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How To Become an

Unstoppable Recruiter
In Network Marketing
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About The Author

Riccardo Ferrari is a successful marketer, coach and author with over 28 years of
experience. His career accounts for being the #1 volume producer in four major direct
marketing companies and building organizations of 800,000 reps combined that have
produced nearly $1 billion in sales. He provides cutting-edge information derived from
years of hands-on experience that can help you achieve serious results.

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How To Become An Unstoppable Recruiter

After nearly three decades of consistent success in network marketing, offline and online,
my mission is to help people just like you understand how to build a winning mindset
and work the key processes necessary to build a profitable, long-term business of your
own working from home.
I invite you to come in and enjoy the strategies it contains. Im absolutely positive it will
profoundly impact your results.
I know this process inside and out. I know it well because I failed at first and I know
what it took to overcome obstacles, breakthrough and win big. I used to be a marketing
nobody. I used to hide from people. I didn't like talking to people. My first year in
network marketing I made a pitiful $250. But I like to environment of the industry and I
was determine to get over my personal obstacles and succeed. And I did.
I was finally able to structure a system that I enjoyed working. It allowed me to put my
first organization into momentum and become a multi six figure income earner with my
first company for 10 years in a row. Eventually, by rinse and repeating the process, I
became the #1 income earner in four major network marketing companies.
I have seen everything there is to see. I have worked at the distribution level in this
industry as well as the corporate level. I have conquered both the offline and the online
model. I have consulted for doctors, billionaires and celebrities who owned network
marketing companies.
I've seen many people quit in discouragement. I've also seen lots of people (I mean
really lots of people) becoming leaders and millionaires. I've even watched an Afro
American kid in my training class starting from absolutely nothing and become the #1
network marketing earner in the world at $1.2 million a month (surpassing the famous
Dexter Yager).
The information you read here is not the same as some internet copywriter disguised as
network marketer trying to sell ebooks. This is real. This is real-life, eye-opening
information distilled from 28 years of my personal application that created one huge
success after another in my life.
Are you struggling to make your network marketing business work? Do you feel shafted
by information thats difficult to apply and never works for you? Do you desperately
want to recruit like mad and finally get real, massive results in your business?
If the answer to these questions is yes, please stick with me to the end. I will show you
how to become an affective business builder with a winning mindset and strategy that

can turn you into a top recruiter and mega producer in your company. It's about you
succeeding in this new world of an all-grown-up, hyper-competitive marketplace.
I will put you in front of brutal honesty and peel away that annoying coat of hype and
confusion that many people put on in this industry for self-serving purposes.
You only have two battles to fight to become a top recruiter in this business: mindset
and methodology.
When your thinking is right and your methods/strategies are solid, no one can stop you.
There are important layers to each and I will reveal these secrets to you, right now.
Everything you read here principles, methods, strategies leads you to the point that,
one day, you can live life on your terms without having to work (unless you want to),
and enjoy your money, family and life on your terms and time.
I live that dream and thats what I teach.
This document is divided in two parts:
1. Five Winning Mindset Strategies That Divide The Rich, Happy Entrepreneurs From The
Desperate, Heartbroken Ones.
2. Seven Proven Methods To Grow A Successful Network Marketing Business.
Its my sincere intention that this eBook over-delivers, exceeds all your expectations and
allows you to experience a shorter path to financial freedom than youve ever dreamed
was possible.

Part One

"Five Winning Mindset

Strategies That Divide The
Rich, Happy Entrepreneurs
From The Desperate,
Heartbroken Ones."
The game of millionaires is won or lost in your mind before it can be manifested in
reality. The only way to change where you are, is change your mindset.
Managing the mind is our most important job (as it is, in fact, our very life). The quality
of our life starts where we live, in our minds. It is what allows us to tap into our inner
forces and not be limited by assumptions or beliefs about ourselves and life.
The business is built between your ears.
Mindset is "an established set of attitudes held by someone." It turns out, according to
Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford, that everyone has either a "fixed
mindset" or a "growth mindset."
A fixed mindset is one in which you view your talents and abilities fixed. In other words,
you are who you are, your intelligence and talents are fixed, and your fate is to go
through life avoiding challenge and failure.
A growth mindset, on the other hand, is one in which you see yourself as receptive, fluid,
a work in progress. You are not stuck on limitation. Your fate is one of growth and
Which mindset do you possess? You see, all of us create our beliefs and take or dont
take action steps accordingly. You have yours right now and that mindset is either
working for you or against you.
You are where you are in your life (good or bad) because of the information that has
been placed in your mind and how you processed it.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of networkers and sales people in general have an
adverse internal conversation that stops them from growing and be effective.
"I'm not good at this, I'm not good at that. I don't know enough about this or that. I can
only do so much. I can only go so fast. I'm not good at the computer. I don't know too
many people. I'm not that type."
To move from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset (the one that makes money),
you need awareness, willingness and the right techniques. Get this done and you can
reach as high as the stars in every area of your business and personal life.
Most people attribute success to more money, time, talent, better partners or whatever.
But most times have a small effect, if any, if the mindset is not in the right place.
For things to change your mind has to change.
Im going to talk to you as if you are reading this not just to pick up some good tips and
knowledge, but as if you are here to achieve total success and peace of mind. Isn't it
What is your definition of wealth?
Do you dream about being on Forbes list of the 400 Richest American Billionaires, or
does it mean owning property on each side of the country, or being able to retire very
early... or is it as simple as just being able to pay your bills, have some savings and
peace of mind?
Whatever it is, how close are you?
Are you where you want to be yet?
If not, why not?
How can you eliminate what stands in your way?
Do you have a plan?
What do you think you need?
Do you need knowledge? Secret tips on how to conquer the Internet? The right partner?
Seed money to start? More time to work your business? Motivation? Help setting goals?
Positive thinking? Good looks?
Believe it or not, those are NOT the real secrets to success.
Sure, those are components of success, nice to have, but you and I both know plenty of
people that are fortunate enough to have all those things in place, yet are not successful.
For example, I know a lady who, despite being married to a billionaire and having
everything at her disposition (money, staff, tools, intelligence and a knock-out image)

blew $10,000,000 yes $10 MILLION! of her husband's money trying for 10 years to
become successful in her own network marketing company. She never succeeded and
finally gave up.
I know a fellow who is blessed to own a large publishing company, has good looks, great
communication skills and plenty of money. He has tried for 20 years to build a network
marketing organization and sell his company. To this day he is still unsuccessful and has
lost nearly $7 million trying.
I personally know four billionaires and several celebrities who started their own network
marketing companies and failed, even though they had money, good looks and plenty of
I know people that compulsively listen to motivational CDs, set goals, practice daily
affirmations and go to every self development convention that comes to town. They still
On the other end, I personally know tons of people and have many friends who were
bankrupt or in debt, desperate and discouraged. They werent socially advantaged and
didnt have a lot of knowledge when they started. But in spite of it all, became highly
successful in business.
Ive seen so many started-with-nothing average people going from the dungeons of
obscurity to multimillionaires that if had to write a book on each one of them, it would
take me a lifetime...maybe two.
What do they have in common? What are the real factors that divide the rich, happy
entrepreneurs from the desperate, heartbroken ones?
If it's not:
Good looks
Positive thinking
...then what is it? What is that magical combination that makes people break the barrier
of mediocrity and reach the financial stratosphere? What are the mindset strategies that
make people succeed starting from nothing, where others fail despite having substantial

Im here to help you understand this difference so you can aim at success with a
powerful, new mindset. The type of mindset that 95% of people are not even aware of
let alone practice.
Developing this awareness will MAKE YOU THINK DIFFERENT and give you the edge you
need to make the right choices and move toward your goals with confidence, clarity and
I need to start with a few words about myself so I can make these very important points
really stick.
Not that Im under the illusion that you care about me. You dont. You have yourself and
other people around you to care about.
However, to allow me to better guide you from darkness to being an admired, successful
entrepreneur, you really should know where I came from when it comes to success. It
will help you take this information seriously.
Like many other successful people, I got my start in this business at the bottom.
Meaning, no money and no knowledge.
Youre reading from someone who came from nothing and learned the hard way.
I was NOT born into a family of entrepreneurs in the information age. I was born in a
humble, low-income, Italian family when the only technology around was the telephone.
My father was a tile layer and my mother was a commercial janitor.
My mother wanted the best for me and because money was scarce, I grew up in catholic
schools away from home for extended periods of my youth. The nuns didnt allow us
kids to watch TV until we were 13. Today, that would cause a total rebellion!
I paid my way through college and studied to get a Masters in naval engineering. For
years, I was a bridge officer on military ships and later on cruise ships.
It was a lot of fun, travelled the world and experienced many amazing moments. But at
one point, I realized that after many years of college, travelling and working hard, I was
going nowhere.
I was caught up in the typical dog-eat-dog corporate world, where advancement only
comes when someone above you quits, retires, really screws up or dies. Where you work
14 hours days. Where the rules and bureaucracy drive you crazy. Where the money is
always shorter than the month and where no matter how much you deserve a raise you
rarely get it.
I eventually ended up disappointed, stressed out and $30,000 in debt.

One day a friend of mine gave me a book called "The Choice" from Og Mandino. The
story in that book change my life. I had never read a motivational book such as this. I
couldn't put it down.
It was not a rag to riches story, it was not about a failing man with a new revelation. It
was not about a new found will. It was truly exemplary, inspirational, powerful and
Although, I finally got a promotion and my career started to get somewhat better, a few
months later I decided to follow the footsteps of the character in the book and ended my
career at sea as an officer.
I got married, started a family and got a job driving a truck in my father-in-laws
chemical company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a mere $9,000 a year.
I went from officer to minimum wage without really analyzing the implications and the
impact it would make on my life. For a while it was grueling. Many nights, I laid awake
thinking I was crazy for making that decision. My mother was beside herself. For years
we worked together in her commercial janitorial business to pay for that precious college
education. Needless to say, I was looking for a way out. I had made a choice and now I
needed to come through.
I compulsively started looking at every opportunity I could and mix with a lot of
successful people. And despite of my underlined desperation, I was having fun.
I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who
have given me a heart full of joy and helped me keep my life lighthearted, despite of
huge challenges.
Six months later, I was invited to a corporate event by a direct marketing company from
California (which at the time was a small $30 million company and today is $3.5 billion
That evening, after meeting a 23 years old kid making $70,000 a month with that
company, I caught the bug about entrepreneurship and network marketing.
I jumped in. I had no idea how I was going to sell those products and build a sales
organization. I just knew I had to figure it out.
In the beginning, it was pathetic. I had no business background, no marketing education.
I was as green as the grass after it rained. I was in debt, and I didnt have a life of the
party, exuberant personality (being in the people business that would have helped!)
I needed a complete overhaul of mindset, attitude, business skills, people skills and
personal development. Let me put it this way. If personal development was music, I
would have needed the whole 90-piece orchestra!

I know what it's like to struggle to get a grip on everything. I know how fear feels. I
know the feelings of having to give up my free time and any form of recreation, month
after month, to study, try, fail and grow. To take the time repack my mind with what it
needed to succeed in business.
My first year in network marketing was a total disaster. I was overwhelmed,
inexperienced and doing everything the hard way. I made every single mistake an
amateur can make.
I was running cheap, pathetic ads and putting flyers on windshields trying to get people
to call my answering machine.
I had a convoluted, boring 30-minute message that broke all the rules of marketing. It
was so bad that if Dan Kennedy ever heard it, he would have rolled on the floor and
laugh for two hours.
I was peddling around town trying to meet people, following the
3-foot rule, giving out business cards and inviting them to presentations. Most of them
never showed.
I remember the first time I had to talk in front of a small group of people. I completely
froze like a piece of chicken at the supermarket. I looked down at the ground and
couldnt say a word. My sponsor had to jump in and take over. I still blush when I think
of the embarrassment of that moment.
At the end, I only recruited a few friends who finally gave in, rolled their eyes and joined
me out of compassion. Total for the first year = $250. It cost me $2,000 to join and
another $4,000 in advertising, meetings and gas.
I know the feeling of failure and wanting to give up. I wanted to quit 1,000 times.
But, somehow I didnt.
My friend and mentor Jim Rohn, who at the time worked full time for that company, told
me that "failure is the tuition you pay for success." He kept reminding me that if I quit, I
was stuck in a 9-to-5 job with a sick pay the rest of my life.
So I stuck with it and kept going.
I didn't' quit. Thats the only reason Im here to tell the tale and talk about the rewards
you can get from sticking with it, never letting go, learning, applying and getting better.

And so it's happened. Through trials and tribulations, experimenting, falling and failing,
tweaking and readjusting, I finally developed the mindset and methodology that put my
business into speed.
In my second year, became a highly successful multiple six-figure earner in that
company for 10 years and later I was able to build large and steadily growing
organizations that produced hundreds of millions in sales in several companies.
Ive had more than 853,000 reps in my combined organizations.
I was on the advisory councils of most companies I worked with.
I was eventually hired as a consultant by several prominent network marketing
companies owned by doctors, billionaires, celebrities and Hollywood media moguls.
Ive experienced the freedom that this business offers; the exhilaration and pride you
feel when earning $28,000 a week in residual income, so you don't have to get out of
bed in the morning. Living a dream most people would never imagine.
I have had many years of retirement periods where I did nothing but travel the world. I
am able to take care of my family when they need me, during sicknesses and down
turns. I'm able to help underprivileged children around the world.
Ok, now you heard my story. It was a long, boring list that sounded like bragging. I
apologize. Its not.
I know you don't give a darn. I know it doesnt feel good to hear about someone elses
success when your bills are piling up, you hate your job, youre in turmoil, you may be
suffering financially and your life is challenged.
I needed to tell you what happened to me in the hope you will take what I say next to
heart, because without understanding what comes next money cannot be made, no
matter how much information you have.
Anyone can come out of darkness starting at the very bottom, including you, if you
"change your mindset."
As you just read, I grew up isolated from information, in overly-disciplined conditions
(strict parents, rigid catholic schools, no-nonsense college teachers and the military).
Environments suppressed individuality, creativity and self initiative.
Thats totally the opposite of what an entrepreneur needs!
So, if you find yourself at the bottom of the spectrum right now, so what? Nobody will
feel sorry for you or call you a hero for staying there.


Forget the cards you were dealt. Build a new deck. Wallowing in sorrow will not gain you
growth, respect and money.
You may not have had control over what happened to you, but you can control what you
do from now on.
Scott Hamilton once said: The only disability in life is a wrong attitude.
You cant prosper living as a victim of your environment. You cant succeed trying to fit
in. To go from victim to victor you must take charge of your thoughts.
You are the product of your thinking. You can choose what to think and what to believe
Life is a menu of options. You choose the way you think, talk, act and what you do. The
way you look, how you dress, where you go, who you mix with and how you spend your
What you have chosen so far got you where you are. What you will choose in the future
will determine where you are going to end up.
Its an I made it myself deal. Just like when you make a cake. You pick the ingredients.
You mix them. You bake it. Good or bad, the credit all goes to you.
Whether its joy or desperation, you are accountable.
You are where you are today because you have chosen to be there. No one had a gun to
your head.
You are 100% in control. So, take charge and take action.
One of my favorite marketing gurus is Dan Kennedy, author of the best-sellers No B.S.
Business Success and No B.S. Sales Success. He stresses that:
You dont need someone elses permission to become successful.
Realize that the opportunity youre looking for is already in your life. The real
opportunity is not a company or a product or a marketing system or the perfect scenario.
You are.
The power of a dream is the most awesome force that humankind can harness.
Write your personal mission statement and LIVE IT.
Establish a new powerful attitude.


So here are the five layers of a winning mindset. These are the rules that
guides your business and life to the altitude and destiny you choose.
The first layer of a winning mindset is: Drive. You have to be DRIVEN.
Remember when I said, if it's not:
Good looks
Positive thinking
...then what is it? It's drive! Drive is commitment to an outcome with no way out. It's in
your mind and deep inside you
Being driven is way above being motivated. It's a different place. Motivation is the shot
of adrenaline you get when you read a self help book or listen to a CD. It wears out in a
few a hours. Driven people are permanently obsessed, they have a vision, a dream and
an ulterior motive that constantly propels them. It's a force inside of them that gives
them no choice but to obtain what they want.
For driven people it's not ok to fail. If you ultimately could accept failure, if could live a
life that is less than what you really want, if you could settle for less and not being
bothered by it too much, then you are not driven. And probably your chances to succeed
are not what they could be.
If you are not driven you are a dabbler and not a master. Anthony Robbins
Drive is stronger than being talented, tall, good looking, smart, knowledgeable,
intelligent, caring, educated, informed, liked, funny or whatever. How many people do
you know that have these qualities, yet are broke and unhappy?
Drive is an "inner force" that is stronger than anything else.
Some of my mentors told me that I needed a strong "why" to succeed in business. Why
you do what you do? Is it because you want to provide for your family, send your kids to
college, help your parents or brother and sisters if they ever need it, Have more
freedom, help others, support your favorite foundations?
These are noble causes and for some people are strong drivers, but for 95% of people


they are not. If having responsibilities caused people to be successful, the whole world
would be rich. "Need" is never a strong motivator.
I need to educate my kids, I need medical care for my grandmother, I need to help my
church, I need more income, etc. are just needs. Everyone has them.
If your internal conversation is focused on needs, it will turn into negative energy
because the lack of what you need is disappointing and discouraging.
In life you don't get what you need you get what you deserve and that is directly
proportional to your level of drive.
What turns you on? What makes you feel alive? Where are you abilities best served?
How can you start doing what you want and love? Focus on these and you will never say
"I need" again because you will become driven and the universe will start giving to you.
To really succeed in business you need that "inner drive," that unique emotional
propeller that's inside of you that makes you unstoppable against all odds. Success is an
inside job. You have to WANT it. You have to totally refuse the notion of failure.
The examples I gave you above of people that failed despite having everything versus
those who had nothing and succeeded are divided by one thing only: DRIVE. There is no
other reason.
If you ARE driven to achieve a particular goal, you'll crush through all obstacles.
You'll find a way. You'll pay attention. You'll seek the knowledge, you'll take
action and never give up.
If you ARE NOT driven, it doesn't matter if you have knowledge, good looks,
money, talent or whatever...You will fail.
Sure theres some experiential value to be gained from dabbling, but there wont be
much value in terms of results. If you just want to rack up a bunch of short-term
experiences for the fun of it, then by all means feel free to dabble. Thats fine. But don't
expect success.
This is why the billionaires wife I mentioned earlier lost $10 million and never succeeded
in network marketing. She wasn't driven. She was only going through the motions. She
was dabbling.
That's why most billionaires, celebrities and sports figures coming into network
marketing fail. They have resources, but it's a side play, they are not driven enough to
be totally immersed. They are dabblers.


On the other end, a student and friend of mine who came from Argentina with nothing,
now makes $150,000/yr at 23. He started with no money and no knowledge. He is
How did a single mom friend of mine who was once broke and 90 days from losing her
home start a home-based business with no business background and be able to earn a
seven figure income in less than a year? She was driven.
Here are some more examples of driven people you may know. Each of these Captains
of Capitalism started with nothing, set new standards for whats possible, and went on
to make billions because they were driven!
Steve Wynn The legend of Las Vegas. The man whose vision to rebuild Las Vegas
transformed the city into the entertainment playground of the world and started a $12
billion building boom.
T. Boone Pickens Oil Mogul. Who started with $2,500 and built Mesa Petroleum, the
largest independent oil company in the world.
Mark Cuban Brilliant innovator and owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Landmark
Theaters, and shark investor on the TV show Shark Tank.
If you listen to their interviews, they attribute their success to drive.
Here is more proof:
Sam Walton (Wal-Mart): I didnt know anything about department stores. I was driven
to innovate and take things where theyve never been.
Evan Lysaceks coach said on TV; Evan didnt win the figure skating Olympics because
he is the most talented skater. He won because he is the most driven.
During an interview with Oprah Winfrey Jay Leno said: I never thought I was the most
talented comedian. The reason I made it is because I stood in line at the Improv,
evening after evening, even when everyone else got tired and went home. I was driven.
B. C. Forbes: "If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business."
Coach Paul Bear Bryant: "I think the most important thing of all for any team is a
winning attitude. The coaches must have it. The players must have it. The student body
must have it. If you have dedicated players who believe in themselves, you don't need a
lot of talent.
Calvin Klein: "When I started the business, I hardly went home. I became very driven
about work and about my career."


Bob Dylan: "A lot of people can't stand touring but to me it's like breathing. I do it
because I'm driven to do it."
Jeanne Moreau: "When I'm acting, I'm two beings. There's the one monitoring the
distance between myself and the camera, making sure I hit my marks, and there is the
one driven by this inner fire, this delicious fear."
Anthony Trollope: "A man's mind will very gradually refuse to make itself up until it is
driven and compelled by emergency."
Robert Morgan: "I seem to keep returning to my father in poems because his personality
was so extreme, so driven. He did everything to excess."
The #1 factor that stops people from succeeding is the excuse of lack of talent.
Most people give up right here. Lack of talent (AKA "I m not good enough") is the sole
mental issue that paralyses most average people and causes them to start their selfsabotage mission.
They keep saying to themselves: I'm not talented. I'm not the type. This allows them
to sit on the sidelines and settle for something other than what they want.
But its not true. Talent may be necessary for singers. If you havent got a voice, you are
out of that game, I get that. But in business, it's overrated.
Monster success is more a matter of hard work and studying under great coaches and
teachers, and less a matter of talent or aptitude or blessings of birth.
Talent is a cultural assumption and a big lie. You see it played out in TV, movies,
schoolrooms and glossy magazine articles. If youre lucky enough to have talent and
good looks your future success is pretty much assured.
The truth is, there are more untalented millionaires in the world than people watching
CNN on any given night.
Personally, I never thought I was talented. Im not. Im driven.
When you are obsessed, you dont need motivation, daily affirmations, goal setting,
someone holding your hand or everything being perfect. The stars dont need to be
completely aligned. When you are driven, nothing stops you.
Look closely at the most highly successful people around you. They live and breathe
their business. They are obsessed with making it.
Marketers, students, doctors, actors, dancers, you name it. Observe them carefully and
you will start to agree with me.


Some may argue with me: Gee, I need to become obsessed with success?
Yes, you do. Your mentors are afraid to tell you this because they are afraid to lose you.
Most leaders and trainers are masters at sugar-coating and make-believe. But, Im
telling you the truth.
To get the big prize and achieve your ultimate dream requires a total commitment that
can only be made by people driven by forces "within" themselves that are at the very
top level of human feelings and emotions.
This is why people that succeed are a small percentage of the population.
The Government says that only 2% of people make $200,000 a year and above.
Dont you like these people that say 95% of people fail in network marketing, making it
sound like a bad business? Its not. 95% fail at anything. Its human nature.
Your breakthrough will happen if you drive yourself to do what youve never done before
without seeking perfection and certainty.
Anthony Robbins: People are certainty freaks, but the main ingredients of success are
risk and action.
Drive is the common bond of people that succeed against all odds.
Drive will overcome your deficiencies and inadequacies, which we every-day folk not
blessed by divine spark all have.
A writer writes not because he is educated, but because he is driven by the need to
communicate, share and compel.
A preacher preaches not because he has knowledge or religion, but because he is driven
by a sense of faith, spirituality and allegiance to a cause.
A mans mind will refuse to make itself up until it's compelled by drive. Drive is what
causes you to endure when you are faced with difficulties and complications.
Drive gives you confidence and moves the world in your direction.
Are you driven?
Do you have a colossal vision?
Do you have a personal strategy to support that vision?
Accomplish that very important and necessary part, and you have won 95% of the battle.
To attract quality people you need to increase your personal drive and qualities.


Anything you do that gets you out of your comfort zone and into the action with a driven
attitude will make you a stronger, better person and will lead you to having a stronger,
better business.
The price of not being driven is high.
If you are not driven, you will make excuses.
Its human nature to make excuses. Nearly everyone does it.
A wise man once said: Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.
Excuses are like pancakes. They are easy to make and go down well. But, just like junk
food makes you fat and ruins your health, excuses harm your mindset and your financial
I know that humans tend to excuse their sloth under the pretext of difficulty, but thats
just plain self-sabotage.
The subject of excuses is a long one. When working network marketing, your prospects
will load up with so many excuses youll feel like an overloaded Jamaican banana truck
at harvesting time.
I dont have the money
I dont have the time
My kids are too young
Im not good with sales
I dont know enough people
I'm shy
And the list goes on
Heres one I hear way too often lately:
Im not good with a computer
For all I know you may be a computer wiz and this does not apply to you. But, if you
find yourself thinking this way, its a huge mindset boo-boo. This cant possibly be a
dream killer for you, right?
If you are young, you grew up with computers. If you are older or even a senior, you
have been around computers half your life.
The first 88 chip computer came out August 12, 1981. I bought mine in September at
Sears. Windows came out in mid 1983. Even if you are 60, you have been around
computers for 29 years and the Internet for 18 years!


Today, computers are more intuitive than ever.

If you view this as an obstacle, I hope I can change your mind. I suggest you invest
your TV time in the computer instead. Bad news and soap operas cant possibly make
you money! The computer can.
Ok, this is a metaphor, you may hate TV, but you get my point. I just used it because
watching TV is where people spend most of their off time.
According to the A.C. Nielsen Co. the average American watches 3 hours and 46 minutes
of TV each day (that's more than 52 days of nonstop TV-watching per year).
By the age of 65 the average American will have spent nearly nine years glued to the
Do you think that if you would spend just half of that time learning the computer and
marketing your income would change? You bet!
You cant make money and excuses at the same time.
Its either one or the other. I would get rid of any excuses. You cant pay your bills with
Excuses give birth to procrastination, which is no different than cancer. Cancer of
achievement, that is. Fortunately, its the type that can be cured.
This is the difference between an excuse maker and a success maker.
Success makers never say:
a) I dont have the money. They say, let me go earn it and come back.
b) I dont have the time. They say, I will improve my time management.
c) My kids are too young and they need me. They say, my kids are the reason why I
should do this business now.
d) I dont like sales. They say, I want to help other people and teach them a better
way of life.
e) I dont know enough people. They say, I will learn marketing.
f) The computer is not friendly to me. They say, it may take me longer, but I will
take command of the damn thing.
See the difference? Change the internal conversation in your head and you can change


As you grow personally and have a driven attitude, you won't find room for excuses.
They are just not in the make-up of a driven person. And as your network grows, you
will attract driven people under the law that we all attract our equals.
The second layer of a winning mindset is: Time Management.
Time is all you have. Master your time and you master your life.
The key in life is not spending time, but investing it. Time spent wisely is the best
investment you can make.
When you leverage the power of time, you will have a greater sense of control over your
work and your personal life. You will feel like the master of your own destiny, and be a
force in your own life. You will feel more positive and powerful in every aspect of your
Time management is one of those skills no one teaches you in school, but you have to
learn. It doesnt matter how smart you are if you cant organize your life and information
well enough to be effective in business. And it doesnt matter how skilled you are if
procrastination keeps you from getting your work done.
Are you constantly at war with deadlines? Do you procrastinate? Do you get distracted
easily? Maybe you underestimate the amount of time a task will take to complete?
Perhaps the way you manage your time is the problem. Learning this skill can save you
a lifetime of headaches by allowing you to prioritize and plan tasks efficiently.
Life is full of obligations, distractions and challenges: The family, kids, friends, hobbies,
internet, television, personal time, and the challenge of how to organize the business
Nevertheless, you have to produce. Working from home doesn't mean working less. It
just means there's no commute.
Realize that your time is all you have; therefore, you need to know its current value and
have a plan to increase it. Attempt to reduce every activity and relationship down to a
core metric that makes it easy for you to gauge performance and achieve your goals.
The problem with most people working from home is they get constantly pulled away
from the business by one thing or another.
First of all, teach your family to support you not distract you. Teach them to give you
the space to produce during the hours you allocate to your work.


For example, take airline pilots or surgeons. They have your life in their hands. Wife,
kids, mother-in-law and next door neighbors are not allowed in their work space. Why
are they allowed in yours when you are busy working and producing?
I believe that one of the first steps to success is RESPONSIBILITY.
At some point, you have to lock the door, get driven, and work your magic, undistracted
and uninterrupted. That's how you get wealthy. It takes a commitment not just from
you, but also from everyone around you.
You will have more time for your family and your personal life as you get your time and
your life under control and your residual income builds. You will have more time for your
friends, for relaxation, for personal and professional development, and for anything else
you want to do.
One of the keys to developing a stronger internal focus of control is to stick to your
mission to manage your time and your entire life better. The more skilled you become at
managing your time, the more committed you are, the happier and more confident you
will feel. You will have a stronger sense of personal power. You will feel in charge of your
own destiny. You will have a greater sense of well-being. You will be more positive,
personable and so much more productive.
Then you have to organize and manage the tasks of your business. Emails, phone calls,
call backs, follow up, lead generation, writing blog posts, daily communications,
conference calls, webinars, seminars, reading courses, watching videos, etc.
Have a daily list of what's most important in order of priority.
A good way to this is with the Priority Matrix, also called The Eisenhower Method.


The Priority Matrix has two dimensions. The first one is importance (important and not
important), and the second one is urgency (urgent and not urgent)
All the tasks are divided into four quadrants: important and urgent, important and not
urgent, not important and urgent, not important and not urgent. You classify each task
according to these quadrants, and then deal with the tasks according to the quadrant
they belong to.
As you try to learn marketing, beware of information overload. I warn you it's easy to do
and it will cost you unnecessary time. Don't turn your brain into an information
warehouse. Learn what you need and stay focused on the results.
A good time management system is a designed combination of correct thinking,
processes, tools, techniques, and methods. The better you get at this, the more you will
be able to commit to time management and squeeze more productivity from your time.
"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."
Benjamin Franklin
Time management is not a one-time effort. It's so important that it should be a way of
Work at developing an effective method that enables you to make time management a
habit. Make a plan starting with minor changes in your daily behavior, until it becomes
second nature. You will see the improvements immediately.
Be aware of the obstacles to time management. If you are aware of these hurdles, you
are in a better position to avoid them. These obstacles include perfectionism,
interruption, distraction, undefined goals, wrong priorities, stress, and more.
Speaking of stress, it's related to time management.
Many times the reason for stress is our lack of ability to achieve our goals on time. This
leads to a situation where we cant perform well, we neglect tasks, and find ourselves in
a situation where we cant balance work, family life and personal goals.
Emotional and mental symptoms of stress include: anger, anxiety, depression, irrational
fears, mood swings, irritability, frustration, poor concentration, confusion, loss of humor,
negative thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, feeling out of control and loss of motivation.
As you can see, learning time management is a crucial step to becoming successful. One
that needs serious attention.


The third layer of a winning mindset is: Focus.
Focus on ONE business only, and do it well.
Learning to focus on ONE THING is quite possibly one of the best things you can do to
invest in yourself. This is probably one of THE MOST overlooked areas of self
I talk about the importance of focusing on the power of "ONE," as in "one market," "one
message" and "one outcome." The more you do that, the higher the potential for
generating success. Michael Fortin
Distraction is the drug of failure. It's an addition that must be overcome. And like any
addition, it requires commitment.
Just look at some of the people who have learned how to harness the power of focus.
Warren Buffet. When you hear his name, you think of investing. Donald Trump, real
estate. Thomas Edison, inventions. Tom Cruise, acting. Jay Leno, comedy.
Some people might say Donald Trump makes substantial income via book writing and TV
shows too. But thats many years AFTER the fact that he made it big by focusing on real
However, in order to fully stay focused, you must do what you love and totally immerse
yourself in it.
Show me a network marketing six or seven-figure earner and I will show you a person
completely focused and engaged in building one, solid, long-term organization with one
good company.
Unfortunately, today, people are pulled left and right from a thousand different
directions when it comes to business opportunities.
If you are plugged into the industry, any minute of the day you receive emails about a
new company launch, or system or biz op that looks like a bright shining object full of
promise. These are deadly distractions.
Since the inception of the Internet, there are so many opportunities available right now
that look tempting, but most times are destructive and distracting.
The environment has changed. Today, network marketing is technologically better. We
communicate easier and faster, and have more tools and more automation. But we also
have competition from different arenas where fairness is not in the equation.


You have distraction from: 1) other network marketing opportunities, 2) top-tier (highticket) sales, and 3) affiliate marketing. Some of these you could probably work
alongside primary network marketing opportunity, but I really don't advise it.
I've never seen a "multiple streams of incomes strategy work well in network marketing.
In fact, if you look at the top 100 earners in this industry (ranging from $50,000 to $1
million a month), you will find that these leaders only built an organization with one
company. That's why they are at the top.
They may have other income streams related to their tools, systems, books and sales
materials, but their main money source is their network marketing company.
The amazing potential that exists to lift your income and financial success is purely and
solely accomplished by increasing your awareness and knowledge, and creating a
winning strategy that has focus.
Do not scatter your powers. Engage in one kind of business only, and stick to it faithfully
until you succeed. A constant hammering on one nail will generally drive it home faster.
Strategy and focus are far more important than tactics. Tactics come and go. What
works today may change tomorrow. But good strategy is grounded in solid principles
and its the #1 trait of entrepreneurs that are consistently successful.
Rich Schefren (Jay Abrahams partner) is considered the most successful online
marketer. He is a consultant to the top 25 online marketers in the world.
Just about every major news network worth mentioning has run features on him or his
companies including: The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes, Crain's, Vogue, New
York Post, The Discovery Channel, CNN, ABC, TLC, MSNBC, ET, CBS, NBC, and FOX.
In his iconic 2011 version of the Internet Business Manifesto (the 2006 version was
downloaded more than one million times), Rich Schefren states (I paraphrase):
The primary and fundamental problem of most marketers is lack of strategy. This
is caused by opportunistic thinking.
Theres opportunistic thinking and strategic thinking. An opportunity seeker is
always looking for their big opportunity to make lots of money in the moment
hopping from one thing to the next, from one tactic to another. They are always
looking for whats easy to make money now.
A true entrepreneur, on the other hand, is a completely different animal
altogether. An entrepreneur has a clear vision of what they want their business
to become. Because they have a vision, they can analyze their own strengths,
the marketplace preferences and devise the best strategy most certain to
successfully achieve their vision.


Let me give it to you in simple terms: In a world that is drowning in information and
confusion, clarity and focus are the marketers prime values. If you fall short here, you
will NEVER get to the top. Focus must become a daily practice for you and a life strategy.
Network marketing can be very powerful for you, but only if you understand the
disciplines required, and adopt a personal strategy that has focus.
The fourth layer of a winning mind set is: Think BIG.
Have the mind set of big business.
Now that you have drive, are committed to time management and focused on one
opportunity, you are in a position to grow. But what kind of business do you want to
build? A big one, right?
It's not a stupid question.
Most people in network marketing have a small income. It's only less than 10% that
achieve $50,000 to $100,000 a year income and about 3% achieve the multiple six and
seven figure income.
What's the difference? Most network marketers have a small business mindset, and thus
apply a small business strategy.
Most of the time they don't even know it. But those who "get it," rake in the big bucks.
For the most part, network marketers are an unskilled, untrained crowd that operates
under a shot gun approach.
They are not really marketing the business. They peddle products. They pump
themselves up with enthusiasm, call people, advertise, work referrals, and shoot from
the hip.
Some may think that the big earners have a Dan Kennedy style precision marketing
machine that pumps in all the money. But this isn't the case.
Most big earners in network marketing with some exceptions don't have precision
driven marketing skills, let alone a flawless marketing machine.
It's all a matter of mindset. Here is the difference:
Big earners are recruiters.
Small earners (the biggest group in network marketing) are product peddlers.


Big earners understand the business model that creates the biggest global business in
their categories.
Wal-Mart is #1 in merchandizing.
McDonalds is #1 at selling hamburgers.
Starbucks is #1 at selling coffee.
Subway is #1 at selling sandwiches.
What do they all have in common? They are not focused on the products they are
focused on franchising. McDonalds is not in the business of selling hamburgers. They are
in the business of opening franchises. The more locations they open the more products
they sell.
The Monday morning corporate meeting at McDonalds is not about product improvement
or worrying about production per location. It's about opening more locations.
They don't have the best hamburgers, nor do they worry about it. They just run around
the world selling franchises.
They follow the ARTS system:
They advertise, recruit franchisees, train the heck out of them so they know everything
about running a store and then support them for the rest of their careers.
Big earners in network marketing understand this and do the same. They don't worry
about production per distributor they worry about recruiting more distributors. Then
train them, support them and do everything they can to duplicate the process.
Small earners are afraid of recruiting (they think it's a bad word). They are primarily
product salesmen and occasionally they convert a customer into a distributor.
They lead with the product, not the opportunity. They have a small business mentality.
They go to trade shows, flea markets, give product parties, peddle chiropractors with
weight loss pills, vitamins or whatever the product may be.
To succeed big in network marketing you have to accept that "recruiting" is good thing
and it must become your primary activity.
Everyone does it! Donald Trump recruits, so does McDonalds, Starbucks, IBM, Apple,
Kodak and the rest. Recruiting is what builds the biggest businesses in the world.


The big money in network marketing is turning people on to a better life, a bigger vision
and $100,000 a year or more residual income.
Sure the product is very important. You must have a product that people like, sells well,
cannot get anywhere else, and creates automatic reorders without you.
But to make it big in this business, you need the McDonalds expansion mindset. Recruit,
train and support and keep on moving. You cant control what other people do. You
control what you do. Keep recruiting and have a strategy to help your leaders.
Expanding a large distributor force is the key to building a multi-million-dollar producing
organization. In a good company, the tools and product education will leverage your
efforts in establishing product validity, anyway.
In final, 95% of marketers are confused, lost in information overload, dont know how to
put all the pieces together and are desperately trying to figure it all out.
But success is not that difficult. Once youve decided what you want, your mindset, and
every action you take accordingly, is either moving you toward what you want or further
away from it.
It all starts with these key layers:
Become "driven"
Commit to time management
Focus on "one" opportunity
Have a "big" business strategy
Sounds simple? It really is. How can you go wrong when you practice these all important
mindset strategies?
I could write a whole book about each of these subjects, and other principles of
achievement. But if you look no further, and just focus on nothing more than these four
bare essentials, your business will grow fast and your life will change.
The fifth layer of a winning mind set is: Personal development.
Personal development builds mental muscle, drive and clear ideas. Without it you are a
ship without a sail.
"Your income can never exceed your personal development." - Jim Rohn
You must grow. You cannot expect your income to grow if you don't. Make personal


development a daily routine just like brushing your teeth. Just like your teeth, if you
don't nurture it and care for it your mind will starve and start failing your goals.
You wont accomplish much in life if you refuse to fall in love with the grind.
Personal development conditions your subconscious behaviors to be congruent with your
income goals. It makes easier to take action from a place of inspiration, confidence,
knowledge and flow, and you dont lack know how or suffer from procrastination and
Don't say you don't have the time, because you do. How many minutes or hours a day
do you drive? Turn your car into a university.
Even if you drive 20 minutes a day, at the end of the year that's
121 hours. You mean to tell me that if you listen to 121 hours a year of personal
development and business education material your life won't change?
If you take another 20 minutes a day at the computer, that's another 121 hours. 242
hours a year that can give you the mental real estate you need to succeed and turn your
life around. Without personally engaging in personal development and encourage others
to do the same, we cannot build a successful sales organization.
You cannot expect every bartender, construction worker and home maker that joins
your business to succeed on their current level of knowledge.
Becoming successful requires knowledge of yourself, people , creating and controlling
and effective emotional state. It requires you to become influential.
I dedicate at least one hour a day in personal and business development. I constantly
learn from many leaders and mentors. Not only I love it, but has been a hugely
successful time investment for me.
I know, it requires self discipline, a quality so many people lack of. Self-discipline is the
ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state or how you feel
that day.
Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger you become. It took
me time to work up to one hour a day of personal development. But well worth it. It's
incredible what you can learn in one hour. Imagine what you can learn in 10 or 100 or
1000 hours over time.
But you must love learning. Improvement and growth must turn you on. They are
properties you want to own more than anything else.


Part Two

"Seven Proven Methods To

Grow A Successful Network
Marketing Business."
The lenses through which you view network marketing, the internet, market conditions
and overall viability of the business are the product of what youve learned so far, how
youve learned it and what youve accepted or rejected.
It doesnt matter whether its real or not. What you currently believe is your reality. I
dont know whether its working for you or not, but this is what I DO know for sure.
Its impossible to achieve optimum performance with an ambiguous and fuzzy process.
You have to know exactly what to do, and how to do it right. In order to have a real
business you must have a map, a vision and create a strategy to achieve that vision.
Once upon a time, in the beginning days of my business, I used to push and sell hard. I
was going nowhere. I had to study, experiment and fail over and over until I understood
the art and science of marketing.
Selling is tedious, marketing is powerful.
Just what is marketing?
"Its the ability to influence enough people in a needy market to come your way
naturally because they want what you have and recognize your value."
You should read this phrase every single day because it will cause you to change the
way you think and the way you act in building your business. It will change your
The moment I made the switch from "chasing," "begging," "selling," and "pitching" to
putting out attractive and compelling marketing funnels that sifted, sorted, presented
and qualified people for me in great numbers, everything changed for me.


The saga of the average networker is that they venture into this business with vague
They sign up for a new opportunity, thrilled by the dream of financial freedom, and
immediately run into four major problems.
A) They hit the phone unprepared. They sound pitchy. They get beaten up with
rejection by people who step on their dream like a cigarette butt, creating a
horrible startup experience.
B) They start buying leads and get beaten up some more by strangers. They spend
more money than they make on these leads just to connect with people who put
them under a spotlight and give them the third degree.
Where did you get my name? Where did you get my number? I didnt fill out
that form. I didnt fill out a survey. Dont you people ever stop? Youre the
23rd person whos called me today. Is this a pyramid? Why do you continue to
call me? How much does it cost? "Is this Amway?" "Do I have to call my friends
and sell products?" "I don't know how to sell," "I don't have time," "I have three
kids, I'm busy." "What is the weekly salary?"
C) They feel used and unsupported by the upline,
discouraged, untrained and unconfident.
D) After 60 to 90 days (63 days on average) in the process, their vision shrinks and
their life reverts back into accepting mediocrity.
If that describes you, let me give your methodology some new adrenaline and SEVEN
crucial methods that can turn everything around for you.
1. Acquire these three essential elements:
1) Marketing knowledge
2) A coach
3) A mastermind team
"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends
until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility."
Eleanor Roosevelt
Marketing knowledge
Its your responsibility to acquire marketing skills. Depending on your program, your
sponsor, upline or the company may not have the ultimate marketing education in place
for you (hopefully they do, but generally they don't). However, they are not the cause of
your success or failure.


Your dream cant be thrown on the floor and broken like a piece of crystal by what
another person does or doesnt do.
It's an opportunity for problem solving and growth. Marketing education is widely
available online.
No one is going to market for you. Even if your company has great tools that can
leverage your time, you have to drive people to them.
Marketing is your ability to attract a hungry, needy niche that wants what you have and
convince them to buy from you.
Marketing is not sales. In sales, you sell something and make your money. In marketing
you have a constant, influential presence in your market. "You" become a brand that
people follow and want to buy from or join. For that, they must know you, like you and
trust you.
Getting them to know you: They get to know you gradually, through extended contact
and perpetual drip. In most cases, a prospect isnt going to give you their time and
attention for more than a few minutes and mostly won't buy or join right away.
They buy when they are ready, not when you are. So, you have to go with the be
present all the time," philosophy. When they need/want you youre there for them.
Getting them to like you: This is about being authentic and providing value. They need
to feel your honesty and that you are looking out for them. Will everyone like you? No,
but you dont need everyone. You just need enough of the right people.
Getting them to trust you: The bigger your price tag, the deeper the trust needs to
be. But no matter what you sell, trust is the cornerstone of actually making the
sale. How do you get a buyer to trust you? In marketing terms, its actually pretty
straightforward. You provide value not gimmicks, you are honest, you are consistent,
and you follow up when you say youre going to.
Marketing knowledge is an immensely valuable commodity. Marketing is the highest paid
profession in the world.
Most people enter network marketing as "entry level" marketers. For years they wing it.
Stop that right now.
Marketing is a science and art that must be learned. Many have come before you who
have done all the grunt work to figure out what works and what doesn't. You can save
years in your learning curve by following the right marketing mentors.


Marketing knowledge comes from reading course material, listening to marketing

experts, mentors and staying up to date. Without knowledge youll always lag behind. I
have never met a professional (in any field) that is not an avid learner.
I have some homework for you. These are a few reading recommendations:
1. For social media and Facebook lead generation and marketing I recommend
Facebook Marketing A to Z
2. If you'd like to totally flood your inbox with real-time leads I recommend reading and
learning the marketing machine in SuperChargedOnlineSponsoring
3. For prospecting and verbal communication skills I highly recommend Jeffery Combs
4. For improving your written sales skills, writing killer sales letters, emails, blog posts,
Facebook communications, ad copy and generally increasing your influential skills, I
recommend MLM Copywriting That Sells
5. For personal development I follow the late, one and only and legendary Jim Rohn. He
was my very first mentor and personal friend.
Find a coach
Every professional has a coach. Dancers, singers, musicians, artists, painters, writers,
doctors, newscasters, speakers, actors, athletes, US Presidents, etc., all have coaches.
They realize the value of having experienced objective guidance to help them reach their
true potential.
Find one. It doesnt matter if its inside or outside your upline or company. You are
going to succeed sooner and faster if you work with a coach.
When its time to get into the game, you want be prepared and win. Hopefully, your
sponsor is a good coach. If not, search upline until you find one.
It will probably be a humbling experience, because if hes any good, hes going to tell
you the truth and many times you wont like it.
There are 4 qualities you should look for in a coach:
A marketing coach is a trusted guide with whom you can share your needs, hopes and
aspirations. He/she should meet your needs with persistent motivation, task mastering,
and share with you tools and strategies that can propel you toward your personal and
business dreams.
Specifically, your marketing coach will:


1. Hold you accountable. It's too easy to neglect the management and marketing of your
business. Sharing your tasks with your coach and working with a committed attitude
means that if you don't complete them, he/she must require an explanation and a
stronger commitment to buckle down and get them done.
2. Develop and refine your strategy, plus give you new strategies. You may have great
ideas. Some you can put into practice easily. Others are raw and in need of refinement.
Your coach must share with you his/her working knowledge and effectively know how to
move you into accomplishing results and bring the most important ideas into fruition.
3. Connect you to tools, education, lead generation and teach you invaluable resources
in all areas of network marketing, online and offline.
4. Give you perspective from the outside, looking in. Over time, you lose the ability to
see your business with the same objective clarity that you once did. It can be like living
next to a busy road and not hearing the traffic. Your coach is there to take a fresh look
at you and your business on a weekly basis. He/she knows what to look for and, most
importantly, sees things the way they are in reality. You should always receive the
feedback you need.
Business today is a race for growth and efficiency. It's a race with rules. Why try to
forge your own path through the thick of trial and error and lack of information or clarity?
Your business coach should be one that has both studied AND won the race him/herself
and should always be there to help YOU make a difference in YOUR business and YOUR
Connect with a mastermind team
Want to know how you can speed up your success with your business? Get together with
5-7 other people who all want to help each other grow their businesses. This is called a
mastermind team, and its like hiring a handful of mentors but usually doesnt cost
You need a tribe that shares the same goals as you. This is a mastermind team with
whom you can receive/share knowledge and be accountable to.
Groups are more powerful than individuals. And, according to many studies, groups
perform much better when they communicate face-to-face, not electronically.
Its like learning music. If you decide to become a good guitar player, you need a few
books, a teacher, and then go out there and play with other musicians. Its amazing how
fast you can learn Stairway to Heaven when someone shows you hand-to-hand!
By mixing with other musicians you draw from the fruits of their labor and knowledge,
not just your own. Your buddies can show you new solos, riffs, melodies, chords and


ways to sound you never knew about before. You learn faster and you have more fun.
Those of you who have played in a band, I know youre chuckling reading this, because
its true.
Do you have someone to benchmark yourself against? When you're stumped, who do
you call? If you don't have serious answers to all these questions, that's the first puzzle
you need to solve.
Think about it: Since a young age, groups and social environments (and family of course)
are where the realm of emotions, intuitions, biases, longings, predispositions,
personality traits, social norms and character are formed and where the foundations of
our most important life decisions are based.
Trust me when I say that the most successful network marketers understand this
perfectly and plan for it. Ive never seen a loner.
You can't make it big by yourself.
"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." Solomon
There are several keys to success with a mastermind.

Meet on a regular basis

Have a clear agenda
Help each other between meetings
Collaborate on mutually beneficial projects
Hold each other accountable

You can meet in person at a local restaurant, or on the phone with people around the
This is a mastermind agenda that works well:
1. Say what youre grateful for from the previous week.
2. Tell the group a very brief success story from the week before, or follow up from
last weeks.
3. Identify a trouble area youd like specific help with.
4. Shut up and listen to your mastermind team give you their feedback.
5. Announce one major action step you are going to take
between this and the next mastermind meeting.
6. Share and discuss marketing ideas and how to implement
7. Discuss schedule and events.
Most importantly: KEEP IT FUN AND SIMPLE! You must look forward to these


Whenever you assemble this team or join one, try masterminding for at least 3 months
before you cast your verdict. It will likely take you about 6-7 meetings before your team
really gets into the groove.
If youre like me, youll quickly find this to be an instrumental part of your business. In
fact, your mastermind team should be as essential as the computer youre using.
2. Make generating leads your first business priority.
Generating 20 to 30 quality leads a day, having the willingness to call them and the
ability to say the right things, will make you a happy networker. Generating 50 to 100
leads a day will make you an exhilarated networker.
Lack of good leads is the #1 cause of failure in network marketing.
It amazes me how many people join a network marketing company and then sit there,
eat the product and never talk to a soul, as if the world is empty and theres no one out
"To Be a Top Producer In network marketing You Have To Be a Top Producer of Leads."
Jeffrey Combs
Top producers are their own providers. Every successful networker I know generates
their own leads. The moment an individual becomes serious about network marketing,
theyll also become serious at generating their own leads.
Too many networkers are still stuck in the old trap of freezing after they are rejected a
few times, or expecting the upline to give them leads, join some wacky co-op or buy
lead lists.
None of that works.
Purchased leads
Real-time redirected leads
Double opt-in leads
Co-registration leads
Incentive leads
Home-based business leads
All the above are dead sources.
Telephone verified leads are better, IF they are real time, exclusive and expensive ($4$5). Even so, they require advanced calling skills. I use these leads and enjoy working
with them. But theyre not for everyone.


Trust me, calling self-generated leads is a breeze compared to cold calling purchased
You need to generate your own real-time network marketing leads online free and
paid. And, when you pay for them, you have to make more money than you spend in
the short term.
The good leads are not at the mall, coffee shops or supermarkets or from internet
They are in Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blog networks.
The network marketing target audience is 16.1 million people. Thats in the US alone.
Within the general biz-op market there are also around 72 million people who are
contemplating joining a home based business.
You dont need to get upset when your friends dont join you or dont understand
network marketing or tell you its a pyramid. You dont have to use the 3-foot rule and
set yourself up for unbelievable rejection.
You dont cry if your ad didnt pull this week. You dont have to put up with calling
purchased leads.
Networkers are on search engines, social media and video sites. They are there by the
millions, all grouped into categories and easy to reach.
Should you tap into your warm market? Absolutely! Should you help your team tap into
their warm market? Of course. The notion that you should go into your warm market
only after you are successful is nonsense.
There are great prospects in warm markets and if you know how, you can build your
business very fast.
BUT, the oasis of endless leads and systematic prospect generation in the network
marketing pool is the internet.
The internet is the easiest place to generate leads and follow up automatically and
influence that network for the long term.
3. Offline youre a miner, but online youre a farmer.
Offline networkers have the miner mentality. They pitch prospects, see if theres gold
and move on to the next. They rarely follow up and stay in touch for the long term.
These people don't build big lists, don't use automated follow up. They don't harvest.
They just keep mining.


Online you are a farmer. You have or should have a sales funnel system, a blog,
autoresponders, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Once people opt in, you can make a
presence in their lives for the long haul, practically free. Thats the beauty of the internet.
Today not having an online presence and sales system is totally counter productive for
Marketing is art and science of constantly answering four major questions for your



listen to you?
believe what you have to say?
join you and not someone else?
act now?

This is easy to do with the internet because you can automate a lot of the process.
PLUS, when you earn trust and credibility, your list can be a significant source of
revenue, in addition to your primary opportunity.
The bigger your list, the more money you make by selling network marketing related
tools, your lead generation system and useful info products.
That doesnt mean becoming a full-fledged info-product marketer and slipping away
from the network marketing model! Affiliate marketing is not as profitable as building a
network marketing organization. It's not a retirement business model.
Keep it simple. Your goal is to farm, provide true value, and earn. Even if you earn just
enough to finance your advertising, thats big.
Most networkers join a company with a $200 ad budget. They usually blow it doing
wrong advertising and they are out business. List monetization by offering valuable,
educational marketing products is a way to finance your business long term. It keeps
you in the game.
Become an affiliate of good network marketing products. Use them to help you prospect,
while earning commissions to finance your business. Thats a solution to a big problem.
4. Recruit them online, retain them offline.
I will never understand online marketers who talk against meetings and functions. Did
you ever see a network marketing company grow big without meetings, functions and
conventions? Not on this planet. Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.
Even top internet marketers nowadays hold functions to bond members to their


Thats why, when you join a company and a team, you have to look at not only their
online presence, but also at their offline program.
If they dont have one, its not a good sign. It means they dont understand this
business or they are in a quick-buck model and they dont care.
Generating leads online and giving webinars is a GREAT way to bring people into your
business. But without personal contact, bonding, masterminding and team spirit, your
organization will not have a strong retention.
Your distributors have to connect to the culture of the product, the company and your
team. This provides constant social contact.
There is nothing like putting people in the middle of a large crowd and letting them feel
the energy and emotions. The whole thing becomes real. Its powerful. It touches the
core of human nature.
Social contact establishes the sense of increased safety and less risk.
People need to see other people succeeding, LIVE. It has to sink in to their bones.
Without this social proof the belief system of your organization will never be strong.
In a crowd they see real people bonding: friendships, results, transformations, tears,
struggles, achievements, problems, solutions, trophies, cars and recognition.
That creates belief and retention. People want to be part of that.
A good network marketing company is a master of functions, recognition and social
proof. A good marketer is a MASTER at promoting them, not talking against them.
Your organization is constantly under attack. They get prospected every day for new
programs. They are insecure about themselves, their decisions, and their ability to
If you in short order and with urgent priority after you recruit a person online,
dont connect and bond this person to the company and your team culture, you end up
with a distracted downline chasing multiple streams of incomes and looking for the next
medication to come in their email.
A person has to go through several layers of exposure and social proof before they
become solid.
They need to see, feel and touch the success of other people. They need to shake hands
with the winners. They need to see the product results and rank advancement. They
have to visualize receiving the same recognition.


I love the internet, but I would NEVER talk against meetings, functions and seminars.
I have seen many companies with good products, but because they operated 100%
online, without live functions and personal connection with the distributors, they fell
apart in two years or less. In fact, I have personally experienced that.
The most solid checks in the industry are companies that have earned the hearts and
minds of their distributors.
5. Associate with leaders and mentors in your exact niche (network marketing)
I made it clear through this document that mentors in other models (non network
marketing) all have something good to say, but they also create noise, confusion,
distractions and divisions that can break your ultimate goal in network marketing.
You are constantly assaulted by new information, attitudes and opinions that mainly
benefits them and not you.
You need to live in a focused world where everyone speaks the same language and
shares the same doctrine. Personally, Im a very strong-minded person, but I got caught
up in the online tornado for months looking for more and more knowledge.
I know how divided and unfocused one can become. Theres always some carrot out
there you want to bite. Every day you see ultimate methods, super formulas, commando
blueprints, ninja secrets, viral tools and amazing systems, all promising to do everything
for you. It NEVER happens.
You cant chase everything that looks shiny. Most of it isnt. In the long run, it will break
you. Don't follow a gazillion mentors. You will become highly confused.
Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we
focus all of our resources on mastering ONE single area of our lives. Anthony
You need to associate with mentors who have success at what you want to accomplish
and can pass down to you the attitude, mindset and technical information that will make
you successful.
Im talking about mentors that talk your language and can truly help you with your
specific goals.
Anthony Robbins says: "You are a direct reflection of your peers expectation."
If your peers expect you to be of the same standard as they are, you will end up
knowing what they know without you even realizing it!


Look at those people you associate with and listen to every day. Do they work for you or
against you?
If you associate with people with limiting or different beliefs and agendas, they will give
you the impression that you are not good enough or are not in the right place or dont
have the capability to achieve higher results in life. Associating with the wrong people
stops you from achieving what you want.
6. Stop Selling and Start Connecting
Why is it that some people can recruit new reps like crazy and build huge networks,
while the majority recruit a couple of friends, then freeze and never more forward with
their business.
I want to share with you the five top secrets that have helped me become the #1
recruiter in almost every company Ive ever joined.
1. Stop pitching. No one likes to be sold. Build relationships without an agenda. Ask
questions. Give information. Be sensitive to other people's needs and sincerely help
them even when they are not ready to join you. Find out what their obstacles are and
offer solutions. They will come back to you.
2. Prospect without worrying about the outcome. You cant control who joins you and
who doesnt. Focus on the relationship and how you can help the person, not the sale.
The sales will come.
3. Dont push information down your prospects throat. Ask questions about their needs,
present problems and challenges "before" you start pitching.
Get a good reading of where a person is at. When you feel they are ready, ask
permission to give them information and then do it.
4. Dont hype. Stick to value driven information. Use facts, statistic and endorsements to
substantiate what you say. Never mention your benefits. Always refer to whats in it for
5. Any prospecting call has to answer these questions in the mind of your prospect:
a) What's in it for me?
b) Why should I join you now?
c) How can I benefit?
d) How much money can I make?
e) Can I do it?
f) How can I do it?


Overall, prospecting is an art and a science. Focus on your people skills more than your
technical skills. I know people that are smart with internet technology and advertising
but when they get on the phone with someone, they cant connect. They say the wrong
things and many actually turn people off!
In the early days I use to record myself and replay the tapes.
You have no idea how many times I slapped my forehead and said: I shouldnt have
said that or "that didnt sound right" or I wish I said that instead of the other.
Prospecting skills in network marketing can be acquired very quickly if you tune into
your prospect, ask the right questions and listen carefully to what they say so you can
plan what you say.
This is a behavior you must learn and repeat over and over. Habits are created by
repeating the same behaviors over and over again. Physical repetition creates physical
habits and the repetition of thoughts and emotions creates habits of thoughts and
emotional experiences.
This is the main reason why people often experience challenges when achieving their
goals. It's great to feel motivated at a seminar and write down a goal, but creating a
goal is a different story.
The only way a goal is achieved is by becoming a habit of thought and then a habit of
action. For a goal to become a habit of thought and action, it must be repeated over and
over, hundreds of times in your mind.
Make it your goal in every conversation to connect with prospects so they know you, like
you, trust you and want to buy from you.
7. Become a Powerful Recruiter.
Recruiting is a habit. Powerful recruiters generate a lot of leads and talk to a lot of
people on a daily basis as a way of life. You should love recruiting. It's your profession.
Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find
others like yourself who are committed to succeed. Would you be willing to hear many
nos to sign up 100+ people until you strike gold, and find 3 major producers?
Talking to people is now what you do for a living, so it must become part of your
lifestyle. The more people you talk to, the faster youll grow, and the farther youll go in
your business. With practice comes confidence. When your confidence increases, so does
your set of odds.
Only powerful recruiters earn big checks. They sift and sort all day. They don't waste
time shop talking. They qualify people for their time. they present and close. Prospecting


is more difficult emotionally than it is in practicality. It's divided in three simple parts:
1. Have a structure in your mind on how to approach your prospects, how you plan to
qualify them your time and how to present your opportunity and how to close the sale
when they do qualify. The authority in the industry than can teach you this better than
anyone else is Jeffery Combs. He offers a ton of free audios that are simply invaluable.
Here's a couple of them.
2. Connect with your prospect's problems and fit the solution inside of what you have to
3. Close your prospects by asking for the sale.
The sponsoring process is truly not complicated. It's about mindset, drive, energy and
being excited about winning. If winning is important to you, the you will start
prospecting and seeking to get better at it.
I want you to learn to take the pressure off when youre prospecting. Think of it as just
sharing and inviting. You are sifting and sorting. I dont want you to be emotionally
connected to the outcome. Do it freely. Just talk without expectations. Take all emotions
out of it, and if people say no, keep going. People don't say no to you personally, they
say no to themselves. They deny themselves the freedom and joy this business has to
offer. Let go immediately. Don't dwell on it. Make the next call.
Dont pre-judge anyone. You dont know what their hopes, dreams, desires, and their
financial situations are. Usually the most well-connected, successful, busy people get it
first, and they run with it! Its just our job to share, and its their job to decide.
Remember, if we share what were doing with everyone, they can all plug in: as a
customer, rep, or to help you with connections and ideas! Everyone you talk to has


Increase your desire... your drive and youll increase your success.
Without that desire you will not seek the right associations or take action.
When I began my journey from broke to prosperity, I made an immediate decision to
leave my past behind and instantly become wealthy in my mind.
The evening I had my first exposure to this industry I met Jim Rohn, personally. Why
would he meet with me? I had no idea. But, my sponsor fixed it.
He told me: Make the decision to be wealthy and you are already wealthy.
I became wealthy at that very moment. Even though I was a truck driver in the family
company at the time, I decided to be a wealthy person who just happened to be a truck
The moment I made the decision, the physical million dollars followed in just under three
years. That decision was fueled by desire.
But how do you raise your desire?
Its helpful for you to spend time to become aware of how unlimited you are and from
where your perceived limitations are coming. Next, spend time contemplating the true
meaning of freedom, and what freedom means to you personally.
Decide what it is that you want for your life. How would you like to see your life unfold?
What are your dreams? What would you like to manifest or become during your lifetime?
What are your goals?
Do you realize that you can have it all when you raise your consciousness above your
limited perceptions? This is how you can create a paradise and a life of achievement.
Open your mind to accept the limitlessness that was intended for you on this planet.
As you start raising your consciousness, your desires, your interests and your priorities
will change. You will start to realize that you, and only you, are the creator and the
prime authority for your life, in spite of all other external appearances.
You will use your new awareness and the knowledge you will gain by the expansion of
your consciousness to create a new reality for yourself, the one you always wanted, with
no limitations.


Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest, said: Its not the mountain
that we conquer, its ourselves.
I wish you all the success in the world.



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