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A) Identify 5 main barriers that affect the integration of ICT in your classroom /

1. The main barrier in school is improper IT facilities at schools. Most of the
schools in Malaysia dont have a proper computer lab with sufficient
computers and LCD Projectors. Each classroom also dont have computer
and projector. So teachers need to compete to get lab with other teachers.
2. The second barrier is insufficient knowledge and skills of IT among
teachers. Most of the teachers especially senior teachers have insufficient
knowledge of computers. They not able to handle minor hardware problems
while conducting computers in teaching and learning process. Lack of basic
Microsoft Office skills put them in difficulties while preparing lessons via
3. Third barrier in classroom is insufficient time for integration. Teachers face
problems in preparing teaching materials in school because lack of time.
Moreover stretch periods of classes before a lesson made insufficient time in
fixing and preparing computers and LCD projectors.
4. The fourth barrier is attitude of some of the senior teachers who stubborn
and dont want change. They feels that they got did some miracles and
achievement in educations in their career without presence of technology. So
they feels technology is unnecessary in education. But they not realise that
crucial skills needed by young generation. They also fear that others will
making fun of them if they did any mistakes.
5. Fifth barrier is lack of access to learning resources. Pupils and teachers
feels very difficult to find information related to their syllabus in internet or
CDs. So teachers feel difficult to prepare lessons by using technology. The
poor Wi-Fi connection and its coverage at school also made teachers feel
hard to use internet at classes to teach.
B) Suggest possible solutions to each of the barriers listed above.

1. Improper IT facilities at schools- Government should provide more

computer labs with enough computers and LCD projectors at schools. At least
one computer is needed for each classrooms with proper Wi-Fi connections.
2. Insufficient knowledge and skills of IT among teachers- More courses and
trainings should be provided to all teachers by the Ministry of Education every
year so that teachers have enough skills and knowledge of hardware and
software of computers. For new teachers, IT must be compulsory subject at
college so that they adopt with new virtual environment and at the same time
become role model for senior teachers.

Insufficient time for integration- Each teachers should be given a laptop

with high speed broadband by the Education Ministry so that teachers can
prepare their lessons anytime anywhere. So they can well prepared before a
lesson. Each classrooms with properly working computers and projectors can
safe some time to do preparation or shifting the students to different

4. Attitude of some of the senior teachers- The experienced teachers needed

more frequent trainings on ICT. It will enhance teachers knowledge in ICT thus
cultivate positive attitudes among teachers to integrate ICT in teaching without
fear of failure. With the sufficient trainings and knowledge obtained, teachers
will increase their confidence with ICT.
5. Lack of access to learning resources- The national curriculum should be
revised to include ICT applications. Teachers and students should be supplied
with best educational software prepared by Ministry of Education. Ministry
also need to create more websites which equipped with notes, explanation,
video, exercises, quizzes and diagrams which parallel to students current