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o14a INSTRUMEN PENILAIAN SEKOLAH i ahiis Lagi BIL 1/2015 Kertas 1 Mei 2015 a 50. minit . BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 1 TAHUN 5 Lima Puluh minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan. 2. Jawab semua soalan, Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan , iaitu A, B, C dan D. Bagi Oe ee einaan Kanctee eitaes Htamben jovapa tive pada bere jawapan objektif yang disediakan. + - 4. Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian bitamkan jawapan yang baru. ‘Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 15 halaman bercetak dan 1 halaman tidak bercetak O14 [Lihat sebelah O14 2 O14/1 Section A Questions 1-4 ‘Choose the best word to complete the sentence. - Pilikperkataanyang ierbaikuntukmelengkapkanayatberikut 1 The woman carried the baby with both ber A. shoulders . B knets - C hands D_ elbows i i food, clothing and blankets to the flood victims. 1 vou >| FEE i i i 4 tyae 4, There are ten years in a. com> i : B monensin Questions 5 to 7 Read the text and choose the best phrase for each of the pictures given. Baca petikan dan pili hrangkai kata yang terbatk bagi setiap gambar. yang diberi EncikAriffin and his family are happy as they are _~ at the seaside. His wife, PuanUmmiis 6 is building a sandcastle: His younger daughter, Aina is 2 to decorate the sandcastle. Encik Ariffin is swimming in the sea. They art having a good time there. 5. A_ having apicnic 7. A> asranging the seashells, B having dinner B gathering the leaves C taking a stroll ; C_.collecting rubbish D taking a nap D_ collecting seashells 6 A. sleeping on the bed , B relaxing under the umbretla C reading « book D sitting on a mat [Lihat 14a ie) oa 4 O14/L ‘Section B Questions 8 to 10 ‘Choose the best answer for each of the pictures given. Pilih Jawapan yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi, ‘The girl is catching fish. My sister is looking atthe fishing rod. “There are many fish in the pond.” Rita is waiting forthe fish to ent the bait. caw > ‘There is a table lamp n the sofa, ‘The git] is painting a picture. Encik Sulaiman is helping his daughter to do her homework. ‘They are having a meeting. vow > 8 mocene (yrs ‘There are many roses in the garden. ‘The man and his son are in the garden. Mr Jeremy is trimming the hedges using a pair of shears, Kate is using a hose to water the plant. caw > {Lihat sebelah on eincoens ()-s 6 014/t Section C ‘Questions 11 to 15 . Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown inthe pictre. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi situasi dalam gambar. A Itis called a giraffe. B Its the tallest animal on tand. C Itlives ina jungle. D lisatiama ‘A Would you like some tea? B How did you come here? © What time did you reach here? D__ What do you like to eat? Jimmies | A. It likes milk. arene ? © Really? It might be very hungry. ( D_Thave many kitens at home. ov. e.mocens 9-815 7 0141 ‘A. Can you sell it for me? B’ My mother used her own secret recipe. C_Isita sandwich? D The muffin looks tasty. g f 5 (Lihat sebelah o1at : stweaan (Ts 8 14/1 Section D ‘Questions 16 t0 20 Read the article below and answer the questions that follow. Baca arte! di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikst. ‘The Malaysian tapir fives in the jungles of South-East Asia, It has thick and tough skin. The skin is black and white. The white part covers its shoulders and beck like a blanket. ‘The tapir has four toes on its front feet and three toes on its back feet. "It has a funny — looking rubbery nose. It uses the nose to push-food into its mouth. Ttoats fruits, vegetables and plants. It likes benanas the most. ‘A tapir can live for ebbut 30 years. An adult tapir weighs about 1700 kilogrammes. The ‘babies have striped and spotted skin and weigh about 33 to 55 kilogrammes when they are born. ‘All tapirs love water and are good swimmers. On a hot day, they keep themselves cool by lazing around in the water. They like to stay close together to protect themselves from being attacked by their predators. 14 16” The passage is mainly about A Animals ofthe jungle. B ‘Tapir in Malaysia. C _ Iungles of South-East Asia. D. Tepir. 17 Atapirisa A Mammal. B Bird. Cc Reptile. D> Sea creature. 18 A tapir feeds on A fruits, vegetables and bananas. B fruits and vegetables. C)_vegetables and plants. D fruits, bananas and plants. B moses 1-H 19°" ‘They like to say close together to be a happy family. be Jazing around in the water. sim in the poo. keep predators away. vaoee 20 From the passage, we know that a tapir, ‘A can swim very well. Basa sharp pointed nose. © cats plants ad other snimals. D___ has stripes and spots on its body. Section E Questions 21-25 Read the recipe below and answer the questions that follow. Baca resepi di bawah dea jawad soalan-soalan yang berikut. {Lihat sebelah oan , rocenn gyn oat a 2 28 Why wo> vo 10 must we wash the fruit first? ‘To ensure thatthe fruit is clean. To ensure that we can cut the fruit easily, ‘To ensure that the fruit can last longer. ‘To make it look nice. ‘The second step shows that we need to cut the fruit using a A ‘Which of the following can be used to add into the fruit salad? vow > blunt smooth sharp shiny ‘must we mix the frit in a big bowl? It is easier to mix the fruit in a big bowl. : Its easy to get the big bowl. twill take a longer time to prepare a big bow I will look fresh in the big bowl. Chillies, Ice-cream. ‘Cauliflower. Durian, O14. knife. 2. mainens THN u O14 Section F (Literature) Question 26 t0 30 ‘Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. ilihjawapan yang terbalk wntuk melengkapkan aye beri 26 “Even asa sea” Who said this statement? ‘A Captain Prichard, B Lemuel Gulliver. C Ghumdelgreich. a ‘What did the tiny creatures do when Lemuel Gulliver shouted and struggled to get loose? ‘A. They started shooting tiny arrows at him. B They shouted back at him. They gave him food and drinks, [Lihat sebelah O14 Biman (TH 2 014. 28 What did Lemuel Gulliver want from the Emperor of Lilliput? A. He wanted fruit and water. B He wanted hs liberty. C He wanted the palace, 20He's captured their entre leet!”, Whose ships did Gul A Lillipus B Blefusca : - C Bellarus ‘What did Gulliver do to gain the emperor's trust? A He left without doing anything. B He helped to put out the fire atthe palace. i C__ He watched the people running towards the palace with buckets of water. ola . 8. mooeRS (0). T5 13 . o14/1 Section G (Grammar) ‘Questions 31 to 40 Choose the best answer complete the sentence. Pilihjawapan yang terbaikuntukmelengkapkanayatberikut, 31 The children were happy to see many ‘grazing in the field. ox coe > i 32 Leaf 33° The man made ‘raft to cross the river. i 34 is your pet, the tortoise or the gokifish? feet {Lihat sebelah. oun oo recency 38 36 “7 O14 14 . O14. Samantha, eave her laptop on the table because it may get stolen. A. will will not B Cc omey D shall flora and fauna attracts many tourists every year. My mother and I made the blueberry muffins A myself B herself Co himself D ourselves Elsa watched her sister, Anna who was dancing with a A troop of dancers. B.. troupe of dancers: C crew of dancers. D choir of dancers. 8 moans (Ts 1s 0141 39 Youwill profit for your money in a savings account. ‘A spending B C donating D 40. During Family Day, irfan’s mother brought__"__—_andchicken ina ig basket. A sandwich , nugget B sandwiches , nuggets sandwiched ,nuggetes D sandwich , nuggets KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT ibat sebelah 14/1 18 NQGERIS (1)-THN'S