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Innovative and reliable solutions for

waste water treatment

In 21st century the world is witnessing ever growing increase in water
consumption and decrease in ground level of water. Growing population,
urbanization, industrialization produces a large amount of wastewater, which
has triggered a serious problem across the world. The prime solution we see
to cope with this very problem is effective wastewater treatment and
recycling. Communities and industries can use treated wastewater as an
alternative source for their various applications.

Moreover, it is must, for the protection of the available water resources like
rivers, lakes and underground water bed from being polluted. Thus treating
the wastewater is a determinant factor by which, not only the conservation of
our environment is related but also an array of activities related to the
dwelling lives.
Strong technological ability
About GSE water
Quality and efficient systems
At GSE we have a very different
Excellent range of products and systems meaning for waste water treatment
‘PRESERVATION’. We understand the
High quality delivery of services value and thus design systems
capable to recycle even the worst
Strong R&D capabilities quality.

It requires experience, industrial

Reliable time of project completion expertise and resources to take care
of all these increasing demand with
Economical Options quality water resourcing, treating
wastewater, harvesting the rainwater
that falls on manmade structures,
and supervising the environmental
impact of the water consumption.

GSE understands client’s specific

needs, objectives and various
regulatory essentials. With advanced
technologies, prior experience we
offer the industry’s most economical
portfolio of water and wastewater
solutions, backed up by an unparallel
GSE retreat™ solutions for diversified
Customers requirements

A significant number of industrial and municipal clients

rely on our efficient water treatment systems and
designs. We ensure a safe, reliable recycle of water and
are committed to provide efficient systems with
optimized operational and recycling costs. We use
proven techniques and precisely engineered designs for
water treatment plants which results in shorter lead
times, better quality of products and minimal time &
disruption on site.

With advanced technologies and vast experience we

offer the industry’s most economical portfolio of water
and wastewater solutions, backed up by an unparallel

GSE takes utmost care to understand its customer need

and objective of treatment process on a regular basis
and works to satisfy their diverse expectations. The
group is committed to provide its clients with a clean
water supply bundled with an excellent quality service
from specialized process consultancy to turnkey
projects. GSE provide reliable, high quality solutions to
many existing problems and innovative answers to
upcoming process and environmental issues.
The Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment Plants

Q: What are the advantages of
GSE-retreat™ sewage treatment solutions for communities and
using aerobic treatment?
municipalities provide an edge to leverage waste water being
discharged by them every day. We design, fabricate, install, and GSE: Our Aerobic treatment
commission user friendly, highly efficient sewage treatment
systems have minimum odour as
systems for our municipal clients which are very economical.
GSE offers – clients a choice to select from a range of they are properly loaded and
customized sewage treatment solutions based on nature of maintained. GSE-retreat™
sewage corresponding with its treatability for residential efficiently removes BOD and the
colonies, commercial buildings, hospitality sector, resorts, discharge contains dissolved
amusement parks, industries. oxygen which reduces the
immediate oxygen demand on
We offer both Aerobic and Anaerobic systems designs for
the receiving water. Moreover,
sewage treatment. These are:
retreat™ is provided with high
 Bio Media Reactors (Random/Fixed) efficiency, low operating cost and
 Surface Aeration easy to operate. Above all the
 Sequencing Batch Reactors quality of the outlet water is best
 UASB Reactors for usages such as flushing, floor
washing, etc.
The Industrial Waste Water Treatment
Effluent Treatment Plants
Everyday industries release a vast amount of used water in the form of effluents, which is not only a threat for the
environment but also waste of an opportunity in the form of recycled water for various use. GSE offers systems
based on physico-chemical and biological treatments to suit array of industries. These plants are used for
treating all classes of industrial effluents and producing recycled water to comply with the water authorities
standards. The various usage of the recycled effluent is disposal on land for irrigation, re-used by the plants for
various purposes, plantation, cooling the factory premises etc. GSE-retreat™ range of effluent treatment plants are
designed and installed for treatment of industrial effluent of various applications for industries like pharmaceuticals,
textile, engineering, steel, power, food processing, automobile etc.

We assist our clients selecting the effective treatment stages, right chemicals, optimized dosage and identifying the
best suit to improve the overall performance of the waste water treatment unit. In effluent treatment process the
waste water may pass through these various levels:

 Pre-treatment
 Neutralization
 Chemical Precipitation
 Aeration
 Polishing
Process Water Treatment
Q: What you will suggest to
There is no production, no manufacturing, and no assembly maintain the supply water
line which can run without water. Water is a prime utility in quality where requirement is
industry. Water in industry is used for countless purposes:
specific ?
run boiler houses and plant cooling systems, products
ingredient/composite, back reactions, clean facilities, rinse GSE: We offer various process
products etc. water solutions for different
industries like dyeing and
Therefore, water supply and treatment aimed at producing
chemical ind., pharmaceuticals
the quality outputs for the operation of a plant have a
ind. , food processing, beverages
notable impact on its economic performance. By optimizing
and other manufacturing
for its clients the production processes for the different
industrial and institutional
water streams required, GSE makes water a source of value
usage. Depending on the
requirement we can provide:
Equally, GSE-retreat™ Water accompanies its industrial
 Filtration Plants
clients in their endeavors to diversify their resources (surface
 Softening Plants
water, underground water, and recycled wastewater) in
order to secure their supply for the long term, in the best  RO Plants
economic and environmental conditions.  Ultra Filtration
 UV Disinfection
 Ozonators
GSE-retreat™ Compact Systems Q: Is there any way to install
waste water treatment plant
GSE Compact Sewage Treatment Plant is a complete unit, where space is the constrain?
pre-piped, pre-wired and ready to install. Engineered to
serve with minimal maintenance, and designed to meet GSE: Several water treatment
the requirements of the state water quality agency. FRP, technologies has been developed
Epoxy or other chemically resistant coatings, together with which use very little spaces as
dependable accessory equipment assure long life and low compared to the conventional
maintenance cost. And the best part is the resale value. water treatment plants. GSE has
These total units can be re-located to serve again.
a range of these compact
 Pre-engineered and prefabricated structures systems ranging from 1m 3 to
 Easily transported to the site 100m3 per day. Their
 Modular design allows easy installation prefabricated structure and
 Simple operation-less manpower required modular design make them
 User friendly-low maintenance portable and ready to install. The
 Long service life good resale value of compact
plants makes them worthy to be
invested upon.
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