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GTU PMMS User Manual for Student

1. How do I register on Portal?

Go to the URL :- http://projects.gtu.ac.in
The following homepage will open.(A)

Click on Student Registration link


Once you click on Student Registration link, you will be redirected to Student Registration Form.


you insert your Enrolment No., following fields will be auto filled up based on your Enrolment

After filling all the fields, once you click on REGISTER button, your Student Registration request will be
sent to HOD and Principal.

Once HOD/principal approves your Student registration request, your registration will be successful
and you will be sent an email with your Login credentials (your username and password).
One sample filled Student Registration form is as below:

2. How do I do Team Registration?

Login into the system with Username/password

Once you login to the system, you will see following screen:

Click on TEAM REGISTRATION button and you will be redirected to following page:

If you are not able to find Internal Guide, you can click on this link:
Didnt find your Internal Guide Name? Please, click here
Following screen will open up:

You have insert our details in above form: Select Internal Guides College, Department and
In Title field, you have to select Missing Faculty.
In Description, you have to provide details of your Missing Faculty (Internal Guide) like, Name, Email
ID, Mobile no., Guides College name, Guides Department name, etc. Once you submit it, your
Departments HOD will receive a request of your query. Your HOD would take necessary actions.
At last you have to add your Team Members to register as a Team. Just insert his/her enrolment no.
and details will be automatically shown.
Once you do Team Registration, your request will be sent to your Internal Guide for Approval. Once,
Internal Guide approves your request, your Team is formed.

3. How do I submit Monthly Progress Report?

Login to the PMMS system
Click on Periodic Progress Report

You will see a screen with 4 questions and 1 document upload functionality. You have to answer
all 4 questions (mandatory) and upload document (optional).

Save and Submit button on PPR: After filling PPR, if student click on Save button, students PPR
will be saved and he/she can edit the same in future (but within due date only), If student clicks
on Submit button, students PPR will be submitted and he/she will not be able to edit the same
in future. So be careful while submitting the PPRs.

Once you submit PPR filling details as above, you can view the same PPR in one table format as

You can click on View to view the submitted PPR as below:

If you click on PRINT, you can print the PPR as well.

To download the attached document, you may click on Download.
Once Internal Guide, External Guide (optional), HOD (optional), Principal (optional) review your PPR and
insert comments on it, you can see the same by clicking on View. Sample screen is as below:

1. Every Student has to submit Periodic Progress Report (PPR) Individually (Not in Team).
2. Every Student has to submit Periodic Progress Report (PPR) at every 15 days interval. i.e. (Put Below in
formation in table, as below)
Monthly Progress Report (PPR)

Time Interval

1st PPR

10th March to 23rd March

2nd PPR

24th March to 6th April

3rd PPR

7th April to 20th April

4th PPR

21th April to 04th May

Additional PPR

After 04th May

If Student fails to submit any PPR within due date, he/she will be defaulted and would not be allowed
to Submit that particular PPR in future. After 30th April, Student can submit additional PPR any time
3. Each Student has to submit minimum four PPRs.
4. Once Students submits PPR, their respective guide (Internal AND/OR External) must have to make
comment on it.
If you click on Save, your PPR will be saved and you can edit the same in future (but within due date)
If you click on Submit, your PPR will be submitted and you will not be able to edit the same in future