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Implementation for the period - 1 st April 2013 to till Date

Sr. No.


IT Initiative

Product Description

FinnOne Infrastructure for Gold



Data Card

MPLS Rollout

TATA MPLS with Centralized


Additional Active directory

Domain Controller

Windows 2008 R2
-Additional Active directory
Domain Controller

KYC File Sharing

Auto file mapping via GPO

OTP for Finnone Application

SMS Blast from ACL

IT Audit

ISMS Audit from Jainam

IT Infrastructure

MS Office Linceses Installation

with cost saving

BroadBand Disconnection

IT Application


MS Office 2013


or the period - 1 st April 2013 to till Date

Purpose / Benefit


To built Server & Network infrastructure which will run AIX platform for GL application. Tape
Backup provision initiated with Sify. Multiple frequent differential bakcup facality implemented Critical
to increass the availbality & reduce downtime in case of disastor. Network devices are fine
tunned to best possible extent which increass performance of Finnone application.

MPLS as a mendatory network infrastrcutre to run FinnOne Application, we finalized it with

TATA communication. MPLS is proactive base monitoring from TCL with alterting system & TAT
base support with penalty clause.


Win 2008 DC implementation as an additional domain controller ensure Centralized directory,

User & Computer Management not only for branch users but also act as an redundent Domain
controller for existing AD at BKC. Network & system security policy which was implemented at Medium
BKC PCs & users also push to all branches. Centralised User login & authentication ensures
workstation security.
Exchanging of the files which are not exchange on the mail due to maximum size. Auto file
share via existing Active directory has more adavantage over & above FTP. This facalitate AD
user to scan the KYC documents & store it on auto share present on their system which will
directly sotre at central location of sify Data centre. This file gets backup daily on the TAPE at
Sify Data centre.


SMS requirement introduced web based SMS solution from ACL which provisioned GL
application with 2FA complient. With OTP password GL application make more secured in


IT Audit conducted successfully in the Fedbank. This Audit ensure proper infrastcture & process Major
are in place. It also measured IT readiness for future business requirments & chellanges.

We procured 100 office licneses & disctributed in HO, regional offices. We also install office in
one PC of GL branch which saved the cost of around 160 branches.
We disconnected Braodband from 123 branches where MPLS is live as costing saving activity.
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd is leading software solution provider for Lending System in the
Industry. They have an established product FINNONE which offers enterprise wide lending
solution & designed to meet changing business needs of the lending organization.