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Street Development Partners LLC

The Facts Regarding our Renewable Energy Development in Shutesbury, MA

Lake Street Development Partners LLC (LSDP) is proposing a 6-megawatt solar project on approximately
21-acres of adjacent to Pratt Corner Road on part of the 830 acre Wheelock lot owned by W.D. Cowls in
Shutesbury, MA.

Why this location?
This location was selected for this solar project for the following reasons:
Distance from adjacent property owners and homes,
Favorable topography,
Absence of wetlands and vernal ponds,
Minimal impact to wildlife,
Close proximity to an existing electrical substation and associated distribution lines, and
Town of Shutesbury is a designated Green Community and a renewable energy leader in the
Pioneer Valley.

The fenced in project site will be well insulated within the Wheelock Tract and will not be visible from
any roads. The project design has incorporated setbacks at boundary distances, which exceed Town
zoning requirements. The recreational uses of this 850-acre parcel managed for timber by Cowls, will
continue to be available for public use.

Shutesbury Permitting Process?
In June 2015, NEE will be submitting applications to both the Shutesbury Planning Board and
Conservation Commission on behalf of LSDP. We will not be requesting any zoning changes related to
this project. This project will require approved permitting from the Planning Board and Conservation
Commission. LSDP has submitted an interconnection application to National Grid, the utility that
services the Town of Shutesbury.

Environmental Issues?
LSDP is proud to be partnering with New England Environmental (NEE), an Amherst based and highly
experienced environmental engineering firm that has been very active in analyzing hundreds of
megawatts for sites throughout Massachusetts for solar readiness. NEE has confirmed that the project
has been designed to avoid direct wetland impacts, and to minimize habitat disturbance. Stormwater
management, sediment and erosion control, avoidance of wetlands and important wildlife habitat have
been evaluated as part of the project layout and design.

Herbicides are not typically used nor needed with solar projects. We specify a low-growing grass seed
mix, and this is typically mown at least once each year. The surrounding shade management area will
need to have the tall trees cut, but again, no herbicide use.

Lake Street Development Partners LLC
180 North Stetson Avenue, Suite 3500
Chicago, IL 60601

Construction Timing and Operations?
The construction period will be relatively short approximately 4-6 months and ongoing operation and
maintenance activities will also be limited - generally only once a month (maybe even less). Security
consists of thermal imaging cameras that are monitored remotely. Noise level from the inverters and
transformers are similar to that of an air conditioning unit associated with a single-family home. The
Harmonics Characteristics meet the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 519
requirements, which must be met in order to meet interconnection requirements, set by the local
utility. The panels do not make any noise.

The electricity will go directly to the utility while the Net Metering Credits are reserved for Housing
Authorities located in the Load Zone area.

Benefits to the Shutesbury Community?
In addition to this project allowing Shutesbury to stand by its commitment to being a Green Community,
there are also substantial economic benefits from this project. LSDP will continue to negotiate the final
tax revenue with the Town Board of Selectman, but initial discussions have seen tax revenue at
approximately $48,000 per year. This value represents $8,000 per megawatt per year. Over a 20-year
term, the Town will have received almost $1 million in additional tax revenues from this project.

Since only 3% of the Wheelock parcel will be used for the is renewable energy project, Cowls logging
roads and the balance of the 850 acre Wheelock parcel will continue to be available to the public for
recreational use, so long as respectful relationships are maintained.

Additional Questions?
Please do not hesitate to submit questions or comments you have regarding this project through the
Lakstdev.com website.


Lake Street Development Partners LLC
180 North Stetson Avenue, Suite 3500
Chicago, IL 60601