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Tsinghua University

School of Economics and Management

Room 311 Shunde Building
Beijing, China 100084
+86 10 6279 6317, +86 10 6279 5799
Fax: +66 10 6278 8164
Email: tiemba@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn
INSEAD Asia Campus
1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
Singapore 138676
+65 6799 5388
Fax: +65 6799 5399
Email: tiemba@insead.edu
INSEAD Europe Campus
Boulevard de Constance
77305 Fontainebleau, France
+33 (0)1 60 72 40 00
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INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus
4th Street, Muroor Road
P.O. Box 48049
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
+971 3 651 52 00
Fax: +971 2 443 9461


Tsinghua-INSEAD Dual Degree

Executive MBA Programme
2014 - 2016
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 01

02 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA


Deans Welcome










Class of 2014: Key Facts




Programme Overview




Developing Reflective Leaders


Learning Methodology


Career Development


A Lifelong Network


Winning Your Employers Support




Connect With Us

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 01

Peter Zemsky
Interim Dean, INSEAD

One programme.
Two elite schools.
Four locations.
Many perspectives.

Today, business is no longer about globalisation.

Global has well and truly arrived with a
centre of gravity that is still shifting inexorably
to the East.
As a result, todays business leaders need to
develop multiple perspectives. And they need
a particularly strong grasp of developments
in Asia along with the lessons that the region
offers for other growing economies.
This is why we, two of the worlds most elite
academic institutions, came together to create
the TsinghuaINSEAD Executive MBA

02 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Yingyi Qian
Dean, Tsinghua SEM
(TIEMBA) programme for experienced
executives a ground-breaking, modular dualdegree which ranked fourth in the 2012 Financial
Times Global Executive MBA rankings.
More than two top-ranked business degrees, it
also incorporates the life-changing Leadership
Development Programme, which provides
the skills to lead amidst a constantly
shifting terrain of global opportunity.
The TIEMBA programme has proved to be
the perfect partnership, bringing together
Tsinghua Universitys School of Economics and

Management, Chinas pre-eminent business

school and INSEAD, the most international of
the top business schools, famous for having
no dominant culture and campuses in three
very different world regions. By joining forces,
we have created a programme with a unique
curriculum, access to two of the worlds strongest
alumni networks and four locations: China,
Singapore, France, Abu Dhabi.
Join us to experience the powerful impact of the
TIEMBA on your career.

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 03


Here are just a few reasons

Two global brands in business education
working for your careers development, not
to mention two comprehensive management
degrees and two of the worlds most prized
alumni networks.

More than a dual degree a true leadership

awakening, thanks to the distinctive
Leadership Development Programme (LDP)
that runs throughout.

China seen from the inside and the

outside: a unique angle on the worlds
fastest growing major economy for those
well-versed with China as well as those new to

Win-win synergies with work: a curriculum

created for real-world impact and designed
to be enriched by your everyday
management challenges.

Highest-calibre faculty and classmates:

learn from some of the worlds leading
A truly global perspective on business,
influencers of business practice and
which comes from studying in four locations
economic policy, alongside other successful
China, Singapore, France, Abu Dhabi in an
professionals with a wealth of experience to
international class with faculty from all over
the world.

A convenient, modular format:10 modules

(6 to 12 days long) over 18 months designed to
ease the work-life-study balance, enabling you
to apply your learning between modules.

04 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 05


The history of Tsinghua University is intertwined

with the history of China, with thousands of its
graduates playing significant roles in leading
the country to its status today.

Tsinghua is a magnet for entrepreneurial

activities, attracting professionals from all over
China for their Executive MBAs and has become
a powerhouse for new business.

The School of Economics and Management

(SEM) of Tsinghua University, established in
1984, stands tall in Asia, with an outstanding
faculty the founding dean was professor Zhu
Rongji, who went on to become Chinas fifth

Professor Zhu envisioned the school as a place

where Chinas business elite could learn to
integrate the best business practices from
around the world, while emphasising practical
implementation in the Chinese economy. His
ambition was to build Tsinghua SEM into one
of the best business schools in the world. Many
would agree that he has succeeded.

06 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA


As one of the worlds leading and largest

graduate business schools, INSEAD brings
together people, cultures and ideas to change
lives and to transform organisations. A global
perspective and cultural diversity are reflected
in all aspects of its research and teaching.

participants annually in the MBA, Executive

MBA, Master in Finance, Executive Master in
Consulting and Coaching for Change and PhD
programmes. In addition, over 9,000 executives
participate in INSEADs Executive Education
programmes each year.

With campuses in Europe (France), Asia

(Singapore) and Middle East (Abu Dhabi),
INSEADs business education and research spans
three continents.

Around the world and over the decades, INSEAD

continues to conduct cutting-edge research
and to innovate across all our programmes to
provide business leaders with the knowledge
and sensitivity to operate anywhere. These core
values have enabled INSEAD to truly become
The Business School for the World.

The 145 renowned faculty members from 35

countries inspire more than 1,200 degree

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 07

Deep insights into

Asian business and
shared experiences
around which
to bond.

I teach corporate finance and research the

financial markets with a focus on China.
What I love about TIEMBA students is that they
ask such interesting questions. They have the
professional and intellectual maturity to look
beyond the exam and make the link between
theory and practice. It turns the classroom into
a place of dialogue. I hope Im able to offer
them a preview of research that will eventually
make a big impact!

business and shared experiences around which

to bond, and I find myself bonding with them

I also like the fact that TIEMBA students are selfselected by their interest in China. Moreover
they tend to have deep insights into Asian

Lily Fang, Singaporean

08 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Furthermore I was born and raised in China, so

its great to go home and feel Im contributing.
Riding a bicycle around Beijing with TIEMBA
students after two intense days of finance
classes is pure magic!

Associate Professor of Finance


TIEMBA people
are special: they
really are living
and working at the
cultural interface.

values, beliefs and assumptions attached to

them. Differences can make it difficult to work
together, but they can also be the source of
valuable synergy if we can find a way to bridge
them. We can also discover surprising, useful
similarities that connect us across our different
national, religious or ethnic identities.

I teach cross-cultural management in TIEMBA.

Ive taught this subject on other programmes,
but TIEMBA people are special: they really are
living and working at the cultural interface,
and I can identify with them personally. Back
in the 1980s I was the first foreigner hired into
Sumitomo Corporations headquarters in Tokyo,
and since then, Ive spent only three years back
home in the US.

Steven White, American

I try to provide a way of thinking about culture

that goes beyond simplistic rules and national
stereotypes. I get people to think in terms of
our multiple identities, and then uncover the

Associate Professor
Department of Innovation
Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Tsinghua School of Economics and Management
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 09

Class of 2014: Key Facts


average age

34 - 44
age range

class size



average work



10 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

sectors of activity



living outside their

home countries

The project
turned into my
TIEMBA thesis
and the launch
of a product that
sold out within
two weeks.

Thanks to the TIEMBA, I took on one of the

most exciting projects of my career: our first
smartphone launch in Africa. The Blue Ocean
Strategy elective took me right into the mind of
the Kenyan consumer and helped me identify
two essential features: local content and secure
cloud back-up. Most Kenyans dont have a PC,
so their whole life photos, music and banking
is on their phone.

Moreover this resulted in me being chosen

for a new exciting role for the entire AsiaPacific region.

The project turned into my TIEMBA thesis

and the launch of a product that sold out
within two weeks! Now were applying the
same thinking to other developing markets.

Sam Al-Schamma, Austrian


The TIEMBA has been a very good return on

investment, not just for me but also for the

General Manager
Intel, Singapore
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 11

Campuses:China, Singapore,
France, Abu Dhabi
Adding a further international dynamic, your cohort will periodically
have the opportunity to meet and network with participants from
Tsinghuas Chinese EMBA and INSEADs Global EMBA programmes.

6 Weeks

3 Weeks

Tsinghua University
Beijing, China

INSEAD Asia Campus


The campus of Tsinghua University is located in

northwest Beijing, in the academically-focused
Haidian district. The school was founded in
1911 on the site of Qing Hua Yuan (Tsinghua
Garden) a former royal garden of the Qing
Dynasty. Renowned for its beauty, the campus
offers a combination of traditional Chinese and
Western influenced architecture and was named
by Forbes as one of the most beautiful college
campuses in the world in 2010.

INSEAD has been in Singapore for over 30 years,

with an official campus opened in October
2000, firmly marking INSEADs commitment
to Singapore, Asia, and the global learning
environment. INSEADs Asia Campus is situated
25 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from
the financial district. With more multinationals
moving their Asia headquarters to Singapore,
INSEAD is poised for easy access to thriving
business in this growth region.

12 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

2 Weeks

1 Week

INSEAD Europe Campus

Fontainbleau, France

INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Spread across 8 hectares, INSEADs Europe

Campus opened over 50 years ago and is
located in the historic town of Fontainebleau,
approximately 65 kms to the south of Paris.
Nestled along the vast Fontainebleau forest, the
contemporary architecture blends perfectly with
its natural surroundings and provides facilities
of the highest standard. Embrace the calm of
Fontainebleau and the opportunity to step away
from your demanding work life to focus on your
personal development.

INSEADs newest campus, opened in 2007 is

conveniently located in Abu Dhabis business
centre. The new 12-story, 6,000 square-meter
building, purposely designed for executive
education, presents a whole new world of
possibilities for management education in the
Middle East. Abu Dhabis central location and
dynamic economy offers many opportunities
to explore the region and its business

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 13

Programme Overview

Programme Length

18 Months

Days Out Of Office

58 Days

On-Campus Sessions

12 Weeks


China (Beijing), Singapore,

France (Fontainebleau), Abu Dhabi

Course Format

Modular (Part-time)

Leadership Development Programme


Core Courses

KMCs *
Elective Courses
KMCs *
Thesis Defence

* KMCs - Key Management Challenges

14 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA


Duration, Campus

Jun 2014

2 weeks, Beijing

Jul 2014

1 week, Singapore

Sep 2014

1 week, Beijing

Oct 2014

1 week, Beijing

Dec 2014

1 week, Singapore

Jan 2015

1 week, Abu Dhabi

Mar 2015

1 week, Beijing

May 2015

1 week, Beijing

July 2015

2 weeks, Fontainebleau

Aug 2015

1 week, Singapore

Nov 2015

January 2016 in Beijing

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 15

A Comprehensive Curriculum
The TIEMBA is designed around several essential components: Core Courses, Elective Courses,
Key Management Challenges, a final thesis and the distinctive Leadership Development
Programme. These combine to create a rigorous yet inspirational curriculum with long-term

Core Courses

Elective Courses

During the first 7 modules, we offer 12 core

courses, covering the breadth of key business
disciplines. Taught by both Tsinghua and
INSEAD professors, using a variety of teaching
styles, these will review, revive and expand
your understanding. Each course combines
business concepts with cases of their real-word
application and culminates with an exam.

Elective courses allow you to go into depth

in topics of your choice. They take place on
INSEADs idyllic Fontainebleau campus over
two weeks of the French summer. The TIEMBA
class comes together with the four sections of
the INSEAD Global EMBA and alumni of both
programmes to maximise the number of
course choices and networking possibilities.
To further enhance professional development,
TIEMBA graduates may return after graduation
to attend additional electives.

- Corporate Finance
- Data, Models and Decisions
- Financial Accounting
- Investments
- International Economics
- Macroeconomics
- Managerial Accounting
- Marketing
- Microeconomics
- Organisational Behaviour
- Strategy
- Strategic Human Resource Management

Electives (examples)*
- Negotiations
- Management Decision Making
- Psychology in Leadership
- Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Winning Strategies in Emerging Markets

Key Management Challenges

At Tsinghua and INSEAD, we recognise that real-life management does not fall neatly into
business-school subject departments. This is why we devised the innovative Key Management
Challenge courses to cover broader, multi-disciplinary, whole-company issues and to address
uncertainty, change, incomplete information and open-ended problems. Assessment is on the
basis of short written assignments, ideally based on your experiences at work.
Key Management Challenges (examples)*
- Business and Commercial Laws
- Cross-cultural Management
- Corporate Governance
- Enterprise Risk Management
- Managerial Psychology
* Subject to change and availability

16 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

- Operations Management
- Supply Chain and Logistics Management
- Techmark (computer simulation)
- Your First Hundred Days
(experiential simulation)

Developing Reflective Leaders

Leadership Development Programme
This is a distinctive component that we are
able to offer thanks to the pioneering work
of the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre.
The Leadership Development Programme (LDP)
runs throughout all of the modules and gives
you the self-awareness and strategies you need
to grow as a leader.

Accompanied and guided by a professional

executive coach, they embark on a journey
through many structured activities such as:
team-building, 360-degree feedback, forums
with top business leaders, group and individual
coaching sessions, focused teaching, role plays
and peer shadowing.

Participants are put into a learning group

of about four people selected for their
diversity in which they support, encourage
and challenge each other to broaden their
behavioural repertoire and develop their own
authentic leadership style.

The Leadership Development Programme is

a unique and enriching experience that takes
you far beyond the usual business school
curriculum. Ask any participant and they will
tell you that its one of the highlights of the

18 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

It was a
that came from
bonding with very
different people
from a variety of

The Leadership Development Programme

is a mark of distinction for the programme
and for INSEAD. The one-on-one coaching,
the coaching groups and the personal
strategy projects focus on turning you from
a high-potential manager to a real and fullfledged leader in a global context. LDP puts
you in touch with yourself, helps you to find
out what you really want and gives you the
tools to achieve it.
It was a remarkably enriching experience
that came from bonding with very different
people from a variety of backgrounds,

endowed with tremendous skills and talents.

I was amazed by how much I could learn from
my classmates. Now, wherever I go in
the world, I have a friend: not just someone
to have a chat with, but someone I have a
deep connection with someone who feels
like family.
Mariapia Pazienza, Italian
Vice President
Industrial Commercial Bank of China
International, Hong Kong
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 19

Learning Methodology

Diverse Learning Styles

Live Project Work

TIEMBA teaching is designed to bridge the

best in business theory and its practical
application using a wide range of
learning methodologies.

The final component of the programme,

the thesis, is a live case study with you as
the central character. But it is also a real-world
project such as a new venture or corporate
innovation. The thesis should show how you are
weaving your learning across the TIEMBA into
your practice. You will have ample time after the
final module to work on it, before defending
your submission at Tsinghua.

The Best of the East and the West

The relatively small class size (up to 50 people
from across the world) means participants
interact with each other and the faculty
very closely. Lectures, videos, case studies,
group exercises, participant presentations,
implementation essays, classroom debates,
Q&A sessions all these and more come
into the mix and encourage participants to
learn from one another. But you also get to
experience learning within one of Chinas most
famous institutions and have access to some of
the countrys most renowned faculty and policymakers. There is simply no better preparation
for doing business across borders and cultures.

Learning By Doing
In addition to traditional business school case
studies, based on real-life examples from
companies throughout the world, the TIEMBA
also uses a range of business simulations
and role-plays, both computer-based and
experiential. These enable you to practise your
newfound skills in a risk-free environment.
20 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Learning that Really is Lifelong

Unlike most degree programmes, graduation
from the TIEMBA comes with an open invitation
to return for two weeks of electives every year.
More than a chance to carry on learning at the
cutting edge, this is an opportunity to renew
old friendships and build new networks with
participants from other classes (as well as from
the INSEAD Global EMBA programme).

The traditional
western businessschool approach
just wasnt enough.

I come from a legal background. Although Ive

always worked in commercial law, increasingly
I was coming across issues concerning finance,
strategy and marketing that I couldnt fully
appreciate. Hence my decision to do an EMBA.
My strategy was to go for a top-branded school.
But the traditional western business-school
approach just wasnt enough. Because of the
nature of my work, it was also important for
me to have a better understanding of China.

Moreover, Tsinghuas economics professors are

not just first-rate academics; they are some
of Chinas major policy influencers. Quite often
Id come back from a module in China and see
my professor quoted on the front page of the
Financial Times.

Stella Cramer, British

Head of Legal and Compliance
Data Technology and Operations
Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 21

Career Development
Both Tsinghua and INSEAD are recognised by
companies worldwide as a key source for talent.

to take these opportunities to reflect on your

career trajectory.

Executive MBA participants have diverse and

varying needs for career support. You may be
part of an organisation where you are already
on your way to building a successful career,
or conversely, you may wish to progress
your career by making a transition to a new
organisation. We recognise that you therefore
require a customised approach to career
development and aim to lend support for those
who have internal-career needs (making
the most of your career within your present
organisation) and external-career needs
(making a change outside your organisation).

Using a variety of effective tools and

frameworks, we support you in the process of
self-assessment and discovery with respect
to career development, in parallel with the
Leadership Development Programme.

Open to all participants throughout the

programme, we offer a series of activities
including workshops, discussions and one-toone career advice sessions to help bring into
focus your individual goals to develop your
career. Whether those goals are internal-career
or external-career focused, we encourage you

22 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Job Search Support

For those whose career development is focused
on making a transition outside your current
company, the Career Development Centre
offers you support in developing an effective
job search strategy designed to meet your
goals for career fulfilment.

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 23

A Lifelong Network
Multiple Alumni Networks

Tsinghua Alumni Association

Graduation with an EMBA from both Tsinghua

and INSEAD is a beginning rather than
the end. It is the point where you join two
prestigious, international networks that offer
lifelong professional support and friendship.

Tsinghua has over 170,000 alumni, who are

supported through a vast network with
organised groups in more than 100 Chinese
cities and 30-plus countries. The strength of
the alumni community derives from the strong
sense of belonging to Tsinghua, the Universitys
unique position in Chinese society and its
global prestige.

Your Class and the TIEMBA Community

During the programme, you will learn as much
from the cultural, geographical and professional
diversity of your classmates as from the worldclass Tsinghua and INSEAD faculty. You will
forge close bonds that will never be broken.
Each class organises its network in a different
way, but so far all have stayed in close contact
and hold regular informal reunions, as well as
returning to Tsinghua and INSEAD for official
TIEMBA alumni events.
All alumni are invited back to the elective
courses each year, which has helped to forge
new links and create a wider, multi-class
TIEMBA community.

24 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

INSEAD Alumni Association

INSEADs 45,000-plus alumni are present
in more than 170 countries and the INSEAD
Alumni Association is a highly active network
with 43 individual national associations. TIEMBA
graduates tend to form particularly close
links with alumni of INSEADs Global EMBA,
as the two programmes come together during
the elective courses for a shared learning

Our class became

incredibly close
and we even have
a programme of
renunion events
until 2026.

Before the programme, I was thinking of

leaving my corporate career to work in outdoor
pursuits, which is my personal passion. But
thanks to the TIEMBA, Ive found a way to do
both! I set up a company with a friend to bring
Via Ferrata (a form of safe mountain-climbing)
to China.

As for my own future, Ive finally given up

worrying. The TIEMBA has taught me that, as
long as Im leading a great group of people
who are creating value and having fun, I can go
with the flow.

I also used my love of the outdoors in my role

as class social representative. We hiked the
Great Wall in China and also chartered a yacht
to go around the islands in Singapore. Our class
became incredibly close and we even have a
programme of reunion events until 2026.

Jianfeng Chen, Chinese

General Manager
Beijing Leader & Harvest Electric Technologies
(a China subsidiary of Schneider Electric),
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 25

Winning Your Employers Support

Whether or not you receive financial support

for the TIEMBA from your employer, there is
no doubt you will need your organisations
backing in terms of time, flexibility and help
with company-specific assignments. In return,
the TIEMBA offers a considerable return on

Immediate Application and Cascading

of Learning
During each TIEMBA module you will be
exposed to the latest business concepts and
cutting-edge research. You will acquire new
conceptual tools, approaches and insights. And
the next Monday morning, you will be able to
apply them at work, as well as cascading your
learning through your team and colleagues
to the wider organisation.

26 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

In-depth Analysis Through Reflection

Papers and Your Thesis
For the Key Management Challenge courses,
you will have to write reflection papers,
exploring the interaction (or clash) between
business theory and reality, as you try to
implement and test new ideas at work. Your
final thesis is a chance to go even deeper by
bringing a real-world business problem into the
classroom for full analysis. As a result, you have
the opportunity to act as a valuable internal
consultant and make a significant contribution
to the companys goals.

You: A Better Leader, a Stronger

Most important of all, the TIEMBA represents
a major investment in your organisations
leadership pipeline by rewarding and
developing you. In particular, the Leadership
Development Programme delivers instant gains
by nurturing leadership skills that you apply
after each module. Furthermore, the tailored
career support will help you transition into the
right roles in the right place at the right time.

Sponsoring Companies
This list includes companies that have sponsored some TIEMBA students in the past.
- Acergy MS Limited
- AGC (China) Holding Co Ltd
- Alcatel-Lucent Telecom Ltd
- Anthos Management (Shanghai) Consulting Co Ltd
- Arcelor Mittal
- Bank Sarasin & Cie Ltd
- Chye Hin Hardware Pte Ltd
- CITIC Private Equity Fund Mgt Co Ltd
- Clifford Chance
- CJP International Pte Ltd
- COFCO Agri-Trading & Logistic Co Ltd
- Cola Cao Food Co., Ltd.
- Cordlife Ltd
- Coutts Bank
- Dexia Credit Local Japan
- Dresdner Kleinwork
- Dynaso Technical Consulting Co Ltd
- Eisai Co Ltd
- Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
- Emerson Network Power SEA
- Exxonmobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
- Gamesa Beijing Wind
- Goldman Sachs & Co (USA)
- Holcim Indonesia, Tb.k
- Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
- Jenston Group
- La Financiere de lOmbre
- Lai Sun Group & Crocodile Garment
- Nanjing Lek Yuen Group
- Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt
- Noble Resources Pte Ltd
- Pactec Software
- Parker Hannifin Motion & Control
(Shanghai) Co.Ltd

- Pfizer
- Pintas IP Group
- PT Autore Pearl Culture
- PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk
- Rederiet A.P. Moller A/S
- Rolls-Royce SGP Pte Ltd
- Samjin Shipbuilding Industries
- Sandoz
- Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co Ltd
- SEW-Eurodrive GmbH
- Schaeffler Holding (China) Co Ltd
- Schneider Electric (SECI)
- Shanghai Futures Exchange
- SIDEL Machinery (Beijing) Co Ltd
- Singapore Press Holdings
- Sohu
- Standard Chartered Bank
- Surbana Land Pte Ltd
- Telligent Capital Management
- Thales Software Systems (Shanghai) Co Ltd
- The Beijing Axis
- The Inocon Group
- Tokio Marine Asia Pte Ltd
- Tornos SA
- Trans-Telecom Holdings Ltd.
- Travelzoo (Europe) Ltd
- T-Systems P.R. China Ltd
- UBS AG, Wealth Mgt Asia-Pacific
- Wavecom Asia Pacific
- Websense Network Security Tech
- Wintersteiger AG
- XIAMEN Pagoda-Build Co Ltd
- Yum!Brands Inc
- Zhongpin Inc
- Zurich Technical Consulting Services

Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 27

For your application to the Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA programme, you will need to follow
the steps outlined below. You can submit your application through either the INSEAD or Tsinghua
admissions office. The process is the same and you will be evaluated equally by the admissions
teams of both schools.

Elements of Application



Submit online
on the website

Submit online
on the website

2. Official Transcripts of Grades,

Degrees and Diplomas.
Please send to either of the respective
admissions teams.

Admissions, Boulevard
de Constance 77305
Fontainebleau Cedex,

Programmes, Room 311,
Shunde Building,
School of Economics and
Management, Tsinghua,
University, Beijing, China

3. Entry Test

Executive MBA

School of Economics
and Management,
Tsinghua University

Take the INSEAD

EMBA Admissions
Test and face a panel
interview. Held
monthly on the 3
INSEAD campuses

Take the Tsinghua

written test and face
a jury interview on
Tsinghuas Beijing

1. Complete and Submit the

Application Form.
You can apply through the online
application form.
You need to answer several essay
questions and provide names of 2

GMAT - Please use these codes when

you instruct the test centre to send us
your score.
Admissions Test - Please note:
Complete applications must be
submitted at least 2 weeks before
the test date.

28 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Application Deadlines

Tuition Fee*

We operate a staged admission process that

comprises four rounds.

The tuition fee for the Tsinghua-INSEAD

Executive MBA 2014-2016 is USD100,000.
The tuition fee covers teaching fees, all
academic material, access to the libraries and
all computing charges, lunches, parking and
selected dinners. The tuition fee does not include
transportation, accommodation and dinners.

Deadlines for the cohort commencing in June

2014 (Class of 2016) are:
Round 1: November 18, 2013
Round 2: January 6, 2014
Round 3: March 3, 2014
Round 4: April 14, 2014
We strongly recommend that completed
applications reach the admissions office within
these deadlines. However, applications received
in between deadlines are also reviewed and

Tsinghua and INSEAD do, however, make

all necessary provisional reservations for
accommodation either on our campuses or in
nearby hotels.
*Fees are subject to change each class

Payment Structure
$25,000 one month after admission to
INSEAD (non-refundable)
$25,000 two weeks before the start of the
programme to INSEAD
$50,000 one month before the start of the
programme to Tsinghua

Connect With Us
Undertaking an Executive MBA is a major decision. There are a number of events organised on
the INSEAD and Tsinghua campuses for you to get to know the TIEMBA programme better. We
encourage you to visit us in order to gain insights about the programme, ask questions, visit the
campus facilities and meet with EMBA staff and participants. We also conduct information sessions
throughout the world and encourage you to join us.
For more details on these events and registration, we advise you to go to the events page on our
TIEMBA website: http://tsinghua.insead.edu.
You can e-mail us or call us at:
+86 10 6279 6317 / 5799

Asia +65 6799 5191
Europe +33 (0) 1 60 72 4191