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Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject, please be advised you as follows.

First of all, the oil temperature has to control within ±2from setting temperature. Otherwise, the circulation line back pressure for water detection (about 1.0 ~ 1.6 kg/) fluctuate very widely, if that happens, the purifier carry out the sludge discharge

very frequently by abnormal water detection. Besides, in case the fuel oil contains too much water & sludge, it is very difficult that the purifier in Clarifier Mode (Hidens Mode) operate in normal continuously because very frequent hidens discharge by separated water & sludge from the dirty oil.

In Case the heavy liquid outlet pressure is over 0.5 MPa like as a subject vessel, the Multi-Monitor display “Error 2” and the Auto Control Panel occur the leakage Alarm. So, please check the following points.


Check the check valve (Symbol-341, Dwg No.S206353) on circulation line for


clogging or sticking Check the Gravity Disc size (GH 109mm with a small hole 3.5mm) and for a crack.

size (GH 109mm with a small hole 3.5mm) and for a crack. Check Valve (341) Circulation

Check Valve (341)

with a small hole 3.5mm) and for a crack. Check Valve (341) Circulation Line 3) Check

Circulation Line


Check the O-ring (Symbol-311, 315, Dwg No.S206353) for a damage or losso


elasticity. Check the Nut (Symbol-320, Dwg No.S206353) & Socket Set screw (Symbol-313, Dwg No.S206353).

- the Nut (Symbol-320, Dwg No.S206353) have to tight with 1000 kg.cm (100 Nm)

- Don’t tight the Socket set screw (Symbol-313, Dwg No.S206353) before the Nut (Symbol-320, Dwg No.S206353) tight as above.

If there is not solved the problem by above instruction ,we recommend that the Purifier operation Mode should be temporarily changed from Hidens Mode (Clarifier Mode) to Purifier Mode as following instruction.

Hidens Mode (Clarifier Mode) is designed for HFO over sp gravity 0.991 at 15, but Purifier Mode can be treated by maximum specific gravity 0.991 at 15of Heavy Fuel oil. (For safe operation without overflow, we recommend maximum specific gravity 0.985 at 15)

1. Change the gravity disc by selection nomogram. Model SJ120GH: 116 mm (in case of sp. gravity 0.98 at 15 )

2. Fully Close the Needle valve (Sumbol-340, Dwg No.S206353) attached to purifier

and fully open the shut off valve (Symbol-337, Dwg No.S206353).

3. Set the Water Detector selector dial of Multi-Monitor to No Water / heavy liquid

detector function position and the Water Detection output switch to OFF.

position and the Water Detection output switch to OFF. 4. Change the set value of belo

4. Change the set value of below timer for Auto Control Panel. Model SJ120GH Timer No. 02 : 29 sec Timer No. 03 : 32 sec

5. Flow rate : 4000 ~ 6000 L/H

6. Treating Temperature : 95 ~ 98

7. Outlet Press : 0.18 MPa

9. Circulation line back pressure for Hidens : No use

Caution! During feeding operation, if you want to perform the manual sludge discharge, you have to only perform the total discharge by press the "DIS-T" button twice in 5 seconds. If the purifiers carry out the partial discharge by press the "DIS-T" button once, the oil will be overflowed to water outlet pipe (Heavy Liquid outlet).

Best regards,