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Sustainable Poly-Culture Fish Practices in Nigeria: an Economic Analysis

A Gender Analysis of Economic Efficiency in Cassava-based Farm Holdings in

South-Western Nigeria
Factors influencing the Adoption of Fertilizer Technology in Osun State of Nigeria
Economic Analysis of Fish Consumption in Ibadan: Implications for Food and
Nutrition Policies
Economics of Millet Production under Different Cropping Systems in selected
states of Nigeria.
A Socio-Economic History of Food Crop Production in Nigeria: a Study of Selected
food crops
An Appraisal of Urban Agriculture in Nigeria
Agricultural Productivity and Rural-Urban Migration : the case of Nigeria
The Comparative Effects of Interest Rates and Non-Price Factors on Rural Savings
Supply among Rural Women Farmers in Nigeria
Ajustment Strategies of Livestock Entreprises in a depressed Economy a Study of
Poultry Entreprises in Nigeria
Constraints to Adoption of Recommended Multiple Cropping Systems and
Implications of their Non-Adoption to Rural Poverty in Nigeria
Socio-Economic Factors Associated with the Adoption of Alley Farming
Technology by Small-Scale Farmers
Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria: Determinants and Impact
A Dynamic Specification of Aggregate Money Demand Function in Nigeria: 1960-
The Political Economy of Central Bank Reforms: The Nigerian Case
Leadership styles and organisational change in Industries a Study of Nigerian
selected Companies
Taboo and Ethnolinguistic Assimilation
Logic and Law: the Extent of Comptability within Philosophical Justice
The Political Context of the Islamic Business Enterprise in Nigeria
A Moral Response to the Conflict of Interests between Human and Nonhuman
Loanword Nativization: A Generative View of the Phonological Adaptation of
Yoruba Loanwords
The Question for Fulfilment by Black Females in the United States: a reading of
four Novels by Wright, Symbolism and South African Prose: A Study of 19th
Century South African Novels of English Expression
Intellectual Tradition in Sokoto Emirate
The Sources of Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Nigerian
The Relationship between Inflation and the Structure of the Nigerian Economy
Strategies for Enhancing The Environmental Awareness of Home-Makers in
Mother-Adolescent Daughter sexuality Communication Patterns: Implications for
Promoting Intra-Family Sexuality Communication
The Standardization of two Diagnostic Instruments and their Use in clarifying
learning Disabilities in Nigerian School Children
Parents' and Teachers'Attitude Towards Young Children's Play
Disruptive Behaviours among Pre-Primary and Primary School Pupils in Nigeria
The Response of Women's Health Status to Home Environmental Management in
Nigeria: The Implication for Sustainable Home Environment
Assessment of the Operations of Prison Vocational Training Programmes in
Effects on an Ethnoscience-based Instructional Package on Students Conception
of Scientific Phenomena and Attitude to Science
The Impact of two Curriculum Packages in Environmental Education in Biology on
Learners'Performance, Problem-Solving Abilities and Environmental
A History of Colonial Education in Nigeria,
Prospects for Sustainable Wildlife Resource Utilisation and Management in Nigeria
Human Induced Disasters in Urban Areas: A Vulnerability Analysis of Nigerian city
A Comparative Analysis of Credit Use and Repayment Performance of Group and
Non-Group Women Farmers under the Community Banking System in Nigeria
Informal Financial Sector and Saving-Investment Process in Nigeria : evidence
from five South-Informal Financial Sector and Saving - Investment Process in
Nigeria : evidence from Five South-Western States
Exchange Rate Disequilibrium and Inflation in Nigeria : an Empirical Study
Impact of Interest Rate Policy and Financial Reforms on Economic Growth in the
Economic growth in Nigeria: Studies on Epidemiology and Effects of Human
Onchocerciasis on Productivity and Social Lives of Rural Communities in Nigeria.
Knowledge, Use, and Awareness of Reproduction Health Services among youths:
a case study in secondary schools
Sexually Transmitted Infections: Prevalence, Behavioural Patterns and Coping
Strategies among Adolescents
Gender and Social Network Factors in Health Behaviour
The Effect of Infant Feeding Habbit on Health and Nutritional Status of Infants and
Lactating Mothers in Nigeria Local Government Areas LGA
Knowledge, Use, and Awareness of Reproduction Health Services Among Youths:
a Case Study in Secondary Schools

The Relationship between Nuptiality and Fertility in Yoruba Society

Public Perception of Criminal Justice System in Borno State

A Critical Examination of Consumer Protection Law and Practice in Nigeria

Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth in Nigeria
A Socio-Economic Appraisal of Inland Water Transport in Nigeria
Adoption of Improved Cassava Varieties by Women, Farmers in Rural Areas in

Criminology, Depressive Mood, Self-Concept, Locus of Control and Adolescent

Substance use in Nigeria

Drug Addiction and Social Rehabilitation: A Case Study of Lagos, Nigeria

Substance Abuse as Stress Coping Strategy in a Depressed Economy in Nigeria

Male Reproductive Behaviour Spousal Communication and Family Size Among the
Yorubas of South - Western Nigeria.
Spatial Patterns of Production Subcontracting in Nigeria; a case Study of
The Relationship between Structure and context in Manufacturing in the Nigerian
Sustainable Development and Energy Shortage:
Impact of Computer Mediated Communication Technologies (CMCTS) on Users
Interpersonal Orientation and Job Satisfaction :
Socio-economic Analysis of Fuel wood Production and Consumption in Nigerian
selected State
The Law of the Sea and Nigeria's Marine Policy: a critical Evaluation
Manpower Mobility and the Flexibility of Labour Market Under the Nigeria's
Structural Adjustment Programme 1986-1996
Determinants of Cancer Mobility of Women in Selected Banks in Nigeria
High-Level Manpower Production and Utilization in Manufacturing industries: a
Study of South Western Nigeria 1975-1995

Pattern of Wife Abuse Within Families in Nigeria

An Eclectic Philosophical Hermeneutics of African Personality
Socio-Economic and Cultural Factors Affecting Women's Work, Health and
Nutritional Status
Psychosocial Determinants of Abnormal sexual Behaviours and the Efficacy of
Behavioural Psychotherapy: a Study of the Nigerian Clergy and Catholic Reverend
Influence of Rural Credit Facilities on Gender Relations at Household Level : a
case study of Poverty Project in Nigerian states
Socio-cultural contexts of fertility among the South-Eastern Nigeria
Knowledge, Attitude and Use of Contraceptive Methods Among Unmarried
Polytechnic and universities Students in Nigeria.
Gender Differences in the Perception of Male Sexuality in Southwest, Nigeria
Response of Women Farmers'savings Supply to Interest Rate and Non-Price
Determinants in Nigeria: The Implications for Rural Women Productivity.
Factors Influencing Adoption Behaviour of Women Farmers in Rural Areas of
Nigerian States: A case study of improved Cassava Varieties.

The Doctrine of Judicial Review and the Obligation to obey the Law
Sectoral Water Demand and Consumption in Nigeria
Aesthetics of Democratisation in Modern Nigerian Drama
A Comparative Study of Democratisation Process in Nigeria
The Federal Character Principle as an Instrument of National Integration in Nigeria
The Press Under Military Rule in Nigeria
Ethics in Nigerian Public Administration: A Study of the Federal Civil Service.
Politics and Nationalism in Nigeria
Location and Neighbourhood Effects on Urban Housing Values: Case Study of
Metropolitan Cities in nigeria
Factors Motivating Extramarital Sexuality and their Implications for STDs/HIV
Transmission in
Role of Attitude and Beliefs about STIs/ /Aids in Sexual Behaviour of Men in

Festival, a dieing Tradition: A case study of Olosunta, Ikere Ekiti. Ekiti Etate

The Impact of accounting in agricultural sector in Nigeria

an analysis of physical education fitness on student performance

Relationship between effective teaching of social studies at junior secondary school level
and contribution to Millineum development goal

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