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Issue No.

7 January 2006

A monthly guide for the people of Lindfield

• Blackthorns School finds the ‘X Factor’ • 100 years of fun at the fair •
• What grows during the winter? • Dentists take new robes to Uganda •

WELL, HERE WE ARE at the beginning of

2006 and the Lindfield Times has
become part of life in our village. It has
been a wholly enjoyable experience for
me and I would like to thank everyone
who has submitted articles during the
six months since it began.
During the first six months we have had
many successes. We are more aware about
what happens in our village which has
resulted in increased attendance at many
events. I believe that people really do read
Cover image: A family take a the Lindfield Times and it can therefore
morning swim across the pond. be used effectively by local organisations
to provide information to the community.
© Lindfield Times 2006 Going forward, I would like to encourage
local groups and clubs to use the magazine as a
Editor way of providing information and publicising
Jeremy Crooks forthcoming events in the village and
Tel: 01444 487454 surrounding areas.
Email: Please do give me your feedback - positive or
editor@lindfieldtimes.co.uk negative - on how you feel about the magazine,
www.lindfieldtimes.co.uk in particular if you have any comments about
any of the articles which have appeared to date,
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www.swanpress.co.uk to see the magazine develop in the future.
Design by: Kipper We now have a website www.lindfieldtimes.co.uk
www.kippercreative.com which has all the past issues on it.
I’m looking at ways of developing this to
become the main information portal on the
internet for the village. Any suggestions will be
greatly appreciated.
Jeremy Crooks, Editor
Page 2 Lindfield Times
Lindfield resident of 50 years
turns to writing in his eighties
IT IS OFTEN SAID that everyone has at least one book in them
but Arthur Woods left it until his ninth decade until putting
pen to paper. Arthur spent most of his working life 1950-2000
travelling the roads of East and Western Europe creating the
opportunity for foundries to be built. One of his books “A
Huckster Fifty Years On The Roads of Europe and Elsewhere”
is a memoir and is a mixture of business, travel, history
and politics.
An extract from the book about the Russian
invasion of Prague in September 1968 reads:
“After a while, I pulled well away from the
road to watch and take mental notes of the
Polish armoured division moving towards Prague.
Tanks, artillery and many lorried infantry. A sight I
had not seen since 1939-45. Part of the column
stopped and a young officer walked over; very
polite and he accepted a cigarette “Of course we
had to do this, the Americans were about to walk in
and our Czech comrades asked us to help out”. His attitude suggested a tongue deep in cheek. I
knew this to be nonsense, as on August 20th I had crossed the border from Nuremberg at Rosodov
and saw no American troops despite the huge NATO/US base nearby”
Four months later Jan Palach, a Czech Philosophy student, immolated himself with petrol in
Wencelas Square in protest at the rape of his country.
Quite ironically I, now the Editor of this magazine, was working as an engineer in Prague for six
weeks in Jan/Feb 1989. During this period there had been continued rioting for over a month with
water canons on most street corners caused by the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Jan
Palach’s sacrifice. All foreigners had been forcibly removed, except for a handful of people. I was
employed on a government project in the Semi-Conductor industry and was deemed necessary:
however even I was arrested on numerous occasions.
These disturbances gained momentum and proved to be the start and a major contributor to the fall
of the whole eastern block. Jan Palach’s dream of a free Czech Republic became reality later that year.
In contrast, another book Arthur Woods has written “Paul of Tarsus: An enigma enshrouded in a
mystery” he explores the life of St Paul, and his legacy during the six centuries after his death
around AD60, provokes more questions than answers.
If you are interested in either of these books please contact him directly on (01444) 483084 or
email woodsarthur@yahoo.co.uk. Both books are priced at £7.99.
Jeremy Crooks

January 2006 Page 3

EVENTS AT Kew’s expected
King Edward Hall
at gardening
3rd Wine Blind Tasting 8pm event!
(Open Invite) Mid Sussex
(Mary Fennings 892485) starting the new year with a flourish. On
Wednesday 11th January 2006 we have an
7th Lindfield Bonfire Society evening talk in the King Edward Hall
Bric and Brac sale commencing at 8pm, when Sarah Oldridge,
from 10am-12pm the Adult Education Co-coordinator for the
Bric and Brac can be delivered Royal Botanical Gardens, is coming to talk on
from 8am on the day. the ‘History and Work of the Royal Botanic
(Wendy Box 482809) Gardens Kew’.
This is a real coup for the
11th Lindfield Horticultural Society Talk LHS. Sarah who is very much a
(Alison Coburn 417084) local girl from Ansty is also a
see right...> member of the Education and
Training Committee of the RHS.
12th WI Country Market She has over 20 years experience
with Kew and has been on several overseas
16th New Botanical Art class due to start collecting trips and is currently based at
(Vicky Mappin 01273 486320) Wakehurst Place.
Her talk will be fully illustrated outlining the
19th The Preservation Society has a talk early history of Kew Gardens and introduces
in the King Edward Hall at 2.30pm ‘behind the scenes scientific work’. It also looks
by Mike Smith on Kipling's Sussex. at how the Gardens function and highlights
Members will be able to renew many of the marvellous plant and garden scenes
their annual membership at the at Kew.
meeting. Admission is £1 including Everyone is welcome to this event. The price
refreshments. All welcome. of entry is 50p to Members and £1 to guests.

26th Film Show

(Afternoon and Evening possibly)

Page 4 Lindfield Times

1st Lindfield: Roll in with
good turn out!
BOYS AND ADULT STAFF of the 1st Lindfield BB Company turned out in good numbers to renew
their promise of loyalty at the annual Enrolment Service in Lindfield United Reformed Church at
the end of November. The Company is enjoying a good session, with increased strength.
A week later, a team of Lindfield BB members competed in the Badminton Competition held by
the Brighton Battalion at Oathall School, and the juniors – Daniel Hatchard, Kyle Ellis, and
Francisco de Freitas – retained the Cup they first won last year. The Seniors, who included Alex Hill
and Ben Horton, came first, but because of a technicality, were not awarded the trophy. Boys
continue to enjoy their games and band activities on Monday evenings.

Explore more
at All Saints’
THIS CHRISTMAS we have just celebrated the
birth of Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago. But
apart from knowing where he was born and
something about who came to visit him, what
else do we know about this child and his
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subsequent life? Get our FREE guide
Would you be interested to learn more about
who Jesus was, why he came and what he with advice.
demands of those who follow him?
All Saints’ Church will be running a course Real choice
called Christianity Explored that will answer Access to all mortgages from over
100 lenders with 000’s of mortgages.
these and other questions that you may have. The For real choice.
course starts with a welcome supper in The Tiger Personal
in Lindfield High Street on Tuesday January 10 at
7.00pm to which anyone who wishes to come requirements. And to make it easy, we deal with the lender and
along is invited. The course will then continue the paperwork for you.
for a further ten weeks and will be held on Professional
Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm beginning on
advice. Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Services
January 17 and also on Monday mornings at Authority. Members of the Association of Independent Mortgage
9.30am starting on January 17 when there will Intermediaries.
be a crèche for those too young to join in.
If you are interested to find out what the
course entails then please come along to the
welcome supper, or call Nick and Hilarie Carter Your home may be repossessed
if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
on 01444 483221.
January 2006 Page 5
The last witch of Lindfield
“IDLEHURST - A JOURNAL Kept in the Country” by John Halsham, published in 1898, was based
on life in Lindfield at the end of the 19th century. His trademark, it might be said, is disapproval of
progress. An exception is medicine, in which respect he takes a swipe at the backwardness of the
local people.
“All our cottage folk”, he says, “drink deep of medicine the year round; they rarely find
themselves in a state of health to which some sort of physic is not applicable. It is a normal state to
be ‘taking’ something; puffed patents, seas of ‘mixture’, pills, ‘iles’ [oils], liniments, powders, ever
pour from the little shop which combines pharmacy and ‘fancy goods’”.
Halsham says of his gardener, “Mr Bish was telling me the other day what a fine thing
turpentine is, taken internally – “painter-chaps, they takes a lot of it.” And then there is the popular
remedy of small-shot. When we are troubled, as we frequently are in Sussex after heavy courses of
pork and greens, with a feral indigestion; or when women suffer from what the doctors call globus
hystericus [the subjective feeling of a lump in the throat]; we at once diagnose “the raising of the
lights,” ...As the lights are supposed to leave their proper station and ascend the windpipe, the most
natural thing is to weight them down; therefore we prescribe sparrow shot - five or six to a dose,
say twice a day. Bish has an aunt who got through a seven-pound bag, and lives.” (Don’t try this at
home - lead and turpentine poisoning were
not discovered until after this period).
The practice of going to the local wise
woman for cures had not quite died out.
Halsham does not mince his words about old
Widow Blackman (her real name is unknown
because names in “Idlehurst” are changed).
“Through all kinds of religious cultivation,
from the Church Catechism of her childhood,
through the Calvinistic rule of her first
husband, the fervid Baptist zeal of her second
and third men, to the return in her eighth
decade to the Church, to the foreseeing care
and keen siege of intellect and devotion on
the Rector’s part, she has remained mean,
crafty, animal, base utterly. Now, but a poor
ghost of a witch, she is only credited with
power to wash away warts. ...If you want a
radical cure in a bad case, you must go to
Widda Blackman.”
If only Widda Blackman had left us her
life-story. We can only guess what she would
have said about John Halsham.
John Usher

Page 6 Lindfield Times

Lindfield revisited

Photos: Lindfield Village Archive

YOU MAY HAVE THOUGHT that the visiting fair
on the Common is a recent development. In fact
it has its origins rooted in history. People from
the surrounding area have gathered in Lindfield
to enjoy and trade at our fairs since 1344, when
King Edward III granted a charter for two annual
eight day fairs. For centuries the fairs continued
each April and July, the latter subsequently being
held at the beginning of August.
The April fair was discontinued when the
weekly livestock market started in Haywards
Heath.The larger August fair was one of the
biggest sheep fairs in Sussex, but eventually
changed into a major entertainment event.

The photographs show the fair one hundred years ago.

January 2006 Page 7
Issues to consider when divorce
or separation becomes a reality
MR AND MRS JONES have been married for fifteen years. They have two children,
aged 13 and 10. Mr Jones is a salesman and earns a reasonable salary. Mrs Jones
has not worked since the children were born. At the moment they all live in the
jointly owned family home. However recently Mr and Mrs Jones have decided that
they don’t want to live together any more. They have grown apart and want to go
their separate ways. However both of them are very worried about the future.
Mr Jones is worried that if he moves out, he will have to pay for two households
from his own income, which he cannot possibly afford to do. He is worried that he
will have to pay so much maintenance that he will not be able to afford to rent
another property and so will have nowhere to live. He does not want to see the
children have to move home, but he wonders when he might get any of the capital
out of the house and how much he might receive. Having spoken to his friends in
the pub, he also worries that Mrs Jones will take all of his pension.
Mrs Jones is worried that she and the children will have to move. There isn’t
enough capital in the house for her to buy a smaller property and she can’t raise a
mortgage as she has no income. Will she and the children
ultimately be homeless? Will she be expected to return to full
time work? It wont be easy to find and she believes that the they want to
children will suffer if she is not at home for them after school.
How much maintenance will Mr Jones be able to pay for her reach an
and the children? What is likely to happen to the house? What
will happen when she retires? She has no pension of her own – amicable
they were always going to rely on Mr Jones’ pension.
These are all genuine and understandable concerns. Numerous agreement
financial issues arise when couples decide to separate and trying
to decide what is best for everyone can cause an immense level but just don’t
of stress to all concerned. Mr and Mrs Jones want to reach an
amicable agreement but just don’t know where to start. know where
If you are in the process of or even just considering
separating from your spouse or partner, taking professional to start
advice about your legal rights and responsibilities is essential. It
means that you can make informed decisions about the future, knowing where
you stand legally and what action you are entitled to take.
If you would like to arrange an initial fixed fee appointment to discuss the
issues arising from your separation or divorce, contact Mrs Helen Starke by
telephone (01444 416116) or by e-mail (starkeandco@btconnect.com).

Page 8 Lindfield Times

A modern and effective approach to family law
To include all relevant financial claims

Including all financial issues and property claims

Including residence and contact disputes

To include applications for orders for sale and claims by

Including advice regarding claims to the Child Support


£45.00 plus VAT for a limited period only

Out of hours appointments available from 7.45 am to 6.30 pm

by prior arrangement

LGM House, Commercial Square, Mill Green Road,

Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1XJ

Tel: 01444 416116 ~ Fax: 01444 416414

Web: Starkeandco@Btconnect.com
January 2006 Page 9
Swimming is great exercise and good fun too!
– learn to swim
– improve your swimming strokes
– or learn a new stroke

Half hour lessons with qualified swimming

teachers. Ladies from 19 to 90! – all abilities
and non-swimmers are welcome.

Tuesday mornings at the Dolphin Leisure Centre

Haywards Heath contact:
Jeanne Izod 01444 452325
and Since 1977 many hundreds of women
Friday mornings at Ardingly College contact: have enjoyed swimming with
Moira Kinnear 01444 483114 DOLPHIN LADIES SWIMMING CLUB

Banish back pain with Pilates

PILATES STARTS with gentle exercises that are easy to learn. These exercises gradually strengthen the
back and the deep abdominal muscles to help protect against back problems. Pilates is a gentle and
low impact exercise so you can work the body without the risk of injury.
At the Elan Studio we undertake a quality approach to teaching Pilates by thoroughly screening
and assessing all of our clients, ensuring our class numbers are small and all of our instructors are
highly qualified. So you can rest assured you get the best care and attention and as our clients are
often telling us, the best results.

Page 10 Lindfield Times

Time for nursery...
“THE CHOICE of the right nursery school for a play, which naturally progresses as they develop.
child is one of the most important decisions for “We encourage number, shape, colour and
a parent to make, as the foundations laid are sound recognition and also basic French. Being
there for life,” says Nicky Moore, Head of part of Tavistock & Summerhill, we’re incredibly
Nursery at Tavistock & Summerhill Prep School. lucky in that we have the most beautiful and
“Life in the Nursery is busy and exciting,” spacious grounds, which include a walled
says Nicky. “For some children, this may be the garden with climbing equipment and use of
first time they’ve left their parents to be on the gym and the swimming pool as well as all
their own meeting other children. We are very the play areas. The IT suite and library are also
flexible and parents can choose however many fully accessible to us as well.”
sessions they wish; just mornings, or mornings If you would like to know more about
and afternoons to include lunch, or full days if Tavistock & Summerhill’s Nursery classes, please
they wish. As many parents work, we also offer ring 01444 450256.
a Breakfast and an After School Club for
children to come early and or stay late.”
It’s a very full programme for the children.
They start developing their social skills through

The perfect start to your child’s education:

• 3 small classes THE NURSERY
• Flexible sessions at Tavistock & Summerhill
• French for beginners
• Extensive grounds,
• Use of gym, library, IT suite and pool
• Home-cooked lunch
• Breakfast and after-school club
Call Mrs Moore, the Nursery Head, on 01444 450256 today.
Tavistock & Summerhill is a charity [No 300086] providing an excellent education for girls and boys aged 3-13.

January 2006 Page 11

From Lindfield girl to International
contemporary painter
LOCAL ARTIST, Gail Elson, exhibits her paintings
in the UK and overseas. Her first memory of being
excited by the creative arts started with making
puppets as a child with Miss Mountfort of Finches
Lane (the old lady that lived next door!). Gail
continued to be inspired through the creative
teaching and learning that took place at
Blackthorns School. This flourished through her
time spent at Oathall Community College. Her
passion for painting in the outdoors blossomed
from the time she spent working on the school
farm. Alongside her studies Gail worked at
Compton House nursing home.
Gail qualified as a registered nurse in 1992.
Whilst at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East
Grinstead she worked in the Burns Unit and
collaborated with the hospital psychologist in setting up and running an art event for children who
had undergone facial surgery. The aim of this project was to improve self confidence in young
people who were undergoing the transition between primary and secondary school. Encouraged by
the results of the workshops Gail went on to study Fine Art at degree level and stepped in to the
world of teaching ‘contemporary art’ to both adults and children.
Gail feels that nursing has enhanced her life as both an artist and a teacher. It has provided a
personal insight into the human condition, and remains integral to her painting which is of a
gritty and expressive nature.

To see more go to www.gailelson.co.uk

'Painting feeds the spirit and nurtures the soul.’

It is a catalyst for opportunity and discovery.

It heightens our awareness of what we may
have seen before but never really acknowledged
giving a feeling of freedom, elation and illumination.

Gail Elson Contact details 5 Appledore Court

Contemporary Painter w – www.gailelson.co.uk West Common
e - gail@gailelson.co.uk Lindfield
Sales by Appointment. Private Tutorials: t – 01444 451104 West Sussex
Secondary and adult levels m – 0797 0855339 RH16 2BG

Page 12 Lindfield Times

HomeSmiths – the Smiths
with designs on your home
HOMESMITHS is the combination of the talents solely looking for bespoke furniture, they benefit
of local husband and wife team David and Jacqui from David and Jacqui’s joint approach.
Smith; David, an award-winning cabinet maker From the first client visit through to the
and Jacqui, an interior designer. David has over 24 completion of the work, HomeSmiths
years experience making fitted and free-standing customers can expect a friendly and professional
furniture from kitchens and home offices to service. Both detesting the hard sell, David and
dining tables and wardrobes. As well as having Jacqui adopt a down to earth and consultative
experience within the residential market Jacqui approach with their clients. Whether a client has
has worked with property developers and owners clearly defined requirements or is looking for
of holiday lets, using her eye for detail and love of ideas, they can be sure to get a creative and
finishing touches to ensure that her client’s practical response to their brief.
properties stand out from the competition. If you would like to contact HomeSmiths,
Their combination of skills enables them to David and Jacqui can be reached on 01444 484705
deliver their customers a service that is bespoke in or via e-mail at enquiries@homesmiths.co.uk.
all senses of the word. Whether clients simply Alternatively, you can visit their website at
require guidance with a room scheme or are www.homesmiths.co.uk

The husband and wife partnership bringing you award winning furniture making
and elegant interior design. Whether you are looking for a room scheme or wish to

commission a bespoke piece, call David or Jacqui on 01444 484705

FREE initial consultation enquiries@homesmiths.co.uk

January 2006 Page 13

New robes for Uganda
Margaret and
Barrault hold
the Canon Robe.
They are
pictured with Dr
Rob Morris and
his wife Jen
who were the
first overseas
mission partners
from All Saints’
to the region
and worked at
Kagando more
than 30 years

HUSBAND AND WIFE team Jean-Claude and Margaret said: “Since our visit last year
Margaret Barrault, from All Saints’ Church, flew £25,000 has been raised and used to help with
out to Uganda on Sunday with an official robe the hospital staff salaries, procurement of drugs
made specially for the ordination of a new and fluids and the repair of one of the general
canon. anaesthetic machines. We also encourage and
The Lindfield church sponsors the training organise team visits of recognised professional
of ordinands in South Rwenzori Diocese and workers to visit and share in the work loads of
the director of Kagando Hospital, Rev Benson, their opposite number.”
will be installed as a canon of St Paul’s Diocesan Bishop Jackson said: “Thank God
Cathedral in Kasese together with 11 priests for our friendship with All Saints’ Parish and
and 16 deacons on December 4. His white for every form of support you are extending to
lightweight robe, made in Exeter, can be my diocese.”
washed instead of dry cleaned. In February 2006 it is planned that a local
Margaret Barrault is a dental practitioner in medical team including two surgeons will visit
Muster Green and her husband is Practice Kagando. If anyone wishes to contribute
Manager. The couple set up a modern dental financially towards this, please send donations
clinic at Kagando Hospital in 2000 and to: The Friends of Kagando, 10 Muster Green
established the registered charity Friends of North, Haywards Heath, RH16 4AG.
Kagando two years ago to assist the hospital
financially. During their stay the Barraults will
teach and work in the dental clinic.
Page 14 Lindfield Times
Heaven scent
THE FEW PLANTS that are brave enough to
flower at this time of year, deserve medals.
What champions they are - not only do they
provide a floral display but we are also
treated to the most uplifting of scents.
Daphne’s, some of which originate
from the hillsides of Nepal, have the
most intense perfume.This species
comes in a variety of forms, from squat
little mushrooms to leggy models.
Another winter fragrance plant that
also loves shade is Sarcococco. Don’t
be put off this evergreen just because it
is used extensively by car park
landscapers: it is fast growing and has a
wonderful scent. Long branches of Lonicera
fragrantissima, can be brought in for Christmas and
will fill the house with its fantastic perfume. Like the
sweet smelling Viburnam bodnantense, it is rather twiggy.
However, if planted at the back of the border or in amongst a mixed hedge, their sparse habit will
not be noticed. These plants need to be sited close to frequently used paths, the drive or doorways
so their perfume can be enjoyed to the full.
It is in deepest winter that we realise how vital hedges, trees and evergreen plants are to the structure
of our gardens.They form the bones from which the rest of the garden hangs. Box and yew hedging
present clean crisp silhouettes when iced with frost or dusted with snow. Hedges can screen unsightly
vistas, form arches, frame a view or simply enclose a space.They are the green architecture of the
garden. Fashionable since Roman times, topiary can introduce the elements of humour and individuality
into your outdoor space. Whether the garden style you favour is cottage, formal, or minimalist, the
precise shaping of hedges or individual trees and
shrubs looks sensational. Levens Hall in Cumbria is
the mecca for shears-happy gardeners, but a local
example of great topiary can be found on the Lynne Chopping IEB ISIS MIPTI
borders of Haywards Heath and Cuckfield on the
A272.The arched and pedimented hedge manages Holistic Massage Therapy
to allow light through to the house behind, as well Reiki Healing
as shield it from the traffic. Indian Head Massage
Haut Talk by Karoline Baird of Lindfield- For details or an appointment
based Haughty Culture Garden Design, please ring 01444 482448
M: 07742 731967 &
E: haughty.culture@virgin.net
January 2006 Page 15
Leafy Lindfield
DURING THE EXHIBITION arranged in the King Edward Hall in November last year, to invite ideas
on the Village Plan, John Mason, a resident of Lindfield took an interest in the display of
photographs arranged by the Facilities & Attractions working group. One of the members of the
group, Alison Woodhead, chatted to him and learnt that he had come to Lindfield to live a few
years previously and had been so delighted with what the village had to offer that he felt the urge
to express his feelings in this poem.

Lindfield in West Sussex, on the edge of Haywards Heath,

Is a lovely, ancient village, quite beyond belief.
It has a High Street full of charm, with magnificent houses and shops.
New level pavements to walk along beneath trees with broad-leaf tops.

At the southern end, there one finds, a large fish-filled pond.

Then an open green with Cricket pitch, a little way beyond.
The much frequented meeting place is the King Edward Hall.
Many a tasty pie or cake can be found on the W.I. Stall.

The Village still has a Butcher’s shop, a Greengrocers as well.

A little Post Office on the corner, but the Banks said,“Go to Hell!”
There is a Supermarket opposite, and four pubs to quench one’s thirst.
But it’s the Baker’s Shop where most people go, and rush to get there first.

There are two Newsagents, Hairdressers and gift shops of varying kinds,
Several nice Antique Shops where one can have good finds.
Tucked away, round the back, the Doctor’s can be found.
This is for those of us who, sadly, are not quite fully sound.

There are other shops and businesses to meet our every need.
And a beautiful Church, a House of God, where we can pray and plead.
I’m glad I moved to Lindfield, and made this place my home,
And, now I’ve found it and settled in, there’s no further need to roam.

John R Mason
30th October 2000

It will be noted that only a little has changed since the poem was written and it is the intention of
the Lindfield Preservation Society, of which Alison Woodhead is a Committee member, that
everything possible will be done to either keep it that way or if the need exists to enhance it.
Anyone interested in supporting the aims of the Society by becoming a member should contact the
Hon. Secretary, Alan Gomme on 01444 483086.

Page 16 Lindfield Times

January 2006 Page 17
Nutrition for the golden age
THE ELDERS in the community face different forms. Some foods are easier on the system
health challenges from the younger generation. than others are. Well cooked poultry, eggs and
Nutrition is equally important in offering the fish would be good choices. Apart from soup,
first form of support. However, casseroles provide another
eating well and making the solution.
right choices can sometimes be Inactivity can worsen bowel
difficult for this age group. problems leading to further
Commonly, the mechanics discomfort. Non allergenic
of eating can itself be fibre can be added to porridge
problematic. Dental issues, loss or soups to help improve
of taste and smell can reduce ‘regularity’.
overall interest in food. Apart from the foods
Digestion may cause further themselves, it is equally
discomfort. A comprehensive important to incorporate good
drug regime may also suppress Eating small meals eating habits.Top of the list, is
the appetite. eating small meals very
This suggests that a different very regularly regularly, every 3 - 4 hours.This
and empathic approach is helps maintain helps maintain energy levels,
required when designing reduces overloading the system
menus. Building the immunity energy levels and the resultant indigestion.
of this susceptible group is Choosing a wide variety of
paramount. A wide variety of foods maximises the nutritional
coloured vegetables simmered gently, with benefit from the diet.
good quality stock and then liquidised provides Age should not be a barrier to good health.
an excellent, nutritious and digestible soup. Use nutrition to create the energy to put a
Muscle-wasting is usually a problem in later spring back into the step.
years, contributing to falls and all the associated
complications. Rich sources of protein should
be eaten every day but in easy to assimilate

nutrition t o glow Gwendoline Cooper

Dianne E Mower BSc (Hons) Qualified Member of the British
Chiropody & Podiatry Association
Therapeutic Nutritionist & Dietary Educator Toenail Cutting Service
Tel 01825 791235 Fax 01825 791953
dianne@nutrtiontoglow.com Mon Mornings from 8.45am
The Coach House Church Lane,
Harmony Phamacy 83 High St.
Danehill, East Sussex RH17 7EU Tel (01444) 483738
Page 18 Lindfield Times
January 2006 Page 19
ME self-help courses assists 200
HERE IS THE LATEST news from reMEmber, the Mid Sussex based charity
which works on behalf of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME).
It is estimated that there are 5000 sufferers in Sussex. The condition often
starts after an infection, such as flu. Most people feel very ill at first, but
with the right management many can make a reasonable recovery. Some,
however, can remain extremely ill – even bedridden. There is no cure yet
but promising research here and in the United States indicates a genetic fault. Our Medical Adviser,
Dr William Weir, believes that if this fault can be identified it will be possible to develop a cure.
reMEmber has been working with the Mid Sussex Primary Care Trust in planning the CFS/ME
service for the whole of Sussex which has been running since April 2005; all GPs in Sussex have
been informed how to refer patients to it. It is based at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards
Heath. Over 300 people have been referred to the service already.
reMEmber’s self management courses have helped nearly 200 patients manage their everyday
lives and make the best use of their limited energy. Our next course starts at Clair Hall, Haywards
Heath on Monday 16 January at 10.30 am. It consists of a two and a half hour session once a week
for six weeks. You can discuss your condition with people who understand, get help and advice
and make friends.You receive a folder of helpful information, a book and a CD of relaxation music.
The course fee is £20.
For a place on this course or for more information contact Janice Kent, telephone 01273
831733, e-mail me_cfs@hotmail.com or visit our website www.remembercfs.org.uk.

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Page 20 Lindfield Times

Join Zodiac and make
new friends
DO YOU LIVE in Lindfield and are on your own – why not
join us and make new friends. We are a social club
meeting regularly with at least one event each week.
Our regular venue is at Haywards Heath Town Hall
where we meet on the 3rd Friday of each month for
social gatherings when we plan the next month’s events
and meet old friends and welcome new ones.
We also have other regular events including pub
evenings, meals out, walks, coach outings, garden
parties, film evenings, coffee evenings, theatre
trips, skittle evenings and many more.
We know it can be difficult making the first move but you won’t regret it. Don’t spend those
lonely weekends any more, make the move and make friends.
In general our members are over 40 years old.

Contact Jean Piper (jeanpiper@onetel.com) on 01273 401026 – we look forward to you joining us.

BSW Central Heating. Established 1962.

High efficiency gas and oil central heating boilers.
Two year warranty. Quality products and workmanship.
Tailormade design service. Comprehensive servicing.
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Keeping Sussex

WA R M 190353

January 2006 Page 21

Montessori Nurseries
DR MARIA MONTESSORI’S objective was to learning, yet encourages the maximum response.
help children everywhere reach their maximum It also looks for more than the basic retention of
learning potential, while becoming well- knowledge. It aims also to generate security, trust
balanced individuals able to cope with the and independence in the child; it will prepare
emotional, social and practical pressures of him/her to fit into any situation and to move on
modern day living. to primary or secondary education.
The Montessori child pursues the same basic The village of Lindfield has two outstanding
activities covered in any classroom, and is taught Montessori nurseries one on the common and
in a way that does not pressure them into one in Denmans lane.

The New Hickory and Lindfield

Montessori Nurseries Term
New Hickory open 8-3 daily for children 20m-5 years Onlyme
Lindfield Montessori open 9-3 daily for children 2-5 years
Love, security, praise, responsibility, and new experiences
within the montessori environment.
Telephone Hickory 473311 Lindfield Montessori 484262
Page 22 Lindfield Times
Draughtsman, Design
& Project Management Market regains
Extend your Home
Design Consultation
Plan Drawing Service
Planning Applications
Building Regulation approvals
Structural Calculations
Costing & works programmes
Project Management

Tel: 01444 451266

M: 079 66 56 5445
e-mail: grant.tijou@virgin.net
reported an active end to 2005 after a slow
and unpredictable start resulting in a small
dip in house prices over the last 12 months.
This upturn has seen the housing market
Mulcare-Ball regain momentum and has stabilised prices
across the board.
Mark Revill commented ‘We were
Property Refurbishment encouraged with the number of people
deciding to move so late at the end of last
Local, friendly and professional service year, as people delayed their purchase being
cautious of a possible property crash which
was reported in the media and did not
New Bathrooms New Year Review - ‘We are extremely
New Kitchens
optimistic that the housing market early in
Internal and External Decorating
Property Extensions 2006 will continue to be active and last
Complete Refurbishment year’s downturn will prove to have been
short-lived. With the wider economic
For a free quotation please contact: conditions, such as low interest rates, we
fully expect local house prices to be showing
positive monthly growth again by the
Daniel Ball 01444 410 411 spring’.
or Mobile 07887528853

January 2006 Page 23

Lions still roaring after 43 years!
HAYWARDS HEATH LIONS CLUB was formed each year.
in May 1962, and this year celebrated its 43rd Add to this the street collections, Sainsbury’s
Anniversary, at its annual lunch in June, when it collection and stalls at fetes, and our annual
combined with the handover from the income for distribution soon reaches the sum
outgoing President, David Swain, to the of £15,000 or more.
incoming President, Colin Brunt. Internationally, we are twinned with Lyon
There are at present 23 Ouest Lions Club in Lyon, France,
members, from all walks of life, and this year visited Lyon in
with ages ranging from the late June. We welcomed the members
30’s upwards, and some have of Lyon Ouest back in October.
already retired. The Club meets at The membership of the club is
the Bent Arms, in Lindfield High generally by invitation, and is
Street, on the first Monday in open to anyone over the age of
each Month for a ‘business meeting’, and on 21, both male and female, husband and wife,
the third Monday in each Month for a ‘dinner father and son, mother and daughter, and is
meeting’. All meetings start at 8pm. open to all people in all walks of life. For
Our service activities include sponsoring further information and membership details on
young people on various activities like Outward Haywards Heath Lions Club, contact the
Bound, Raleigh, etc., helping the aged and Secretary, David Swain, at Quarry House, South
infirm, deprived children, handicapped Chailey, BN8 4AD, telephone 01273 400721, or
children, and those organisations that are local come along to our ‘business’ meeting where a
like St. Peter and St. James Hospice, Court warm welcome will be extended. We meet in
Meadow Special School, and Chailey Heritage. the Bar for a drink before the meeting!
Our fund raising activities include the annual
Good Friday Swimathon, at the Dolphin Leisure
Centre, which raises approximately £10,000
each year, and the annual Christmas Carol street
collection around Haywards Heath and
Lindfield, which raises approximately £3,500
Richard Harber
Plumbing Services
Small Jobs Undertaken
24 Hour Emergency
Service Available

TEL. 07786 982604

E-Mail: r.Harber@btinternet.com
Page 24 Lindfield Times

The local Educational

Establishments have
responded well to the Clubs’
COMPETITION Invitation to take part so your
You are cordially invited to the First Round of this presence on the evening will
National Public Speaking Competition to be held at further enhance the occasion


Organised by the Rotary Club of Cuckfield and Lindfield
in partnership with the Rotary Club of Haywards Heath

January 2006 Page 25

Blackthorns rocks!
Lindfield Morning
Women's Institute

Welcomes visitors
and new members
Over Driven: Lead guitarist - Ben Wagget Year 6,
We are a friendly group of about 30 Singer/guitarist - James Ely Year 6, Bass guitarist - Daniel
members with varying interests meeting Ely Year 6, Drummer - Chandler Dawborn Year 5.
once a month on the 2nd Wednesday in the
Old Library, King Edward Hall. In addition to MUSIC IS an important part of life at
an interesting speaker there is time for coffee Blackthorns and no more so than when the
and chat and an opportunity to hear about school’s very own rock band, Over Driven,
forthcoming events both locally and around performed their first ever gig at the school on
the county. 9 December.
Entertaining parents and children alike the
Our programme for the next three months is: talented group played a number of well known
songs as well as a few of their own
11th January 10.00 am compositions - all in aid of Children in Need.
Mr. Reg Clark Training and Development Whilst listening to the band, the audience
Advisor, BAA, Gatwick munched cakes and in doing so raised over
£130 for the charity.
8th February 10.00 am According to one mum the atmosphere was
Mr. Kevin Crook The Flying Dr. Service electrifying as well as nostalgic - especially
when Over Driven strummed their version of
8th March 10.00 am the Deep Purple classic - Smoke on the Water!!
Mrs. Farrer-Brown History of Gardens in Lead vocalist and guitarist James Ely said:
South East England “This has been a fantastic opportunity for us.
We really got a buzz out of playing to the
For further information call 01444 483682 children and parents and we hope that they
Come and meet us – we look forward to enjoyed our performance. All I can say is it was
welcoming you. a brilliant day. I was gob-smacked when I heard
how much money we raised in just half an
hour. I'm looking forward to our next gig and if
it is anywhere near as good as this one then
we’ll be very happy.”
Let’s hope Over Driven’s CD will be out
Page 26 Lindfield Times
Girl’s Football at Lindfield FC Juniors
SOMEBODY TOLD ME that football was first girls have done well individually.
played in Lindfield in 1899. Several girls have been selected to play for
Somehow it took nearly another hundred the School of Excellence teams run by Brighton
years before anyone thought about setting up & Hove Albion. Lindfield has also supplied
teams for the local youngsters. So, in 1995, players to representative teams for Sussex and
four local people started “Lindfield FC Juniors” the South East Counties.
starting with just one boy’s team. We also have international connections.
Not long after the Lindfield are firm
start, a girl’s team was friends with the
entered in the newly German girl’s club FFC
formed “Sussex Girl’s Montabaur (based near
Football League.” That Coblenz.) There are
team took the league regular exchanges
by storm and that was between the two clubs.
just the start of a long Lindfield visited last
list of achievements for Summer and Montabaur
the Lindfield girls. are next visiting
As our girls Lindfield at Easter with
The England Team at the European championships.
progressed through the their 12 year olds.
age groups, a Lindfield If anyone is interested
Ladies team was formed and this team too has in knowing more about girl’s football at
proved very successful. Lindfield, they should call John Greenfield on
From a small beginning, when we had two 01825 – 723794 ( a fax machine and
teams, there are now five teams including the answerphone are connected to that number.)
famous Ladies.This means that there are playing Recently women’s football received a boost
opportunities for all ages from 9 through to adult. when many of the matches at the recent
Lindfield girl’s teams have twice done the European championship were covered on
double of winning the league and cup national TV.
competitions in the same season.
As well as winning team honours, Lindfield

Landscape and Paving Contractor (Est 1979)
Brick Driveways, Patios, Paths, Garden
Walls, Fencing, Turfing Age 2+
All Estimates and Advice Free!

80 Savill Road Lindfield JANET IRWIN

West Sussex RH16 2NN 01444 455081
Tel Lindfield (01444) 450300

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An exclusive development of 12
two bedroom apartments, just 300m walk
from the village centre.

Prices from £295,000 - £385,000

999 year lease
Sales Information Centre
open Thursday to Monday
10:00 am to 5:30pm
01444 484639