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Magic-formula for US economy, another leap for

Magic-formula for US economy.

It’s dim-witted to embalm recession for ever, no matter the

economy down train, no matter how bottomless the sea is,
plankton must use sunlight for photosynthesis, it often just
a little spiky idea and the magic some time happen
brilliantly, survival the US economy forever, we must
create a technology bank for the tapping and refining of
brown new ideas (buying and selling of treasuring ideas) as
a tugboat for the foggy-minds on board, resourceful minds
are the springboard to any rivaling and dominating

To walk the US economy merely ten decades ahead

of the world economy is not worth salt on earth, the US
dollars must be back by excellent ideas and not rely by
gold, since smart new concepts and ideas often lead to the
development of new technology and new technology often
stimulate the spin-off, why gold often lies embalmed in
mausoleums called central banks , lets invest on new
thinking since gold hardly stimulate ideas but the human
minds do rapidly, a lot of noise have been made about the
economy-neurosis of US and the world without creating the
nest egg badly needed for vast economy scorching but
this has only giving room for financial-predators to
shoplift the nirvana of US past economy glories without
paving the way for future marketing catalyses.

Shoveling the US economic out of shrivel,

necropolis, draught and veil is not only by putting
grasshoppers and rats on the table but by digging
thoroughly with the spirit of showmanship in every sector
of national and international concern, the cutting down of
worthless spending to build greater enterprising goals is
immensely imperative in bring the troubled ship back to
course, in an endeavor to multiply what she is best at she
must rapidly developed what she is behind at or what she
top the world at from the bottom and in other to stay on the
frontline forever US must believe and work with the
concept that she is like all countries of the world put
together in disguise with effrontery .
Marveling in the 21st century is no longer a single
nation abilities but a team work for a nation with universal
vision will sidestep any woofing economy without tracing-
spoors, the creation of numerous heavy chain industries
without unnecessary androids will navy excessive job
creation which is a bevy of scintillating economy. Ben
Benanke shouldn’t feel he can jack up the US economy in a
blind of an eye wearing a quarter of Karl Max beard,
Benanke and his disciples shouldn’t look at honesty,
reduction of high income earner’s wages to multiply the
opening for low and average income earners, pre-high
school, post-high school or pre-university training careers
for freshmen, enlargement of mental-wealth, creation of
universal standard of living and universal per capita income
as a nefarious institution.

The bounties of great economy spiraling lies on job

creation, magnificent product of never do without to spark
up great capital and there pursue of conviviality. Dialogue
will never ruin an economy a quarter of what war will…
Teaching your enemies piousness and goodliness is a
gangplank out of a wrecking ship.

Economic resplendent highly depend on resourceful

minds in other to kick ahead forever without shortcomings,
with the lifeboat being the prodigious foresight of building
a super economic-highway without any dot of taciturnity.
Both average and super wealth citizens should create a
Bank of patriotism with a rainy-days fund, for cheerful
giving especially in the last Tuesday of every November as
a signed of patriotism and the fund will be use to jack up
the economy and job creation. Budding there energy sectors
far ahead of national needs is a vast vessel to escape all
economic turmoil’s and ferry ahead of a great economic
nirvana .

In other for US to make bigger surprises in the

future she must pick up the deserted pilgrims staff of her
founding fathers. A single Wall Street is inefficient to pull
US out of any radical crisis considering it blistering nature.
Learning never to slam the doors for folks with instinctive
and intrinsic modus operandi for common good is a
blessing to the nation. No convenient and great energy
boom no wonderful economic.
Saving in 24 hours more than what you earn

Ben laden wins 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

Former US president G.W Bush is to nominate Ben laden for the 2010
Nobel Peace Prize. Mr Ben laden has come to reconciled with his
passed , and promised to work for the common good of humanity, he
has dissolve his organisation pet name Alqhida to a humanitarian
organization, thereby calling on all his disciples to fervently become the
disciples of peace in the whole world, it wasn’t easy to abscond from
terrorism ,he lamented.

There is a time in the life of all human beings that , we must

seat back to reflect on our passed, present and future achievements and
to forever seek repentance , forgiveness and greener peace solution for
better coherence of our posterities, killing one another is the fanning of
military-madness ,which is totally out of thee concept that a modern
man can’t remain a modern criminal, we don’t even need dialogue or
peace conference , for absolute peace to return to our world, thorough
self-concealing is the best tool said Mr Ben laden and our gadgets and
bitterness will never be a corridor through which supreme peace can
flourish in the world.

I’m coming of age, and continually being chase by the

excruciating memories of my manhood and arrogant passed and believe
that a faire treatment of one another is the only imperative rail to bring
about conurbation of peace in our five world continent. I believe that a
complete dose of supreme individual apology is over needed to make
the world a convenient place to trace the remainder of our various lives,
peace is the world’s only invaluable commodity which we can’t buy
even with a trillion dollar or the world’s greatest military might but the
true love for one another (irrespective of ethnicity or colour) can buy
I promise that for rest of my life I will be a peace servant and
called on all my die-hearted followers to emulate the new vessel and
theatre of peace that the world yearn to harness, for those that my
arrogant wishes have brought great sorrow on them, I promise to use
lovely words, virtue and the remainder of my fortune to bring joy and
happiness to their cloudy world, where all hope is dried I promise them
that there is still a lot of rain beneath the cloud for them.

The world was created peacefully by one Supreme Being but

man in his greatest capacity will never banish peace from the face of the
world. My mind is now forever looking for a way to pave a peace
formula for the middle east, even the Japanese founders of the suicide
bombers have seen no joy, no intrinsic success in it rather than invest
their minds in peaceful technology which is worth emulating by my
Arab brothers and sisters, I there for call on all Arabs to step into the
shoes of Japanese inventors and others doted around the globe in other
to make the Arab nations the world’s last economic great hope.
Did Haiti president escaped resurrection?

A million dollars question on every ones lip. Great

compassion and determination to serve no matter how
hard a leader personally, is hurt by disaster in time of great
crisis makes a great leader, all have been said about Haiti,
what need to be done is still on going.

But we are totally worry and disturb about the well

being and where about of Haiti leader, he has not appear on
screen or be seen on the streets distributing affection,
tenderness, consolatory passion in times of great need, we
some times are dreadfully force to believe that nature or
the power that be some time uses natural catastrophes to
major the love and sympathy of a seating head of State
towards his fellow citizens.

We the people of Haiti badly need your present and

concern first than any other leader in the world (not because
we abhorrence or loath them but because you are the
number one Haitian ) even if you are a year old without
heart bit, we are deeply swallow by the terror of nation but
we feel about , you are the one to illuminate and elucidate
the promises that are not fallacious to your nation your
where about is still alarming twice the same wave of
excruciating pains in our hearts and soul than our present

Please are scream with magmatic tears for you to

show your concern and prowess for your beloved country
which we the citizens of Haiti voted to the seek of heartfelt
engagement, patriotism and good sense of passion sharing
during national sorrow, we are pleading that you should
wake up from you stillbirth of leadership during this on
going and take the bull by the horn, please tell yourself
convincingly that great crisis will never produce still-
leaders and get out of your hibernation to candle Haiti
through the storm of time.
Dead free parachutes

Some kind of a twin or double parachutes is desperately

need to curve out the only choice of dead which a single
parachute expose users to. This will either work in the
sense that when the primary parachute fails, the user will
still have hope to life by using the second choice and even
the third choice to a parachute for survival is still deeply
imperative after two fails, This is what will be called-free
parachutes, one of this three parachute incorporated for a
single user must be widely or partially open before the user
dive out of the plane downward to guarantee thorough
safety .
Air tube tent

Tents that have dimensions of four room block house or

other dimensions with beds, sofas, dinning table and other
stationary house whole need should be embedded in the
tents but all walls of the tents should have the dimensions
like a bladder cement blocks, this air tubes home will need
an air compressor for inflect for it to take the shape of a
solid house but the tent house should be build with
unexploisable, rubber .
Foundation maker, driller or blade

I dream of a kind of a machine that will be like the smallest

damping device that will have a regulating shovel, hole, and
digging fork for mining out the soil of the foundation line,
this will help bricklayers or construction workers to be
able to map out a foundation on a piece of land, one of the
magic of this foundation drillers or foundation mining
device is that.

It will be giving a magic memory or mind such that a plan

of a building of construction site in her computer like
memory and the foundation drillers will be capable of
mapping out ,dipping the foundation will accurate
dimension, be it the width, height and length depending on
the topographic nature of the site, this will save the muscles
of construction workers from using rudimentary tool s to
map out a groundwork money, energy and time .

Snow has become a major problem to transportation in

countries of freeze up climate. To wake up in the morning
and find yourself shoveling snow out of the driveway and
the major highway before thinking about going to work is
very unacceptable in the minds of conscious workers and in
the twenty first century where technology must be there to
serve us from most natural inconveniency, so I am on the
opinion that some highway and driveway compatible
snow heating carpets should be manufacture to launch snow
in the running gutters like brooks, this road dressing
should be laid just about a week less for snow season and
could as well be pick up when summer show up, this will
ease circulation when temperature fall even below minus
zero °C . Then the body of all automobiles should be give a
snow melting heating system, this will some how help to
thaw away snow from the bodies of our automobiles like
David Miliband, already acumen enough to
be the next British PM
This is a folk that will make British feel as Great
Britain again! It will take British what it too them to
scuffle out the German U-Boats and Tirpitz to have a
galactic young brain like David Miliband if he is not given
the fitting opening to thaw his vast political prowess as
British all time PM , like his namesake David, he is going
to do what David in the Bible left undone, please give this
lad a chance and British lost glories will be found , even
though British political and economic ambitions has been
backwoods, Miliband is a huge dream, this will never
happen in Miliband’s era if he becomes London most
busier man this political-fall.

If you guys believe on harboring smart victory them

you must count on this young David sheep yard political
thoughts , this sneaking political mind by name Miliband
will one day skulking his downing street den like the star
spangle burner in every American lip. He will upgrade the
British democracy and bring great honor to the British
crown. His diligence has earned him a stainless
sociopolitical image which is founder mental bedrock to a
flourishing democracy.

He is the only man in British politics that will set

her colonies aging political-lions to a befitting retirement.
His political foresight will be a bless not only to Britain but
to the entire human race.
We are blaming Soyinka for not being interested in
placing his candidature for the highest office in Nigeria
considering his high level pundit , he is a brain that make
most Nigerians wise and proud but ever time he is always
seen on street protesting against the low-key executive
boss service in his country. We feel that a lot of his talent
tape by the ballot box and harness for the best presidency
in federal republic of Nigeria,

but it not too Hiwait! We still expecting to run for

the highest office of the land and Nigeria will meet her
expectation at all level in a short possible run, think greatly
about this, it high time you take bull by the horn and get
things right done for the betterment of Nigerians’ posterity,
we are waiting to see you lead African most Homo Sapient
nation, good luck.
Safety device for airbuses

Since the air transportation system is fast becoming a

weapon for terror, I am on the opinion that the gangway
and each seat for all airbuses should include a device that
will signal of dictate a suicide bombers or any body
carrying things that are against the law , this on board
signal or screening system will help to sort out criminal and
I still suggest that each black box of the airbus should a
stationary receiver to read the content of the black box
even if the Black box is not found after crash and black
box in airbuses should be giving tracing compass and signal
so that we can be able find their where about even if the are
buried beneath the ocean floor and all passengers in all
airbuses should deposit a copy their DNA card or result
and the airport or at the company head office with which
the are going to use the airbuses to ease trace of dead
bodies in case of crash and families members who wish to
claim the corps and insurance .
E-doors for automobiles

Aumobles door make easy this system will use in a way

that a driver from his driving seat can open widely all the
cars doors so that the riders can get in without using their
hands to open or close the doors, this will also stop the fact
that some leaders in their state cars always need some one
to get theirs cars door open for them whereas the is a way to
get the door pop open or close electronically through just
pressing a button or using a remote control to widely open
the car door so that some one can enter without touching
the door as well as close the car door without touching it:
Taku concept of building nuclear space crafts ,nuclear
run trains and nuclear airbuses with double halls or
story crafts that is to say with up and down floors.

The atoms of uranium and others radioactive elements

when split and harnessed, is a magic fuel to banish all sort
of jet fuel and it highly polluting tendency but the reactors
must well designed so that it will never lead to an atomic
explosion and the crafts must be constructed in the form the
if the reactors become e pest to the craft it could be
automatically separated from the spacecraft or aircraft with
harmless endeavors towards the smooth running of our
precious crafts.

For the nuclear-space crafts the propelling force

must be able to make the crafts run at zero or neutral
gravity, for this to happen the nuclear-space crafts should
be build in terms of weight and not mass, secondly, the
crafts should be lunch through the equator since the
gravitational pull on reduces in the equator and the
propelling force to lift the nuclear space craft should about
thirty times above the weight of the crafts so as to enable
the crafts to fly a great negative gravity. Will every be
possible to build vehicles that can run for 60km per hour
with a quarter or half a litter fuel? I hope this will be the
only way to conserve our fast disappearing energy sources
Flying-bikes or vulture-bikes

I am dream of bicycles with propellers that can run on

the road as well as fly like a glider but in a all manual or
semi-manual way, the manual way will be have hand or
foot paddles or both that will covert rotating force to a
high velocity propelling force and a semi-manual in the
sense that it will covert the rotating force to run a dynamo
and the dynamo will be able to produce enough electrical
energy to run the accumulators as well as run the electric
motors that will in tune provide the powerful propelling
force to lift and fly the vulture bikes, for safety, an
accident sensitive parachute is imperative.
CELESTIN or (Takusian) theory of celestial leakage

CELESTIN or (Takusian) theory of celestial leakage

state that the planetary minerals above the earth have
regroup with time releasing solid and gaseous toxic waste
which through the influence of gravity is destroying the
ozone layer faster than man activities since man waste has
to opposing gravity,

Proves that man alone is not responsible for the depletion of

the ozone layer;-
For instance when meteorites are falling , those that are
not abraded by the atmosphere perforate the ozone layer
before touching the ground to formed crater lakes , if you
take a walk around the Siberia , Arizona, California and
Tunguska area.

You will find that the ozone layer in this area have been
depleted more than any other industrial zone in the world, in
terms of circumference ,on the other hand those other
particles of meteorites which are capture by the atmosphere
are make up of heavy metals which also absorbed heat from
the sun and the ozone layer it self undergoes pneumatolytic
processes and the heat produce cannot be absorbed by the
ozone layer and this heat is used to convert ozone to
oxygen , there by porousing it.

The ozone layer it self is a vigorous oxidizing agent, so

can still oxidize some of these metals to metallic oxides, so
causing more havocked to its self, the direct rays from the
sun have been causing unnoticeable harm to the ozone
layer , this is only due top the fact that the sun rays is highly
hot but periodically occurs , this means that if the sun was to
shine through out time [day and night] then the ozone layer
will have collapse long before man comes to know about it
Since minerals will also leaked as a result6 of space
seismic wave when over accumulated ,which may not have
gotten links with meteorites will also perforate the ozone
layer in an unnoticeable way, the ozone layer is not
compacted[thick] than the soil.

If meteorites can open large and dip holds in the name of

craters then think of the seize of porosity on the ozone layer
when it passed through it, when this minerals leak from
space to the earth, especially meteorites, they will increase
the mineralogical content of the earth while that of the
space reduces, leading to a constant increase on the mass of
the earth and this minerals will never go back to their extra-
terrestrial environment except other wise, through
evapourites or volatility which I still convincingly defy it .

Some this minerals leak will enrich the soil, some will
leach and others will be deposited on leaves of plants
retreating photosynthetic processes.

I hope you are not bore , he added , when thinking and

passing laws about the ozone layer we should also think of
replaceable devices or methods;-

Firstly, it can be replace by large scare manufacturing of

ozone which could be rush to space by space tankers and
spry around the depleted zones.
Secondly ozone producing devices [through silence electric
spark] should be adapted in the tips of very tall industrial
chimneys which convert mostly carbon monoxides to
ozone, and it may not be easily apply to cars exhaust and
refrigerators since ozone is poisonous and almost one and
the half time heavier than oxygen , this may only remain at
human height so can be harmful to rubber and Hg inside
apparatus wet glasses.

I hope in the nearest future this device will be possible, we

could also sage space mining programs to avoid large
accumulation of this minerals, we can also train
toxicologists and send to heavy and light industries to
manage this release of harmful minerals.
Internal or micro chargers for all mobile phones,
laptops and other appliances is imperative.

Considering the fact most folks do always forget their cell

phones or laptops chargers at home when going on a
journey or during others inconveniency in handling the
two, if an every cell phone, laptops and other electrical
devices are build with an interior charging system just
beside the battery then this incorporation with accomplish
alone in our mobile phones and laptops technology, just
imagine the huge and new market for this innovation, it will
be another leap for mankind .
E-spoon of potable food tester
This is an electronic food testing system that will replace
the cupbearer system,
The building of these e-spoons will enable all eaters or
spoon users to test their diet before eating especially to
avoid possible food poisoning, these spoon will also be
design to indicate the necessary vitamins in the dish and
also to indicate whether your dish is a balance diet or not,
the handle of the spoon will have a small screen like that of
the thermometers and it will also use in testing water or any
liquor before drinking.
Consolatory passion in times of great need
I just drop in to make you feel that you are not living
without folks that don’t care, you are always part of my
thoughts even though I can’t meet you even second of my
life, I am always thirsty to sympathize in time crisis, I
carry your feelings with warmth as sincerely as I could,
this world is a mix place where you can find joy sauntering
and in the next minutes it is all the contrary, and we are
bound to learn how to cope with the two without letting it
hurt our existence exclusively, out tongue is always wet
even in times of great draught or thirst, sympathy and
compassion for one another is the biggest gift of belonging
to the human race but never you desert for a bunch of time,
feel at ease to single out up the busted pieces to impel on
with hefty and drilling speed, never seek foggy
surroundings because situation has pump you into, just
think about the days gone by with great earnest, how the
bumpy trails during your childhood couldn’t rapt you in a
downward spiral and how rapid the scratches are healing
into a scar-les, steal a glance at your feet if I am lying, , if
you mist a train be ready to catch up with a flight and never
with a mosquito, being deep seated in isolation does craft
you a hero, to be a conqueror of all oceans you must feel
you a Block fish or your ferry is a driving coffin, to be at
ease in this life you must multiple your sources of joy as
others become a rock in your shoes without hurting the
Founder of divine, even though your lie belongs to you
alone your ecstasy is canoe by bursting out of sorrow as a
lunched space ship, be a flower bee in time great turmoil,
deep seated grief to over power the stumbling blocks of life.
Do not take advantage of your situation and stay if you are
expecting a born baby only.
A £950,000 billions is the world’s biggest budget to kick
the entire earth out of poverty for 100 millenniums!
It is perfectly unacceptable that in much awaited 21st
century the world’s economy is still well shattered as if we
are still living in the pre-first century era where man was
rudimentary up till bones an skull marrow, to think and
trolley the world intellects out of their cramped world
economy vacuity is as if you are giving then a ten decades
acidheads, most of them feel that to make thing beaming to
out world today is like vacating into a garden of marijuana
and the number one is the universities which use to be the
best arsenal of mental power has become a graduating
ground for settling of scoots and making the world a theater
of corruption, fraud and emblazonment , if man change for
virtue and rationing;

If the following things are done then just imagine what our
world will be like

♥→ There poorest nation in this world raise up her budget

€1000 billion.

If the next from the bottom going has almost € 3MM

ahead of one another
Till the entire third and immerging nation is poverty free.
Even in this type of budget a potion is allocated for
shoplifting officials, ever nation should force to develop
her energy sector to 95 percent .

♥→If rich nation have all the colossal budget there is no

crisis again
Beauty in emptiness
It is lovely in the eyes but acidhead in the mind
You are fond of wearing splendor masses on the
face and the mind and heart is a might of impious
misanthrope in saleable magnitude , it seems as if
man will go out of crisis’s only when men will
learn to live without eating other living things