before edge of slit, and pin to upper edge. On the skirt,
turn allowances of slit edges to outside and pin to upper edge, over inside waistband. Stitch along upper edge
of waistband. Trim seam allowances and clip allowances at centre front. Turn allowances on slit edges to
inside. Turn inside waistband up and stitch to seam allowances, as far as possible, close to seam. Turn inside
waistband to inside and sew to zip tapes. Work from right side to stitch along joining seam, catching inside
edges of back waistband pieces. Hand sew inside edge of front waistband piece in place, as far as possible.
Press hem allowance to inside and sew in place by hand.

Twisted Front Skirt 03/2012