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1.MDF & PPB are reconstituted wood substitutes & can be manufactured from
timber having lower log diameter, as low as 5cm - which at any stretch could be
only used for fire wood. Hence, 2.25MT of Wood is required to manufacture 1 MT
of MDF a conversion that eleminates wastage.
2.MDF/PPB is an engineered solution to the natural timber & is available year round.
3.MDF/PPB has a homogeneous construction hence results in a an uniform physical
& mechanical properties across the length & breadth of the panel.
4.MDF/PPB has a multi-dimensional bonding amongst the fibre/chips with higher
active bonding surfaces - higher in case of MDF. This results in higher Internal
Bond & the strength of the product.
5.MDF/PPB has a ultra- smooth paint / polish ready surface & this ensure
the ease of application & as a matter of fact MDF/PPB has been used with a
transperent lacquered surface which is not possible with plywood/BB.
6.With the MDF/PPB the user has the option of multiple shades/decors in Pastel
& Wood Grain best suited to the aesthetics of the interior decore.
7.MDF can be profiled, carved, moulded, routed & PPB to certain extent in edge
moulding & surface routing.
8.During the Defibration Process the natural timber is converted to fibres & in
this process the borers are destroy if they did exist in the nascent timber.

1.Plywood is mft from veneers that are pealed off mature timber Hence logs of
higher dia are must resulting into high level of wastage. Whereas Block Board has
Solid wooden Frame & batons with veneer based faces pressed on either surface .
2.With the natural timber resources becoming scarce plywood & Block Board
availability is under pressure .
3.Plywood/BB doesnt have homogeneous construction & has density variations
resulting into variable physical & mechanical properties.
4.Plywood/BB has a uni-dimensional bonding - that is surface to surface.
Such a bond is weak & the prime reason for Plywood & BB feathering at the edges.
It has lower Internal Bond.

5.Plywood/BB has a rough wood textured surface despite the sanding. The surface
needs to be made paint/polish ready or even for the matter of fixing MICA or
6.In case of Plywood/BB the Pre-lamination cannot be done at all. Hence the user
has finish the furniture/panels in the conventional method using Paint/Polish/MICA.
However, one has to smoothen the surface.
7. Plywood/BB cannot be carved or routed or profiled. It shall always have a
straight profile & zero workability.
8. Wood Borers and termites reside in wood (ply/BB). Hence, it is one of its prime
issue commonly known as GHUN.