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Platinum Gazette

12 February 2010
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad
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Shop where Burgersfort, Morone Centre

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South Africa shops! Tel: (013) 231 8090 or 087 808 4022/3

The marchers want:

used &
new m
MBBCh (WITS); Practice No: 0247308
(at Dr. Mattellaer’s surgery)
• Fenders • Bonnets • Grills • Bumpers • Head & Tail Lights • CV Diploma in Mental Health; Diploma in Occupational
Joints • Brake Pads • Aircon fans • Radiator fans • Condensers • Health & Medicine; HIV Management; Independant
Carburators • Crankshafts • Alternators • Starters • Shocks • Oil examiner for RAF & Insurances (ABIME)
Filters • Crown and Pinions • Diffs • Ignitions • Radiators • Distributors We offer a holistic
approach to your
medical condition with
the following services:
Dietician; Psychologist;
Rebuilds on sale Physiotherapist;
Occupational Terapist &
Speech and Hearing
NOW Therapist

STRIPPING! All medical aids,

BMW, Corolla, Tazz, Citi Platinum Health are Dr Lorna
Golf, Polo Classic, Opel welcomed.
Astra, Sentra, Opel Corsa, Limosa Limosa, Shop 9, Opposite Greater
Engines * Gearboxes Hyundai and much more Tubatse Traffic Department
Tel: 013 231 7307/8
Mashifane Park (Ga-Mashamothane) • Cell: 076 848 3936 E-mail: lornamaps@yahoo.co.uk

Less corruption,
more services
As can be gathered from page 1, the march Later the same people under the wing
that took place in Burgerfort yesterday, of the Tubatse Activists Forum also lodged
effectively disrupting a lot of business, an application. Recognising the
brought no fresh news. similarities, he refused permission for the
The demands of the marchers, who march.
most of them previously gathered and What exactly happened since
marched in the town, also stayed the same, Wednesday was not clear, but a march
meaning that they are still unhappy about under the wing of the Activists Forum took
service delivery from the government in place and at the time of the Platinum
their respective villages and collectively. Gazette going to press, the memorandum
Yesterday’s march was swathed in on the front page was about to be handed
controversy as the municipal manager at to someone.
first did not want to grant permission for a Nobody exactly knew who as noone was
legal march, even resorting to a court available, and one of the marchers that
interdict after he was almost violently maybe the Police, who turned up in huge
intimidated by the organisers of the numbers, could as well receive it and
march. convey it to those who should get it.
His main cncern was that the march Although water cannons, medical
would have been held under the auspices of services, shotguns, the fire brigade and
a youth council, he argued did not have the traffic department were all present,
mandate to organise a protest march about everything was still peaceful when
service dilvery. Platinum Gazette left the scene.

Information and
communication technology
services for all in GSDM
Digital divide between urban and rural communities in Sekhukhune will be a thing of
the past following a concerted undertaking by the newly-formed Sekhukhune District
Consumer Representative Forum.
Multi-racial care, play and learning centre The forum - which is composed of government communicators, business, media and
the House of Traditional Leaders - was formed during the Information and
for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers
Platinum Gazette Communication Technology (ICT) Consumer Indaba held in Makhuduthamaga Local
We are now open Municipality, Jane Furse, on Wednesday this week.
from 05:30 to The Indaba was organised by Greater Sekhukhune District Municipality (GSDM)
17:30 every day. and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).
School fees: R500
per child per DEBT GETTING In its declaration, the forum undertook to ensure that all communities across the
length and breadth of GSDM will have access to ICT services such as radio, television,
month. internet, post offices, mobile and landline phones.
Winterveld Village,
YOU UNDER? Such access, said the Sekhukhune District Consumer Representative Forum, will
only be achieved once all the areas have the necessary network coverage, which will
Navrae/Enquiries: be achieved by engaging responsible institutions.
072 472 4073 If you need assistance in debt Sekhukhune Manager for Community Development Workers (CDWs) in the Limpopo
garnishing you or you don’t earn Department of Local Government and Housing, Mr Rachidi Ngoato, gave a picture of
Platinum Gazette contact details: enough to pay your monthly areas that had problems with network and reception challenges for radio, television
Editorial: William Zwart installment, please do not hesitate and cellphones.
Tel: 083 271 9151 The survey by CDWs, said Ngoato, excluded access to print media, landlines and
E-mail: editorial@platinumgazette.com to call us for assistance. We will internet. Ngoato said a preliminary study on availability of post offices was still being
Advertising: Beánnla Celliers help you by putting you under done.
Tel: 083 543 1676 administration where you only pay It found that 75 of the 116 wards in Sekhukhune were affected by network and
E-mail: adverts@platinumgazette.com
one installment per month and no reception challenges.
Fax: 086 554 9031/013-231 7147 The findings show that:
more threats from creditors. All we
Postal address: P O Box 2208, Burgersfort, 1150 · Seventeen (17) villages do not have Cell-C network coverage, while 20 and 13 villages
need is your id, 3 payslips and all could not use Vodacom and MTN cellphones respectively.
Website: www.platinumgazette.com
debt statements. · Twenty (20) villages had problems with listening to radio, while 22 were not able to
Printers: access TV stations.
Printed by Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd, 83 Heidelberg Road, City
Deep Production Park, City Deep. Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders Deputy Chairperson Khosi MA Netshimbupfe
Call Tobeko @ 074 406 8208 or said access to ICT in rural villages was crucial as Traditional Council Authorities
Copyright: All rights concerning any advertisement and / or
other material contained in the Platinum Gazette are
Sandiso @ 083 490 0932/083 857 were now being used as service delivery points by government departments for issuing
expressly reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the Copyright
Act (98 of 1978).
9862 for a FREE consultation!! Identity Documents (ID), marriage and birth certificates.

Would like to invite clients to visit their office at

Marone Street, opposite Supa Quick, Burgersfort.
Best prices in Limpopo. Learners Licence courses (K53) available in 4 languages.
All codes Training for free.
Drivers Code 10 - R900 Brush-up courses;
The Xstrata Longtom R3 150 - Until you are ready for test. R1 000 deposit.
Marathon takes place on We give transport from Burgersfort. Bring a friend and earn commission.
27 March this year. This
year’s marathon kicked All customers please note:
off in Lydenburg last Mr Jafta Mpoisana Makofane (Jeffery) is no longer employed with
week with a function for PG’s Driving School. Please contact us to make sure that you are
prospective water point dealing with an appointed employee.
Business hours: Mon - Fr. 08:00 - 17:00; Sat. 09:00 - 13:00
Contact Gerhard on 013-231 8377 or 082 300 7575

On 07 February 2010 the Police in Tubatse arrested
two men aged 20 and 23 years for house breaking
and theft. During the night on 06 February 2010 a
liquor premises was broken into in Riba Cross and
the liquor were stolen. On 07 February 2010 the case
was reported to the Police in Tubatse and they
managed to arrest two suspects and the stolen liquor
was also recovered from one of the two suspect’s home.
The suspects appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s
Court on 08 February 2010 and they were granted
the bail of RI000each. The case was postponed to 01
March 2010.

On 06 February 2010 the Police in Tubatse arrested

a man aged 21 years for assault with the purpose to
inflict grievous bodily harm. The arrest follows after
a crime in Praktiseer on 05 February 2010. The
suspect allegedly assaulted a 23 year old man after
they had an argument. On 06 February the case was
reported to the Police in Tubatse and they managed
to arrest the suspect.
The suspect appeared in the Praktiseer Magiatrate’s
Court on 08 February and he was released on
warning. The case was postponed to 24 February

On 07 February 2010 the Police in Tubatse arrested

a man (24) for assault with the purpose to inflict
grievous bodily harm. The arrest follows an incident
at Mahlashi on 05 February 2010. The suspect
allegedly assaulted a 21 year old woman after they
had an argument. On 07 February the case was
reported to the Police in Tubatse and they managed
to arrest the suspect. The suspect appeared in the
Praktiseer Magiatrate’s Court on 08 February and
he was released on warning. The case was postponed
to 15 April 2010.

On 07 February 2010 the Police in Tubatse arrested

a man aged 24 years for assault with the purpose to
inflict grievous bodily harm. The arrest follows an
incident that occurred in Ga Madiseng on 31 January
2010. The suspect assaulted a 30 year old woman with
a bottle. On 07 February the case was reported to the
Police and the suspect was arrested. The suspect
appeared in the Praktiseer Magiatrate’s Court on 08
February and he was released on warning. The case
was postponed to 24 April 2010.

On 08 February 2010 the Police in Tubatse arrested

an 18 year old woman for assault with the purpose to
inflict grievous bodily harm. The woman assaulted
her boyfriend (27) at Mahlashi on 07 February 2010.
On 08 February 2010. The case was reported to the
Police in Tubatse and they managed to arrest the
suspect. Sandra Matjie appeared in the Praktiseer
Magistrate’s Court on 09 February 2010 and she was
sentenced to three months imprisonment or a fine of
R600. Her sentence was suspended for three years.

Just another hole in the wall

Dirk Winterbach Street, between Kruis, Mpumula and Eland Streets
do not seem to be destined for order and the free flow of traffic,
despite all the plans that have been made so far by the authorities.
The concrete fence next to the taxi rank has enough large holes
for pedestrians to pass through, rendering the multi million rand
pedestrian bridge over the street almost obsolete. Most people
moving from the taxi rank to the business centre across the street,
prefer the holes, as it is a much shorter route, not so dangerous
because of criminals at the bottom of the stairs on the taxi rank side
of the bridge, and easier to negotiate with heavy shopping bags.
Straight crossing of the road is however no longer possible because of
the wall (concrete barrier cum flower bed) splitting the road, forcing
pedestrians to walk around it in the way of the free (and not so free
flowing) chaotic vehicle traffic.
Seeing what maneuvers somedrivers in the vehicles attempt, the
concrete barrier may have its good points, but also can contribute in
creating life threatening situations, especially if their is no traffic
enforcers around ...

The taxi at the top seemed to have no problem in side-stepping the concrete wall (cum flower
bed) and driving on the wrong side of the road to its destination (bottom), while the guy
sitting on the bonnet of his car (right) did not seem to notice...

Almost desolate - the pedestrian bridge over Dirk Winterbach

Street to the taxi rank is not nearly as big a hit as the holes in the
concrete fence (bottom).

Airconditioning Ohrigstad Restaurant
Beat Valentine’s Spitbraai and dance.
the Dance Friday, 12 February
heat! Make your reservations now!
Sales & Installation Enquiries: 013-238 0503
of New
Airconditioners Love your life -
For all your needs in: Repair &
services of aircons & refrigerators; get rid of your debt and
electrical installation, plumbing,
re-gas of vehicle aircons manage your finances!
Gett a G AME shopping
Visit a registered Debt Counsellor for advice.
vouc her wit
oucher with h eac
eachh ne
Registered Debt Counsellor
air con ins
aircon insttallation! & Administrator
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Contact: Braam 083 324 1214

Next to Toyota, Burgersfort.
Tel: (013) 231 8322
(Reg No: NCRDC 487)
E-mail: b&h@vodamail.co.za E-mail:

Hulle leer
Ride and speel-speel
shave for Laerskool Burgersfort het nuwe klim- en
speelapparaat vir hulle voor- graad een
klasse aangekoop. Die skoolhoof, mnr

cancer Koert Erasmus, sê die apparaat help die

kinders om belangrike motoriese
vaardighede te slyp voordat hulle met
Misty Knights Motorcycle Club will be holding a graad een begin. Volgens hom is dit nie
Shavathon “Bike Run” on 27th February to net van opvoedkundige waarde nie, maar
Ohrigstad. help dit ook om die meer energiekes
Departing from Steelpoort (7:30 for 08:00) onder die woelwaters besig te hou.
Burgersfort (08:00 for 08:30) and Lydenburg
(08:00 for 08:30) they plan to mstart the event in In die foto’s wys
Ohrigstad at 10:00 at Ohrigstad Restaurant kinders hoe die
(former lamb and Ale). apparaat werk,
Bikers from Steelpoort will leave from the terwyl die hele
Excel Garage, those in Burgersfort from Magaba groep wat by die
Filling Station and those in Lydenburg from Lion’s nuwe apparaat
Rock. Members of the public are welcome to join baat vind in die
in the fun. Misty Knights’ own DJ will churn out foto regs is.
great music the whole day long and food and
drink will be available at biker prices.
Shave or colour will take place from 10:00 –
15:00 and lucky draws form 15:00 – 16:00.
Donations of R50 for adults and R25 for children
under 12 will be the order of the day and all those
who donated will be entered into the lucky draws.
More information are available from Alet, cell
072 503 1378 or Julia, cell 083 233 8399

Beacon Sw
eets & Chocola
tes -
Sweet surrender...
A Beacon in the industry
The Zulman family, who originally came from Lithuania, settled in
R35 99
Beacon Supreme 200g
Durban, South Africa where the family started the Beacon chocolates
business in 1932.
The Beacon brand is not only famous for their chocolates, but also for
manufacturing Liquorice Allsorts and other candy that was developed
over the years. The company also branched out overseas.
From the age of 14 David Zulman who in 1989 founded Ashbury
Confectionery in the UK, worked in the factory. There was no doubt that

R6 99
the young man would eventually enter the family business his
grandfather founded. He learned every job in the factory. He later earned
his BSc degree but in the 1980’s decided to move to the United Kingdom.
He admits that this was partly politically motivated. “We were never Beacon Slabs
openly persecuted, but we always employed people of every creed and
colour in our factory and treated everyone equally well, so we may have (Assorted)
suffered because of that,” he says.
Locally, the Beacon brand was bought by Tiger Brands that developed Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!
and expanded it even further.
In July 2004 the Beacon slab was re-launched. The re-launch prompted Buy her
the establishment of a new and improved formulation that out performs

flowers R12 99
its competitors in blind taste testing. It also brought the dawn of the new
flow wrapped packaging that was the first to be introduced in the South
African slabs market.
This resulted in Beacon moving into the number 2 position in the slabs
market with regards to the volume and its share of preference within the
slabs market. Another innovative idea from Beacon was the launch of
mini-slabs in March 2005. In October 2005 a 240g-format slab was
The range is now made u of twelve variants with offerings in 45g, 120g
and 240g sizes.
The Beacon slabs range includes 24 products in total.
Interesting chocolate facts: On average 10kg of chocolate are consumed Burgersfort, Morone Centre
per person in the UK every year. Daniel Peter of Switzerland did not
invent milk chocolate until 1875. Chocolate’s scientific name, Theobroma
Tel: (013) 231 8090 or 087 808 4022/3
Cacao means “food of the Gods”. Prices valid until: 14 February 2010

Have a safe Valentine’s Day! The Aurum Institute ran an awareness campaign before
Valentine’s Day this week. The group aimed to create
awareness of safe sex and HIV/Aids.
They once again tested the public for HIV/Aids, provided
counselling, tested blood pressure, blood glucose levels, weight
management, gave information on sexually transmitted
infections and gave advice on teen pregnancies. They worked in
conjunction with the Department of Health.
On Monday and Tuesday they had a stall and their mobile unit
at the Castle Square complex and on Wednesday and Thursday
at the Twin City complex. The main event will be taking place
today at the Morone Centre. R50 KFC vouchers are up for grabs
to the first 50 couples who come for HIV testing.

The history of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine's Day — and its patron saint — is
shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long
been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it
today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman
tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become
associated with this ancient rite? Today, the Catholic Church
recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or
Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.
One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served
during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II
decided that single men made better soldiers than those with
wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men —
his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice
of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform
marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions
were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.
(From: www.history.com)
Above: At the Twin City complex.

Nato’s Ville
Security Complex - Burgersfort

Mr David Mohlala, Mr Oupa Lekhuleni and Mr Raymond Magolego o the Aurum Institute
at the banner displayed at the Twin City fencing.
3 Bedrooms (main
bedroom en-suite with the
one bathroom). 2
Bathrooms. Openplan
Kitchen and scullery.
Lounge and dining room
Under cover parking
R6 000 per month.
(excluding prepaid
electricity). Includes
water, refuse removal &

Nato’s Ville is situated approximately

1km out of Burgersfort on the
Ohrigstad road. Contact: Bilaal - 084 505 8209
On Monday and Tuesday the team was at the Castle Square complex in front of

CVO atlete
na Ermelo

Bo: Die senior atlete is agter: Henning Oberholzer, Luan van der Westhuizen, Natalie
Campher, Michelle Lamprecht, Ilze Hanekom, Jessemay Moore, Chanté van Niekerk,
Ivan Hendriks en Reinhard Lombard. Middel: Yulaine Hendriks, Chanelle Kotzé, Marlene
Venter, Anelda Smith, Charissa Stoltz, Sulandri van der Linde, Trinity Hatting en Carla
Hanekom. Voor: Heinrich Oberholzer, Hannes Coetzee, Maritz Coetzee en Ruan

Negentien van Waterval CVO se atlete het verlede naweek op Groblersdal na die Noord/
Suid Streek Kampioenskappe op 5 Maart op Ermelo deurgedring. Die atlete gaan aan
verskillende baan- en velditems deelneem.

Regs: Die junior atlete is agter: Aldoné Geldenhuys, Elrica Smith, Anzel van Niekerk,
Angelique Campher, Marlé Labuschagne en René Oosthuizen. Middel: Leáne Kruger,
Leone Stoltz, Sumarie Oosthuizen en Megan Griesel. Voor: Adriaan Oosthuizen, JB
Willers en Jacques Maritz.

Did you
Tip for a TV remember to
focus this

GMC Debt Solutions’ competition over the Christmas season came to an end last
week when the winner of the television was announced. Mr Samuel Fabi gave the
best money saving tip and won himself the new TV. His tip was: “Draw up a
budget, set your priorities right and spend wisely - set money aside for the future”.
Many of the tips received advised to save and buy only necessities.
On the photograph are Ms. Gretli Steyn and Mr Frik Visagie from GMC, Mr Adriaan
Peyper from OK Grocer and Mr Samuel Fabi who won the competition.
‘Focus man, focus’

Is Valentine’s Day special to

On 14 February Valentine’s Day will be
celebrated all over the world.
Traditionally this is a day were loved ones
do something special for each other. Gifts,
flowers and chocolates are often part of the
It is also a time when prices on these items
are often more than usual.
This week we asked whether our readers
celebrate Valentine’s Day or do they think
it is just a commercial day invented to
make money? How will they celebrate the
14th of February?

Me. Ina Jacobs sê: “Ek dink dis ‘n Me Annette Naudé sê: “Ek dis net om Mr Norman Sotuko said: “I celebrate it. I
geldmaak-storie want elke dag moet jou geld te maak, maar tye soos nou dink ek buy gifts for the one I love”.
huwelik gelukkig wees en jy romanties dit sal lekker wees om bederf te word.
wees”. Toe ek nog getroud was het ek gedink
dis net om geld te maak”.

Mnr. Krappies Visser sê: “Ek vier dit. Ek

koop blomme en bring koffie of ontbyt in
die bed”.

“Ja, ons doen. Dis belangrik om Valentynsdag te vier as jy iemand spesiaal in jou lewe
Me. Adelle en mnr. Johan van Heerden sê: “Nee, ons vier dit. Ons koop beertjies of ‘n het. ‘n Mens vergeet soms om elke dag vir daardie persoon in jou lewe te wys dat jy
dingetjie, maar doen nie verder iets nie”. hulle waardeer en Valentynsdag is die ideale geleentheid om dit te doen,” sê me. MK
van Tonder en me. Carla Oberholzer.
Links: Mnr.
Vaughan Craffert
sê: “Elke dag is

Behind Lewis Furniture

Office No 4, Burgersfort. PO Box 9, Ohrigstad, 1122.
072 783 1571; 074 744 9994; 074 858 9218

We do... Flyer Right: Mr Mago

Business Books Sign Boards Specia Tumai said: “To
l me it seems that
Letterheads PVC Banners R1480 it is the first
Flyers Digital Prints
time I can prove
Business Cards Posters
to my partner
Invitation Cards Road Signs
5000 A5 that I am totally
Compliment Cards Licence Disks
Flyers or committed to
Slips Name Tags her. In the past I
10 000 A6
Brochures Tear Drop Banners was not able to
Posters Safety Signs Flyers for because my
only R1480 financial status
Wedding Cards ETC
Receipt Books was not good. I
DEPOSIT REQUIRED also encourage
others in love to
Contact: 072 783 1571 do the same”.

you or is it just another day?

Ms Teboga Seabi said: “No, not really. We Mr Lefa Maepa and Mr Kaizer Mgiba said: “We just buy some gifts and make some Ms Mavis Magaba said: “Yes, I celebrate it
don’t need an excuse to buy gifts for our breakfast in bed”. with my husband. I will tell him that I just
partners. We can do it any day”. want to be with him and that I love him
more than anything”.

Ms Nanikana Mhlongo said: “ Yes, I am Mnr. Gerrit Kriek sê: “Nee, dis net om Ms Velaphi Mkhondo said: “I think I have Me. Kasey de Faria sê: “Jy moet elke dag
going to buy a special gift for my geld te maak”. to celebrate it. I will do something special Valentine hê. Jy moet mekaar elke dag
husband”. for the loved-one in my life”. liefhê. Ons maak gewoonlik ‘n spesiale
ete en koop vir mekaar ietsie klein. Jy
moet tyd maak vir jou beminde en om te
dink aan daai eerste ontmoeting en om
mekaar opreg te waardeer”.

What is your opinion?

Sms it to us at
073 416 5119

Ohrigstad Restaurant
Valentine’s Lunch
Sunday 14 February.
Make your
reservations now!
Enquiries: 013-238 0503

Mnr. Anton Kruger sê: “Ons probeer dit Mnr. Bennie Wheeler sê: “Ek probeer dit
mooi maak. Ek koop vir my vrou rose en spesiaal maak, maar daar is nie altyd geld
probeer haar bederf”. daarvoor nie. Dit kos al R50 of R60 vir ‘n
bossie blomme”.

Links: “Ons gaan eet gewoonlik uit. Ons maak mekaar wakker met koffie in die bed en
ons probeer dit elke jaar spesiaal maak,” sê me. Carla en mnr. JJ van der Walt.
10 NEWS 12 FEBRUARY 2010

Letters / Briewe
Express your opinion. Write a letter to the Platinum Gazette. Letters may
be e-mailed, posted or faxed. Contact details are on page 2 of this issue.
Spreek jou mening uit. Skrywes kan per epos, pos of faks na Platinum
Gazette gestuur word. Kontakbesonderhede is op bladsy 2 van vandag se

Thought for the week

“The greatest problem in the world today is
intolerance. Everyone is so intolerant of each
other.” - Diana, Princess of Wales

Dagboek / Diary
Burgersfort United Soccer

Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday evening.
They invite all social players of all ages to come and join them at the Laerskool
Burgersfort sportsgrounds. T
Enquiries: Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz, 072 471 7545.

Winterveld Ringbal Klub

Winterveld Ringbal Klub oefen Dinsdae en Donderdae by die CVO skool op die R37
(op pad na Lydenburg) se bane. Enige spelers of nuwe spelers is welkom om by die
klub in te skakel.
Navrae: Zelna Wheeler 072 531 6287.

Kitsgids na jou SAPD/ Thorburn Security Solutions Golf Day

In 13 March 2010 the anual Thorburn Charity Golf Day will be hosted at Tubatse

Important numbers: Chrome Club. The proceeds of this day are utilised for various projects within the
Greater Tubatse area. This day is traditionally not only a lot of fun, but is also marked
as an event with great prizes and gifts for players.
Preference for four ball entries will go to local Tubatse sponsors. Sponsorships with a
Burgersfort (013) 231 7231 four ball included is R3 500. A sponsorship without the four ball us R2 500. Sponsors
are encouraged to display their product and if they wish, offer drinks or snacks to the
Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128 passing players.
Sponsor must please indicate their willingness to participate by 10 February 2010.
Roossenekal (013) 273 0075 Individual four balls are not being booked yeat, as preference is given to sponsors.
Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204 Enquiries: Dolf Scheepers, 012-803 5282 or 012 803 1592.

Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011 Maatlopo United soccer

Tubatse (013) 216 8500 Maatlopo United Football Club will be playing against Morethetho FC at Ga-Motodi on
Saturday, 13 February 2010. The team’s last game will be on 20 February at Magakala
Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007 grounds.
Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 073 77515 or Sydney Makoka, 072 869 4418.
Leboeng (013) 769 9099
Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041 Action Cricket Golf Day

The Tubatse Chrome Action Cricket Golf Day will take place tomorrow, 13 February at

Ander nood/ the Tubatse Chrome Golf course. The day will be an individual competition although a
prize for the best Four ball will be up for grabs. Entries are still welcome. Tee-off is at
08:00. Entrance is R150 per person.

Other emergencies: Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Tubatse Ringbal Klub

Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital Die Tubatse Ringbal Klub oefen elke Dinsdag en Donderdag in Burgersfort by Calvin
College. Die klub nooi alle belangstellendes uit om by hulle aan te sluit. Oefeninge is
(013) 2147265 18:00 vir 18:30.
Navrae: Richardt, 071 877 7002.
Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital
Misty Knights Lowveld Annual Biker Run
(013) 615 0204
Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic (013) 231 7843 Misty Knights Lowveld will be hosting their first annual biker run on 27 February
2010. From 10:00 - 16:00 the club will be having fun and a shavathon in aid of Cansa
Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449 at the Ohrigstad Restaurant.
Club members as well as the public are invited to support this worthy cause and either
Disaster Management - colour or shave their hair. A donation of R50 per shave or colour is asked. There will be
music with DJ Anton, great food at biker prices and a lucky draw.
(Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022 Bikers can join the ride from Steelpoort at the Exel Garage at 07:30 for 08:00 and in
Burgersfort at Magaba Garage from 08:30 for 09:00.
Electricity (Eskom) 0860 037 566 Enquiries: Alet - 072 503 1378 or Julia - 083 233 8399.

Need someone
who knows how
to do the job?
You could find him or her through advertising
in this newspaper.
To place your vacancy advertisement
call Beánnla on 083 543 1676.

Deadlines: VACANCIES
1. Storeman/Driver -
Behind Lewis Furniture PO Box 9, Steelpoort/Limpopo
Advertising: Office No 4, Burgersfort. Ohrigstad, 1122.

Mining Courses and Training To be responsible for the store and

Tuesdays 17:00 - Bulldozer
Price Deposit
R3 899 R2 000 5 Day
delivery functions
Must have Grade12, 2 years exp in
Grader R3 600 R1 800 5 Day Warehouse/Workshop
Contact: 083 543 1676 Excavator R3 600 R1 800 5 Day
Certificate Computer literate, ability to communicate
Dumper R2 800 R1 500 3 Day effectively
Editorial: Front End & Loader
R2 800
R2 500
R1 500
R1 280
5 Day
Transport &
5 Day accommodation
Drivers licence. Area knowledge will be
an advantage
Crane R10 000 R5 000 5 Day
Wednesdays 17:00 - Dragline R25 000 R10 000 10 Day
available. Forward applications
to irenem@toolquip.co.za or
Roller R3 000 R1 500 3 Day Assistance in
Contact: 083 271 9151 Welding R7 000 R4 000 10 Day job finding
Fax to: 011 3702700

Drill R2 500 R1 200 3 Day theory.

2. Branch Administrator –
Lowbed R2 000 R1 000 1 Day

Take your Registration Fee:

To administer, co-ordinate & be
responsible for full functions of the
072 783 1571; Branch

advertising reach 074 744 9994; 074 858 9218 Min Grade 12, Computer literate, 5 yrs
management exp or sales in Tooling/
Mining Sector

further... Online at:

Platinum Gazette Sound knowledge of Engineering/
Industrial practices. Area knowledge will
be an advantage
Forward applications
to irenem@toolquip.co.za or
Platinum Gazette’s www.platinumgazette.com Fax to: 011 3702700
electronic version of the
newspaper is not only Phoenix
uploaded onto the world Artisans Training Centre
wide web, but also e-mailed Flying Squad
to a growing number of Opening soon in Steelpoort has vacancies for:
4x Supervisors
subscribers. This service * Plater Boilermakers - must have PSIRA grade C and a
not only gives your * Pipe Fitters drivers licence.
advertisement more * Fitters Pre-Test 10x Guards
- must have PSIRA grade D.
exposure, but you can reach * Riggers
possible job applicants * Plumbers Training 1x Dog Handler (honde hanteerder)
- grade C and experience with dogs
from all over world. * Petrol-Diesel Mechanic Positions are in the
Steelpoort area.
* Electrical
Contact: * Welding: CO2 Contact:
083 543 1676 to book ARC 014 597 2881 or Contact:
your advertisement. Tig 082 830 1255 Capt. Johan Nkosi,
082 882 0017
12 12 FEBRUARIE 2010

Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: adverts@platinumgazette.com • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs
2.Te Huur/To Let
9. Te Huur/
For Hire Looking Klein Advertensies • Smalls
Om ‘n klein advertensie te plaas kan u die the form below in full and fax it with the proof of payment to
4. Vermaak/Entertainment FUNCTION HIRING for onderstaande vorm volledig invul en aan ons faks 086 554 9031. The fax must reach us before 08:00 on a
(faks nr. 086 554 9031) saam met die Wednesday.
5. Troeteldiere/Pets Breekware, eetgerei,
6. Persoonlik/Personal glase, tafels, stoele, someone depositostrokie of bewys van elektroniese
oorplasing. Die faks moet ons teen voor 08:00 op ‘n
Bankbesonderhede/Banking details: Platinum
Gazette, ABSA, Tak/Branch: Lydenburg 334351,
tafeldoeke, overlays,
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous stoeloortreksels, who Woensdag bereik. To place a small please complete Rekeningnommer/Account number: 4072580313.

8. Vakature/Vacancies staanders, vase, Naam/Name: Tel:

9. Te Huur/For Hire chafing dishes, knows
springkasteel, enigiets
10. Te Koop/For sale anders. how to do
Kontak: Sharmain
083 662 0166. the job?
1. Sport Klubs/ 3. Dienste/
Sport Clubs Services You could find
him or her
GSKA Karate Green Finger
A flat rate of R35 per classified consisting of up to 20 ‘n Basis fooi van R35 per geklassifiseerde advertensie
Maandae & Garden Services advertising in
words is charged. Should the advertisement have met tot 20 woorde word gehef. Sou die advertensie uit
Woensdae van 17h30 For all garden layouts this newspaper. more words, an additional R1-00 per word is charged. meer woorde bestaan, word ‘n addisionele R1-00 per
– 19h00 by Calvin and maintenance. To place your This includes VAT. Please ensure that writing is woord gehef. Hierdie prys sluit BTW in. Maak asb.
Collage. Almal Tree and branch vacancy legible as the newspaper will not accept any seker dat u netjies en leesbaar skryf aangesien die
welkom van 6 jaar en cutting and removal responsibility for mistakes due to illegible handwrit- koerant geen verantwoordelikheid vir foute as gevolg
ouer. of all unwanted
ing. Please keep your receipt or deposit slip as proof van onleesbare skrif aanvaar nie. Hou asb. u kwitansie
Skakel Jolanda garden garbage. We call Beánnla on of payment and placement of the advertisement. of depositostrokie as bewys van betaling en plasing
Hietbrink by also do other repairs - 083 543 1676. Platinum Gazette reserves the right to judge van die advertensie. Platinum Gazette behou die reg
082 859 9681. Handyman available. whether to publish an advertisement or not. voor om te besluit of ‘n advertensie geplaas sal word.
For an extravagant Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. Navrae: 083 543 1676 of 083 271 9151.
garden contact:
2. Te Huur/ Theuns on “Doing

To Let 074 734 2265


There’s a massive advertising is
sale for February only.
selfsorgeenheid vir
We are situated like winking
35km vanaf
between Five Star
Butchery and Shaya, at a girl in the
R2 400 pm.
down the passage to dark. You
DSTV, water, ligte
Dr Goosen’s old
premises, Steelpoort.
For more information
Contact Noli at:
know what
you are
Read Platinum
doing, but
R1 000.
073 959 9512
083 966 4150 or
Moses at:
073 331 5770 nobody else Gazette online at:
7. Allerlei/ does”
- Stuart
3. Dienste/
Elshamah Motors You won’t believe the
Your Mechanic on prices and variety in
Duty. We specialize
in all minor and major
repairs and services
on ALL types of
vehicles. Engine,
Do you want to buy a
lounge suite? We’ve
got a wide variety of
This could
have been
Find us @ these
lounge suites, fridges,
gearboxes and
We specialize in
Mahindra vehicles.
freezers and other
furniture at the best
possible prices! We
also buy your
brought to
distribution points
Lebowa Business secondhand furniture the attention (Please note: these are just some of our distribution points).
of potential
Park, Burgersfort. and lounge suites for
Willie, 076 158 9192.
Value for money deals,
customers. * Burgersfort * Total Ohrigstad Burgersfort
whether you buy or Contact: SUPERSPAR * Leboeng SAPS * Ingwe Safety Equipment
DAGMOEDER sell! Visit us now! 083 543 * Boxer Stores Burgersfort * Praktiseer SAPS * One Stop Motor Spares -
Is u op soek na Visit the shop at the
1676 for * OK Grocer * Burgersfort SAPS Steelpoort
dagsorg? Baba’s en
kleuters vanaf 2 turn-off, advertising * Xerox Copimaster * Magaba Garage * Ohrigstad Restaurant
maande tot 4 jaar. Contact: Bennie on bookings. * Phelo Pele Pharmacy * Vision Meat (Voorheen: Lamb & Ale
Veilige omgewing, 076 111 8405. * Burgersfort Pharmacy * Burgersfort Toyota Ohrigstad)
bekwame toesig. * Laerskool Steelpoort * Hendrik’s Panelbeaters * Fingerprint of Africa
Skakel Sonnika: 8. Vakature/
073 892 0337. For Hire * Laerskool Burgersfort * Shoprite * Try Me Dealers Ohrigstad
Vacancies * Tingeling Kleuterskool * La Beautique Clinique * Laerskool Ohrigstad
COMPUTER Upholsterer/ * OK MiniMark * Mecklenburg SAPS * Vyfster Slaghuis
SERVICES. Seamstress CAT/Bell TLB;FAW 8
Ton Hi-Up Crane Truck * Greater Tubatse * Tubatse Village * Sasol Delight Convenience
Upgrades, repairs, urgently needed. 4x4; Nissan UD 85
networking, new (Will also be required Tipper Truck (6
Municipality * Praktiseer Magistrate’s Store - Steelpoort
installations. Buy & to do general work. metres); 219 D Cat * CTM Court * Department of Agriculture
sell secondhand Male candidates Excavator 21 ton; 5000
litre Water tanker. Can
* Modikwa Platinum Mine * Penge - Praktiseer
computers. Location: could be given
Lebowa Business preferance).
be used with Hi-Up * Pick n Pay * Factory Shop * Madeleen Willers
Crane Truck; Wild
Park. Contact Maureen at vervoerhokke/Game * Winterveld Village * Dwarsrivier Mine Prokureurs
Contact: 013-231 8004 for an transport cages. * Ohrigstad SAPS * 4U Office National - * Merensky Real Estate
Riaan, 076 842 9270. appointment. Contact: 082 565 1069.

2010 Club Championships played

Tubatse Chrome Golf Club played their annual Club
Championships last weekend. Players played 18 holes on
Saturday and another 18 on Sunday.
The Ladies Champion was Mariëtte Laas and the Club Champion
Charl Volschenk.
The A-Division winners were Flippie Nortjé (first), Alan O’Shann
(second) and Koos Laas (third). The B-Division winners were
Charl Volschenk (first), Johan Dreyer (second) and Ross Selahle
(third). The C-Division winners were Victor Fourie (first), Frans
de Villiers (second) and Willem Montgomery (third).

Golf club achievers

honoured Tubatse Chrome Golf Club honoured their
achievers of 2009 at a function last Friday
The Club Champion for 2009 was Martin van
Rooyen. The Captain’s Cup winner was Johan
Holscher. The Better Ball Winners were Johan
Dreyer and Bart Language. The club’s Ladies
Champion was Mariëtte Laas. The A-division
winner was Koos Laas, the B-division winner
was Alan O’Shann and the C-division winner
was Jan Volschenk.
Club members enjoyed the evening with food
and music before the start of the 2010 Club
Championships on Saturday and Sunday.

Right: Johan Swanepoel (middle) handed Bart

Language and Johan Dreyer the cup for the
Better Ball winners.

Martin van Rooyen (right) was the Club Champion for 2009. With
him is Johan Swanepoel.

Koos Laas (right) was the A-Division winner. Johan Swanepoel handed Johan Holscher the
With him is Johan Swanepoel. Captain’s Cup.

Mariëtte Laas was the Ladies Champion. Johan Swanepoel

handed her the trophy.

Maatlopo the
Maatlopo United FC (white and green) scored four points on the
league log last weekend. This makes them the regional champions
even before the season is over. Read the story on page 16.
16 12 FEBRUARY 2010

4U Designed to please
Platinum Gazette • Decorative lights & ceiling fans
• Custom kitchen design and
layout • Granite tops • Wooden
ceilings & floors • Dry-walling &
partitioning • Aircon installation
For all your stationery,

• Tivoli and Cascade taps
• Office furniture
computer and office
Contact: 072 781 1236
furniture needs
© Platinum Gazette

or 082 569 4677

Tel: (013) 231 8008 Shop 2, Steelpoort Industrial area, on
Shop 30, Morone Centre, Burgersfort corner next to Talisman

Sekhukhune Champions With 59 points on the regional league log, Maatlopo United Football Club secured
themselves a champion position in the Sekhukhune region by collecting four points.
The team beat Phasha City Rocks 2-0 on Saturday and had a draw with Ngwaabe City
Motors on Sunday. The match ended 1-1.
The goals were scored by Barecho Tsokolibana on Saturday. On Sunday Staw Malegodi
scored for Maatlopo. The Man of the Match was Barecho for his performance in the two
There are two games left in the SAB regional league season. On Saturday, 13 February
the team will play at Ga-Motodi against Marethetho FC. The last game will be at the
Magakala ground when Maatlopo will host Makgane Young Chiefs.
Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 073 775 4150 or Sydney Makoka, 072 869 4418.

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