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" , , "

It was a dream talking to you.
We are living on one land and under one sky, but we cannot talk to each other.
Two things we cannot deny, no common language and wrong ideas, how we can talk and about what?
That what I'd been trying to live with, the fact that dozens of expatriates from Europe, North, America, and Asia are living all over the
Kingdom with no need to know anything about Arabic language except Salam Alyikom, Marhaba.
Added to full working schedules with extremely few institutes teaching Arabic that do cost a large sum of money.
I tried and still trying to do my best to make our verity collection of "learning Arabic" programs to be the answers for your prays.
let me share something with you about ACC, in 2007 and after a promising start with three students, I planned to have this slogan: Learn
a new language, and discover a new world.. It did its job of attraction, it attracted over 60 different nationality, men, women also "kids",
ages from 6 to 55 years. with one common thing, honest desire in learning everything about the language from communicating ending
up with writing.
And being Muslim, made me felt that it is my responsibility to correct the false idea that Islam is equated with terrorism, and so through
teaching, I insist to educate various people of the world about the truth of the religion of Islam.
To be honest, I was really impressed with your "happiness" to listen to me and to listen to me with my language, impressed with your
"happiness" to understand me and my language, and I was more than impressed with how easy was!
That's all made me turn the slogan into: "where you can learn Arabic the easiest way possible". Well, that's what really happening!
It was a dream talking to you! It was a dream talking to you with my language!
I wake up every day, and cannot stop telling myself that is not dream anymore!
It is real.

Moodhy Al-hajry

The right hand for every other member. No Abdullah, no work.

Teacher of teachers. Everything you learned about in Arabic from our
centre should has a relation with him.

Simplicity, decently and humility. Teaching Arabic form daily life his own
and extremely fit philosophy.

Godfather for all the centre's teachers. From strategies to techniques,
but the most teachable thing of his was his deep loving for the language.

We are here in the ACC introducing the Arabic culture &

heritage in an atmosphere that is surrounded by the original
Arabic hospitality. Teaching Arabic is a passion to each & every
staff member in the ACC. We are all here together with our
knowledge , experience, and the latest techniques of teaching
the language aspire to achieve one and only one goal

A coherent educational community where Arabic & Arabic

culture are introduced and acquired by the most up-to-date
and enjoyable ways.

Who said that managers of top companies and

university professors do not deserve to have a good
old time once in a while? The Arabic Cultural Center
organizes field trips to the beautiful Corniche, historical
sites, open houses and local restaurants to get a taste of
Saudi cuisine. Now, fewer barriers lie between you and
learning Arabic, enjoying the awesome tourist spots, and
becoming friends with your Saudi, Syrian, and Egyptian
neighbors and co-workers.

Learning Arabic With ACC

We place great value on exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and learning

from each other. The Arabic Cultural Center teaches students from 41
different nationalities with different background and cultures. Through
the ties that we try to create between people in the Arab World and other
countries of all religions, we help to break down the barriers to
We then work on these links in education and culture to build lasting
relationships based on trust, mutual understanding and respect.

Arabic Between Your Hands" is the textbook at the core of the

academic program. This textbook is one of the most successful and
most popular Arabic courses used around the world. The books use
modern topics of high interest to both teachers and students alike.
Creativity in content and enjoyable activities encourage students to
properly apply the language skills they learn.
computer assisted learning is an exciting part of studying at the
Arabic Cultural Center. The activities performed through the
computers reinforce the course curriculum.

Arabic or is a nothing but beauty.

We thought that it is our vision or our own point of view, but we
were mistaken.
In fact, all learners are sharing us the same vision after couple of
sessions, if that wasn't from day one.
A lot of people may think that Arabic is a difficult language, we can
say in a manner that it is true for it is enormous no. of grammars,
pronouns, question words, possessives.. add to that the
linguistics phenomena Al-I'rab or " ".
Calligraphy is another story of beauty, either it was wavy, squired,

Thuluth or , Naskh or , Diwany or , Faresi or , Kufi

or or Ruqa or Marghrabi or Tahriri, even the contemporary
calligraphy or free style just like we call it, they are all meaning and
attaching with beauty.
The first step to learn beauty is to see it,
then to feel it,
then to be passionate about.
And so, passion was the only key to learn Arabic, and to be honest
it is the only key to teach it.
And when you teach passion with passion you should know and
believe that you are teaching an Art, art of beauty, art of passion.

Our staff are highly qualified, university graduates, certified from

Arabic Language studies with background of both Arabic as a first
language and English as a second language.

In the heart of the fired-up city, Al-khobar, on PEPSI road

Learning Arabic at our school is meaningful, effective, rewarding

and fun! Great success is achieved when language is taught with an
interactive communicative approach in a student-centered
classroom. We believe it is critical for students to have
opportunities to personalize language through conversational
studies that allow them to use their knowledge and experiences as
they express their unique ideas and opinions. Beginners start by
dealing basic topics such as learning introducing them, speaking
about their countries, ordering food etc.

During the course of the Arabic language program, the learning

doesnt stop once class is over, because while living in a country
where Arabic is the common language, you will constantly practice
what you learned in class. Within a short period of time, you will
obtain the language skills that will help you to communicate
fluently in Arabic. Our Arabic program offered through Language
Skills is intended to enable the student to learn Arabic as rapidly as
possible. We teach fus'ha regardless all the dialects in Arab world- it
is the standard language in all these countries.

we build a centre for our self there so you can reach

us from anywhere easily.

What is General Arabic program?

This course is designed to improve your language in the following
1. Listening and Conversation:
You will hear people speaking in many different contexts. You will
talk in pairs, in groups or as a class with the many speaking
activities practiced throughout the course. Conversation practice is
an essential component to our course.
2. Vocabulary:
Increase and improve your existing vocabulary. With a better
vocabulary base, you will be able to speak and write Arabic more
3. Grammar and writing:
Many students think grammar is boring! But at ACC studying
grammar is both instructive and fun .And of course, with improved
grammar will come improved writing.
4. Reading:
Reading is one of most important features of our General Arabic
course .We concentrate our improving your comprehension and
general reading speed.
5. Progress checks:
Frequent progress checks lets you and the teacher check your
development .It will also let you know what needs to be reviewed
for the ACC mid term and final exams.

Tests, presentations and evaluation

To move through sublevels you have to pass 2 exams, 2 oral
presentations and one final exam with over 60%.
What is GA Private tutoring program
ACC offers private tuition for individuals who wish to study Arabic
on a one to one basis with an instructor. Couples or friends can
arrange the same for themselves only. Private tuition can be
designed to suit your specific needs and requirements. Most
importantly, we can arrange the days and timing suitable to your
personal schedule .If you are interested in arranging private tuition,
please ask the administration.

How to choose between GA and GA-private tutoring

Minimum number of the class

Maximum number of the class
Ability of brining with no other members
Flexibility of changing classes times/days
Flexibility of changing classes durations
Availability of all week days


GA Private tutoring

Proficiency Levels:
GA Student needs 24 hours to finish a sublevel, GA Private Student needs 14 hours to finish a sublevel in average, and the descriptions
for each level apply to a learner at the top of that level, not to one just entering it.
The GA has six levels, each level has no. of modules as it shown below
Pre- Elementary
Advanced level







Can understand a few everyday expressions of simple functions in
known situations, and can produce some single words and set
phrases in response, or can make requests using, for example, a
single word' + please'( 'Salt, please .)'Little structural grasp ,except
in reading ,where (s)he can recognize the existence of a few basic
structural contrasts even if not always certain exactly what they
mean. Can substitute items in one or two structural patterns
in writing ,but not manipulate the patterns any further.
Can understand the gist of a commonplace conversation in English,
though not in detail, and can produce English well enough to take
part if spoken to carefully. Can also initiate conversation by asking
questions on a range of everyday topics( e.g. sport, or food) and can
perform most everyday social and practical functions( e.g. buying
things in shops, going to the doctor )well enough to survive
comfortably. In reading can grasp the full meaning( content)
including details, of simpler authentic texts (e.g. instructions on a
packet) with the exception of a few of the less common words,
including understanding the sense of most basic structures (e.g.
verb tense and modals .)Can write coherent short compositions
using simple but varied structures correctly on a variety of nonspecialist topics (e.g.. telling stories, personal letters, giving and
explaining an opinion shortly)

Can understand many simple expressions of everyday
basic functions in familiar situations and sometimes grasp what the
basic topic of a conversation in English is.
Can produce understandable questions and answers involving
information above basic, even if structures often go wrong and
words are not known. In reading can follow very simplified stories
or information, and recognize the meanings of a number of
structural contrasts but connected sentences on a given topic with
some awareness of the forms required, even if not always using
them correctly.

Can understand the gist of a commonplace conversation involving
fluent speakers, provided that some allowances are made, or
occasional help given. Can produce well enough to make substantial
relevant contributions (e.g. of an example or story clearly related to
the topic) and to get full and satisfactory information from other
speakers by questioning as necessary. Is functionally competent for
all everyday negotiations except where completely unpredictable
problems arise. In reading can get the gist/intention of most
straightforward (i.e. non-stylised) authentic texts and
can write effective communications of information or opinion, but
perhaps with a number of errors, or problems arising from inability
to handle some of the more complex structures.
Can understand native speakers of everyday standard Arabic ,even
when not being directly addressed, and can therefore take part in
normal interaction on almost the same terms as a native speaker .
Can produce speech fluent enough to convey feeling, to argue and
maintain a point of view, or to convey complex information (e.g.
explaining a process) to a listener. In reading ,can use specialist
books written in Arabic to acquire specialist knowledge (including
new terminology), can recognize and respond to different styles of
writing and, to some extent, to shades of meaning.
Can write fluently and with relatively few errors, not only on any
topic but also in a range of styles


Can understand well enough to hold a continuous conversation
with a native speaker, even where the speaker does not, or cannot,
adapt his/her language to a foreigner .Can produce well enough to
initiate new topics, change the subject, and generally take part in the
management of the conversation rather than merely responding.
Can manage all normal life functions with ease, and cope
linguistically with completely new situations (e.g. a negotiation in a
shop not going according to expectations). In reading ,can
understand the majority of any non-specialist, modern text and
begin to respond to different 'registers 'or types of writing. Can
produce fluent writing on most kinds of topic ,including arguing for
an opinion, and can use complex sentence structures without many

What Is Takallam program?

Takallam Program is an open conversational course where you will be learning and practicing Arabic in a very comfortable and active
ACC uses the communicative approach to teach grammar, speaking and listening. Every Week there will be a new topic to be discussed in
the class room such as The hospital, the car, the family..etc.
The Structure and grammar will remain the same for all the topics at the same level zone, so the student will not feel left behind when
s/he stops and resumes.
A Grammar booklet is provided for every level. The Student must finish 96 Hours of Takallam In order to move to a higher level.
What is unique about Takallam program?
Takallam card is a package of hours you can buy from ACC and only the classes you attend will be deducted from the total hours you
Takallam is a conversational program that improves your conversational skills and increase your vocabulary, also Takallam is :
Practical and flexible program.
You can keep the card up to 60 days and resume your classes with no problem.
You can choose and attend only what you are interested in regarding to the list of the topics as every week there is a different
topic to be discussed in the class.
What is the qualifications you need to join Takallam program?
You have to take the placement test maid of to
You may ask for
Registration form below

1. With family
5. At the supermarket
9. At the restaurant
13. At the air port
17. On the street
21. In the garden
25. At the meeting room
29. At the national
33. At the amusement
37. In the charity

Program hours card:

2. At home
6. At the shop
10. At the hospital
14. At the plane
18. At the library
22. In the real state
26. At the police

3. What do you do?

7. At the bakery
11. At the dental clinic
15. At the hotel
19. In the institute
23. At the car workshop

4. In the car
8. At the bus
12. At the flying agency
16. At the beach
20. At the general library
24. At the manager

27. At the jail

28. At the orphanage

30. At the caf

31. At the barber shop

32. At the beauty salon

34. At the bank

35. At exchanging bank

36. At the prom

38. In a picnic

39. In Paris

40. At the paper factory

Calligraphy course
This course is designed for non- Arabic speakers in order to teach
them the beautiful Art of Arabic calligraphy using the latest
strategies. The program offers blended classroom sets which
include printed materials teaching aides such as wooden letters,
magnetic parts of alphabet shapes, and some particular types of Group / outside arrangement
pens. Each student will receive Arabic calligraphy books,
workbooks and some materials.
Do Your employees wish to understand everything happens around
them? Do they wish to
communicate with Arabs in their own language and be part of any
Arabic for kids
conversation? Do they want to deal with their colleagues and their
bosses in a better way?
We here at ACC use the interactive approach in teaching Arabic as
Dont worry they can speak Arabic now..
a second language. Grammar comes naturally when the kids listen
The Arabic Cultural Center is now offering Corporate Training of
to the way people actually speak. By listening to and repeating
Arabic instructions for companies in their place and at their
actual conversations, they will learn to speak Arabic. This program
convenient time.
is for young learners ages 6 11. The course includes the four skills This is the great opportunity for all the training managers to enroll
(Speaking, reading, writing and listening). With the use of songs,
their staff in our classes weather .
classroom activities and games, the program will interest children 6
11 and make the learning experience both instructive and fun.


September 10thto September 14th .


September 17thto October 12th .


October 8th to October 12th .


October 15th to November 16th .


November 12th to November 16th.


November 19th to December 14th .

Session 8

Session 9

Session 10

ACC would love to help you to keep up your learning plan and finding a way to make you pay less with the same quality of the courses in
one of the following categories

ACC encourages the couples to support each other in

learning Arabic and help them to manage their shared budget
by getting 500 SR off for the General Arabic Program

Good planning can give you the chance to get 10% discount when you
pay the fees early.

Sharing a language course with one of your family members

is a great opportunity to improve your learning process
rapidly. ACC encourages brothers and sisters to be together
and gives 180 SR discount for each

Have fun with your friends and pay less !

ACC believes that being in a comfortable and enjoyable environment can
help a lot in making learning process goes faster. With friends and people
you enjoy their company you can arrange your private class and pay

Just tell others about ACC and get up 10% discount for each
registrar you invite.

Arabic Cultural Centre

Saudi Arabia - Khobar
Email: Info@sa-acc.com
Telephone : 00966 - 3 - 8828992
Mobile : 0591418183
Fax: 03 8829951