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Nitomortar B

constructive solutions

High strength epoxy resin bearing mortar


Surface preparation

For the formation of bridge bearing pad levelling plinths.

Can also be used as a high strength horizontal repair for
concrete structures.

All grease, oil, chemical contamination, dust laitence and

loose concrete must be removed by scarifying. The
surface must then be etched with Fosroc Acid Etch. After
the reaction has ceased, the surface should be thoroughly
washed with clean water and allowed to dry.



Nitomortar B is a specially selected solvent free epoxy

system together with high quality silica aggregates. It is
supplied as a three pack material in pre-weighed
quantities ready for on site use. When components are
mixed together the system cures to form a strong and
durable mortar.

Priming is not normally required in a pure load bearing

However, if a good bond is essential,
particularly in a repair situation, the properly prepared
concrete should be primed with Nitoprime 30/31 and the
Nitomortar B applied to the primer whilst it is still tacky.




Early development
of initial
hardness and high early strength,
speeds construction operations.
Reaches over 90 N/mm2 at 24


Pre-weighed laboratory controlled

materials ensure consistency and
eliminate source of operative error.


Maintains high level of impact and

abrasion resistance.


Will cure even under damp

Cured material is
completely impermeable to water.

Locally produced:

Formulated for use in Middle East


The Nitomortar B base and hardener components should

be thoroughly mixed in the base container and then added
to the mixed aggregates in a Mixal or Kol type mixer using
a low speed. Mixing should continue for 2 to 3 minutes
until all the components are thoroughly blended.
The mixed material is applied to the surface with a steel
trowel in approximately 12 mm () layers taking care that
it is well compacted. During cold weather it may be
necessary to protect the work by temporary tenting and to
assist curing by means of warm air blowers. Minimum
application temperature 5oC.
Nitomortar B should not be applied in layers exceeding
50 mm (2) thick. Where greater thickness is required,
subsequent layers can be built up 18 hours after
application of the preceding layer.

Pot life:

40 minutes at 30 C
2170 kg/m (fully compacted)

Uncured Nitomortar B can be removed with Fosroc

Solvent 102. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with
Fosroc Solvent 102 immediately after use.

Physical properties (25oC)

N/mm2 at
24 hours


Flexural strength:


Tensile strength:
Yongs modulus



BS 1881 Part 4
1970 Clause 2

Health and safety

Some people are sensitive to epoxy resins so gloves and
a barrier cream, Exaderm or similar, should be used when
handling these products. If contact with the resin occurs,
it must be removed, before it hardens, with a resin
removing cream such as Kerocleanse 22 and Roxalex 42.
Follow by washing with soap and water. Do not use

BS 4551 Part 1
1970 (10.3)
BS12 1958
Appendix H

The use of goggles is recommended but should accidental

eye contamination occur wash thoroughly with plenty of
water and seek medical treatment immediately. Ensure
good ventilation and do not smoke during use.

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Nitomortar B
Packing and coverage
Nitomortar B:

Fosroc Solvent 102:

Fosroc Acid Etch:

16 kg pack. 16 kg pack
yielding approximately 7.2
litres when fully compacted
4 litres can
30 litres carboys

Shelf life 12 months at 20oC when stored in a dry place.
Fosroc Solvent 102 is inflammable. Ensure adequate
ventilation and do not use near a naked flame.
Flash point
Fosroc Solvent 102:


Reference should be made to our local Technical Field staff
or local agents. Contract supplies may be arranged with the
factory in Jeddah.
Technical service
An advisory service is maintained from Jeddah for on-site
assistance and advice on the use of the Fosroc product
range. This service is supported by a team of specialists in
the filed.
Additional information
Technical data and guidance can be provided on a wide
range of concrete admixtures and surface treatments, in
addition to repair materials, grouts, industrial flooring and

Important note:
Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard Conditions
for the Supply of Goods and Services, copies of which may be obtained on request. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that
any advice, recommendation, specification of information it may give is accurate and correct, it cannot, because it has no direct
or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the
use of its products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation of information given by it.

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