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KG-99, KG-99 MINI TEC-9, TEC-9 MINI FULL AUTO CONVERSION MANUAL FULL AUTO 16-99, 16-99 INI TEC-0, TEC-9 MINI FULL AUTO CONVERSION WARUAL WARNING ! ‘The egal construction and possession of a fully automatic weapon ts centrolled by) the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobecco, and Firearms division or tne U.S. Treasury Depertient Proper application to the B.A.T.F.» authori= zation, and permission must be sacured betore Constructing this or any other similar. dovses. Local end state laws vary end may restrict onrer- snip of this or similar type weapons Severe penalties are authorized for viclators of these laws. Minutemn. Publications offers this information for. academic study of Firearas design and disclatns any responsibtlity or Tab) Sty “for the’ improper” ar iHiegal use of thle or other similar devices Table Of Contents CONTENTS PAGE Introsuct ion ra8) Chapter 1 Backgrourd Information .. 1 chapter 2 ferEIon B DSASSABY oeesecesee eel? coapeer 3 Soren Procedare sosceseseeseens constr 4 (eo ee Introduction The purpose of this manual is to present the necessary engineering data, manufacturing procedures, and agchinist_ ravings. which are see for. ‘conversion. of the 'KGL09" ‘Family “of senicautonatic pistols Into ultra-compact, fully automatic. submachireguns which fire fron an ‘open belt. The inforsation provided in this manual appliee. to conversion OF the. INTEROMUMIC 6-99, Kees9 MINT, TWRATEC TEC-3, and TEC-3_ MINT The feraruner of this series of weapons. 1s the MCD, 0. aemi-wutonatie pistol which fires ‘fromthe’ open. bolt. "because of the. limited unter cf KG-0's produced, full auto conversion (Of these Will not be acdressed in this manual. Under provisions of the GUN CONTROL ACT ‘of 1988, individuals owning seni-autonatic weapons ay apply to. the BUREAU. OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO. IND FIVENINS divieion of the U.S. Tressury Depart” fenton ATF FORK 1 for. authority to” convert their weapon to fire fully autonstie. Those persons rot able te do the actual conversion may choose 0. purcnase a converted veapon tron Blase II firearms mfg. or Class IIl machinogune Gealer, These would” be" handled on” ATF Fora a. “The transfer tax required. ror omership of 4 mehinegun 's $200.00 por weapon registored This 1s 2 one time foe peta to the Treasury tment’ allowing’ individual owersnip.” Hove ever, state andor Tost] Tavs restrict private Ovne*snip of machineguns tn” varlous parts. of the country. requiring investigation by prospec- Eve owners price to acquiriag er converting a qun to Tire fully autoratic. The ful auto conversion procedure in this mmanua] tas been fully tested vith. excellent results. Tho process “requires tho. skills. of an experienced “nachinist, a requirenent often, criticized. by persens who “simply want to. be fable to "grind this part er that sear engegonont™ inegun". The Key factor’ in this ‘ity, "a principal consi¢eration for those "persons whose’ Vives my depend. on the function of their weapors. Much engineering effort “went Into. the initial design” of. the Semiveutomatic series of weapons, ard. similarly extensive engineering was “required in producing Si ipractical and. functlona’ full auta design based on the semi-auto weapons. Tha end result of these design efforts ‘amily of highly functional, rugged, and ble submacnineguns of mogerete cost.” The weapons Featured In this manual are. Tightnoighty Compact, simple im design and nalntenence, inex: pensive, and high in performance. They represent hhory years. of submchinegun design ir_ which effective and batzle proven concepts nave ‘been Combined using modern manufacturing techniques Background Information into the specific detafls wolvedy it is of interest to ote the" developnent. of ‘this fantly of weapons. ‘The: Swectsh flvm Interdynamie AB Is ‘the parent cconpany who designed the WG-8 pistol. "which as’ sibsequently manufactured by INTERDMHAMICS, ING. of Mant, Florida, ane distributed by F.1-€. (Federat Inport and Export co.) ‘The XG-9 and the other versfons to follow tt are a1! futuristic. looking, Teaturing computer assisted designs utilizing the latast manufacture fing technology. The basic machanisns of the wespons. progicea are tot really” anyining nev for revolutionary. One must realized. that’ most ew Fireerns produced ‘use severe) individus! component designs decages old. Tine, as. vel! ae oxtandad poriode of Ficld use In’ confTicte faround the world, have proven. several vasic mechanical design’ which \are. then "borroved™ fané incorgorsted in later “newly designed" weaa- It 1s not suprising thet the Syedes originat- es the X65, oving. to. the fact thet. hey have Seen “quite ‘succecetat in’ fivenrme design ‘and fonufecture through modern history, ‘The fonass art Guste? "K"3MS greatly SeFluenced ‘the dastge OF the Kio.” By comparing. the mace!” wo the KG-9, it is oasy to soe various clenents ‘the overall cost per unit is greatly reduced, of the "K' that were scelee down, stream! ined, a definite plus in this age of expersive weaponry, ind mace sinpler "to manufactura, “The entire Uzi, Mke34y STERLING). KG/TEC cories ac ol ac the model *K" are eonsie= The tubular upper receiver features vertiTa~ fered secone generat cn weapons. It 1s. Inveresti tion noles in. the barrel jacket. to disperse fo" sep develognent. in. Enis area in the “success of third generation weapons. such heat tuild_ up, and houses the barrel and soit as the MAG and UII yeapon Tanilies. Thiré genere- assembly. This unit attaches to the lower receive tion basically indicates wrap-around. bolts and er by “keying. the upper receiver onto @ rear rnagazine housings ‘contained inthe grip easenbly ounted éfes" attachad to the lewor receivers providing “hand meets nana" Yeading and. by aligning and assenbl ing the upper (0 Jower receivers, at" the front of” the. plastic, housing using a single assembly pin. ‘taken fron "farl Gustaf", Dernape designating the. caliber.” Uther The 669 uses an open bolt nectanisn incorpo- Inftuenctas" weepotry used "in esigning tue. Ks rating’ the. use of a fised Firing pin. This vere, the German MP-38/&D, Walther” WOR, ad the design was in production as a “semi-auto” pistol, Je"Ma/MB-AL SMe.” The orfginsl Swed'sh pracused fut “ater “proaueing only approximately 2605 raion: of the iG-3 were. Feported to, have been aT these unlisy production wes, forced to ce grad tor. spacial purposes due to a reclassification "cf the KG-8 asa requirin poner in a Saell packages Srachinegun” duc. to the ease ‘and Frequency that . packeas these models vere being. itegaTly modi ried to ‘The construction of the KE/TEC Family ineor= fire fully automatic. The serial ‘nunbers of porates the use of a synthetic plastic. material the KG-9's were merely stanped into the Which comprises the lever receiver. This part loner receiver, hich could be eas!ly HE" an “integral unit whieh neuses| the” entire and renoved..” Current. production node trigger/seer mechanisa a5 well as. the magez te a steel serial number plate molded i th meckanisn. The ‘lower receiver is, very receiver. The “unite is Arter the KG-9 was declared a. tmachin boing. reinterced ty a) BLIF ‘ruling, 311 (Ged's produced” bef Bt duress points, The use of high Inpect plastics anuary' 19, 1982 had” tobe regtstored. at. TH in Tiveatms production” ts becoring wore commor= 2"rirearmsy vie sane as any subngchinegun a ho place"ench years Using nateriale. of this type iney were’ Senscauto. This. led to the. design is"orcen srubbeu_ by "purfata", but lows the ind’ introguction of the XG-95)_bastestly. the ecient preductions of parts. wich would be Sane as the KG-3, except that the weapon fires and exponsive to machine In a conven= fron ‘4 closed bolt. The bolt incorporates. a urner. The bottow Tine here 1S that Mouting firing pin which fz carsied by. the 0 121 iat ia os 135" foe 2 5 mr 132+ as" are 235 ae or 8 om of aw ‘50 sae INTERDYNAMIC KG-9' Barrel Assembly catch Seep bat Shep soring oar sight sting catcres Receiver tube Upper receiver sub-assembly bolt Extractor Extnetor serew ‘Operating handle Operating handle epring ering pan Striker ‘Striker spring ‘Striker spring guide rod Recoil spring Reco spring guide rod Eng Frame (tower receiver! Bott assembly ~ complete ose 250, 158" isi 460 161 62" aro" i are 280 iat 86° 133" oe 190 io 402 200" 20 30 Buffer Befforoiate Assembly pin Disconneetor exis Discornector spring ‘Seer spring agezine catch Magazine eaien axis Magezine ca:ch spring Ejector ‘Magezine assembly dawault gre Parts list and cross section of the KG-99 semt-auto pistol. (NOTE ~ Me * designetes parts either not Identified by number ‘or not shawn tn ints view.) striker assembly. The striker is. spring loséed by tenston exerted ‘ron the striker spring. Each pull of ihe trigger allows the striker ascenbly to. sTan_ forward the having forced the disconnector dewward, 2 machin- eo notch of the sane engaging and oiling the fear” down simultaneously which disengagas. the Striker,” providing force to be trenamitted to the cartridge primer” through the firing pin. The dotatted. deceription of this coquence’ in Doth the semi-auto anc converted full auto weapon will follow in a Tater chapter. The XG-99 was introduced as a mocerately priced weapon, the. current retail price running Srourd ‘$280.00. This Tow price combines with the dood availability fas mage 11 a very popular ten With" shosters ranging fron plinters, -sur- vivalists, and fone omers a: a igh volue defense rireara. The protection, being small encugh to. cerry in a brettcase ‘without the veient’ factor connon 0 the MAC-10" The only ‘thing it Tacted mis a Tull “auto ‘cepability which Interdynamfes, Tne. (USA) “later “addressed” ine version Kron 25 the MP3, At this writing the fave of the MP9 is unknown. It was eagerly anticipated out erly mdols ware plagued with quality problens in the boTt eree, specifically the heat treatment Of the sear engagement area of the dol. This eree yes identified end presunably corrected, but the proncticn of. the M?=3. SNG hee bocn’ Yow. hoy. "The MP-9 ‘was produced as aseTective fire SMG, the Selector’ located on the right’ ice forwird of the trigger. The 2 Interdynamic MP9 9mm Cross-sectional lagram of theo INTERDYNAMIC MP-0 Sm SMC. yneretat 8 selector did rot provide a “safe” position, thie. being accoupl ished by rotating the bolt handle upward Inte a Tockieg notch in the receiver reminiscent of "the SIEN MKLL, W-38/40, or Karl Gustaf "Ki. The MP9 also incorporated the fat tion of a simple wire Torn retractable stock Similar’ to. ‘the US. MO/MSAL. This. would have been 2 worthy addition to the 1G-89 pistel but unfortunately would have violated BATF regelat ions regarding shoulder stocis attached to hend gins. Probably tte most _notewortay comlatnt against’ the production model K6-09's has. boon tthe "Tong, rough trigger pull, as well) es the fnability’ of stooters to comfortably hold. the weapon with eno ‘or tho hands. The weapon, fully Yoaded,"welghs 67 ounces "eking it. trom when firing one nanded. when shooting two There is" really we. peepar (conventional) — way to place the eft hard. én optional foregrip YE mace that attaches to the botton of the vent i= lated barrel jecket, as seen {the photos. in UMS manual, This solves the problem of holding ‘the weapen, ‘becoming ery important after conver sien to fully autonatic. “The grip is positive and controllability as well as user contidence are improved greatly, Tus in part to the success of the 16-89 and the conpleints regareing tancling difficul- ties, a “enire. version evolved, Anown as the Ke-03 MINI “The. HIN! shares. "the" same Tower receiver asthe KG-99, the only difference being ‘Uhat the barrel and usper receiver are shortened. The. barrel of ‘tho MIN iz 3.0" long ar opposee to the 5.0" barrel of the KG-99. The vanti lates Darrel jacket is eliminet2e on the MINI, the Upper receiver ending just fonvard of the barrel ” INTERDYNAMIC KG-99 semi-auto pistol wit 36 rowed magazine end opticnal front arp. INTRATEC TEC-9 MINI semi-auto pistol magazine. 20 rowed 15 bushing. This compact version cones with a 20 rourd magacine as oppesed to the standard 36 round magazine of the (G-99. A different. recoil spring is used in. the MINI due to. the Tower pressure generated in the 3.0" barrel. Bots’ the KG-99 “anc. KG-99 cone standard with threaded barrels for attacent of recall Compensators, Flash suppressors, or sound Suppressors (silencers). the NINE is. the pre Ferred choice for silencing because of its over te ‘Yetoctty. The” 5.0" barrel procuces ctile velocity of 1200-1400 fos, the “speed of sound and causing ¢ Vereck" as the bullet breaks the ‘ound barrier, The retatl price of tho MINI runt” about $40.00 Toss” than the Ko-89, Later, both of these models ware further popularized by the Introduction. of stainless Steal’ constriction, and. important develonment in. firearms construction and ase, experielly. nerine Use In a salt water environment, At some tine during 1985 or pathaps Tate ‘tne name of the company | “Interdymanics, Yat Changed to" “INTEATEC*. "The. reason 1S immaterial as no changes were noted in the construction of their guns. The model destgna~ Plone’ did change, tho KE-99 boconing the "TEC and. the 5-99" MINE. becoming. the. °TEC-9_ MINI These “are the current profuction nodels. the stainless versions also belng available. 16 2 Operation & Disassembly The KG-9 Int are alt by elementary ports The ful WATT” charge tho ode of operation te. open bolt Tunctiontng, providing Tull autonettc. runt! ning With aperator control of the length of burst. This full auto conversion iz nat selective, however, excelvent results can be achieved w!th iniral™ traiving.. “Ths. type _macharisa [being hon-selective) duplicates functioning of many Subnachinecuns 1n production and use worlewide. K-99 MINI, TEC-9, and TEC-9 OPERATION ~ SEMI AUTO PISTOL A louded negazine is inserted with the bolt in. the forvard (closed) position. The Firer pulls the operating handle fully reanard, then sharply releases owing it, to nove Forward under tho precsure oxorted by the recoil spring. This allows the bolt to strip and chamber the "top. cartrioge. fron the magazine into. the barrel chanber. The act of retracting the operat ing (volt) hanéle. previously described "causes the striker to engage the sear, the firing pin being held ins cocked" position. With the bolt forward the firer my place the weapon en "safe" by pushing the bolt handle 7 lew of KOO over rector deal ‘Ejector: ao in towards the receiver. This blocks the firing Fin Fron neving formard. "To fire” the. weapon the boTt handle must te pulled out to. the "rire" fosition. "At this. tine ‘the trigger {s pressed, the movonenr of which Forces the dlaconnector Gommard pulling the sear cowr sinultencously. Agvthe sear disengages the base of the stri the spring tension exerted. by the striker 3 forces the striker and ‘ring pin formard, ide Sng the "primar and dotonsting. the cartridge The forvard movement of the striker also pivots the Giscomector Forwird out of engagement. with tho soar. The rapidly expanding gases generated in ‘the cartridge ease propel” the projectile into the vitted lanes of ne barrel. The gases push Feanard ageinst the now empty cise ana bo ‘the heavy” bass opening omly 1/16" atthe tine ‘tne bullet Teaves the Barrel. The bolt continues Back," estracting_ and ‘ejecting ‘the empty cho striler assenly ‘oves "rearwarg with the holt. ‘bassiag over the sear ‘ose, The recall Ts" fupported by a gulee rod,” and. the mn exerted overcomes “the mass of "vie bo ig it 10 ‘stop. and racipracate forwa Ying and chanbering another Tive.eortr ‘The ‘trigger mst be released so Unat the nich jn the ‘rete of tho ‘disconnector may rise. and engage the sear. By pressing the trigger egainy the tring sequence will then by repeated 1 OPERATION - FULL AUTO SMG The weapon Is loaded In the sane nanner as the senicauto versions, To ready Fer Firings retract the vara. nd.'3. sear Bolt, the reco the triggers yr nose “dow ring the ie “retsed” reed the base of the rovenent strips and. forces it forsare. again. At this point the Firer may continue to hold the trigger down, the discomnector being engeged with the seer 20 KG-89 open balt SUG being readied fs to push bolt hendls inte the sof pos Step one Insert ¢ loaded mogesine upward into magazine housiig. Push firniy until the magezine latch engages Ineking locke on magazine, a Le be in the teocked™ ‘weapon, pull the bolt handle cout of the ‘he handle ‘Clase up view of the ejection port showing the bolt Comparitive view of the 20 round magazine Ceft), inthe Mecoked” postion. Place. Nove top curerage 22 23 Dolt handle, retract the belt handle tothe rear, ‘extracting and ejecting a Tive cartridge Trove was. chanbered.” Work the hendie back ang “forth. then visually check the chamber anc Bote face fora Tive reuné. This practice shoule al} automatic weapons. Reneaber and, that Murphy vas. an optontst! Too’ often he only allows you one mistake. Depress the trigger al Towing the Striker to falT. Press out the essembly anc punch. “Pull the upper rece Ward, ‘cut’ of assembly with the lover receiver, Retract the bolt handle pulling the hendie out of ‘the holt when aligned with the hole at the ore of the slot. The bolt aszesbly will now Slide cut the rear of tte upper recelver. The ott. assenbly 15. stripped by wrenoving. the E-ring fon the end of the resol spring guige red. The bole wil slige off leaving she striker, Tiring Bi spring, recall spring quide. rod, Striker spring guide rody. striker spring, buffer assenbly, and. tvo more E-rings at tre: butter ere of "tho respective guide rods. Asserble by reversing “thts "Ne disassenbly DISASSEMBLY FULL AUTO SME Unload tne veapon by removing tne magazine fas decerined “in the above section. Pull the: bolt hanéle fully rearwaré until the belt engages ‘the sear. Visually tnspect the cranber” ang Bolt fac far a Tivo ravnd checking the bolt face is to see if has. been positioned in the recessed and being Rela in place by the extractor). After assuring an unloadee the bolt to close on an enpty chanber by” a ina safe direction and pressing. the trigger Press out the assenbly pin securing the two recetver components, itt tne upper recetver ‘e forsard off of tho dice at tho Year recetver, At this time pull the “lly retvward to. the enlarged tol out of ‘the The bolt essenbly will ut the rear of the receiver at ths tine the recoil spring, rece! 3p ang recoil. buffer” assenbly $9: the bolt. Removal of the front Fering) fron the recotl ipring guide roe. Mill” allow reneva! of the bolt body. Reverse tre procedure to reas- Sone Before disassembly, unload the woepon and place the Dott tthe closed positon. 27 Uso 2 punch and press the asvembly pi out of the ower recerver. Slide the bolt assembly reerward out of the upper and puted forward out of the lover receiver receiver body 26 29 The 6-99 SMG fiew-stripped io ts major components 1. Upper receiver asembly with optiont verticet faregrp. z heraie Assembly at. ‘Semi -auto ports rerioved forthe ull auto conversion: 4 striker Spring 5. Firing Pin 30 3 Conversion Procedure The conversion procedure outlined inthis chaptar falls under federal regulations regarding necessary, aimachinegun itself by definition, irregardless of the prescence of 2 firearm, ibe conversion Geserited pave requires | the manuf Snstallation of anew bolt. This bolt 13 the only” component required. to produce full auto fire, henceforth tho bolt bacones the registarad eleven: conprising a "nachinegan™. 00. NOT BEGIN COuSTRUCTION OFTHE “BOLT GNTIL ATE "APPROVAL ire and TS RECEIVED. FAILURE TO-DO SO WAY. SUBJECT. THE BUILDER 70 A FINE OF UP To $10,000.00 410/08 INCARCERATION OF UP TO TEN YEARS. As described in the previous chapter, the fully automatic, KG-99,"KO-09. MINE, TEC, and TEG-3 MIND eI operate’ fron the open bolt. The original semi-auto bolt, striker, striker spring, Striker spring. guide," Eoring, ard firing pin fre not used ond my be. saved for spare components iF the weappor were tobe later converted to semi-auto, (an oxample boing to move. to another State In’ which machineguns are not. permitted). he extractor and. extractor” screw are removed ind Used. with ‘the ‘new bolt. Te 1s advisable to simply orcer a replacement extractor end a kerow_in the event the original ever becomes demuced: The SHG open belt is detziled in the accom penying. drawings. and photos. The bolt reteins fost of the Same profiles and. dinensions. of the original soni-auto belt. ATL dizenetone are provided to Tetricaze anew bolt. fron the Tesvective drawings. but it will be helpful to the mchinist to. compare the old bolt acting the Simtlarities to the drewings tor reference during construction. The areas” of difference between the two ere Gescribed as follows: 1. Elimination of the complex rear cavity housing the strlier assembly” end” rirtng pir. The ‘open bolt ‘does away with all of these ‘camo= rents, allowing” the rear Botton section Of the OIL. te renin’ "sorte". Also, the firing pin hole through the ‘center of the bolts deleted. Additionally, the striker ing guide red mole through’ the bolt 15, Geleted. The photos clearly show. bottom Viens of both sem and full auto bolts. 2. Utilization of a Fixed Firing pin. As noted above, the floating firing pin hes beer delezed.” A fixed firing pin ts machined inte the boit faco to the preseribed dimen sions. "Also of critica? tnportance in assur Broper feed in open bolt MG's. isthe ralsed "feed Np" on the bolt Fece. This is 2 ricge the sane height as the major bolt" faco, and is the part of the belt which contacts the base of the cartridges as they are striped fi magazine. The. inpor- Rance oF thie iguthat it keeps the bate of the cartridge amay from the protruding a2 Compartinve view of te bottom of the semi-auto pistol bolt (top, on SMG open’ bolt ower). Note ‘bvence of cavity in rear af SMG bolt. Alse note sear engagement "step" on SMG belt. Front views of semt-asto ott (eft end SMC dott (igre) Note fed firing pin and reised feed lip on SME ote 23 2 tiring pin located in the bolt face recess. As" the 'eartirdge ts fed up the barrel ramp the rount it properly. posttionad in. the chanber, at which time the extractor. springs ver the shell vim and the tiring pin ete fates the primer. tho tomi-auto.delts will have bade relief cut willed inte the bolt face to the depen ef the recess. TMs 1s 2 Connon practice for all" weapon manufactur= ers. If, for instance, a bolt with a fixed Firing pin. but witheut “a raised feed Tsp if used; the cartridge base wi'l slide up the recessed bolt ‘face curing chumpering nts1" the rim oF the case contacts ané Jane against tre protruding firing pins Establishent of 2 "soar ongagonant cto! fon the bese of the full auto bolt. As escrited previously open bolt. weapons are Neosked". ty. retracting the bolt assembly until) it Ys ‘Tecked in plece by engaging She sear nose. To enable ‘the sear to inter= cept the Fall auto "bolt, it ie. necocsary to Incorporate a 90" shoulder on the base of the bolt. “This shoulder 1s machined to the prescribed ginensions and iz te remain ‘snarp's lo burrs nay renain, l1kewise the, thoulder should. ‘net be" chamfersé. or rediused. The beat "treatment procedure Will provige proper wear resistance to prevent oat thie point. Te. is this area in which Interdynantes” USA had._problens wish terlier "Wed SMG polts being. "soft" “anc wearing oxcessively. OPTIONAL MODIFICATION = A slot exists in the base of both the semi and SHG belts, 34 Close up view of front of SNC bolt. Note extractor, Taxed firng pir, raised feed lip, recoil spring guide rd hole, ond clearance netones for magazine feed Tipe ara ejestor Detait of sear engagement step on bottom of SMG 35 Extractor centertine tron bott & D FULL-AUTO BOLT 36 7 identical indepth. The purpose of the slot 1S. t' provide clearance between the bolt which reciprocates over the ajector ‘extending above the trigger and sear necha- isms, "In alignnent with the ejector ts the, discomectar. if “the discomectar 1s bent or off center in its alignment with the ejector, te sides of the slot. in the full auto bolt may cause friction and tripping the discomector out of engagement with the Seer” resulting in an uneanticipated stoppage. As 8 prectutiorary measure, machine the width of the slot ta. .12s" rather ol the Standard 093". Use the sane center! Ginension of the slot for reference. Extra Side" clearance 1s then achieved without affecting tarteidgo stripping or positioning in the bolt face. Also check "the sides ff the discomector for any burrs which ay interfere in the slot area of the bolt. This completes description of the full auto bolt aifferences MEAT TREATMENT OF THE BOLT The bolt must be manufactured of a suitable heat-treatable steel, and tien heat treated after all machining 1S campieted. The particular Stoel ised in fabricating the bolt 3n this nan wes. 1-3/6" dianeter drill rod, which isan off hardening variety know as 0-1. Below are sone of the more comon neat treatable. steels which my be encountered for se. in fabricating tne ‘bolt, as well os. heat Greatnent data, The first. Cares ‘Tistings ere The extracior is held in place by o socket head set screw thrown the side of the bolt, intersecting the extractor hole, Tre belt hendic hole t& drilled into the bolt bedy and grooved excera’ Fees tn" {mao places to retan the bolt "safe" positions. 30 for comen aircraft alloys. hile the last three are for typiesl too) steel alloyes room orcse roca. ‘Tre eRPEIATRE ENO TOPEMATIRE HESS weoesssorr on aotearoa losis ok tae Mist me oes800'r ae oe iste m-ne6 a sea Asta USG-I8OF ott sv If propor heat treating facilities are rot avaitable, tt 1s advisable to have It comer- Ciatly_ processed, \araferably ina vacuum oven, fr {nert ges injection oven to. prevent. scaling. Check with local machine shops" or the yellow pages for roferoncoe. 4 Assembly & Testing The various parts to be deleted have been Listed” in previous chapters. These part are removed a5 10) lows: 1. The reco! spring guide ts removed fram ‘the original bolt’ by’ supporting “the buffer agninst ve secure cbject and with one. hand ust” the boTt downward toward the burver HTightly so. that. the E-ring’ can be. reached near the end of the guide red. Using a bait of small pliers, grip the micdle edge of the Ering and pull st aut of tho machined (groove in the guide rod. The boTt nay sow Fenoved tron the guide rod, Ince: the reco!l spring fe exerting tension against the bolt. 2. The striker spring guide will sti11 be post tioned in the buffer plate as the original bolt ts renoved fron the recoil spring gutde. After the bolt is removed, the firing pin, striker, an¢. striker spring 111 de~ Tree. Tate these off of the striker spring guide and set them aside. The striker »sprin (uide can now be pressed rearward out the. buffer (plate. The rear E-ring on. tho guice does not ave to ‘be renoved. Place the ‘striter soring guide along with the other renevoe partes a —~ ‘ Note. the "striter” engagements, one which ‘engages {he sear and one that trips he discomector. Spring Guide Rod w/E-Ring (rear) : Serng 3. Striker Spring Guide w/B-Ring (rear) To strip the bolt assembly, push the belt down on guide rods and remove the reeott sort guide red. extractor "screw into the ‘of tho. new bolt, Check the Exploded view of the KG-39 open-bolt SMG. aa 45, SMG Bolt Asserbly fled stripped: NOTE ems § Q 4.9 arp now deleted ent not necetsary for the SMG i ‘conversion. 4. Open Bott & Recoit Spring guide 2 puffer ona buffer Plate ‘od with rear S-Rirg 6, Recoil Sing 2 BRing round into the nageziney Tedd the megazine SMC Ope-telt exsemoiy easy for mat azsembty in upper receiver. 46 a KG-99, KG-99 MINI TEC-9, TEC-9 MINI 3002385 rounds pe eles : FULL AUTO Neapons nt CONVERSION MANUAL for a variety 48