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Javanese Gamelan

Buka: Introduction to a

played on the Bonang


Balinese Gamelan
Angsel: Sudden starts and stops in


Balungan: The basic melody from

which the structure of the gamelan
piece is built. Relatively simple and

Pokok: Main melody

Played by the Slenthem

Instruments tuned to both pelog

(7-tone) and slendro (5-tone)

Characterist Sedate and gentle

Less dramatic changes
Simple rhythms with simple
Metallophon Play the balungan and its
1. Saron:
Similar to a xylophone with thick,
6-7 heavy metal keys mounted on
a low wooden frame.

Interlocking playing
which is fast and
Distinguishing feature where
different groups of players
play different short
melodic/rhythmic patters
simultaneously, to create a
complete musical phrase

Demung, Barung, Panerus

2. Gender:
Thin metal keys, suspended over a

Tuned to pelog, Instruments tuned

in pairs to create a acoustic
beating and a shimmering effect
Faster and more brilliant
More dramatic greater dynamic
range and sudden starts/stops
Fast interlocking rhythms
Gender family:
Metallophones consisting of broad
metal keys suspended over
resonating tubes, struck with
wooden mallets to create a
bright, percussive, resonant
Larger, lower pitched play
abstract versions of pokok, while
higher pitched play elaborated

tube resonator, Struck with padded

disc beater

Slenthem, Barung, Panerus

Right hand grips mallet, left hand


Instruments come in pairs, one

slightly lower than the other.
When same notes played
simultaneously, Shimmering Effect
is created
1. Jegogan:
Lowest, play most important notes
of pokok
2. Jublag/Calung:
Play most basic form of pokok
3. Gangsa
Use hard wooden mallets,
producing a much brighter,
metallic timber

Punctuation + Melodic Elaboration

Hanging Gongs: Suspended and
played with round padded beaters
1. Gong Ageng: Marks end of
each gong cycle
2. Kempul: For Punctuation
Cradled Gongs: Rested on Wooden

Kenong: Punctuation
Kempyang: Punctuation
Kethuk: Time Keeper

Cradled Gongs:

Ugal (leader), Pemade,


Timekeeper + Interlocking
Gong Chimes
1. Kempli: Timekeeper that
marks pulse
Small horizontal kettle gong
suspended over wooden frame
2. Reyong: Plays
interlocking kotekan
parts similar to Gangsa,
sweet, lulling sound
Small horizontal gongs (12)
suspended over wooden frame

Bonang: Melodic Elaboration

From start of extract
A set of 10,12 or 14 kettle gongs
resting horizontally in 2 parallel
rows in a wooden frames, played
with stick beaters

Cue the Orchestra, Indicate Tempo/Direct Tempo Changes, Start and

stops the piece

KENDHANG: Ketipung, Ciblon, Gending, Bedug

Barrel drum with one end larger than the other, goatskin or buffalo
Bali: 2 drummers play interlocking parts

Play melodic line that weaves

around the basic melody
1. Celempung/Siter:
14-string zither with strings
stretched across a bow shaped
wooden structure, plucked with
2. Rebab:
2 string bowed fiddle with almost
heart shaped body, made of wood
3. Suling:
- Provides expressive lines in
Gamelan with shorter and
disjointed musical phrases
End-blown bamboo flute
Female Solo: Pesindhen
Male Chorus: Gerong

Ceng-ceng: Play steady tempo

and add excitement to music
4/5 horizontally mounted cymbals,
each pair differs in diameter thus
creating different pitches
Voice absent in Bali!!