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Personal Identity

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Personal Identity

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Part I
Warming up
Translate idioms into Russian:
Be head over ears in love
Be lost in admiration of smb.
Be of full age
Bless the marriage
Court smb.
Double date
Fall in love
Foster mother
Generation gap
Get / have a crush on smb.
Go Dutch
Go steady with smb.
Grumble at smb.
Juggle a family
Kith and kin
Live on ones parents
Maid of honor
Make a pass at smb.
Pick up smb.
Rush into marriage
get married

marriage of convenience
marry for love / money



1. Who are these people?

a) your mothers parents
b) your mothers brother
c) your mothers sister
d) your husbands son from a previous marriage
e) the sister of the person you marry
f) your brothers (or sisters) male child
g) your brothers (or sisters) female child
h) a child with no brothers and sisters
i) someone from another country
j) someone you have not met before
2. Choose the correct word in each sentence.
a) Children are not allowed to see this film. Its for adults / old only.
b) By the time the vet arrived, the injured cat was already dead / died.
c) Unfortunately it rained on Nick and Helens wedding / marriage
d) David and Diana have two sons and one daughter / girl.
e) I think we should try to understand the problems of aged / old
f) There should be more facilities for youth / young people in this
g) More than fifty relatives / parents were invited to Jacks party.
h) Its my anniversary / birthday today. Im eighteen years old.
3. Complete each part sentence (a-j) with an ending (1-10).
a) Ive started going
1) takes after his father.
b) When little Tina is grown
2) together again next Friday
c) I wonder if you could put
d) Carol doesnt really get
3) up by an aunt after their parents
e) Everyone says that Tom
f) Why dont we all get
4) in on Steve for a chat.

g) Lets have some friends

h) Do you think you could
i) Ellen and Laura were
j) If I have time Ill drop

5) after my dog while Im away?

6) out with Georges younger sister.
7) round for dinner on Friday.
8) on well with her mother-in-law.
9) up she wants to be an astronaut.
10) us up for a few days next week?

4. Match each sentence (a-h) with a sentence (1-8) which helps to

explain the meaning of the word in italics.
a) Weve got a new neighbour called Helen Willis.
b) This is Sue. Shes a colleague of mine.
c) Andrew is going to be our best man.
d) At the end of the evening I thanked our host.
e) Im sure that Mary will be a wonderful bride.
f) Next week Im going to stay with my grandparents.
g) Ive always got on well with my sister-in-law.
h) Georgina is the ideal guest.

I was happy that hed invited me to his party.

Even before she married my brother wed become good friends.
She always offers to help in the house when she stays with us.
We both work in the same department at the bank.
She moved into the house next door yesterday.
Theyre both in their seventies, but they live a very full life.
When John and I get married, hell stand next to John.
Shes a dressmaker, and has designed her own wedding dress.

5. Complete each sentence with a word from the box.

alike children couple elder engaged
friendship housewife husband single twin
a) Jane got married to her husband, Bob, four years ago.
b) Janes friends think that she and Bob are the perfect .
c) They havent got any yet, but they want a large family.
d) Janes sister, Mary, was born half an hour before she was.
e) Jane and Mary look but are not exactly the same.
f) Mary isnt married. She says she prefers to be .
g) She says she believes in , but doesnt believe in marriage.

h) Diana is Jane and Marys sister. She calls them her little
i) Diana has been ... for three years, but hasnt got married yet.
j) She has a career and doesnt like the idea of being a .
6. Complete each sentence with a noun formed from a verb in the
acquaint celebrate die engage
greet marry relate resemble

All Sues friends and relations / relatives came to her party.

I occasionally meet Terry, but hes more an than a friend.
When Paul arrived, he received a warm and friendly .
Six months after their Michael and Lisa got married.
There was a great in the village when their team won the cup.
In an ideal , husband and wife share each others problems.
Dina and her mother look alike. There is a strong between them.
Tim cried when he heard about the of his old dog.

7. Translate the sentences paying attention to the words which have

the same written form but are used as different parts of speech.
1. They named their firstborn John. Can you name all the plants and
trees in the garden? He knows all the pupils by name. Stop in the
name of the law.
2. Call me Alex, by my Christian name. Give me a call when you
come back.
3. Place the books in the right order. I cant be in two places at once.
His remarks were out of place. What place do you come from?
4. I dont remember his address. Whats your home / business
address? Please, address your complaints to the manager, not to
me. Dont address me as colonel. Im only a major.
5. In God we trust. I trust him as I would myself, I dont have any
trust in what he says. He took this story on trust. He works for the
trust company.

8. Translate the sentences into Russian and then back into English.
Pay attention to the use of the words and word combinations given
in bold type.
to marry (smb.), to be married, to get married
Tom wants to marry Susan. He married young. He has three
daughters to marry. They have been married for ten years. All my
close friends are married. Im married to a doctor. We got married
many years ago. My sister was always dreaming to get married to a
military man.
to relate, to be related, to connect, to keep in touch
Are you related to Mr. Smith? Are you and Fred related? Its
very difficult to relate these results with any known cause. He is
connected with the royal family. He keeps in touch with all his old
to trust, to believe
He is not a man I would trust. I trust her to pay the loan for me.
In God we trust. I believe what the man says. They believed that he
was insane. I believe in you. Ancient people believed that the earth
was round. This plan is believed to be realistic.
9. How do you call a person:
Who is 10 months, who is about a year, who is a year and a half, who
is 16, who is 18, who is 25, who is 38, who is 42, who is 70?
Prompts: a baby, a toddler, a kid, a teenager, he has come of age, in his
mid twenties, in his late thirties, in his early forties, an elderly person,
10. Fill the gaps with the proper words.
(a) 1) Andrews parents dont live together. They are ...
2) Frank has no parents. So he is an ...
3) Her ... name was Hope. But after the marriage her name is
4) He hasnt got a family of his own, he is ... so far.
5) Are you the ... child in the family? No, Ive got an elder

6) My grandparents are ... already.

7) He ... of age last year.
8) Children go to school at the ... of six in our country.
9) He is married now but two years ago he was ...
10) He is a native born, but his wife is a ...
(b)1) He is in ... late sixties.
2) His daughter is in ... midteens.
3) Is Kate a relation of ...? No, we are just friends.
4) Do you have a family of ... own?
5) This is Barbara Dickson. She is a colleague of ... .
6) Im a namesake of ..., Lucy.
7) They prefer to live by ... .
8) Does she live with ... parents?
9) He is a dear old friend of ... .
11. Ask your friend:
where he / she has spent most of his / her life;
if he is in close contact with his immediate family;
if his family is the most important thing in his life;
if his family is very scattered or they mostly live close together;
if he knows a lot of his neighbours;
what places he / she feels most at home in.
12. Argue the statements:
1. Large family, quick help.
2. Marriage is a union with a limited membership.
3. Women are only interested in getting married.
4. No family is ideal.
13. Read the text Family Life.
Marriage is a thing which only a rare person in his or her life
avoids. True bachelors and spinsters make up only a small percent of
the population; single people are alone but not lonely.
Millions of others get married because of the fun of the family
life. And it is fun, if one takes it with a sense of humour.
Theres a lot of fun in falling in love with someone and chasing
the prospective fiancee, which means dating and going out with the

candidate. All the relatives (parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents, brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and
nephews, stepmothers and stepfathers and all in-laws) meanwhile have
the fun of criticizing your choice and giving advice. The trick here is
not to listen to them but propose to your bride-to-be and somehow get
her to accept your proposal. Then you may arrange the engagement
and fix the day of the wedding.
What fun it is to get all those things, whose names start with the
word wedding-dress, rings, cars, flowers, cakes, etc.! Its great fun to
pay for them.
Its fun for the bride and the groom to escape from the guests
and go on a honeymoon trip, especially if its wedding present from
the parents. The guests remain with the fun of gossiping whether you
married for love or for money.
Its fun to return back home with the idea that the person you are
married to is somewhat different from the one you knew. But there is
no time to think about it because you are newly-weds and you expect a
There is no better fun for a husband than taking his wife to a
maternity home alone and bringing her back with the twins or triplets.
And this is where the greatest fun starts: washing the new-borns
nappies and passing away sleepless nights, earning money to keep the
family, taking children to kindergarten and later to school. By all
means its fun to attend parents meetings and learn that your children
take after you and dont do well at school.
The bigger your children grow, the more they resemble you
outwardly and the less they display likeness with you inwardly. And
you start grumbling at them and discussing with your old friends the
problem of the generation gap. What fun!
And when at last you and your grey-haired spouse start thinking
that your family life has calmed down, you havent divorced but
preserved your union, the climax of your fun bursts out!
One of your dearest offspring brings a long-legged blonde to your
house and says that he wants to marry. And you think: Why do
people ever get married?
14. Imagine the following situation. Your parents have chosen a
mate for you. They insist that you should marry the person they have

found. How would you react? What do you think of arranged

marriages in India and other countries? Can an arranged marriage
work? Use the following expressions:
It is all very well. But ...
One can never tell with ...
What have / has they / it got to do with ...
There would be no harm in ...
I dont see how ...
Imagine my surprise to ...
Even had I wished it ...
No wife, no ...
15. Read the following short passage and compare the wedding
traditions in Russia and Great Britain. Say what is different and
what they have in common. Speak about interesting wedding
ceremonies in other countries.
Wedding Superstitions
In England the wedding preparations, ceremony and feast have all
become loaded with ritual practices to ward off evil and bless the
marriage with fortune and fertility.
The choice of date is important. May is traditionally unlucky for
weddings. The tradition that the brides parents should pay for the
wedding dates from two or three centuries ago, when wealthy families
would pay an eligible bachelor to take an unmarried daughter off their
hands in exchange for a large dowry. At most formal weddings, brides
still get married in virginal white many other colours are considered
unlucky. A bride will also ensure that her wedding outfits include
something old, something new, something borrowed, something
blue. Old maintains her link with the past; new symbolizes the
future; borrowed gives her a link with the present; and blue
symbolizes her purity.
Even a modern bride will observe the taboos about wearing her
dress before the ceremony; the groom mustnt see her in it until she
enters the church.
Its a lucky omen if the bride should see a chimney sweep on her
way to church. Sometimes a sweep is paid to attend the ceremony and
kiss the bride a relic of the idea that soot and ashes are symbols of

After the ceremony, the couples are showered with confetti. One
old custom was for the bride and sometimes the groom to negotiate
some obstacle as they left the church guests would impede them
with ropes of flowers, for example, or with sticks that had to be
jumped over.
After that the bride is faced with the feast. The most important
item is the wedding cake, whose richness symbolizes fertility, just as it
has done since Roman times. Today, the first slice is cut by the bride
to ensure a fruitful marriage.
(from Readers Digest)
16. Make up a list of positive and negative sides of family life.
Compare your lists with those of your classmates. Comment on the


17. Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your

1. The husband should be more intelligent than the wife.
2. Spouses should be alike.
3. Money often keeps people together.
4. Marriage should be compulsory for everybody.
5. The best wife is a housewife.
6. The marriage contract is incompatible with romantic life.
For agreement: I couldnt agree more ..., Thats just what I was
thinking ..., You know, thats exactly what I think ..., I agree entirely
..., Thats a good point ... .
For disagreement: Yes, thats quite true, but ... Im not sure I quite
agree ... Perhaps, but dont you think that ... Well, you have a point
there, but ... I see what you mean, but ... .

For more categorical and informal disagreement: I cant agree with

you there. You cant be serious! Come off it! Dont be so silly!
18. Translate the text. Say what you think of this man looking for an
ideal wife, does he strike you as an ideal husband?
. ?
, . ,
; ,
: ,
. , ,
, , ,
: .
, , ,
, ,
. , .
: ,
( )

19. Match the English idioms in the left column with their Russian
equivalents in the right column. Use them in a proper context.
1. a maiden name
2. extremes meet
3. a mothers boy
c) ,
4. to be out of hand
5. to be under smbs thumb
6. out of sight, out of mind
7. to make eyes at smb.
8. the prodigal son
9. ones own flesh and blood i)
10. to lead a cat and a dog j)
20. Explain the meanings of the proverbs given below. Make up fivesentence stones of your own to highlight their meanings.
1. Marriages are made in heaven.
2. Birds of a feather flock together.
3. Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
4. Spare the rod and spoil the child.
5. When children stand still they have done some ill.
6. Like father like son.
7. A good husband makes a good wife.
8. He that would the daughter win must with mother first begin.
9. A tree is known by its fruit.
21. Write a composition on one of the following topics. Discuss your
compositions in class.
1. Families with many children versus families with one child.
2. The Effect of Divorce on children.
3. Grandparents. A Blessing or a Burden?
4. How to bridge the Generation Gap.
5. The Ideal Family of the future.


Part II
Translate phrases into Russian:
Appearances are deceptive
Character and appearance differ radically
A tall broad-shouldered youth
Good-looking individual
To be of a poor built
Short and fragile
Complexion and constitution
Plump and fat
Thin and slim nervous ladies
Round-faced with small narrow eyes
To have dimples on one's cheeks and an upturned nose
A delicately built pretty Monde
Curly hair, blue eyes, a straight nose and high forehead
A skinny brunette with ugly irregular features
A hooked nose, pointed chin, close-set eyes and thin lips
What charm! A heart of gold!
To resemble and to take after somebody
To compare moles, shapes of noses
They are as like as two peas
To find nothing in common
bear no resemblance to smb.
be dressed in smth.

( )


( )

delicately built
dress tastily / cleanly
look like smb.




1. Look at the pictures below and choose the right word from the
lists to describe the shape of ones face, eyes, nose, chin, lips,

2. Following the patterns below make up 4 sentences characterizing

a person. Use look, look like, and look as if. Use the models in a
short dialogue.
a) Jane looks fantastic / charming / terrific / tired / strange / very
elegant / smart etc.
b) She looks like a zebra/old cat, etc. in this sort of dress.
c) She looks as if shes going to a fancy dress party / Buckingham
palace, etc.
3. Look at the students of your group and say:
a) Who has the following type of hair: straight, long, short, curly,
wavy, fair, dark, blonde, brown, and grey.
b) Whose constitution can be characterized as: short, tall, of medium
height, slim, plump, very thin;
c) Whose complexion is: pale, dark, pink?
d) Who has: plump cheeks, hallow cheeks, cheeks with dimples?
4. Judging by the description below say if a person looks his or her
a) He looks his age.
b) He looks old for his age.
c) He does not look old for his age.
d) He looks young (too young) for his age.
1. Brendas father is only forty but he is old and rather stout.
2. Though retired John travels a lot and goes in for lawn tennis. He is
grey-haired but looking at him and being aware of his life-style
youll never say he is in his late sixties.
3. Jacks wife was fat and stooping. She walked tottering and used a
stick. You couldnt believe that she was just in her early fifties.
4. Nora is tall and slender and very attractive. Her good looks
appealed to me as soon as I saw her. Is she really in her midfifties?
5. My brother has grown thinner and illness took some colour off his
cheeks, his hair is touched with grey at my temples and it makes
him look older.

6. I bumped into my old friend yesterday when walking in the park.

These seven years have brought favorable changes in him. Though
he is over fifty he looks as if he is only forty five.
5. Look at the pictures. Which person:

1. has a long thin face?

2. has a square face?
3. has a round face?
4. has thick eyebrows?
5. has a pointed nose?
6. has a hooked nose?
7. is bald?
8. has long straight hair?
9. has dark curly hair?
10. has wavy fair hair?
11. has a beard?
12. has a moustache?
13. is wearing earrings?
14. is wearing a necklace?
6. Look at the picture attentively and describe people in the story,
using the words in the boxes.


I got on the train and found my seat. There was only one other person
in the compartment. He was a short man in his 30s with curly black hair
and a moustache. He was wearing brown raincoat. Just before the train
left the station, a woman came into our compartment and sat down
opposite me. She _______________. At the next station, an old man got
in and sat in the corner of the compartment. He ______________. The
next station was mine. I got off the train and telephoned Mrs.
Chadwick. Ill come and meet you in five minutes, she said. How will
I recognize you? Well, I said, Im _______________.


walking stick

Describe yourself.
7. Read the description of the first woman. Write a description from
the notes about the second woman.


Carolyn is a tall dark-haired woman in her late thirties. She is very
pretty, with an oval face, beautiful fair skin and very light blue eyes.
Her hair is straight and quite short. She is rather plump, but she
dresses very attractively. She usually looks quite cheerful in a quiet
way. She looks like a person who is easy to talk to.
Short, black, early twenties, quite plain, but very interesting face.
Hair: short, curly, black. Eyes: big, brown. Nose: small. Face: round.
Skin: very dark. Slim, athletic-looking, dresses casually, look friendly
and enthusiastic.
Describe the third woman.
8. Label the picture using words from the box.
cheek chin eyebrow eyelashes jaw
lip nostril scar wrinkles

9. Imagine that a friend of yours is flying to London to stay with

your English friends. They will be meeting him / her at the airport.
To recognize him / her they need a description of your friend, some
details of his / her appearance.
a) Say what he / she looks like and what sort of clothes he / she usually
b) Give a short description of your friends character and express your
hope that they will get on well together.

10. Work in small groups and discuss these questions.

a) Who do you think is the most handsome man in the world?
b) Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?
c) What makes them more attractive than other men and women?
The perfect face.
In a survey, ten thousand British men and women were asked about
what they thought represented perfect male and female faces. When
the data was processed by computer, these were the results.

Do these images represent your idea of the perfect male / female face?
Match the words in list A with the words in list B. (Sometimes more
than one possible). Then choose one of the images, and use the
phrases to describe the male / female face to somebody who hadnt
seen the pictures. What is it that makes faces attractive?

a square

bone structure
in the cheeks


11. Five people were asked the question, What do you think makes
a face attractive? Read the dialogue and see if their opinions
are the same as yours.
(I = Interviewer; W = woman; M = Man)
1. I:
What do you think makes a face attractive?
W 1: Er, smooth skin, perfect teeth and sparkling eyes.
2. I:
M 1:
M 1:

What do you think makes a face attractive?

Ooh, big eyes, full lips, oh, and a big smile.
Like Julia Roberts?

3. I:
What do you think makes a face attractive?
W 2: Its probably easier to say what I dont like. On a man, I
dont like a small nose it doesnt have to be enormous,
but a little turned-up nose on a man looks silly.
So you dont like Brad Pitt then?
W 2: Well, I like everything about him except his nose!
4. I:
M 2:

What do you think makes a face attractive?

Good bone structure. High cheekbones. For a woman, a
small chin, and for a man, a square jaw.

5. I:
W 3:
W 3:
W 3:

What do you think makes a face attractive?

Oh, I love dimples.
Yeah. Theyre so cute.
Where do you like them?
No, I mean where on the face you know, do you like a
dimple in the chin?
Yeah, I quite like that, but I meant dimples in the cheeks
when somebody smiles oh, its so cute.


12. Read this article Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? which
describes research into the nature of beauty. Find out whether,

according to the research, the fallowing, statements are true or false.

a) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
b) Most film stars and supermodels dont have ideal features.
c) Most women prefer men with gentle features.
d) There is more pressure on men to be perfect than there is on
e) There are only subtle differences in what is considered to be
beautiful by people from different cultures.
13.Work with a partner. Do you agree with the statements in the
exercise above?
Is there such a thing as the perfect face? Is beauty something you
can measure?
Recent scientific evidence suggests that the answer is yes. A
new science, the science of attraction, has come to the conclusion that
beauty is objective and quantifiable and not, as the romantics believe,
in the eye of the beholder.
For more than a century it was thought that a beautiful face was
appealing because it was a collection of average features. Using his
computer system, Dr David Perrett of the University of St Andrews
has challenged the theory. In a key experiment, photographs of
women were ranked for their attractiveness by a number of volunteers.
Two composite pictures were then created: one, the average of all the
pictures; the other made from those rated most attractive. Although
the faces looked very similar at first glance, a significant number said
they preferred the composite of most attractive faces.
The conclusion I reached, said Dr. Perrett, was that the most
attractive shape was not average. If you look at famous film stars and
supermodels, most of them have ideal features larger than normal
eyes, higher arched eyebrows, slightly smaller noses, cheekbones are a
little more prominent. Even popular cartoon characters such as Betty
Boop, Yasmin from Aladdin and Bambi have big eyes, small turnedup noses, big mouths and small chins. And if these features are
exaggerated, the attractiveness rating goes up even more. Julia
Roberts is a good example of this.
But what do scientists make of mens faces? Do men with large
eyes, high cheekbones and a small chin have the same irresistible
appeal? Researchers were a bit shocked at the top-ranking male face.

They expected it to have the classic square jaw and strong

cheekbones, but instead, women seem to prefer men with gentle faces.
Although there is more pressure on females to be perfect, research
suggests that men and women look for many of the same things: for
example, expressive 70 features such as arched eyebrows and a big
smile were associated with attractiveness in men.
Dr David Perrett puts forward an evolutionary reason to explain
why so many women now swoon over baby-fared stars such as
Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise. Women like a man with a
feminine face because he is more likely to have higher levels of the
female hormone estrogen and therefore to make a kinder and more
trustworthy husband and father
But do these ideals of beauty manage to cross cultural
boundaries? For instance, in some cultures, lips discs, scars and
tattoos are considered to be attractive. Professor Cunningham of the
University of Louisville, Kentucky, found that there were only very
subtle differences between ethnic groups. For example, Asians tended
to prefer faces that were slightly less mature and slightly less
expressive, whereas blacks preferred faces that were a little more
plump. In other words, although there might be a little truth in the old
adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, by and large, we all
seem to be attracted to the same things.

14.Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace. Do

you think this is a good or a bad thing?
Jean Oldham, a beauty editor; Rita Tailor, a cosmetic surgeon and
Michael Hirst, a journalist are speaking about cosmetic surgery.
Do you think these three people are likely to be for or against
cosmetic surgery? Read and find it out.
J Jean Oldham; RT Rita Taylor; MH Michael Hirst.

JO: Well, I work on a womens magazine, so you can imagine how

many beautiful models Ive met. But Im also in daily contact
with women who are not physically perfect, and I have to say
that the most beautiful women I know are not the models they
are the intelligent, interesting women whose inner beauty shines
out. I believe that true beauty comes from within, and no amount
of cosmetic surgery can give you that.
RT: Yes, I agree with you, Jean, but not everybody has the confidence
to let their inner beauty shine out. Plastic surgery can actually
give people that confidence, I really don't think theres anything
wrong with trying to improve on what nature has given you.
MH: Ah well, thats where I disagree with you, Rita. I think we
should be grateful for what God has given us. The point is, its
selfish and indulgent of people to spend vast amounts of money
on superficial improvements when theres so much poverty and
sickness in the world.
RT: Actually, its not that expensive, you know, Michael. I mean
having your nose done only costs the price of a vacation frankly,
cosmetic surgery can do more for you than a vacation, because
the benefits last longer.
JO: Well, I dont know about that. I agree with Michael. I think that
we should accept ourselves as we are and refuse to be influenced
by stereotypical ideas of beauty.
RT: I'm sorry, but I dont think youre being very honest, Jean. I read
your magazine and frequently read articles encouraging women
to have their hair dyed or highlighted. And do you ever go to the
dentist, Michael? What do you think about people who have
their teeth straightened? If you ask me, its no different from
having cosmetic surgery.
MH: No, hang on, Rita. I think we have to make the distinction here
between having something done for health reasons and having
some part of your body changed simply because you dont like it
JO: Or because you want to stay young. Of course its good to keep
healthy, do sport, use sunscreen, that kind of thing, but I love to
see life experience showing on peoples faces. These aging filmstars whove had so much cosmetic surgery ... they all look the

RT: Its easy for you to say that, Jean, because youre lucky enough
to be a good-looking woman. But if youre honest, Im sure you
will admit that your looks had something to do with you getting
the job you have.
JO: Rita, are you suggesting ...
MH: Oh, this is rubbish, Rita. Youre talking about a very different
world from the one I know.
RT: Look, you two may not agree with it, but its a fact of life. People
who feel good about the way they look are more likely to do
well in their career good looks open doors.
15. Below are some of the points made in the discussion. Work with
a partner. Try to remember who made each point. Then read again
and check.
a) True beauty comes from being intelligent and interesting, not from
being physically perfect.
b) Cosmetic surgery can give people more confidence.
c) Theres nothing wrong with trying to improve on what nature has
given us.
d) People should be grateful for what God has given them.
e) It is selfish and indulgent to spend money on superficial
improvements when there is so much poverty and sickness in the
f) Cosmetic surgery can be more beneficial than a holiday, because
the effect lasts longer.
g) We should accept ourselves as we are.
h) Having cosmetic surgery is similar to having your hair dyed or
your teeth straightened.
i) It is good to see life experience showing on peoples faces.
j) People who feel good about the way they look are more likely to
do well in career.
16. Work with a partner. Which points in the previous exercise do
you agree with?


17. Cindy Jackson talks about why she had several years of cosmetic
surgery in her attempt to create the perfect face and body. Complete
her account using had, have or having.

Surgery changed my life!

The features I wanted were the kind of feminine ideal thats
embodied in plastic dolls like Barbie and Sindy. I wanted the wide
eyes so I (1) ____ my eyes widened as much as I could. (2) ____ my
eyes done made me see that I really could change my face, so I
decided to (3) ____ everything done that I possibly could.
I wanted the pert, turned-up nose, so I (4) ____ my nose turned
up. I wasn't happy with the first nose job it only made it slightly
smaller. So I (5) ____ it done again, and they took more bone out and
made the nostrils smaller. Now my nose is as Barbie as it can get for
my face and the rest of my features.
My chin bothered me a lot too, so I (6) ____ that moved back, so
that it was in line with the upper lip. Then there were my lips I
thought they were too thin, so I tried (7) ____ collagen put in. But that
wasn't good enough, so I (8) ____ fat taken from my thighs and
injected into my lips. Then I (9) ____ implants put into my cheeks to
give me high cheekbones.
Before I had surgery, I was invisible. I have a genius IQ, and it
never got me anywhere. Now I get lots of attention. Pretty girls just


Part III
Translate phrases into Russian:
Strong-willed and brave
A model to follow
Petty, weak-willed or even cowardly
Displaying intelligence and courage
Generous and kind personality
Thrifty or even greedy
A scrooge
Open-handed and spendthrift
To be strict in judgments
A kind-hearted person and a simpleton
Rude, harsh and willful
A stone heart and an iron fist
Intelligent and nice
A stupid, capricious, impolite bore
Cruel and cunning
Clever, gentle and good-mannered
appeal to smb.



(dis) obedient
(im) polite
(un) sociable

, ,




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1. What would you think of a person who says? Pay attention to the
words in italics.
2. Ladies first!
3. I cant control myself when I should keep quiet.
4. I m not easily put off if I have made my mind.
5. I dont care for him. He is inferior to me, you know.
6. Whatever she may say I wont lose my temper.
7. Darling! I never grudge you anything, be it clothes, money, or car.
8. I always feel sorry for people who are in trouble.
9. I just love cucumbers with milk, Picassos paintings and freckled
10. I have got used to ten hours work every day.
11. I prefer to be in a company of other people and have a chat with

12.Whatever you may ask me to do for you, I will do it. Whatever you
may say, I will forgive.
Use: He must be ... She may be ... He is likely to be ...
Prompts: Hard-working, original, sympathetic, quick-tempered, openhanded, arrogant, well-bred, sociable, obstinate, self-possessed,
2. Work in small groups. Put these qualities into order of importance
and say what qualities you admire most in other people. Add some
important qualities missing from this list if you find it necessary.
Compare the results and draw collective portraits of people you
Sense of humour, kindness, intelligence, independence, tolerance,
ambition, sincerity, honesty, tenderness, creativity, good looks,
courage, humility, generosity.
3. Guess what these people might say when complaining about the
things other people do. The words given below may be helpful.
Translate the sentences paying attention to the words in italics.
Light-minded, unsociable, unreliable, rude, impolite, ill-bred,
unreserved, hot-tempered, nosy, obstinate, fussy, selfish
Use: He is so + adjective
He is such a + adjective + noun.
Pattern: Nicks mother is complaining about her son who never obeys
her. He is so disobedient. (He is such a disobedient boy). Id like
him to be obedient.
1. Jane is complaining about her son who never shares his problems
with her.
2. The teacher is complaining about Jack who lacks good-manners.
3. Bills friend is complaining of Bill who often lets him down and
goes back on his word.
4. Mary is complaining of her sister who is very hard to get along

5. Jane is complaining about her classmate who is quick to get angry.

6. Tom is complaining of his playmate who cannot take himself in
7. Ann is complaining of her boss who often loses his temper and is
hard to deal with.
8. All the women are complaining of Jim who never stands aside to
let a woman enter a room before him and never helps any of them
into her coat.
9. Dennis is complaining about Margaret who pokes her nose into his
10. The Headmaster is complaining of Paul who plays truant.
11. My sisters husband is complaining of my sister who makes so
much fuss about the house.
12. Angela is complaining about her son who thinks only of himself.
4. Read the description below and decide which actor it is about.

George Clooney

Jim Carrey

Hes not classically good-looking. He doesnt have the macho

appeal of Mel Gibson or the bone structure and piercing eyes of
Richard Gere. Hes not cute like Jonny Depp or handsomely tough like
Brad Pitt. But he certainly has something, he has that certain
something often called the It factor. What is it about this man that
makes so many of us regularly turn on a rather boring series on the TV
about doctors or queue up at the box office to see him?
(1) are the eyes. With bushy eyebrows and heavy lids, he has the
sort of warm brown eyes (2) he must have suffered, that he must be the
sensitive sort. Kind, gentle and caring, (3) understand you, would know
exactly what to say to cheer you up, to make you feel good when you
are feeling down. His eyes are bedroom eyes.

(4) his strong masculine chin and this, combined with the
unshaved look he often has, offsets the sensitivity of his eyes. It is this
mixture of strength and softness (5) desirable. (6), his other features
are unexceptional. His hair is short and greying, his nose is straight
and, well, normal. He just seems like a regular guy.
He seems to prefer casual clothes which go well with his five
oclock shadow. A white T-shirt and a jacket perhaps, nothing too
formal, but he still looks smart and respectable. In fact, (7) man you
could introduce to your mother, although, come to think of it, your
mother is probably a fan, too. Perhaps, you should keep them apart for
the time being.
5. Find the places (1-7) in the text where the following phrases
should go.
a) Another striking feature is
b) Apart from that
c) he looks just the sort of
d) that makes him so
e) The first thing you notice about him
f) which make you think
g) you feel that he would
6. Rearrange the words below to make the beginnings of sentences.
Example: He just like looks He looks just like ...
a) a has he look of the
b) from he judging looks the way
c) about him is me most strikes what
d) about him is something that there
e) deep down he I is probably think

f) a he like looks typical

g) appears at glance first he to
7. Describe a person you know and show how the way he looks
reveals his personality! The notes below may help you.
1. Choose someone to describe. It may help to have a photograph of
them in front of you. It doesnt matter if you dont know about
their personality. You can make guesses based on their appearance.
2. Brainstorm two short lists of adjectives and other phrases: one to
describe their appearance; another to describe their personality.
3. Decide what is most noticeable about their face or their clothes.
What does this tell you about them?
4. If you know the person well (or you have seen them on TV), how
do they stand, walk, use their hands, move? What facial
expressions do they often have? What does this tell you about their
5. How do you feel about this person? You may like to close your
description with your personal view.
6. You can write in a formal or an informal way, but be consistent.
You should write about 180 words.
8. Choose a word to match the definitions.
brave loyal stubborn thoughtful selfish serious
generous fussy tidy optimistic jealous honest
Someone who
1. Someone who always remembers your birthday (thoughtful).
2. always remembers your birthday.
3. is unwilling to change her / his mind.
4. worries too much about details.
5. only thinks about her / himself.
6. always tells the truth.
7. always supports her / his friends.

8. is not frightened of anything.

9. likes to keep things in their correct place.
10. doesnt laugh or make jokes, very often.
11. wants what other people have got.
12. always believes good things will happen.
13. likes to give money, help or presents.
9. Match the words in the box to the people described in the texts.
arrogant conventional dependable hypocritical
stand-offish superstitious talkative
a) He just sits at his desk all day, never joins in the conversation,
and looks superior. Hes not rude if anything, hes too polite, if you
see what I mean. He wouldnt even come out with us after work when
it was my birthday._____
b) Yack, yack, yack, he rambles on and on. His friends, his family,
his goldfish, last nights football, how the countrys going to the dogs,
how the bus is always late, more about his goldfish. He never stops!
c) Never, never trust him! You wouldnt believe the number of
people hes stabbed in the back. Hell say anything to make you think
hes one of your friends. Hes utter poison! ______
d) She s a treasure! You dont even have to ask and you know
shell be there. And anything you do ask, shell get on with it and do it
just how you wanted it. Id trust her with my life! ______
e) Oh, I dont think we want to change, my dear. What would the
neighbors think? No, thats the way your father and I have always
done it, and were not going to start going all modern now.______
Ive never known anyone like him. Black cats, walking under
ladders, the thirteenth day of the month, touching wood, crossing your
fingers he believes in the lot of it! ______
... and there we were sitting in the meeting, and she didnt even
ask anybody else their opinion. She just told us what her plans were
and how well they would work. When I tried to say something, she cut
me off before Id even finis`hed! ______


10. Make adjectives by combining a word from column A with a

word from column B. Then complete the sentences below.
Consult the dictionary.

a) Dont believe a word that that ______ little rat tells you: he
couldnt care less about anyone else.
b) Hes ______: he just thinks hes the best at everything.
c) Im getting so ______: I keep losing things everywhere I go.
d) Ive never known anyone so ______: not once in twelve years has
he ever bought anyone a drink.
e) She was so ______ that she thought the world stopped at the end of
her street.
f) Some of the children are a bit ______ so dont leave anything
valuable lying around.
g) They were too ______ for us to be able to catch them out.
h) We really need somebody who will be totally ______ and not get
upset by all the pressure.
11. Decide if these words usually have positive or negative
meanings. Consult the dictionary. Make some sentences to
demonstrate their meanings.
Self-centered, stand-offish, straight, enigmatic, sensitive, mature,
down-to-earth, trustworthy, laid-back, sensible, open-minded.
12. Choose words from the list in the exercise above which best
replace the words in bold in these sentences below.
a) My ideal partner would have to be someone caring, good-looking
and dependable.
b) I think Im quite a level-headed sort of person. I havent done
anything crazy yet ...!

c) I say I feel relaxed about work I never let things worry me.
d) People think Im unfriendly, but actually, Im just really shy.
e) My parents are extremely conventional. I wish they were more
f) I prefer to go out with people older than me. You can have more
interesting conversations with somebody whos experienced and
g) I know somebody who likes to think shes mysterious. In fact,
shes very boring.
h) My friends very wealthy, but youd never know it because hes so
i) Ive got a friend whos rather selfish probably because her
parents spoilt her when she was a child.


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