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Academic Research Grant Application Form

NI is requesting proposals from academic institutes and research laboratories that are
committed to using LabVIEW and NI embedded hardware through a platform-based approach in
advanced research.
The NI Academic Research Grant Program is designed to provide assistance for researchers
planning to use National Instruments software LabVIEW and embedded hardware in a platformbased approach to advance their research. Winning proposals are eligible to receive up to
$50,000 USD or the equivalent in software, hardware, training, technical expertise, and support
winning government grants.
In addition, recipients of the grant may be listed on the National Instruments website with a
company logo and brief quote describing the significance of the technology under development.
Recipients must submit a case study paper and provide a narrated presentation to be featured
at the annual NIWeek conference.
View the proposal requirements on page 2.

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Proposal Requirements
Please submit a 1-page proposal that includes the following information:
Contact Information
Applicant name, job title, mailing address, email and phone number
University/Institution/Lab Information
Name and website URL
NI Sponsor
Who is your National Instruments sponsor? This is usually your local field engineer. Please
contact your NI sponsor before submitting your application. If you do not know your local
engineer, please call 1-888-280-7645 or visit ni.com/niglobal.
Application and Impact
Please provide a short executive summary and clearly describe why this project is important
and issues it addresses. Briefly describe the nature of the development, the current status, and
the technology involved.
Experience/Project Management/Timeline
Provide past relevant work and experience in the domain. Include specific plans for
communicating project outcomes and deliverables.
Use of NI Graphical System Design Tools
How do you plan to use NI hardware and software? What NI hardware are you currently
evaluating for your application. Will the granted training and tools significantly increase your
likelihood of success?
Application Deadlines
Email this completed application to research@ni.com before midnight CST on the deadline
posted on ni.com.
Notification date: Winners will be notified by July 1 of the application year and publicly
announced at the NIWeek conference of that same year.
Proposal Review Process
An anonymous panel of judges consisting of NI experts evaluate all entries. Entries are judged
according to the following criteria:
1. Is the application an excellent example of graphical system design?
2. How technically challenging is the solution?
3. Are the benefits of adopting a graphical system design approach clearly articulated?
4. Does the application make a positive impact on the world?
Dissemination of Findings
Winners are required to create a case study report and present their research at the NIWeek
conference that follows one year after being awarded the grant. For example, winners of a grant
in 2015 must present their research at NIWeek 2016.

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