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eLearning, Overview and Licensing

Course Offerings & Pricing

Program and Course Goals
The goal of our eLearning training programs and
courses is the advancement of knowledge related to the
installation, usage, application, service and maintenance
of AC and DC drives.

Company Learning Strategy

Student and company training needs vary by business.
The needs may include compliance, process, general
safety, basic electricity, and advanced or specific
equipment training. ABBs eLearning offers a valuable
component to any industrial companys overall training
strategy. We provide product-specific training on AC
drives, DC drives and related advanced topics. Our
training is designed for industrial companies with staff of
specific functional roles that install, apply, maintain,
troubleshoot, or service AC & DC drives.

Course Duration
Multiple eLearning courses make up most programs.
The individual courses typically take 25 to 45 minutes to
complete. The total time to complete a program
depends on the program subject. Programs can have
one to as many as 10 courses.


eLearning is simply learning on-line rather than in a
classroom. eLearning is on demand and self paced.
When a student has time and an internet connection,
they can take a training program.

ABB eLearning

Product Specific
Drive Installation
Advanced Topics

Technical Training
Electricity Electrical Safety
Mechanics General Maint

3rd Party

All Employee Training

Business Process
Hazardous Materials
Facility Safety


Classroom training can be expensive. The costs of
instructor-led training, such as class fees, costs of travel,
and the cost of technicians away from the facility can
add up. An investment in eLearning can reduce the total
need for classroom training and reduce the quantity of
staff that needs to travel. The value of eLearning is in
using this training medium to supplement where
classroom training is not needed for the broad audience.

Student Profile
The students should be electricians, technicians, service
/ maintenance personnel and engineers responsible for
installing, servicing or maintaining AC or DC Drives.
Students must have:
an understanding of electricity
experience working with power electrical
equipment and voltage levels up to 690Vac
the ability and knowledge for use of test
equipment such as multi-meters
basic computer skills
an understanding of basic motor control
eLearning User Licensing
Basic and introductory eLearning content is provided to
all free of charge. Product installation and service
eLearning content, along with advanced topics, are
available for an annual licensing fee:
Number of users
5 User Licenses
10 User Licenses
15 User Licenses
25 User Licenses
50 User Licenses
100 User Licenses

Price/User/yr Total Price/yr

Additional details on back

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eLearning Content Available

eLearning Site
The eLearning training materials are organized into
programs under a directory structure. This provides
subject organization and simplifies user navigation.

With this folder organization, product-specific training is

easy to find. In each folder there are multiple product
training programs. One program under each folder for
each product, such as ACS550 Product Introduction,
ACS800 Installation & Commissioning, ACS800 Service,
and ACS850 Service.

Overview of Free eLearning

General Topics (Fundamentals) this section
provides training on topics such as:
basics of electricity in industry
industry standards including NFPA-70E and
SCCR for control panels
LV Drives, Basics 101 In this section we offer
training on how AC motors work and practical
training on motor control
LV Drives, Product Information In this folder the
user will find an overview of the various drive
products. These overviews include package
images, enclosure ratings, power ratings,
approvals, hardware features, application or
software features, human interface, and PC tools.
Overview of Licensed eLearning
LV Drives, Advanced Topics this section provides
training on topics such as:
Machine Safety Standards review of the key
safety standards for NFPA and IEC as it relates
to system design and application of drives in
industrial environments.


Overview of Licensed eLearning - continued

PID Tuning discuss the terminology and goal
of PID tuning, including a proven, yet simplified,
approach to properly tuning a PID application.
External Drive Hardware aids in the selection
and sizing of dv/dt filters, sine filters, common
mode filters, and EMI filters. This course also
provides guidance on use of circuit breakers,
fuses and motor bearing current protection.
Long Motor Cables explains the issues
involved with long motor cables, specifically
voltage reflection, cable charging current and
motor voltage starvation.
Harmonics details what harmonics are, where
they come from, what problems they cause?
Harmonic Solutions Overview of solutions for
harmonics including, filters, high pulse count
rectifiers and active front end solutions.
LV Drives, Installation & Commissioning includes
product training for the installation, wiring, and
commissioning of multiple, different drive products
LV Drives, Service includes product training for
the maintenance and basic service of multiple,
different drive products.
eLearning Training Program Access
Free General Access (public)
Free training service provided by ABB
Students have access to all content in folders:
General Topics (Fundamentals)
LV Drives / Basics 101
LV Drives / Product Information
A unique email address is required for each student
To request an account, send an email to
drivestraining@us.abb.com general business
information is required
Licensed User Access (fee-based)
Training programs provided by ABB
Annual purchase user license
Each license is assigned to one student per year
Students have access to all content in folders:
General Topics (Fundamentals)
LV Drives / Basics 101
LV Drives / Product Information
LV Drives / Advanced Topics
LV Drives / Installation & Commissioning
LV Drives / Service
A unique email address is required for each student
To purchase user licenses, send an email to
drivestraining@us.abb.com or call our training
coordinator at 262-785-3260
Note: Product Usage & Maintenance training programs
are instructor-led training. The cost for these programs
is not included in the eLearning license.

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