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Berrien Springs - Oronoko Twp.

Police Department
4411 E. Snow Rd . 1 PO. Box 97
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103-0097
Phone: 269-471-2813 bspddispatch39@sbcglobal.net Fax: 269-471-4367

24 October 2008

Mrs. Julie Myers tJov 1 0 2008

Assistant Secretary
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
425 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20536

Dear Assistant Secretary Myers,

I am writing to request participation in the Delegation of Authority Program

pursuant to 287 (g) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

My agency; the Berrien Springs Oronoko Township Police Department

provides police services to the following Michigan areas within Berrien
Primary Areas:
Oronoko Charter Township
Village of Berrien Springs
Secondary - Back Up Responsibility Area
Berrien County

Included in these services areas are major US traffic routes such as, 1-94; US
Hwy 31; the Cook Nuclear Power Plant; Andrews University, which is a
private Seventh Day University with foreign representation from over 90
different countries; the St. Joseph River with an electrical power producing
dam; and the Berrien County Youth Fair Grounds. We also contain a large
agriculture area which draws farm workers from all over North America.

I request to enter into a multi-jurisdictional MOU jointly with ICE to be able

to train at least (3) officers from my agency m the Delegation of Authority
Program so as to be able to assist ICE with immigration investigative efforts
within our area. As indicated above by our secondary responsibility area,
my officers are also all sworn Deputy Sheriffs for Berrien County,

Berrien Springs-Oronoko Township Police Department was formed in 1971, covers an area of 36 square miles, which offers
a large number of fruit farms, Andrews University, and salmon fishing along the beautiful St. Joseph River.
Michigan and participate on several multi-jurisdictional/regional task

Training facilities for this program are available at the Oronoko Township
Public Safety Building, where wireless internet, training rooms, projectors,
white boards and screens are available.

We have been in contact with Special Agent (b)(6), (b)(7) C) of the ICE
Detroit office, and he has been very helpful with assisting us in moving this
initiative forward.

This program wil1 allow us to enter into a MOD that will enable my agency
to collaboratively participate with ICE in identifying criminal illegal aliens
who pose a risk to the citizens of Berrien County. We look forward to your
speedy endorsement of this request and moving forward with this program
for the benefit of all.

I would also anticipate that once initial approval is granted that other area
agencies, including the Sheriff and his jail facility, would be willing to enter
into the MOU and participate in the program.

Very Truly Yours, /l

(b)(6), (b)(7)(C)

Chief of Police
Berrien Springs Oronoko Twp
Office o/Slale and Local Coordinalion

U.S. Department or Homeland Suuriry

500 12'" Street, SW
Washin~n, DC 20536

u.s. ~mrnigration
and Customs

Berrien Springs- Oronoko Township Nnv 1 2 2008

P.O. Box 97
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103

Dear _ :

Thank you for your letter expressing interest in the 287(g) Delegation of Authority program
offered by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), within the Department of
Homeland Security.

As the largest investigative agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ICE is
charged with protecting national security and ensuring public safety through the aggressive
enforcement of federal immigration and customs laws across the more than 3.5 million square
miles that make up our great nation. ICE recognizes, however, that we share the responsibility
of ensuring public safety with over 775,000 state and local law enforcem,ent officers. One way
ICE addresses this joint goal is by building partnerships with state and local law enforcement
agencies (LEAs). To facilitate these partnerships and work more closely with our state and local
counterparts, ICE launched the comprehensive Agreements of Cooperation in Communities to
Enhance Safety and Security (ACCESS) program in 2007.

ICE ACCESS serves to provide state and local LEAs like yours an opportunity to partner with
ICE to specifically combat the immigration and customs enforcement challenges of their
communities. To accomplish this, ICE ACCESS offers an umbrella of services and programs to
assist local LEAs with interior enforcement issues. The 287(g) program that your letter
referenced is only one such component. Other programs that fall within the purview of ICE
ACCESS include: the Customs Cross-Designation (Title 19), Document and Benefit Fraud Task
Forces, the Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC), Operation Community Shield, the
Criminal Alien Program (CAP), Fugitive Operations, and Rapid Repatriation. Please find
enclosed a copy of the ICE ACCESS Fact Sheet for more infonnation.

It is through strategic discussions and efforts such as these that strong partnerships between state
and local law enforcement agencies and ICE can be developed. Combining Federal, state, and
local resources has proven successful in safeguarding the public. I have requested that the local
ICE ACCESS liaisons work in coordination with you to detennine which ICE ACCESS
programs will best meet our joint needs. The first step in identifying which programs best suit
your . needs will be to complete the "Needs Assessment Tool" that will be sent by
ICE The local for ICE ACCESS are: in the Office of
at 3 1 in the Office of Detention and Removal
at you again for your interest in ICE.


VL- ~
William F. Riley
Acting Executive Director
Office of State and Local Coordination