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Ossia Q & A

General Company Questions

What is Ossia?
Ossia is an early stage, technology-mature company, building massive scale
smart antennas that enable new technologies, many of which people thought
were impossible. Ossia is challenging peoples core assumptions about what
is possible in wireless power with its flagship product, Cota. Cota redefines
wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices as far
away as 30 feet. Built on Ossias patented smart antenna technology, Cota
automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention,
enabling an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world, that is always on
and always ready. Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., Ossia has operated in
stealth since its founding in 2008, and publically launched at TechCrunch
Disrupt 2013.

When was Ossia founded?

Ossia was founded in September 2008. Ossia has been developing in stealth
over the past six years, and publicly launched in the fall 2013.

Who is behind Ossia?

Ossia was founded by Hatem Zeine, a technologist who invented Ossias Cota
technology in 2008. Hatem has assembled a complete team of executives to
support Ossias success, including Monir Bahhage (VPO), Howard Mendelsohn
(Financial Advisor), and Thomas Wilson (Director of Engineering). Ossia has
also assembled an impressive Advisory Board, including Dr. Amin Badr El-Din
(Strategy), Gaby Khouri (Licensing), Felix Anthony (Strategy), and Peter
Savich (IP Strategy and Protection).

How is the company funded?

Ossia is privately held and has raised a total of $3.2M in funding to date. The
Series A round closed October 1st, 2008, for $475K. The Series B round
closed January 1st, 2011, for $2.7M.

Where is Ossia based?

Ossia is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

How many employees work for Ossia?

Ossia currently employs 15 full time employees and is actively hiring
additional staff, engineers, and sales professionals. For information on
employment opportunities please visit:

Cota Technology Questions

What is Cota?
Cota is Ossias flagship wireless power technology. Cota redefines wireless
power by delivering remote, targeted energy to devices safely and
intelligently. Built on Ossias patented smart antenna technology, Cota is an
inherently safe technology that keeps devices automatically charged so that
your world is always on and always ready.

What was the inspiration for this technology?

Like some of the greatest inventions of our time, Cota was discovered by
accident. While experimenting with wireless signal management, Hatem
Zeine (Ossia Founder and CEO) discovered that it was possible to focus the
signal from multiple antennas working in unison to safely power the receiving
device itself.

Who is the target audience for this technology?

In a research report on the Seven IT Grand Challenges, top analyst firm,
Gartner, identified the top challenge as never having to manually recharge
devices. Everyone wants real wireless power: from the consumer who wants
it for the convenience and reliability, to the device OEM who wants it to
enable new device functionality and help set their device apart from the
competition. Initially Ossia will pursue licensing deals with large electronic
manufacturers, battery manufacturers and chip manufacturers who will
embed the Cota technology into their devices.

What is the addressable market for this technology?

Only two years ago, industry analysts predicted that wireless charging
systems would become a global market of approximately $4.5 billion by the
end of 2014. Today, largely due to the lack of a clear industry standard,
analysts have grown concerned this important new capability will remain a
niche category for some time. Still, analysts are making optimistic
predictions, ranging from IMS Research estimating wireless charging will be
worth $4.5B by 2016 to Pike Research predicting wireless power products will
represent a $15B market by 2020. Ossia anticipates reaching nearly $300
million in sales by 2016, with the potential to achieve sales of $950 million by
2018. Ossias primary sales will be in the battery, smartphone and electronic
devices markets.

What are the different parts that make up the Cota technology
The Cota solution consists of a charger and receivers. A household or an
office can be powered by a single Cota charger, similar to the way your home
Wi-Fi router provides a Wi-Fi signal for the whole house. The Cota power
receivers will be embedded, at the chip level, into consumer electronics, such

as your cell phone or your tablet, your TV remote control, or your video game
controller. Further, Cota power receivers can also be embedded in standard
size rechargeable batteries or other aftermarket accessories to power legacy
devices wirelessly.

How does Cota actually work?

The Cota technology works through a constant, back and forth, transfer of
information between the Cota charger and Cota receivers.
A Cota power receiver within a Cota powered device sends out a low power
beacon signal at a rate of 100 times per second. Each beacon signal travels
in every direction (except where obstructed by humans, pets or other water
based objects) eventually arriving at the charger. In turn, the charger sends
a tiny signal out of each of its thousands of antennas that mimics or plays
back the incoming beacon signal characteristics with opposite phase,
creating a power signal that is focused only on the receiver.
The Cota technology is inherently safe. If an obstruction, such as a human or
a pet, is between the receiver and the transmitter, the reflections of the
beacon signal pulses will naturally find different routes to the charger by
bouncing off walls or furniture, for example, , thus revealing the open paths.
In turn, the signal sent by the charger will mimic or play back each incoming
beacon signals characteristics with opposite phase. The outgoing signal will
have the exact shape and take the same open paths of each incoming
beacon signal, using the same reflections and creating a power signal that is
focused only on the receiver while inherently avoiding obstructions.
In the case of a home or office where multiple Cota powered devices are
ready to charge, the charger establishes the signal shape from each receiver
device independently and replays the signal to power the device. The charger
will detect the signal shape for each device multiple times a second to be
able to follow moving devices around, charging them on the go, without the
user having to do anything.
Cota is real wireless power that just works, safely and intelligently.

What is Ossias vision for the Cota technology?

Remote wireless power is the Holy Grail for consumer electronics. Ossia
envisions a world that is always on and always connected, powered by Cota
technology for effortless, always there, safe power, that just works. When a
person can walk into their home with their phone in their pocket and its
constantly charging as they move about, that is the effortless charging power
of Cota. Cota redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted
power to devices as far away as 30 feet. Built on Ossias patented smart
antenna technology, Cota automatically keeps multiple devices charged

without any user intervention, enabling an efficient and truly wire-free,

powered-up world, that is always on and always connected. When this vision
becomes a reality and the issue of our devices battery life is no longer
something we worry about Ossia envisions the battery indicator icon on your
devices will be removed totally.

What is required to add the Cota technology to a device such as a

cell phone?
The Cota technology doesnt require any new major components be added to
the phone. Cota can be embedded at the chip level and will use the antenna
already present on the device, such as a Wi-Fi antenna or Bluetooth antenna.

How does Ossia define wireless power? And how is this definition
different from the generally understood definition in the market
Many companies today use the term wireless power however few of these
wireless power companies are actually providing a solution that is truly
wireless. In order to call a power solution wireless one should not have to give
up the device being charged in order to gain power, such as placing the
phone on a pad or plugging it into the wall. Additionally, in a traditional model
the charger to device ratio is 1 to 1; one charger is able to charge one device
at a time. In Ossias wireless charging paradigm the ratio of charger to device
is one too many; one charger is able to charge multiple devices
simultaneously, without any user intervention or sacrificing the utility of the
device while its being charged. This effortless, targeted, remote, one-tomany charging is what Ossia believes wireless power is all about.

Is Cotas wireless power really that much more convenient than

simply plugging my device in or replacing batteries when they run
out of power?
Yes! Cota is simple and convenient, saving time by charging multiple devices
simultaneously without those devices ever having to be surrendered to the
wall, a cord, or a charging pad. After initial setup, Cota effortlessly and
automatically charges your devices so you dont even have to think about it.
Cota transmits power easily throughout a whole house or office. A single Cota
power charger gives you more freedom by powering any Cota-equipped
device within a 30-ft. radius, safely, efficiently, and automatically.

How can power be intelligent?

The Cota technology is called intelligent because it both learns and adapts
to your power preferences, habits, and requirements. Cota fits around your
life by learning and adapting to your devices. The power charger is
programmed to look for patterns in device usage, monitoring devices as they
leave and return to your home or office, and ensuring that every device
within range is automatically charged to full capacity. Cota uses a vast

network of compact antennas and a small power receiver to send and receive
Cota power signals. When there are obstructions in the path of the signals,
Cotas intelligent design looks for other approaches to re-deliver power to
your devices. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. With Cota your power
charger can be password protected in your home or office, much like a Wi-Fi
network. This feature allows you to limit access from other users to target
and prioritize power charging to only your devices. Cota gives you ultimate
control when powering your devices. You can even program device batteries
to turn on and off at specific times, for example game consoles and mobile

Will the Cota technology interfere with other equipment in the home
or office?
Cota co-exists with other technology like Wi-Fi networks without disruption.
Cota is designed to work alongside your existing technology to deliver
targeted, compatible wireless power and not interfere with any other device

Will end users have to replace all of their devices in order to take
advantage of the Cota technology?
No, it isnt realistic to think that consumers will replace all of their devices
right away. Cota has an extremely small scale design which makes retrofitting
existing devices with aftermarket Cota power accessories a viable first step
towards wirelessly powering a multitude of devices in a home or office. Over
time Cota technology will be built into batteries and devices and consumers
looking for the convenience and efficiency of real wireless power will be able
to select devices that are Cota powered.

How much energy will a single Cota charger deliver?

One Cota wireless power charger can deliver an average of 2 Watts to a
receiver within range (currently 30-feet). In a 24-hour period, the amount of
useable energy transmitted is an average of 48Wh (Watt hour).

How many devices will this amount of energy charge?

With 48Wh over a 24-hour period, a Cota charger is capable of charging a
multitude of devices that might be present in a typical home. For example, a
home might have 2 iPhones and 2 Bluetooth headsets, 1 iPod, 2 video game
controllers, 1 digital camera, and 4 cordless landline phones. These 14
devices could all be powered by a single Cota charger.

How will OEMs integrate the Cota technology? Will it be expensive

for them?
This incredibly small technology can be embedded on microchips, requiring
very minimal modifications, but no new components, to work in the receiving
device. With such a low profile, Cota can even integrate into the battery itself
without changing the battery dimensions, which makes this solution
integration affordable and environmentally friendly.
For existing devices, Cota has an extremely small scale design which makes
retrofitting existing devices with aftermarket Cota accessories affordable and
scalable. Cota does not add weight to devices or substantial changes to
device dimensions, making it easy to integrate into existing product lines.

What technology is covered by the patents you have filed, and the
patents you have been awarded?

Ossia has been awarded three patents for the Cota technology, and has two
additional patents pending.
Safety/Efficiency/Environmentally Friendly Questions

Is transmitting electricity through the air safe?

Yes. The Cota technology utilizes the same frequency as the Wi-Fi you already
use in your home or office to deliver targeted energy and is safe by design.
Power emitted by Cotas breakthrough power charger inherently moves
around obstacles, people, and pets. The technology only utilizes open paths
and avoids obstructions to deliver energy to your devices. Cota uses a vast
network of compact antennas and a small power receiver to send and receive
Cota power signals. When there are obstructions in the path of the signals,
our technologys intelligent design looks for other approaches to re-deliver
power to your devices. The Cota technology delivers very focused levels of
energy at a time, no more than a cell phone. Cota technology confirms to FCC
guidelines and operates significantly below similar Wi-Fi exposure levels,
making the technology extremely safe for people, children, and pets.

Is the Cota technology approved by the FCC?

The Ossia team has submitted the Cota technology for FCC certification and
is in the process of reviewing the technology with FCC engineers in labs.

How is the Cota technology environmentally friendly?

Cota is vastly more efficient than traditional charging devices. Wired chargers
consume energy continuously, but Cota is a clean-charging technology that
turns on when your devices are within range or hibernates when not in use.
Cota technology is far more environmentally friendly than the traditional
disposable batteries many devices rely on for power today. While somewhat
convenient, disposable batteries are highly inefficient. The amount of energy
expended in procuring a batterys essential elements, manufacturing,
shipping, warehousing and retailing it, before it ever gets to its intended
device, is staggering. It is estimated that the amount of energy spent on the
life cycle of a single disposable battery is 2000 times the amount of usable
energy actually stored in that battery. This represents efficiency of 0.0005 or
less for the average battery. Each year more than 150,000 tons of batteries
are disposed of in landfills. How much is 150,000 tons? All the gold mined
throughout the world over the entire history of mankind equals about
150,000 tons. Ossia intends to not only make charging devices effortless and
highly efficient, but also aims to replace as many non-rechargeable batteries
as possible, a big plus for our environment as the demand for electronic
devices continues to grow exponentially.