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The Healing Waters Of Nut

By Kamalaliaya

References Books:

The Great Cosmic Mother-Monica Sjoo

First Book of the Black Goddess-Matomah Alesha
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The purpose of this ebook is two-fold. To help you re-member who you are and to offer
suggestions on getting the most from a psychic or intuitive arts reading. I have found that there
is so much misunderstanding and fear about this healing art that I wanted to offer insights as to
how we may have gotten to this point. I also wanted you to know that it is natural and a positive
step to seek this type of counseling and may be very necessary in these times to do so. It is an
importance step in planetary healing because receiving intuitive guidance from an honest
professional can lead to re-learning and using the ability yourself. I also understand the
psychological programming you may have been laboring under and will therefore address some
of the most common questions and concerns intelligent, thoughtful people have about these kinds
of consultations. Your life path holds much potential joy and it is your birthright to experience
and fulfill your destiny and life purpose. My goal is to assist you in that aim.
The Ancestors Way
There is tremendous evidence that our ancestors recognized psychic gifts as being Divine in
nature, designed to help us stay connected to our true Selves and to help us thrive in challenging
times. They had very reliable ways of approaching cosmic forces to ask and get guidance on the
best way to approach problems; from finding food, to knowing when to move, to knowing who
was best suited to lead a group. Our ancestors were much more in tune with inner guidance
because of their love of and reverence for life which caused them to more closely follow the
rhythms of nature and their inborn instinctual direction. As groups of people came together to
form communities it was necessary to stay connected to intuition for the good of all. In this case
women were seen as powerful conduits through which psychic information flowed since they
were more in tune with earths cycles and their monthly menstrual cycle followed the waxing
and waning of the moon which, was sensed to have a powerful influence on the earth and her
inhabitants. The natural instinctual world governed our ancestors behavior and direction
completely. They lived from their elemental bodythe body we are as elements. Because they
lived so close to the earth they learned to commune with different aspect of nature who
generously shared their secrets.
As an example plant spirits or devas revealed their medicinal power to heal and expand
consciousness. Our ancestors knew all of life was alive and everything had a spirit and was
connected to everything else. Our ancestors knew that consciousness survived what we call
death. As an example when a beloved community member died they were then revered as an
ancestor who because of their expanded vision, could act as a guide who supported the
community along the path of well-being from the spirit realm. It was a matter of survival that
our inherent inner guidance system was strong. As we developed as a species, more
sophisticated ways of communing with our spiritual nature developed across all cultures. Still
common with cultures in India, Africa and other places practicing the old those children who

showed promise with special psychic gifts were usually taken under the wing of the communitys
medicine woman, shaman, would support their spiritual development and how to read signs and
omens left by animals, the heavens, petition different nature deities for healing, do ceremony for
healing or blessings, and to interpret dreams sent by ancestral protectors on upcoming events.
This work is considered a sacred duty just as someone who is called to the ministry today is
considered a servant of the Divine. The community often paid its respects to this wise one by
making sure they were taken care of (food, lodging, etc.). The community was not resentful in
doing this at all. It was understood that the person performed a great service to the community
as a spiritual conduit. As long as the connection was in tact they knew no matter what,
equilibrium would eventually be restored. Remember, some cultures flourished for thousands of
years. The secret was their connection to the Divine Presence in all things. When greed
replaced balance, everything suffered as a result.
There are many theories as to how we lost touch with our inner connection to spirit. According
to much of the newer research which is both female and indigenous peoples oriented, it has been
summarized that as warring and invading tribes inter-mingled with and took over many
communities and cultures they brought their concepts of God with them and imposed their ideas
sometimes brutally on the conquered people. Many omens were received, giving warning of
what was to come but were ignored or interpreted according to the degree of integrity and intent
of the receiver
Out of this chaos the ancient teachings and ways became cloaked in mystery, the Divine Mother
for the most part was either demonized or trivialized and teachings of the sacred earth went
underground or simply died. What was left was a bastardization of the teachings of the cycles of
life, the sacredness of life, the interconnectedness of all life, sexuality, evolution and ascension,
time travel, etc.
The indigenous people who remembered the truth of life began to tell the stories in metaphor
usually passed on generationally or from student to teacher directly. Many sought refuse in
mountain areas, remote villages, islands, etc. in order to preserve the teachings. The great
pyramid and mound building cultures including Giza, Mayan, Japanese and others preserved
their cosmic understanding through art.
Gradually the old ways became taboo in the developing culturesat least on the surface.
Many politicians and business leaders have always kept an astrologer or seer on retainer. As
time went on with civilizations rising and falling at rapid rates, depending on the
spiritual/philosophical climate, keepers of sacred wisdom would come out of hiding to share with
those who still yearned for the truth of their being. Not all were honorable, however. During
this time many practitioners of various spiritual teachings sprang up fighting among themselves
for power and favor from the leaders or themselves. Many began cursing and throwing negative
spells at each others. Many secret societies were born out of conquered lands of many
timelines and distorted teachings became truth.
Living in secrecy, having knowledge of oral teachings and seeing how sacred grounds had been
disgraced, how their predecessors were raped and murdered was enough to push many over the

edge. They took out their anger on each other where in reality there where larger malevolent
forces causing the breakdown of the balance nature and life on earth. While this book will not
go into the whys and hows of the distorted teachings as it is a subject for books and articles on its
own; I will say this de-evolution was intentional. Reading timelines is a real skill and has been
around for millennia. As an intuitive I will say that there is currently on this planet and in this
dimension those who are steering our consciousness in of fear and mind control but they do not
have the final say so. The All That Is within nature and each living being can reclaim their
birthrights. The charlatan image of the professional intuitive is regaining respect as each
individual regains their own birthright to know and use their own clair gifts.
The feminine nurturing earth based Goddess cultures has all but disappeared. The concept of
love as a living reality that is the ultimate reality has become veiled and very difficult to accept.
The practices of shamanic medicine that had guided communities has become a thing to be
feared. Many modern people really believe generationally that people are weak and need a
middle man to interpret Gods word for them. In many cultures women especially have lost
their value to the community as spiritual leaders. Whereas the medicine woman would help you
interpret your dreams or read your potential through highly personalized cosmic signs and
omens, the priest caste systems codified religious experience under one Truth. Anything
outside of this Truth was considered a threat that had to be repressed or wiped out. The goal has
been to somehow create a disapproving mental/emotional association with direct spiritual
experience. This approach seems to have worked quite well but it is changing.
Out of this overthrow of the natural way the concept of power over others emerged as the most
respected way of insuring your place in society. For these reasons most people gradually lost
interest in self development and spiritual purpose and started focusing on the importance of
external appearances and acquiring things (wives and other forms of property) as measures of
their worth. As a result we are seemingly locked in a battle of wills and mental skills fighting for
our rightful place. Nature includes all and selects compassionately what will survive;
manmade evolutionary paths eliminates and lives by the survival of the fittest motto.
Regardless of how we lost touch with our instinctual ability to know, the fact is most of us do
not feel we even have this ability at best or feel it is a sign of demonic possession at worst. Why?
We have over time been taught to fear anything we dont understand including those deeper parts
of our consciousness. This can keep people under the slave mind of unevolved leaders and
forces that would have us enslaved mentally and spiritually forever. When people are afraid of
themselves or each other they are very easily controlled and manipulated. By setting the stage
early in life as to what is possible and real through cultural, social and family training you
simply forget who you really are and buy into cultural truths until you, through spiritual
evolution, have an awakening.
Ask almost any psychic and they will tell you that the earth and her inhabitants are currently
undergoing a tremendous evolutionary growth cycle on many levels. We are witnessing part of
this evolution as a spiritual renaissance. People are questioning their most deeply held beliefs.
They are questioning the very fabric on which this culture is built, which seems to be based on
exploitation in the name of personal gain, to acquire material wealth and to
manage/manipulate/exploit human and earth resources. I know what I am talking about because

they are coming to me for readings. They are rebelling against the repression they are feeling
even though many cant put it into rational words. This mass unconscious rebellion is a major
cause of the chaos and disruption we are experiencing in our daily lives. We are awakening to
who we truly are (Divine Beings). This craziness has a purpose even though it looks (and is)
very scary. As more of us walk away from prefabricated lives, we intuitively know there are
more holistic integrated ways of living available and waiting, if only we are open to taking huge
leaps off the known path. The ancestors are waiting for us to call on them again. The animals,
plants and other nature beings await our true recognition that we are loved and supported. We
now have the opportunity to create a new vision of what life is and what we can do with this gift.
There are those of us who have been holding down the fort so to speak all along. In the most
barbaric of times when people were burned alive or even more gruesomely murdered for
practicing the healing arts, there were those of us who did not forget who we were and have
been sending healing to the earth and her inhabitants throughout time
I want you to now to stop reading take a deep breath and close your eyes. Try to remember the
last time you had what is known as a prophetic dream (a dream which you were given by your
higher self a vision of what was to come and in your day to day life did come true sometimes
years later) no matter how long ago or when you had a strong feeling about someone you had
just met and these feelings were later confirmed by their actions or your experience with them or
when you knew who was on the other end of the phone line or any other experience you might
have had that you think of as coincidental. Just know this: The only reason most people dont
have or remember having more of these types of experiences is because we still live in a
culture/society where if you do own these experiences you still may very well be considered a
nut, weird, unbalanced or at the very least eccentric and so we shut down these abilities
unconsciously. Progressive science studies now also agree and admit that intuitive, psychic
ability is common as well as is the same state of consciousness where great creativity resides.
How Psychic Readings Work
Like any other innate gift such as a beautiful singing or speaking voice, mathematical ability,
dancing, writing, musical ability, etc. some of us are more gifted than others. In my own case I
often had prophetic dreams as a child but did not tell anyone because I thought the dreams would
come true if I toldsome of the dreams were not so good for the people involved and did come
to pass. I also just knew what others were thinking before they would say it. This is how my
gifts developed for me. More commonly there is the factor of frequency. Metaphysical
teachings reveal that everything is energy when broken down to its subatomic particle levels. At
any level everything with a similar vibration will automatically resonate together.
For clearer understanding you can look at the meaning of frequency in the same way as
electromagnetic and radio waves. Living frequencies are based on the evolutionary level of
the being and will magnetize and repel matter based on this same principle. Thought energy
patterns travel along these lines of frequency. What we perceive of as solid time and space are
simply convenient illusions we unconsciously agree upon. This information is built in our DNA
and cellular patterns but actually is non-existent and unnecessary outside of this particular

reality/frequency. Our experience of time in reality is a wave or spiral that can be manipulated
by those who have trained their minds and bodies to do so.
If everything is energy and time and space are convenient arrangements for the earth plane the
next conclusion is that we are all connected by these psychic waves of energy and already
know each other intimately. A psychic simply has the gift of being able to tune in to a
particular frequency like a television or radio station and read the patterns of that persons energy
or situation. As far as being able to read the signs and omens of astrology, animal messages,
rocks, wind, weather, these are all learned (although psychic gifts help tremendously with this)
just like any other educational process. However we have been indoctrinated through fear to
view psychic ability as something unnatural when these gifts can be explained by understanding
frequency and wave (energy) and particle (matter) physics. There may also be another reason
why people are afraid of these types of gifts: through our cellular ancestral memories many of us
in our bloodlines either directly or indirectly experienced persecution or witnessed violence done
to those who were healers and seers and can unconsciously trigger unreasoning fear, disbelieve
and ridicule toward this art.
Right now it looks like humanity is coming full circle. Many of the taboos are being shattered.
As it stands, this shattering of outworn forms and beliefs gives us the opportunity for tremendous
healing of our psyche. This upheaval is important for practitioners of the healing arts as well.
There is a legacy of pain associated with psychic healing that modern healers must face and must
heal. We have another opportunity to use with compassion and wisdom sacred wisdom which
heals. Beyond the physical understanding have been in and out of fashion forever. We are
entering a period where the veil is being lifted for all to participate in just like in the old days of
community ritual and thanksgiving.
From my perspective healing arts consultations greatest service are in the capacity as sacred tools
used to help clients understand their challenges and life beyond the slave mind that has been laid
down before them. Developed with love and compassion this gifts are a healing service which
can lead us living our greatest potential as an original angelic race.
These are particularly interesting times for exploring the psychic world. From your home you
can receive a reading on your phone line or on-line with your computer. Ive personally worked
on a few different 900 psychic lines some good, some not so good. From my experience most
of the owners of these lines main purpose is to make money, and are not very discriminating in
their hiring practices.
If youve noticed, there is usually a disclaimer for entertainment
purposes only somewhere during commercials for these lines which mean: dont take this
seriously. FYI, I do not consider this work entertainment and most of the psychics I know take
their work very seriously. Many of these companies are owned by people who have no
background or interest beyond the desire to make money. As long as the person on the other end
of the line is aware that this is the companys prime focus, readings of this nature can only be
useful if you also realize that it is more of a crapshoot getting a reading through a psychic phone
or online service. For instance, you can get a reader who is really good and gives you a lot of
help. When you call back she/he may not be available and you are then given the option of
someone else who could be reading a tarot book while giving you a tarot reading, (Ive seen this
happen). Skill level, compassion, patience and spiritual maturity are some key ingredients to

look for. If you choose to get a reading this way, dont be afraid to ask the counselor about their
background and training. How long have they been doing this, have they had any other kind of
counseling experience, etc. Some may become indignant, they are obviously not the right
counselor for you. On a more esoteric level, when your favorite counselor is not available it
could be a sign that a reading is really not what you need at that time, especially if you are
calling a day after your first reading. If you are on welfare or cant pay your bills as it is, a hit or
miss 3 minutes free crisis reading is probably not a good idea either. Another problem with
psychic lines is that many of the people using them are in crisis situations. I had someone call
me who was being evicted as we spoke and wanted to know if she would find a place to stay that
night. Not the best circumstances to get a reading. Ive had crisis calls from people who were
being stalked and had not reported it to the police, had just gotten beat up, were on their way to
court, drunk, high, having sex at the time of the call, all kinds of unbelievable situations. My
favorite was the girlfriend wanting to know if her boyfriend loved her more than the others he
was sleeping with and once he was released from jail for drug trafficking would their
relationship result in marriage. Again these types of problems are deeply rooted and one reading
under a crisis situation is usually not the answer.
I personally prefer to see clients face to face or at least on my own terms (not worrying about if
they can afford me.) I usually see clients once or twice a year unless they are dealing with an
intense situation where spiritual counseling and development is called for such as having to make
life altering decisions or experiencing very difficult challenges. Even then, quarterly is usually
enough for strictly a consultation situation. Ive seen people become just as addicted to psychic
readings as if they were on heroin. Again the purpose is to get and keep yourself on purpose.
Readings should offer insight into where you are going. They should include glimpses of your
life purpose and ideally offer spiritual and emotional healing as well as inspiration on what your
life can evolve into. However, you must be willing to do the work required to heal and manifest
the vision. Short cuts usually dont work and usually exact a high price. What do I mean by
shortcuts? Some examples include: trying to avoid life lessons or ignoring them, asking psychics
to do rituals to keep a toxic relationship going, to win the lottery or gambling, and to exact
These are my own beliefs true, but I am not a psychic to come to for these kinds of requests. I
dont think there is anything wrong with gambling or winning the lotto, as long as you are able to
keep it in perspective. What I see is, the people asking for this kind of help often have huge
karmic issues not being addressed and feel that money or a forced romance/marriage will solve
their problems. Believe me, if psychics were that good at predicting numbers and gambling, we
would all be rich. It just doesnt usually work that way. You may get a psychic or case
worker to do the ritual and it works. However, without the development of prosperity
consciousness the money is usually spent quickly with nothing to show for it and the person is
left again without material resources, the forced relationship takes its toll in bloodsometimes
literally, or the revenge ritual causes terrible consequences. I truly feel the Creator of All wants
us to prosper, have health, abundance, and loving relationshipsas part of our life on earth. We
do have the responsibility of owning our shortcomings and healing them as part of the contract to
be here, though. Sadly, however, there are still many variations on the storefront give me
money and Ill fix your life psychics around. Beware. In my opinion the best kind of
consultants are people who have dedicated their lives to their own healing and balancing process.

They continue to develop their skills whether they are astrologers, healers, mediums,
clairvoyants, priest/ess of a particular spiritual path, etc. They have invested time, money and
energy on self-development. Many have taken special training to enhance their abilities and
personal/spiritual growth such as Reiki, yoga, meditation, coaching/consulting, shamanic studies,
and ministerial/priesthood training. Their fees are reasonable and consistent. Many are licensed
ministers and volunteer their time. They dont promise more than they can deliver or require you
to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars on materials for spells to uncross your life or
bring your lover back to you.
The most ethical consultants always leave you with a sense of empowerment and optimismnot
because they tell you what you want to hear but because they help you to heal and bring forth
insights into your own inner workings, desires and needs. This enables you to help break down
the barriers that block fulfillment of your highest purposes and desires. They are not fortunetellers. You create your own fortune with your actions and intent and through God/desss grace.
Fortune telling exclusively focuses on what the future will bring (as if you dont have any
choices) which can prove to be totally disempowering and inaccurate. When you change your
mindset you alter the direction of your life course. Spiritual mentors, as I like to be called,
focuses on what the future can be based on where you are now, and what you can do to
positively change your future by your choices. By understanding your life purpose, your
willingness to heal the unconscious demons and negativity we all have, will eventually evolve
and grow in compassion for self and others alike. There are always opportunities present for
initiation into higher consciousness and greater fulfillment regardless of the life situations or
I would now like to share information on the different ways spiritual mentors receive psychic
information and how they classify this information. Ill also include information on
distinguishing predestined situations from free will choices/ probable futures.

Types of Psychic Gifts

After being in this field for over 20 years I have found that there are a few ways that psychics
perceive information. Angel researcher and spiritual guidance counselor, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
put into words my feelings exactly when she gave her description of the way we perceive
psychic information:
Empathically: This is where the information comes from strong feelings about people or
situations. This is especially in the case of picking up vibrations from others that you may
think are your own. An example of this would be sharing symptoms with someone who actually
has the illness.
Clairvoyance: The ability to see frequencies above or below the physical realm. This would
include the ability to see into the body, the non physical bodies (we have other bodies where our
future selves and experiences are born way before they show up in the material world), future

events and potentials, non-physical beings such as angels, ancestors, and demons and the actual
geometrical shape our thoughts take.
Clairaudience: This ability enables one to hear beyond the physical frequency. The difference
between all psychic gifts and mental/emotional unbalance is that the psychic can discriminate as
to these altered states of awareness. The unbalanced person cannot do this and accepts the
nonphysical reality as the official physical reality. Often, the unbalanced person is also very
psychically gifted but the sheath or veil between the worlds is damaged and therefore the
protection needed from invasive and/or negative entities or thought-forms is not in place. They
cannot therefore tell the difference as to which reality is in focus, hear voices indiscriminately
and respond to them.
Precognition: This sense simply gives you the ability to just know ahead of time what is going
to happen. It is an internally situated gut feeling and is easily developed through meditation
and/or allowing the gift to just be.
A variation on psychic abilities are channeling or free flowing consciousnessyour own or
possibly an entity connecting to your nervous system, receiving prophetic information through
dreams, and mediumship which usually use two or more of the above gifts together. With
channeling and mediumship the psychic has to allow his/her personality to step aside to allow
another aspect of the Self or another entity to use the physical body as a communication tool.
Outside of your own higher self or an aspect of your soul, oversoul or your Divine Self I do not
recommend channeling or mediumship at all. There is too much potential for abuse by lower
astrals, disincarnate beings (astral level beings on the emotional levels of consciousness or
people who have crossed over and want to play/stay connected to the earth plane) and even some
beings masquerading as ascended masters. This purification process which many spiritual
mentors go through gives them the ability to really discriminate as to the intent of the being who
wishes to use his or her body and from what level this being comes. With prophetic dreams, the
rational self is out of the way and the intuitive side can flow unimpeded by doubts.

Free Will v Destiny

After using my gifts for over 25 years I am convinced that there is such a thing as destiny. In the
West, especially in the U.S. we are taught that we have unlimited control over our destinies if we
just apply ourselves. I do feel we have much more say than we realize but not unlimited control.
From what I have seen, there is a greater hand steering the course of any individuals life than
the personality is aware of. From a metaphysical perspective we are made up of more than our
physical selves which includes emotional and physical patterns from genetic past lives. These
karmic or fated influences are often the primary reason we are back on the wheel of earthly
existence because they are magnets for specific healing that must occur for the being to evolve
beyond the frequency of that pattern. Therefore, the unpleasant patterns we ancestrally bring
into this life basically control what we will experience in this life. There are also other
interfering energies that we encounter once we are in this dimension that are not under our direct
control. These include mass consciousness beliefs and electronic interferences including mind

control methods and psychic thought forms. We can overcome many of these influences through
the following methods: austerity practices that raise consciousness, developing compassion for
self and others, commitment to living with integrity of belief system in alignment with the love
principle, commitment to being of service, energy medicine practices shielding your energy
field, positive thinking, right diet, meditation etc. These are just a few examples.
The most important thing the person needs to understand is that you have to take responsibility
for your own well-being whether you were the direct cause of the issues or not. You are an
answer to an ancestors prayer and part of your reason for incarnating is to heal certain situations
in your bloodline if you wish to grow beyond whatever is giving you grief.
So, how does a psychic work with this concept? I choose to work with the persons Higher Self,
Guides, Guardian Angels, ancestors and energetic signatures. That is why my readings often take
the person deeper into their lifes meaning than they might expect (or consciously want). My
clients often get information about ancestral patterns and issues, present growth opportunities
disguised as crisis and problems and off world information. They receive insights into career,
relationships as well as their potential for spiritual growth. Leaving the individual with a sense
of personal empowerment and responsibility, is I feel, always of utmost importance. When I do
see or get information that will probably be disturbing to the client I always ask for guidance as
to the best way to relay it. For instance, if I see a serious health condition, I do my best to stay
away from naming the imbalance. To do so gives it power and focus of a negative nature. I
will tell the client that I do see a blocked or negative energy surrounding the area of the body
affected and ask the client if they wish to explore the issues I see surrounding the problem. If
yes, we proceed with whatever process seems appropriate. In either case, I suggest they follow
up our session with a health practitioners input. I personally feel we can do a lot of our own
healing. However, using the expertise of a competent health professional is always strongly
advised to bring the body back in balance especially in the presence of a potentially life
threatening problem.
The good thing is, I have found, is that the more a person grows spiritually the less seemingly
destined situations have a hold over the persons life. Spiritual growth releases the person
from repeating the same patterns and new better choices and opportunities are made from a
Soul level. From my personal experience and from working with many people it appears that
negative karma including many accidents, diseases and general misfortune are a direct result of
the personality selfs inability or refusal to heed intuitive direction from the Higher Self or Soul
level self. We all have what I call an inner alarm system. When we are moving away from our
destiny Spirit will attempt through many methods to get our attention. Our dreams may become
more vivid. Coincidences such as running into old friends or enemies, happen regularly. We
may receive inspiration through television shows, film, books, or music and casual conversation.
If we continue to ignore signs and omens we may begin to lose energy including the ancestral
energy we are born with. As we continue to stubbornly hold onto inferior means, we slowly
build a wall between ourselves and the inherent Grace energy that continually floods through us.
When, through hardships we are forced to tear down these artificial walls, Grace is restored in
our lives and our true healing destiny begins, which is ours by Divine right.

So, What Exactly is a Reading?

Now that you have some background information on the psychic healing arts the next topic is the
reading itself. The term reading is an old one that implies being able to interpret the mystical
signs, symbols and omens surrounding an individual or situation. Again, this is done using one
or more of the ESP (extrasensory perception) qualities we all possess to one degree or another.
Many psychics choose to use tools to enhance their abilities to receive intuitive information.
From the old, old school, intuitives trained their bodies to be expert receivers through hours of
daily meditation, special diets, lots of time alone, yoga and other types of energy work. These
methods would purify the body/mind of the individual so that messages could come through as
clearly as possible. Today while many intuitives still use purification methods, due to the
extremely congested psychic environment we now live in (caused by many factors including
interference from electronic devices, pollution and the media feeding frenzy we call
television/advertising) it is much more difficult to be a clear channel no matter what precautions
are taken. Psychic tools to enhance the ability to receive impressions and/or for psychic
protection are now even more of a necessity. One tool is not better than the other. It totally
depends on the person using them. Ive included a brief list of the tools most commonly used.
Crystals, gemstones, river and mountain stones, other nature-oriented pieces
Talismans of all kinds including crucifixes, Solomon Seals, personal fetishes (personal
Passages from Holy Scriptures such as the Bhagavad-Gita, Bible, Koran, Personal Book of
Shadows, Vedas and Sutras
Mantras(sacred sounds) and Yantras-(sacred pictures and/or geometric forms)
Incense, candles
Prayer, Meditation
Runes-(Nordic Oracle)
Tarot Cards, playing cards
The I Ching (Chinese Oracle)
Table of Ifa (African Oracle)
Many different card oracles created by intuitives and artists
Cowie Shells
Specific colors
Ceremony, and Creating Sacred Space Rituals
All of these methods help to (1) focus consciousness on God/dess energies, (2) invite protection
of helpful loving wise energies, (3) increase the frequency or vibration of the psychic which in
turn enable him/her to receive more clearly and directly often rising above their normal
frequency and that of the client while at the same time offering protection from whatever
negative energies the client may bring to the reading.
It is important that the client bring an open mind and heart to their reading. It is natural to be
apprehensive but to sit there and unreasonably test your psychic usually does not bode well for
either of you. There is such a thing as a heart connection which is the energy connection you and

the counselor create from your interaction together-- an actual temporary energetic bond between
you. If there is devious intent the bond is not complete and someone, usually the psychic is left
feeling ill, drained and often depressed. I see this happen more often on the psychic lines when
there is less emotional investment on the part of the client who will hang up or sign off the chat
when they feel like it (often right in the middle of a reading) which energetically is can be very
difficult on the reader. If it is your first consultation try to relax, the energy flows much better
that way.
Sometimes, especially if you are off your path youll ask questions that are not likely to be
answered directly. For instance, a single person wants to know when they are going to get
married. The counselor picks up confusion, dishonest relationships, unfinished childhood or
genetic lineage issues. That is what your Higher Self will want to address. A lot of times the
next step will not be revealed until steps toward healing are started. Over time as the healing
process goes on more information about when/if the person will get married is usually revealed.
A lot of times it comes down to a value judgment. How bad do you want a good relationship or
are you content to keep repeating the same patterns over and over? It may be more useful to ask
a question phrased I see a pattern in my relationships with men/women. Where does it come
from and what do I need to do to attract more loving satisfying relationships?
In closing, if you have had bad experiences with metaphysical counselors, dont give up. For
whatever reason it happened, it did. Sometimes we cannot handle a truthful response so we end
up going on a wild goose chase until we reach a more mature level of understanding. Maybe you
were being protected until you could handle the truth of a situation. Maybe you needed to grow
spiritually to attract a true healer. As the saying goes, when the student is ready Maybe you
had serious doubts as to the validity of this work. The reasons are endless as to why your
reading was inaccurate or you were beat out of your money by a phony. No matter what
happened, if your heart is in the right place (open) you will attract both earthy and mystical
assistance . However, dont run from psychic to psychic trying to get one to tell you a certain
thing, you may get what you want.
In essence I have learned that all roads lead back to you. When you use psychic reading as an
empowering step towards healing the soul and a reunion with the Divine Self within, the doors to
higher understanding stand wide open.